15 NFL Stars' Hottest Rumored Hook-Ups

As if getting paid to chuck a piece of dried pigskin for a living wasn’t enough, there are numerous perks and bonuses to being in the NFL. Granted this does come with the countless hours, injuries, and unbelievable talent, still guys… we are still jealous. These perks shouldn’t come as much of a surprise; countless trips to famous cities, iconic locations, and unbelievable parties. You know who else likes these kinds of locations and parties? Yeah, women… hot ones. And what follows women? Similar to the grapevine and never-ending game of telephone throughout grade school, where there are females, there are rumors— or are they?

Like that one guy or girl we knew in our grade school days who was an encyclopedia of gossip and drama, we are going to assume that role for you guys. We will dissect some of the most polarizing and flashy women, as well as the most demonstrative people in the world. And just like high school, the NFL has had some far-fetched rumors, some have proven true and at some times ruthless.

During our journey throughout the high school classrooms and hallways, remember that rumors, while sometimes true, are still hearsay. Having said that, as you will see along the ride, there are some crazy and malicious things some of these NFL players have done. As long as there are celebrities and men rocking physiques that would rival the Greek gods, of course there will be warranted or unwarranted drama.


16  16. Johnny Manziel and Colleen Crowley


Johnny Manziel, or “Johnny Football”, has had an incredibly jagged and bumpy beginning to his NFL career, warranted arguments contend that Manziel’s career in the National Football League is over. One of the most polarizing rookies the NFL had ever scene in quite some time; safe to say he wasn’t constrained when it came to getting the ladies. His girlfriend, Colleen Crowley, absolute bombshell by the way, started hearing about less than faithful ‘rumors’, that Johnny was ‘cheating and kissing girls at parties’. Manziel, as previously stated, was second to none when it came to parties and posting images all over social media at parties that could rival Project X. These images depicted women kissing him on the cheek, essentially all over him, and he was grinning from ear to ear. Manziel later checked himself into rehab and hasn’t played a down in the NFL since.

15 JJ Watt and Lindsey Vonn

via New York Post

Watt has been one of the decade's most dominant athlete in the NFL, absolutely terrorizing opposing teams with record-breaking statistics. Lindsey Vonn, the blonde bombshell, what does she do? Oh yeah, she’s just won 4 world cup championships in competitive skiing. You could write a fairytale about these two, and some have rumored the first chapter may have already been written. Vonn, not only a stunning woman, is incredibly outgoing, funny, and an overall blast to be with. Watt is in the same ballpark as Lindsey, he’s known for being a "Pro’s Pro”, basically he’s universally liked by everyone.

Pictures were taken on the red carpet of these two legends getting rather frisky, and Vonn being Vonn, made a comment to the effect of them dating. It was more of a joke, but you never know.

14 Ashanti and Darnell Dockett

via Centric

A little "baby mama drama”, “aint nobody got time fo dat!” Especially when it comes to Amelia Knox, mother to Darnell’s daughter, Riley, when she went on an absolute tirade via social media. Taking shots at Ashanti and Darnell for being with her child, oh and it was Father’s Day, must have forgot to mention that, sorry guys. Certainly not a good resume for father of the year, he wasn’t together with Knox anymore, and reportedly had just started dating Ashanti. Social media shots kept going on for a while but eventually the drama subsided, well for now at least. You’ll have to tune in next week for their season finale!

13 Julian Edelman and Olivia Frischer 

via ModelMachine

Julian Edeleman, one of Tom Brady's favorite targets on the field, certainly gets targeted by the females off the field as well. Olivia Frischer, affiliated with NEXT modeling Company, was rumored to be dating the Patriot's stud receiver, as they began speaking via social media back in 2013. Several snapshots of the two together over the next two years led to rumors that the two were dating. In this day and age, dating has become a thing of the past, it now looks a lot more like a 'flirtationship', so there is no hardcore proof if they were technically 'dating', but they were definitely more than friends. Shortly after the Patriots won the super bowl in 2015, rumors spread that both Edelman and Frischer were no longer 'together'.

