• 15 Most Racy WWE Rumors We Totally Forgot About

    By its very nature, the wrestling business has so often seen so many of its talents become romantically involved. After all, those involved in the industry spend so much time together that it kind of becomes hard to avoid such situations. Sometimes, it’s a one-and-done sort of thing; other times, it’s full-on relationships; other times, it’s sordid affairs; and then there are those times when marriage eventually even ends up as the order of the day.

    Of course, so many of these coming-togethers have been well publicized over the decades, and many performers have openly shared their love lives with their fans and the world. Then, there are those other situations, the ones that superstars have done their best to try and keep hush-hush for one reason or another.

    And that’s what this whole feature is about -- those rumors and stories that flew under the radar, have been covered up, or maybe, just maybe, are a little too crazy to really be true. But that’s often the point of a good rumor: to be so that bizarre that you question whether it’s crazy enough to actually be true.

    We’ll leave you to make up your own mind on just how true you think these are, but here are 15 of the most shocking and racy wrestling rumors from over the years that you may have never even heard of.

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    Kelly Kelly’s Promiscuous Days

    In addition to a whole host of saucy rumors, Randy Orton actually backed this claim up in an interview: the rumor being that Kelly Kelly, at one point, seemingly slept her way through the entire men’s locker room.

    For sure, Kelly used her charms on Mike Knox, Test, and CM Punk, and then there’s plenty of speculation that the likes of Cody Rhodes, Dolph Ziggler, Justin Gabriel, Batista, Edge, Zack Ryder, and Chris Jericho may be others to have made Kelly’s list.

    Regardless of who they were, Orton believed that there were at least ten wrestlers whom Kelly had slept with, and this was only midway through her tenure with the WWE.

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    Vince McMahon’s Affair With Sable

    Granted, Marc Mero may not exactly be on the best of terms with the WWE, but if he’s to be believed, then his former wife had far more than a working relationship with the company’s head honcho.

    In several interviews, Mero has claimed that Sable actually had a fling with Vince McMahon upon her return to the company in 2003. Of course, soon after that return, she was placed in a storyline that saw her become Vinny Mac’s mistress. If Mero is to be believed, though, what we saw on TV also played out behind the scenes.

    Neither of the parties involved has publicly discussed these claims, and, obviously, if you’re going to throw these stories around, then you just have to make sure to stay out of the way of Sable’s current husband: Brock Lesnar!

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    Shawn Michaels Enjoys Some Sunny Days

    While the majority of entries featured here are rumors that you may or may not believe, the relationship between Shawn Michaels and Sunny most certainly happened – the question is just how intense and serious things got between the pair.

    Of course, while all of this was going on, Sunny was officially dating poor Chris Candido. That didn’t stop her and The Heartbreak Kid getting up close and personal, though. If Sunny is to be believed, Michaels was looking for her to move in with him and start a family. For Shawn, he’s never exactly admitted that things with Sunny were all that serious – but then again, this all happened back in the ‘90s when the famed saying was “Shawn being Shawn” when it came to describing the erratic, excessive behavior of The Showstopper.

    If Shawn and Sunny did become a serious couple and moved in together, who knows how the career paths of both of them would’ve differed.

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    Davey Boy Smith Also Enjoys Some Sunny Days

    Many already know about the Shawn Michaels and Sunny relationship, and some even believe the (seemingly false) stories about Bret Hart and Sunny, but not many are aware of the stories that surround Davey Boy Smith and Sunny.

    Again, this is a situation that Sunny has freely admitted to and discussed in shoot interviews over the years. Certain stories go that Sunny and The British Bulldog got up close and personal in the showers following a show, and other tales suggest that this was more than just a one-off occurrence and was something that happened several times. Regardless of whether it was once or more, Davey Boy was married to Dianna Hart at this point in time.

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    Savage’s Stephanie Experience Blackballs Him

    One of the most famous – or is that infamous? – racy wrestling rumors out there is the one based around the Macho Man and Stephanie McMahon.

