15 Of Ronda Rousey's Hottest Moments Outside The UFC Octagon

Ronda Rousey will be returning to the UFC octagon later this month as she attempts to take the UFC Women's Bantamweight Championship from Amanda Nunes. The title has been flying off of people ever sin

Ronda Rousey will be returning to the UFC octagon later this month as she attempts to take the UFC Women's Bantamweight Championship from Amanda Nunes. The title has been flying off of people ever since Ronda lost the title to Holly Holm in 2015. After Holm lost the title to Miesha Tate this year then Tate lost it to Nunes, many wondered if the trend would continue.

Before Ronda Rousey lost the championship, no other had held the gold. It should go to show how amazing it is that Ronda held it as long as she did. No other woman can seem to keep it, yet Ronda was dominate for years as champion. Now the former champion returns and she is out for one thing only, her championship. As a man, it is kind of hot to see an independent strong woman go after her goals and try to achieve them.

We all know Ronda Rousey is a great fighter who even won the first ever medal for the United States in Judo due to that impressive skill of hers. However, Ronda is also one of the most beautiful people in the world on top of her amazing fighting ability. She has had a lot of great moments away from the octagon too.

Those hot moments of hers gave us a great idea. Why not put a list together of the hottest moments involving Ronda Rousey away from the octagon itself.

We did just that and put together fifteen of the best. Enjoy.

15 Ronda vs Meisha Weigh-In

Look, we said away from the octagon. We never said anything about the weigh-ins. These are some of the best things to watch with Ronda Rousey because she ALWAYS has an interesting one, regardless of who she faces. This weigh-in happened a while back, and while Tate is a hotty in her own right, the focus was on the champ.

She wore a short shirt that did not cover much, so when she took it off we were all happy. She also then struggled to get her pants off due to the tightness of them. We got to see some nice parts of her as she was doing it as well. It was fun to watch, which is why we were nice enough to get the video of it. You're welcome.

14 Carl's Jr. Made Something We All Want 

Where I am from, there is a fast-food joint called Hardee's. However, to the rest of the United States, the same place is called Carl's Jr. Don't ask me why this is, I don't make the rules. Regardless, they managed to make a smart move that everyone can get behind. At the height of her popularity and undefeated streak, there was no better athlete to get to help sell your products than Ronda Rousey. That said, they went after her big time for an advertisement that will make you love food more than you do, seriously people.

She would show up in the commercial and basically eat the new sandwich the restaurant chain was recently debuting. She would do a great job at wanting us to taste whatever it was in her mouth. The sandwich looked okay too.

13 Ronda Gives Us Guidance

TMZ managed to catch up with Ronda Rousey like they do everyone eventually. You're next Trump! They would see her in amazing looking outfit and ask about her relationship status. At the time, she was single and told us about one guy that was perfect in all ways except he hit her teeth and it was a deal breaker for her. She said she wanted a guy who could look like a man next to her.

So basically what we have to do to get her, even though she might be with another MMA fighter look like a man. Grab the weights guys, grab them NOW!

12 Buffalo Pro Fun


A while back Ronda Rousey did a holiday campaign with Buffalo Pro, a clothing company she personally uses for her jeans. She is a big fan of the brand, so when they asked to use her it was an easy yes from Ronda's side. When she got there, she worked with a male model on the photo shoot, what a lucky guy!

Above you can see the two of them having a laugh, which is always great to see with Ronda. She was also half clothed during it which really helped a lot. Ronda looked amazing in the shoot, so don't be surprised to see some of those pics later on in the list. We're not done with them.

11 Too Hot For Teacher


Ronda Rousey once hosted Saturday Night Live, which allowed her to try out her acting chops. One of the skits that she was in allowed her to look as hot as ever. She along with another teacher are in a courtroom where they were said to have had sex with a then sixteen-year-old boy, played by SNL's Pete Davidson. It was a fantastic sketch, where Pete would talk about how amazing the situation was while his mother was absolutely appalled by the entire thing.

Ronda would look amazing in the sketch, despite not having a lot of lines in it. All she had to do was sit there, everything else was just taking care of itself. The rest of her SNL experience was wonderful to see as well but this might have been the best part of the show involving her.

10 Ronda the Nudist?

Ronda Rousey appeared on HBO on an episode of Real Sports a while back. There she was in her home and asked about nudity. She laid it out there and said that she has always been sort of a nudist where the moment she got home, if it was socially permissible, she would get naked and have no problem doing so.

She said at the time that she probably would not go to a nude beach or anything, but at her home, she would go for it. She is like most of us in saying that too. Who doesn't like being that way in their own home? Plus, when you're as in as good a shape as Rousey is, why wouldn't you want to constantly be showing it off?

9 Open Work Out Time


UFC often times has open workouts with their fighters, but really this is at the fighter's discretion. Workouts are not always the most fun things to watch as they are trying just the person working on their game or simply doing random stuff like you would do in your own workout. It not that appealing to see, but given that it has earned a spot on this list, you better believe we have an exception.

Because of course, the gorgeous Ronda Rousey is going to be absolutlely captivating during her workout. A lot of good views can be seen, and you better believe she also shows a lot of her flexibility in there too. We're totally cool with her continuing that. Open workouts are not common, so don't expect to see her do a lot of them. However, this one was fun.

