15 Must-See Pics Of Trish Stratus In Her Post WWE Life

In the prime of her career, Trish Stratus decided to leave the company young in 2006 wrestling her final match (at the time) which saw her retire as a champion defeating her good friend Lita. It’s been a decade since that departure and boy has Trish accomplished quite a bit since leaving.

Following her dismissal, Stratus pursued a career in the field of acting. She started off with small parts in television shows but would then branch out into a couple of films. Her most recent performance came in 2015, staring in the film Gridlocked. Along with her big screen success, Trish also thrived with her yoga company receiving various awards for her contributions in the field.

Perhaps the most notable element of Trish’s post WWE career has been the fact that she recently decided to start a family. Don’t worry though, as you’ll see in this article Trish still looks stunning. Stratus recently welcomed a son to the world named Maximus, and is currently awaiting the second arrival to her family, a daughter whose name is yet to be revealed.

We’ll touch base on all these stories during this article that features 15 must-see pictures of Trish Stratus in her post WWE life. Like always, enjoy and let us know your favorite post-WWE Trish photograph from the list!


15 Birth Of Her First Child

Retiring as champion with a victory against Lita at WWE Unforgiven in 2006 (which took place in her hometown), Trish left the wrestling business far too early according to many of her long time fans.

Despite her abrupt retirement, Trish envisioned a bunch of things when leaving the WWE and one of them was starting a family. Especially when it comes to a female performer, juggling both is almost an impossibility.

Nearly seven years after her retirement, the WWE announced Trish in the Hall of Fame Class. During her speech, Trish made the announcement that she was expecting the birth of her first child, Maximus, who was born on September 30th, 2013. The picture above shows Trish going out with her newborn, however, as you can find on her Instagram page, her son has grown a heck of a lot since the photo was taken. As you’ll see later in the article, Maximus is soon to have a little sister in the family.

14 Some Failed Gigs

Following the end of her WWE career, Trish turned her focus to the world of entertainment taking on various roles, some of which are lesser known. Her first major gig took place working for the CBS reality show Armed & Famous. Trish landed the gig thanks to Paul Heyman but unfortunately, the show was only reduced to four episodes before it was cancelled and off the air.

She would proceed to work as the host of The Second City’s Next Comedy Legend, once again, the show had limited success and was taken off the air shortly after. Trish would appear in other TV shows like Da Kink in My Hair and various other television projects. After several failures, Stratus would switch her focus working in the film industry. Although her appearances weren’t that notable, she still managed to gather greater success in the film industry compared to what she did while working the various TV shows following her retirement.

13 Reuniting With Her Peers

Trish still keeps in touch with several of her former co-workers, particularly Lita but we’ll have more on that a little later. This particular picture shows some of our favorite faces from the 90s and early 2000s, joining forces at a women’s wrestling event that celebrated the legacies of these tremendous former WWE Divas. The picture was posted on Trish’s social media page and includes Victoria, Terri Runnels, Lita and Ivory. Trish remains close to several of the women you see in the picture.

Along with her women’s wrestling event, Trish also made a brief pit stop at the WWE headquarters in 2016 for a similar reason. Stratus appeared this past summer on the WWE 24 special, Women’s Evolution. During the program, Trish discussed the Attitude Era along with the Golden Era for women’s wrestling. Her tremendous feud against Lita was also well documented in the program.

12 Reminiscing With Mickie

Speaking of reuniting, this picture show’s Trish alongside her one-time fierce rival Mickie James. Cool to see the two legendary Divas still keeping in touch nowadays despite the fact that they live very different lives.

Mickie had a huge impact on Trish’s career, as she would be Stratus' last major feud and some argue, the best of her entire career. The two had undeniable chemistry on-screen and it led to a lengthy feud. The two teamed together during the end of 2005, but it was later turned into an awesome rivalry into 2006. The feud reached its boiling point at WrestleMania 22 when Mickie defeated Trish ending her incredible 448-day run as the Women’s Champion. Trish would later return in June suffering another loss to Mickie, ending their epic nine month long feud. Not hard to see why they developed such a chemistry that still holds strong to this very day.