    Randy Savage was one of the hottest stars in the then-WWF during the 1980s and into the ‘90s before being one of the first major names to jump ship to WCW in 1994. From there, while several other names would be welcomed back to the WWF and WWE over the years, Savage was completely blacklisted and never even particularly referenced until his tragic death in 2011.

    Many former wrestlers have speculated that the reason for Savage’s blackballing was that he had a sexual relationship with a young Stephanie. Given how Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, Bruno Sammartino, and Ultimate Warrior are just some of the names whom Vince eventually made peace with, this rumor would certainly be one explanation as to why the Macho Man was constantly ignored.

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    Vince McMahon’s Eagerness For Incest

    In the heady days of the famed Attitude Era, nothing was off the table, and all bets were off when it came to what to expect from the WWF as they looked to fight off the challenge of WCW. But really, incest?!

    Back during the late-‘90s, Vince McMahon actually proposed a storyline where Stephanie McMahon would become pregnant. That’s not the kicker, though, for Vinny Mac wanted a ‘whodunit’ style story to play out where it would be revealed that he was the father. After Steph rightfully shot down that idea, Vince then suggested that Shane McMahon be the father. Again, Steph rightfully shot that idea down because… well, because incest isn’t cool, kids.

    Racy? Sure. Ridiculous and low even by Vince’s standards? Double sure.

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    Jacqueline Gets Herself A Career Push

    A longtime racy wrestling rumor is that Jacqueline Moore earned herself a substantial push in the then-WWF due to sleeping with Vince McMahon. Given how McMahon has openly talked about how many women he’s slept with while married to Linda, it’s certainly not out of the question that Jacqueline used Vince’s promiscuousness to her advantage.

    The rumors out there claim that this fling was the real reason why Jacqueline actually won the WWE’s Cruiserweight Championship in 2004.

    Additionally, another story floating out there in the ether of wrestler gossip is that Jacqueline and Kurt Angle would regularly shack up while on the road – all while the Olympic Hero was married to former wife Karen.

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    An Affair With Triple H Got Christy Hemme Fired

    Call it a rumor, call it an urban legend, call it wrestler gossip, but one of those racy stories that won’t go away is that the reason for 2004 Diva Search winner Christy Hemme getting fired from the WWE in 2005 was down to her relationship with Mr. Stephanie McMahon, Triple H.

    Whether it was a brief one-off encounter or something more longstanding, the ever-reliable rumor mill claims that Stephanie was the one who made the call to let Hemme go after finding out about her advances toward Hunter.

    Hemme has yet to publicly address any of this and, obviously, neither have Steph or Triple H, but a whole host of former WWE names have added weight to this rumor in various shoot interviews.

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    John Cena Runs Roughshod

    He may now be engaged to Nikki Bella, but John Cena certainly had some fun in his younger days. Despite being married at the time, Cena famously began an affair with Mickie James during James’s first stint with the WWE. Oh, and to add further controversy to the situation, Mickie was dating (and apparently engaged to) Kenny Dykstra at the time.

    In addition to this, it’s known that The Leader of the Cenation also had a relationship with two-time Women’s Champion Victoria. What’s merely a racy rumor, though, is that many claim that Cena was actually messing around with Victoria and Mickie at the same time, all while having a wife at home and openly admitting to sleeping around with even further ladies on the road.

    For a completely different look at uber-babyface John Cena, you really should hunt down his famed interview with shock jock Howard Stern. To say it’s an eye-opener is a huge understatement!

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    Paige Breaks Up Alberto Del Rio’s Marriage

    One of the most explosive, toxic relationships in recent wrestling history sadly seems to be the one between Paige and Alberto Del Rio. While the duo may regularly put out statements saying how amazing things are between them, that’s usually followed up by some shocking happening such as the recent airport incident that saw the police called.

