15 NBA Stars With More Baby Mamas Than We Can Count

When it comes to baby mamas, NBA players have a solid case for holding the record. From former stars to current players, many of them seem to have more baby mamas than one would have assumed. But it makes sense considering their enormous salaries. They are willing to build an empire of kids since they can afford it. Athletes have a reputation for not pursuing serious relationships, opting to live a fun lifestyle on the road especially during their prime years.

That is true in the case of many NBA players who are making the most out of their opportunities by living like a rock star. And while baby mamas may cause drama from time to time, they have enough money to deal with most things that life can throw at them. Some may question as to why NBA stars would even want to have baby mamas, as many of them seem to fall for similar mistakes. But these days, all celebrities seem to have increased the number of their baby mamas and NBA players are no exception.

If anything, they have taken it to the next level – putting up impressive numbers that outshine their statistics on the court. Today's list features many of our favorite players who are known for their basketball talent rather than their personal life, but it's hard to ignore the numbers when you notice a trend. Here are 15 NBA stars with more baby mamas than we can count.

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15 Shaquille O`Neal: 3 Baby Mamas

via: eveyo.com

There is no argument that Shaquille O'Neal is one of the greatest basketball players of all time. Arguably the most dominant of his era as well, Shaq had some monstrous seasons that not many could match. And throughout his NBA career, he has always been a controversial figure due to his outspoken personality, as well as his antics off the court. Shaq has always been about having fun although he is known for taking it too far from time to time.

When someone is big of a star as Shaq, it's only natural that the media would cover him often – especially seeing as how there always seems to be some ongoing problems in his life. But that's the cost of having three baby mamas, which is plenty for the average person – although some of his NBA peers put Shaq to shame with their numbers.

That's probably the only time where we could see Shaq losing a match up. During the course of his NBA career, Shaq was able to win four championship rings, while also being a three-time NBA Finals MVP during his time with the Los Angeles Lakers.

14 Juwan Howard: 4 Baby Mamas

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Juwan Howard's longevity is impressive to say the least. He may not have been putting up impressive numbers in the final years of his career, but managing to almost play in the NBA for two decades is an incredible feat – even with Howard's small contributions to the Miami Heat. He would end up leaving the game on top as a two time NBA champion thanks to his stint with Heat's Big 3 era. As intriguing as his NBA career was, Howard's personal life is also quite interesting to say the least.

With 6 kids and 4 baby mamas to his name, Howard has probably spent a large chunk of his NBA salary by now. It's probably the reason as to why he attempted to play for as long as he could.

He was lucky to be getting an NBA contract in his final years since he wasn't truly a factor for the Heat, and only provided veteran presence. But when you have as many baby mamas as Howard does, it's only natural to look to extend your career for as long as possible.

13 Mike Bibby: 4 Baby Mamas

via sbnation.com

Mike Bibby is a name that you may not have heard in a while as he has been out of the NBA for some years. And towards his final years, he looked like a shell of himself on the court – which probably earned him the wrong reputation among younger viewers. But in his prime years, Bibby was one of the reasons behind the success of the early 2000s' Sacramento Kings and rose to fame due to his clutch ability as well as impressive performances. And for some time, Bibby was a very popular player who had several high scoring seasons along the way.

And while he may never have been a star in the league, he did perform at a high level for a number of years. By the time he retired from the league, Bibby was reported to have four baby mamas overall and his journey started before his NBA days.

Bibby already had two baby mamas during his college days, so he came into the NBA with plenty of responsibility for someone his age.

And based on how his NBA career turned out, it's safe to say that he handled the baby mama drama well off the court.

12 Stephon Marbury: 4 Baby Mamas

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Love him or hate him, no one could deny that Stephon Marbury brought plenty of excitement throughout his NBA career. As a member of the Minnesota Timberwolves, there was plenty of buzz surrounding the future of the team thanks to the duo of Marbury and Kevin Garnett. The former may have played his cards wrong as his career didn't turn out to be as great as initially anticipating – with plenty of fans believing that he should have remained to play with Garnett. Marbury's reputation would take a major hit during his time with the New York Knicks, as problems rose between the two sides which were only worsened by Marbury's off-court antics.

But Marbury would manage to remain relevant and retrieve his past stardom by moving to play in China, where he became highly accomplished during his stint. But seeing as he has four kids, Marbury probably couldn't spend too much time away from the United States. And since NBA teams weren't exactly calling for his services, he had no choice but to leave the league. Marbury's career may have also been derailed by the amount of baby mamas in his life, as four could be troublesome for some folks.

11 Peja Stojakovic: 4 Baby Mamas

via: hellomagazin.rs

Peja Stojakovic was another important member of the beloved Sacramento Kings era, which some consider to be one of the best teams to never win a championship. Stojakovic's career spanned over a decade, becoming one of the premiere three point shooters in the NBA. On the court, he was a scoring threat for the majority of his career as he averaged 17 PPG – while also being rewarded with three All-Star appearances. Stojakovic's career ended on a great note as a member of the Dallas Mavericks when the team won the 2011 championship with Peja having some huge games during the run.