11 Still A Stunner

While appearing for the WWE Network special that took place recently in the summer of 2016, it was obvious that Trish’s looks hadn’t faded one bit throughout her time away from the WWE. Just recently turning 41, Trish still looks stunning today and that has led to various speculation of Trish returning in the future for one more match. For now, that dream is on hold as the Hall of Famer is expecting the birth of her second child, but we’ll discuss that in length a little later in this article.

Looking at her body of work, Trish is no doubt one of the biggest inspirations for future Divas. Not only could Trish bring it in the ring, but she was also spectacular to look at. Thanks to her contributions, she truly re-defined what it meant to be a WWE Diva bringing in both the look and skill. Her legacy keeps on growing thanks to the WWE Network as the years roll along.

10 The Production Truck Pic

Whenever a WWE show takes place in her hometown and residential area of Toronto, Canada, you can expect Trish to make an appearance whether it be on-screen or off screen. With shows like NXT TakeOver, Survivor Series and Raw all taking place consecutively, Trish made a pit-stop to visit some of her old friends behind the scenes. We assume that because of her pregnancy, Trish was not featured on the air but was instead backstage away from the public’s eye.

As great as it is for Trish to visit some of her old friends, you can just imagine how great the younger Superstars must feel seeing a role model like Trish backstage. The likes of Alexa Bliss, Emma and Carmella, have all spoken out about their love for the Toronto native and how inspiring she was for their careers. It remains to be seen if Trish will live out the fantasy for so many of the current crop of female athletes in the WWE by stepping back into the ring following the birth of her daughter.

9 Bail Enforcers

Following a mediocre stint of television shows, Trish changed her focus to film by appearing in the Canadian independent film, Bail Enforcers. The movie was Trish’s big screen debut and she played her role quite well for a first timer. Trish played the role of a bounty hunter named Jules Taylor; one can only imagine what a great bounty hunter she would actually be in real life judging by her insanely good looks.

Nonetheless, she was more of an aggressor in the film. Her big screen debut was released at the ActionFest on April 19th, 2011. As you might imagine, the film went straight to DVD. For those of you interested in taking a look at her work in the film, it's now titled Bounty Hunters and available for purchase. This wouldn’t be Trish’s only acting gig, though. A couple of years later she would appear in the film Gridlocked which was released in 2015.


8 Gridlocked

Trish’s acting career continued recently with the premier of the Canadian action thriller Gridlocked. The film actually featured a stellar cast of actors including the likes of Dominic Purcell and Danny Glover. Trish played the role of a villain in the film, appearing as Gina.

The film made its debut at the Fantastic Fest in September of 2015. According to the poster, the film is, quote: “one of the best action movies of the year”. The film actually received some great reviews despite the fact that it’s not one of those mainstream films that captured the headlines in Hollywood. For those of you that are interested, the film went to Netflix in July of 2016 and can be seen worldwide through the streaming service provider.

With the birth of her second child, it’ll be interesting to see what’s next for Trish, whether it be a possible WWE return or, a continuation of her acting career. What do you guys think?

7 Fit For Life

Aren’t we all a sucker for a good post WWE career story? Unfortunately, they seem to be few and far between, however, a couple of former faces have absolutely thrived and that includes Trish.

Asides from her television and film appearances, Trish thrived in the fitness industry with her new yoga practice, Stratusphere. Trish opened a studio in her hometown of Toronto, along with building an empire surrounding her practice. Trish received rave reviews about her new endeavor and became a great success story for her time away from the WWE. Rarely do we see former WWE stars succeed in a whole new field, but Trish can say she did.

Along with Stratus, former WCW and WWE star DDP also succeeded in a similar line of work with his innovative DDP Yoga. The practice is also still going strong today. What makes their work truly remarkable is how young they’ve managed to stay over the years since they departed from the WWE.

6 Going Public With Yoga

Along with her studio success, Trish took her passion and went viral with it appearing on various talk shows across the nation. This particular picture, show’s Trish performing some Yoga moves at a festival. Pretty hilarious to see the dude in back of Trish enjoying his view as Stratus bends down for the position. Oh, what wrestling fans would do to be in the position of that lucky soul who got a first class ticket, front row, to see Trish’s spectacular stretch. Rumor has it, the dude passed out moments later...