    The more racy origins of this relationship, though, lie in the fact that the duo started their relationship while Del Rio was still married to Angela Velkei. This all came up during the 2016 divorce case, in which Velkei stated that Alberto’s adultery was a major reason for their marriage falling apart.

    From Del Rio’s perspective, he claims that the marriage was already unofficially over back in 2015 – way before his relationship with Paige became public knowledge in May 2016.

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    Sunny Exchanged For Drugs

    How true this is, we’ll never really know, but there’s a longtime rumor out there that says Tammy “Sunny” Sytch was, at one time, regularly exchanged for cocaine.

    The story goes, during Sunny and Chris Candido’s stay in the then-WWF – a time in which both performers were battling cocaine issues – the duo agreed that Ahmed Johnson could have sex with Sunny in exchange for cocaine. Adding further fuel to this fire, there are a whole bunch of stories and reports out there that have Johnson pegged as a major cocaine user during his WWF stint.

    In fairness, this wouldn’t be the first time such a story existed about Sunny, with plenty of wrestlers having discussed how she would exchange sexual favors for drugs during her ECW days.

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    Kurt Angle Fathers Dawn Marie’s Child

    Forget the poorly handled storyline of Jason Jordan being Kurt Angle’s son. At one point, there was a shocking rumor that Kurt Angle had actually fathered a child with ECW favorite Dawn Marie.

    The more believable element of this rumor is that the duo actually had an affair at some point around 2003 and 2004. Kurt has openly talked about how he cheated on his then-wife Karen while on the road with the WWE, and Dawn seemingly confirmed her relationship with Angle during a shoot interview.

    So, when Marie gave birth in 2005, many equated that 2 + 2 = Kurt Angle’s the baby daddy. For those gossip mongers out there, the Olympic Hero being the father was later ruled out.

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    Missy Hyatt’s Extensive History

    What’s most refreshing about Missy Hyatt is that she's completely loud and proud about her many, many conquests over the decades. While rumors and speculation may often be played down or outright refuted by many within the wrestling business, Missy owns her history and will openly discuss it – as highlighted in several shoot interviews.

    In fact, in one particular interview, Missy spent fifteen minutes discussing the dick size of enough wrestlers to fill out an entire roster; plenty of whom she'd slept with, others whom she hadn’t.

    Even outside the hookups she’s admitted to, there are still plenty of further rumors out there about Missy’s conquests. Then again, the great thing about her is that she'll happily give an honest answer if ever asked.

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    Randy Orton’s Odd Flirting Technique

    If you were looking to woo a potential new love interest, what are the things you might consider doing? Flowers? A nice meal? A trip to the cinema? Hell, even a trip to a wrestling show if the object of your affection is down with that.

    Well, if you’re Randy Orton, you’ll apparently take a turd in that person’s bag.

    There's a whole host of Orton stories out there – some likely true, others likely total fabrication – but one of the most infamous is the time that he supposedly took a 'dumpski' in Rochelle Loewen’s bag in an attempt to win her affection.

    Loewen has regularly discussed the shocking incident after her cup of coffee in the WWE came to an end, although certain stories claim that The Viper actually put baby lotion and tanning cream in the bag to mimic sh*t. You stay classy, Randall Keith.

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    HBK’s Golden Shower Incident

    With Shawn Michaels having found God by the time he returned to the WWE in 2002, the Heartbreak Kid seemingly thought that all of his previous sins would be forgiven. Those sins, of course, being plentiful during the time that Shawn was ruling the roost in the mid-‘90s.

    At that particular time, Shawn was infamous for his substance and alcohol abuse, not to mention his partying ways and eye for the ladies. One longtime rumor is that Michaels, one night, hired three hookers and lined them up on their knees.

    While you may think you know where this was going, when Shawn dropped his pants, the bizarre, racy rumor is that HBK proceeded to urinate in the three women’s mouths. Other stories claim that he relieved himself just in their general direction, but either way, this story is one that doesn’t exactly put the Born Again Shawn in a great light.

    Sources: RF Video, WWE.com, Wikipedia

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