12 Landon Collins and Victoria Lowrey 

via Black Sports Online

Collins, a 22-year-old Safety for the New York Giants, has messed up again. By "again", I mean he’s fathered three children with multiple women. Apparently Collins went on an incredibly and almost impressive span of impregnating three separate women in just one month! The three women, one being his ex soon-to-be wife, Victoria Lowrey (she caught him cheating again) had due dates all within the span of two weeks. It’s hard to wrap your mind around the though of impregnating one woman in a month, but three? That’s got Guinness Book written all over it. After this most recent cheating rumor/scandal, the beef ended with Lowrey tweeting an image of Collins claiming he needed to live off food stamps. Harsh!

11 Mark Sanchez and Barely Legal Teen

via Deadspin

This story or rumor … is well… strange, to say the least. Mark Sanchez, widely known as being a second or third string Quarterback in the NFL, Sanchez has apparently gotten himself into a ‘flirtationship’ with a 17-year-old girl. This initial rumor started with little evidence, but slowly more and more has leaked. The relationship would be considered legal in their respective states, however her name has been left out for obvious reasons. The girl started bragging to friends, family, and basically anyone who would listen, and the narrative was created. She even posted a picture on Facebook of a screenshot with texts from Mark Sanchez, late at night, asking her what she was up to. Soon after, Sanchez provided the young lady with tickets to a game of his, and then allegedly took her out to dinner; a bizarre, but apparently true, rumor has us holding our breath.

10 Dak Prescott and Dallas Parker


Dak Prescott is a rookie in the NFL, starting for the injured Tony Romo, has been doing excellent on the field and has his team atop his respective division. He apparently has been doing quite well off the field also, reportedly ‘hooking up’ with former Playboy model, Dallas Parker, who used to have a fling with the aforementioned toolbox Johnny Manziel. She is quite impressive and aesthetically pleasing to gaze at, duh, she’s a former Playboy model who apparently has a thing for rookie quarterbacks. The news of this alleged relationship created a social media blaze for its proverbial 15 minutes of fame, but then, like anything else on social media, it burned out.


9 Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson


This may have been one of the most publicized “Relationships” (if that’s what you want to call it) of any of the rumors that landed on this list. Starting Quarterback for ‘America’s Team’ brings enough attention and pressure by itself, but toss in a bleach blonde star like Jessica Simpson, and well, you can guess how this one ends. It wasn’t long before Jessica was asked not to show up at his NFL games because she apparently had Tony Romo unsettled. Subsequently, his game was suffering, these two had their fair share of distractions that certainly didn’t help, but by and large, these two were not made for each other. It essentially became Tony’s football team against Jessica Simpson, and the Cowboys prevailed, at least a little. Simpson would be spotted with Romo here and there a few times after their relationship ended, and that’s all we peons know.

8 Colin Kaepernick and Teammate Aldon Smith's Girlfriend!

via Fox Sports

Colin Kaepernick, the ‘Shaky’ starting NFL quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, was seen out at Chipotle with the Hot97 host “Nessa” (JMaria Maestre). Not a big deal, right? Well, actually when Aldon Smith (also an NFL Linebacker for the same team) caught wind of the photos being leaked, needless to say, he was livid. Why? Publicly, Smith and Nessa had been ‘seeing’ one another for quite some time. The images that leaked show Colin Kaepernick and Nessa looking like just a little more than friends.

Despite any official declaration or truth to the rumor, Aldon and Nessa split up, and Smith contends that he and Kaepernick still have a friendly relationship. Bravo to Aldon Smith for being the bigger man, literally and figuratively, putting the past in the past.

7 Troy Aikman and Abigail Klien

via TheSportster

TMZ did what they do best, setting world records for eavesdropping. They spotted former Cowboys stud Troy Aikman out for dinner in Los Angeles with Abigail Klien, a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. Aside from Troy Aikman still proving (at least to himself) that he’s still got it, he’s currently in a divorce settlement, which involves liquidating an insane 25 million dollar estate!