Since then, he has moved on to an entirely different role as the director of player personnel for the Sacramento Kings. With his playing days behind, you won't find many who have kept in touch with Peja's latest news as well as his personal life.

It's been rumored that he has four baby mamas, which he seems to have attempted to keep private. This is quite the feat, considering his fellow players are often featured in tabloids and gossip magazines.

The early 2000s Kings' players may not have won a championship ring, but it seems like they all compensated for it by having so many baby mamas.

10 Larry Johnson: 5 Baby Mamas

via nba.com

Larry Johnson doesn't get much credited these days, but his career was much better than what some fans believe. He shone for the Charlotte Hornets in his younger years, proving that he could deliver impressive numbers across the board by averaging a double double in his first two seasons. Later on, he would join the New York Knicks and play an important role on the team for many years, as they chased a title during the late 90s. But as he got older and was forced to retire from basketball due to nagging injuries, Johnson has mostly faded away from the spotlight.

You don't hear about him often these days, although his personal life is intriguing when looking at the basic statistics. With 5 baby mamas to his name, Johnson has plenty off-court drama to keep him busy for the rest of his life and to keep him spending lots of cash.

In recent years, his name always seems to pop up in discussions for all the wrong reasons. There aren't many who are interested in discussing his basketball career, especially since that infamous Knicks team fell short of a title, but Johnson's baby mama numbers will keep his name relevant in all gossip related discussions.

9 Ron Artest: 4 Baby Mamas

via: theyfb.com

Nothing should surprise you when it comes to Ron Artest if you have been following his NBA career. Since his rookie season, Artest managed to become one of the most discussed players in the league despite not being a star. And while he was a very good player who could put up some impeccable defense, Artest's attitude and temper caused some trouble and unnecessary drama throughout his basketball career.

For someone who was as controversial as Artest, most would expect him to have baby mama problems – and that seems to be true as he currently has four. Some may have expected Artest to have even more, but four is more than enough for most people.

And while Artest has always been outspoken in interviews, he attempts to avoid talking about his real life whenever possible. But of course he has made it quite tough with some of the decisions he has taken over the years. And when you change your name to Metta World Peace during your playing days – while fully embracing it as the name on the back of the jersey - then nothing else will likely shock NBA fans again, regardless of what the future may hold for him.

8 Kenny Anderson: 5 Baby Mamas

via nba.com

Although he had some great seasons during his career, most will agree that Kenny Anderson didn't live up to his potential as he was expected to have a much more accomplished career. But that's not to dismiss his good years including a one-time appearance at the 1994 All-Star game. But it seems like as his career progressed, Anderson's form worsened with time until he became a liability on court. His regression might have to do with off court drama as Anderson had 7 kids and 5 baby mamas.

As the numbers added up over the years, Anderson's statistics got worse on court. He probably would have been wise to have made different choices in his prime years, especially considering how much he has struggled since retirement. He lost a large portion of his fortune in child support payments, which is mind blowing since he reportedly made around $70 million in his career. But considering that he has 7 kids that he will have to take care of for at least 18 years, then it's easy to see why Anderson may not be doing financially as well as most fans would have assumed.

7 Scottie Pippen: 7 Baby Mamas

via: thesportster.com

Scottie Pippen doesn't need an introduction, he is one of the greatest players in NBA history. Pippen was a great all-around player who could highly contribute to his team on both ends, which is why he was able to win 6 championship with the Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan. Being the second star of arguably the greatest team in basketball history, Pippen has remained relevant even far into his retirement. And it hasn't always been related to basketball as Pippen has had some off-court matters revealed to the world.

He supposedly has 7 baby mamas, and that definitely offers his fans an explanation as to why Pippen's personal life has had some issues along the way.

For someone who won as many championships as he did, you would think it's a hard task to surpass it with the number of baby mamas. But it appears that Pippen has moved on from the past, opting to stick to one woman in recent years. That would certainly make sense since some of his kids are also grown ups now, and have landed in the news for the wrong reasons, including a time when his daughter Sierra was arrested for urinating in a hotel lobby.

6 Royce White: 5 Baby Mamas

via espn.com

Royce White had plenty of buzz prior to being drafted by the Houston Rockets in 2012. As the 16th pick, some fans thought that Rockets had a steal with White, who had shown plenty of potential during his college career. But White would never play for The Rockets as issues rose between the two sides. He would play a major role in bringing discussions regarding mental health in the NBA to the forefront, sparking a long needed conversation that had previously been mostly ignored.