The world of fitness continues to be quite profitable for Trish, after all, don’t forget before the WWE she was modelling for various fitness companies. Cool to see Trish succeed in a similar domain following the end of her wrestling career. Without a doubt, Stratus will be shedding that baby weight rather quickly following the birth of her second child. What she decides to pursue after that remains to be seen.

5 Team Bestie

From foes to besties, Lita and Trish dominated the WWE’s Women’s Division during 2003 till 2005. During that time, not only did the two develop an on-screen friendship but they became the best of friends behind the scenes, a friendship that is still blossoming to this very day.

Trish posts various pictures of the two spending time together. They’re also both seen together at various wrestling conventions. As you can imagine, having the two together creates quite the buzz and the line to meet Team Bestie is usually the longest out of all the wrestlers at the event.

Along with attending conventions with one another, Trish asked Lita to be the godmother of her son Maximus. That just proves how close the two are and will remains for years to come despite the fact that they no longer work similar schedules. Cool to see these two Hall of Fame women still getting along so well today. Again, aren’t we all suckers for a long lasting bestie friendship in the world of sports and entertainment?

4 With Her Son

As we discussed earlier, a big reason for Trish leaving the wrestling industry was to start a family alongside her high school sweetheart Ron Fisico. The couple dated for 14 years before finally tying the knot in September of 2006, within a couple of days after Trish’s final WWE match against Lita.

After the wedding, Trish took part in TV shows and followed that up with her yoga practice and movie appearances, not to mention her various stints with the WWE, which leads us to this recent picture taken days ago. Trish is currently enjoying the newest chapter of her life as a proud mother of her son Maximus. As Trish says in the caption of the photo, she couldn’t be happier to be alongside her boy kicking off 2017, while her daughter seems to be on her way rather shortly.

3 Pregnant Again

During her appearance on the Lillian Garcia Podcast (which is fabulous by the way), Trish made the announcement that she was in fact awaiting the birth of her second child, a girl, set to be born in 2017. All of a sudden, all of the rumors of Trish competing at WrestleMania 33 vanished after the surprising announcement.

Trish would follow up the interview by taking to Instagram a month ago and revealing the baby bump that she has. To the WWE fan, this was a huge surprise as many thought Trish was preparing for a return, but that couldn’t be further from the truth seeing that her son Max, is currently awaiting the arrival of a little sister to the family. Trish is ecstatic about her pregnancy, although she does seem a little startled when thinking that she has a family of four all of a sudden when it was just her and her husband for the longest time.

2 One More Photoshoot Picture

All jokes aside, can you ever get tired of looking at Trish's pictures from a photoshoot? Into her 40s, Trish can still work a shoot to perfection, even after the birth of her first child. This picture, taken from her shoot with Inside Fitness Magazine, a Canadian fitness magazine shows Stratus looking absolutely stunning with her stomach toned and seemingly holding absolutely no body fat. Rarely do WWE alums manage to stay in such great shape but Trish has taken it to another level and this picture just further proves her obvious beauty is still very much alive and you’d expect it to still be there even when she turns 50.

Following the birth of her second child, look for Trish to quickly get back into shape. Without a doubt, several magazines will be featuring Trish in some capacity following her recent pregnancy. Keep your eyes peeled, folks!

1 The Breast Feeding Incident

What has made Trish so unique throughout her pre, post and during WWE run is the fact that she never made headlines for any type of scandal. Trish was as professional as one can be throughout her stint with the company and that carried over to her after-life. When it comes to negativity, rarely has any former wrestler reported a negative story pertaining to Trish.

This incident wasn’t all that controversial but it still did manage to make the headlines, so much so that Trish posted about it on her social media account. After posting a picture online of herself breast feeding her child during an interview, the comment section ran rampant claiming her son was way too old to be getting breast fed by his mom. Stratus went on the defensive side saying breast feeding is normal and natural. She also got some heat for doing it in public, although Trish claimed, "would you want to eat your food in the bathroom?", which is a pretty valid point. She ended her statement with a Charter of Rights & Freedoms law... seems like it might have been blown out of proportion just a tad.


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