Of course, the two decline that they’re anything more than friends, however rumors have been flying around like that time in grade school your buddy got caught throwing water balloons at the school’s principal. Both parties deny any serious relationship status.

6 Robert Griffin III and Grete Sadeiko


It doesn’t take the Hardy brothers to solve this mystery, especially during an era where social media can often dictate most of our lives. Robert Griffin III had an affair on his wife with track star Grete Sadeiko. Rebecca Griffin, now ex-wife, told media that they were separating because he was having an affair. Publicly, she has said nothing else about the matter to protect their daughter. Rumor has it that Robert Griffin III started talking to Grete seven months after his daughter was born. Rebecca Griffin is an absolute baller, putting aside her husband's blatant immaturity, declining to make any statements to protect her daughter. Bravo, Rebecca.

5 David Nelson and Kelsi Reich 

via Washington Times

The fourth time a Dallas Cowboys player, or in this case cheerleader, has been marked on our list. These two apparently have been rumored to be dating ever since undrafted David Nelsom scored a touchdown against the Cowboys, and he ran over and hugged Kelsi. Ever since that incident, social media jumped on it faster than you can say "rumor". They have been spotted together other than just the prophetic ceremonial hug in front of 100k fans, but again whether true or not, they contend that they are friends who are taking things slow… and I’m the Easter bunny, by the way.

4 Demarco Murray and Heidi Mueller


These two just recently tied the knot, despite specific allegations from Murray's teammate in college, Brennan Clay (Oklahoma), that Demarco was cheating on his wife. Despite Clay saying he had proof and even sharing a dirty text message that Demarco allegedly sent to his ‘side chick’. After weeks and weeks of allegations, and I’m sure countless sleepless nights, Brennan Clay would publicly say that he ‘jumped to conclusions’. Clay would later apologize to both Demarco Murray and his now wife, who announced that they’re expecting their second child. Even when someone claims they have proof, rumors remain a hot topic, perhaps because the craziest rumors end up being true, not the other way around.

3 Danny Amendola and Talor Reazin

via Fabwags/Pinterest

Does Danny Amendola have a girlfriend? Rumors generated like wildfire after Amendola accepted a three-year extension keeping him in New England, he allegedly took a pay cut to stay with the team, so naturally everyone assumed that it was to stay close to Talor. But the truth is that a lot of players take pay cuts to allow their team to spend money elsewhere and  help their team overall. Plus, why would Danny want to leave the Patriots? They are super bowl contenders almost every year, but one look at Talor Reazin might make you second guess his actions too!

2 Rob Gronkowski and Camille Kostek

via PeopleDotCom/USATheBigLead

So these two were dating— and still are, according to Camille. Gronkowski, a notorious party man, who lives like everyday is his college fraternity induction. He’s also one of the best Tight Ends to ever play the game. Rumor has it, Rob Gronkowski has been ‘settling down' with Camille, however pictures of Rob out clubbing frequently have raised eyebrows. If you Google one video about Rob Gronkowski, it’s not hard to figure out really quick just what kind of man he is. Very much laid back, but when it comes to football he can certainly crank it up. He’s a great looking man with muscles like the men from the movie 300; except they weren’t 6’6” and 260 lbs. The rumors have slowly died down that they are together, and with Gronkowski’s party habits, we shouldn’t be surprised.

1 Lindsey Duke and Blake Bortles

via DailyMail/RantSports

Jealous much, Blake? During Blake’s NFL COMBINE (Test of skills like 40yd dash, etc.), he found out that 6 million people Googled his girlfriend's name, and only 225,000 looked up Blake. At least that’s the rumor. Whatever the real reason may have been, they are separated now. You would think he would be proud that six million people took time out of their day to look up the bombshell that is (or was) his girlfriend. Since their split, Lindsey Duke has since gotten a feature article on ESPN and acquired quite the following on social media; for a good reason too. Of course, there were rumors that she potentially wasn’t being 100% faithful, by the time the media relays the information to us, similar to a game of telephone, we get what we get. Plain and simple, choose what you want to believe and stick with it!


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