White would only play in 3 NBA games as a member of the Sacramento Kings before embarking on a journey elsewhere. And while he has had success in the NBL, White is rarely brought up in discussions these days. It's unlikely that he will ever suit up again for another NBA team, putting him out of the radar for most fans. And while White may not be playing in the best league of the world, his personal life must be busy considering that he has 5 baby mamas. He is only 27 years old so there is a strong possibility that he will add some more names to the list of baby mamas and children.

5 Willie Anderson: 7 Baby Mamas

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Willie Anderson was one of the leading players of the San Antonio Spurs prior to the beginning of their decades spanning dynasty. He had some decent years with the team with his rookie year being the most memorable season, as his numbers drastically went downhill as the years went by. And despite struggling immensely in the second half of his career, Anderson managed to stick around for 9 years in the league with the final four being extremely underwhelming.

It is unknown what exactly led to the trajectory of Anderson's career, but having 7 baby mamas may have played a part in his struggles.

That is too many for anybody to handle, especially if you happen to be a professional basketball player. It is no coincidence that Anderson's numbers took a hit with every new baby mama in his life until he was eventually out of the league. Shortly after leaving the league, financial problems began popping up for Anderson who reportedly hadn't paid his child support. And since he owed money to the IRS as well, Anderson's case was handled in court as his fortunes were split up among various parties. That should be a lesson for all NBA players to avoid in the future.

4 Dwight Howard: 8 Baby Mamas 

via espn.com

There was a time when Dwight Howard was considered among the top 5 best players in the NBA. He would establish himself as the most dominant big of his era by leading the Orlando Magic to the Finals in 2009, and while the team did come up short – Howard certainly impressed with his defensive performances. Since then, Howard's career has gone through plenty of changes especially once he abandoned the Magic. Following some mediocre stints with the Los Angeles Lakers, Houston Rockets and Atlanta Hawks, Howard has finally found back his form with the Charlotte Hornets.

But despite his impressive play in this past season, fans seem to only mention Howard when talking about the number of baby mamas that he has. With 8 baby mamas and 8 kids, Howard certainly boasts one of the most impressive numbers across the board – depending on whether or not you think it's impressive or questionable, of course.

These days, Howard's basketball career has mostly taken a backseat to his personal life, as fans seem to be more interested in hearing about how he has managed to pull that feat rather than his 2018 highlights. And time is still on his side to add even more baby mamas to the already lengthy list.

3 Jason Caffey: 8 Baby Mamas

via ebaumsworld.com

Jason Caffey's resume would tell you that he had a great career since he was a two-time NBA champion. But of course he happened to be on that stacked Chicago Bulls team led by Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen, so it's pretty telling that Caffey would only play 7 seasons in the NBA. And while he did have some decent years, Caffey's career was derailed due to personal problems that seemed to never go away. The issues would end up leaving him out of the league, as teams weren't interested in his services after he was let go by the Milwaukee Bucks.

With 8 baby mamas, it is only normal that Caffey experienced so many problems in his personal life. Even if he had the most peaceful partners, there were still bound to be plenty of issues somewhere down the line – much more than the average person would face.

At the time, Caffey had some other ongoing problems that only made his situation worse. By his final year, it was clear that the clock was ticking for his NBA journey. If he didn't have as many baby mamas, then Caffey may have been able to carry on for a few more years, while also saving most of his net worth.

2 Calvin Murphy: 9 Baby Mamas

via espn.com

Calvin Murphy is currently known to the younger fans as a member of the Houston Rockets' broadcast team, as they understandably missed out on his playing days. He may have been one of the shortest players in the NBA, but that never stopped Murphy from becoming a great career. His lengthy career with the Houston Rockets earned him a jersey retirement, which is impressive since the team isn't quite as generous as the rest. On the court, Murphy was always putting up impressive statistics across the board - scoring in double digits for every single season of his career.

But while Murphy was impressing on the court, he was also scoring just as much outside of it – he has managed to have 9 baby mamas overall.

An impressive number to say the least – he would average a double double if he were to add one more. There aren't many athletes out there who can match Murphy's record of baby mamas as most happen to fall just short. But as he showed Rockets fans through his entire playing career, that has never stopped him from scoring at any given moment.

1 Shawn Kemp

via nba.com

There was a time when Shawn Kemp was considered to be the most exciting star in the NBA. Known for his highlight reels including some incredible dunks, Kemp became one of the most popular players for many years. And not only was he attracting attention due to his style of play, but he also contributed to the Seattle Supersonics' winning ways along with Gary Payton. After having been selected as a six time NBA All-Star in the 90s, Kemp's struggle would quickly take a turn for the worse as he became a liability overnight. His athleticism was long gone as Kemp had gotten severely out of shape, which eventually led to the end of his NBA journey.

To this day, he is still fondly remembered by fans who grew up watching him, as well as younger fans who are always surprised to see how electrifying Kemp was in his prime. Another factor that may have led to Kemp's decline is his personal life. Considering that he has 11 kids, he is bound to have some baby mama drama. And while the exact number for his baby mamas is unknown, we know that it is certainly worthy of making this list.

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