8 WrestleMania 31


Ah, the world of pro-wrestling, a love of Ronda Rousey's for sure. In fact, the "Rowdy" part of her name came from the great Roddy Piper who used it as part of his name in wrestling when he was active. Ronda loves the sport of MMA, but the world of pro-wrestling is a big deal for her. She appeared with the WWE once on WrestleMania 31 and you can imagine it was a once in a lifetime experience for her.

She appeared alongside The Rock when he needed her to help him take care of the bad girl Stephanie McMahon. Not only would she be a total badass in the segment, but she would flip Triple H, that's a 13 time World Champion people! If that wasn't enough, she also had Steph on an arm lock before letting her go. It was awesome and she looked so hot doing it. Check it out.

7 She's Not A Do Nothin' B****

One of the best things about Ronda Rousey is that although she pulled a Charles Barkley by saying she was not a role model, she did say a lot of interesting things in her time as the top women's fighter in the world. One of the best things she said was that she wasn't a "Do nothing bitch."

It was pretty hot to see a woman talk about the fact that she was built for more than just having sex. As well as this, she responded to stupid people who said that her body looked too masculine by saying that everything about her was developed for a purpose because she is not a do nothing bitch. Is anyone really going to argue with her?

6 Fast 7 Scene

Ronda Rousey took part in the Fast and Furious 7 film as one of the personal bodyguards to one of the targets of the crew. Letty would go up to one of the rooms to recover an item needed and on her way through, would run into Rousey. The two would then tussle until the winner, Letty, would come out on top, after all, you can't have one of the heroes lose right?

Rousey and Michelle Rodriguez wanted to give us an amazing fight that would make the scene must-see. Neither used a stunt double in the fight as they wanted to make it look as real and as legit as possible. It was one of the highlights of the entire movie seeing Rousey and Rodriguez go at it, and it was surely hot to see as Rousey wore a nice dress and still kicked ass in it.

5 She Plays WOW, Seriously

During an interview on Conan, Ronda Rousey was there to hope promotion Fast and Furious 7 among other things and dropped a bombshell. Yes ladies and gentlemen, the hot chick that is Ronda Rousey plays video games. While it may not seem like it now, she was an introvert as a kid which sent her into the digital world where she would play things like Pokemon.

She said in the interview that she and Vin Diesel played World of Warcraft together after the filming of Fast 7 during her time there. That is right, she plays WOW. She is not some newbie that has no idea what is going on. She started rattling off a lot of terminology from the game where the crowd and Conan alike started to realize this was not a joke! Even if their stunned reaction also led to some laughter. We're not laughing Ronda, we love it.

4 Ronda Rousey In Entourage

Okay, so we're cheating a bit with this one. Ronda Rousey happened to take part in the 2015 film Entourage, which revolved around the HBO TV series that involved several athletes and celebrities. Rousey being added to this film was huge for her career and quite possibly a breakout performance for her. She played herself in the movie, which wasn't hard. In this particular clip, she's all hot and sweaty from training when Turtle comes in talking about taking her out on a nice date.

Ronda tells Turtle that if he can last thirty seconds with him in the octagon, she'll let him take her out on a date. If he lasts sixty seconds, well, nicer things could occur. So the man had an incentive. It was a great clip not only highlighting the hotness of Ronda with her look and attire but also because she beat up that dang Turtle. You lost weight Turtle but the bigger guys of the world are not amused by this!

3 Remember the Buffalo

We mentioned that we were not done with Buffalo Pro yet and we certainly tell no lies around here. Ronda Rousey did a shoot for them where she bared a ton of skin for the campaign revolving around a lot of their clothing. Ronda mentioned in the video that she loved the jeans and their clothes. Of course, that made it easy to say yes to the campaign when they came calling.

In the photo shoot, you get to see her look hot in some amazing outfits that showed off Ronda Rousey in all the right places. We're not going to lie, it certainly makes you enjoy women's fashion when people like Ronda are wearing the clothing. Now watch and enjoy. Oh, and you're welcome.

2 Ronda Rousey ESPN the Body Mag

You remember those ESPN the Body pictures that went around about Ronda Rousey? You better believe that we sure do. How could you possibly forget them? They highlighted some of the best athletes in the world by showing off how they look as naked as a newborn baby. Of course, it was not just women involved in the body issue, as every year ESPN makes sure men are in there just as much because they want to show a variety of athletes.

However, all we truly care about are the women as straight men. That said, when we heard Ronda Rousey was in the body issue everyone flocked to buy the magazine or found the pictures online of course. We were not disappointed whatsoever. In the video above, Ronda talks about the photo shoot and we get to see her in all her glory. Well, mostly. In the video, she said she never knew she had such a nice ass. We knew Ronda, we ALL knew.

1 The Body Paint Images Of Glory

Every year Sports Illustrated publishes their Swimsuit Issue. Of course, this issue normally highlights wonderful models with no sports connections at all. However, now photographers have Ronda Rousey whose hot, great at what she does, and athlete, and perfect to be part of this whole SI experience.

They would bring her in and since the body paint material became all the rage, they would use it on Ronda and highlight every wonderful thing about her. While the video is censored up to a point, it still has plenty to leave you with your jaw dropped. We're serious when we say you'll want to see this. Watch it, watch it right now.

We are sure you aren't the only person out there who is hoping that Sports Illustrated kept her phone number!

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