15 Mistakes WWE Needs To Stop Making

WWE is a global phenomenon and it has been at the top of the wrestling pyramid for so long now that it seems no one is ready to step up and tell Vince McMahon when he's making a big mistake.

WWE has fans all over the world, with the launch of The Network, it has become a 24-hour show with wrestlers more accessible now than they have ever been, thanks to social media. WWE needs to continue to grow every year as a company, otherwise it's seen as a bad year for them and many talents are then released in order to make up for the fact that the company didn't make the money that they needed. The problem isn't the contracted superstars, though, a lot of these mistakes are made by the people at the very top of the pyramid and could easily be fixed if someone was brave enough to tell Vince where his company is going wrong.

The following are 15 of the most basic mistakes WWE are making now on a weekly basis, that could easily be fixed if the problem was raised by the appropriate members of the creative team or if Vince at least watched the product that he continues to produce.


15 Part Time Main Event-ers

This is one of the biggest problems that WWE have developed over the last few years, because they have become reliant on the part-time superstars rather than gambling on the NXT recruits that they have made themselves.

The likes of Brock Lesnar, The Rock, Goldberg, The Undertaker, and even now John Cena have all become the focal points of many WWE pay-per-view events when the main guys should be the ones who will be turning up for Raw the day after. While these stars will sell tickets and put bums on seats, it is hard to get excited about a storyline when the build-up only happens when they are available.

14 Only Certain Guys Are Given A Chance


It really must suck to be a fan of Cesaro. That man has done nothing wrong over the past few years, he has improved on the mic, in the ring and he is without a doubt one of the strongest and most talented wrestlers that the company currently has, but he won't be pushed towards the main event picture.

Vince McMahon once commented that this was because of his mic ability while happily allowing Roman Reigns to make a fool of himself when he forgot the words to his own promo. McMahon also somehow finds one of the most innovative stars on the Raw roster "boring" as well, which shows just how out of touch the Chairman really is.

13 Three Hours For Raw

Let's be honest, who actually watches Raw live and doesn't fast forward most of show anymore? After the second hour, it's 3 am in the UK, and it's become too tedious to watch anymore. Why was it even changed to three hours, there is no need for it anymore! It really needs to be changed back.

The Cruiserweight Division was supposed to have been one of the main reasons for the change, but it doesn't seem as though that division is doing as well as WWE hoped, which is why they are only being used as fillers now.

12 Too Many Pay-Per-Views


WWE has decided that now instead of having just 11 Pay-per-views a year (there never used to be a pay-per-view in March, it allowed a longer build for WrestleMania) they are now instead, going to have a pay-per-view every two months, plus Network Specials and NXT Takeovers.

That's 24 Pay-per-views a year without all the added Network events. This is a crazy amount of events and WWE honestly wonder why many of their storylines don't make sense. You need to give a flower time to blossom, there are two weeks between pay-per-views, which means that each brand has just four weeks to come up with new ideas after the last pay-per-view, which is shocking.

11 Two Hour Kick-Off Shows?

Kick-off shows began by being just 30 minutes long and they would lead you into the pay-per-view so that you were fully aware of the card and any last minute changes. Now WWE has decided to make pay-per-view nights even more lengthy by starting the kickoff show two hours before the event and forcing us to watch video packages that we are only going to see later in the night anyway.

The entire kick-off show doesn't teach us anything and provides us with matches that could fit on the main show if they took out all the talking and stupid ads. There is no need for kick-off shows at all, so why turn them into such a huge part of the event?

10 There Is Only Allowed To Be One Top Guy


WWE has a man who runs the place and his name is John Cena. John Cena may have been away from the company for several months and AJ Styles may have seemed as though he was running the show in his absence, but this was just what WWE wanted you to think.

When Cena returned, he needed to prove that he was the only "Top guy" in WWE and he did that when he told AJ that he was having a title shot that he hadn't worked for and didn't deserve and then won the match to make history, totally overshadowing the Royal Rumble later that night. Because he's John Cena and he does what he wants!

9 Releasing Talent That Has Potential

Damien Sandow, John Morrison, Drew McIntyre and many others have been released by WWE over the years because of budget cuts. These stars have then used the fame that WWE has given them to become stars outside of the company, thus proving that they had the potential all along.

It has been shown many times that WWE doesn't have a problem with what stars look like anymore, so why is it such a hard process to push a star if they deserve it? Why release a star that has potential when another company will then cash in on it? It makes no sense.


8 Repetitive Storylines


There are only so many stories that can be told, that is understandable, but at least wait a couple of years before retelling one of the biggest stories of the year. Daniel Bryan's B+ player storyline was the biggest of the year back in 2013 and 2014 and somehow WWE are already repeating it.

Bayley has become the new B+ player with Stephanie McMahon constantly telling her that she isn't good enough. Not really the thing you want to hear from your boss, and not something the WWE Universe wants to see again this soon.

7 NXT Superstars On The Main Roster

For every Seth Rollins there is a Tyler Breeze that is understandable, but when you dig a little bit deeper, it's easy to see that the main roster have no idea what to do with the talent once they have come up from NXT.

The Ascension, The Vaudevillians, Mojo Rawley, Bo Dallas, and Summer Rae are all-stars who came up from NXT recently and haven't been able to catch a break on the main roster. The company purposely waits for the right time to add them to the roster, but it seems that there is never a good enough time for many of these stars who are still waiting in the wings for a chance.

6 Total Divas


WWE should have learned from Total Divas and the problems that it was causing their women's division because it was hard for them to make rivalries between women who were portrayed as best friends on the show.

Instead of learning, WWE decided to make the same mistake over and over again by making more shows, first, a Total Divas spin-off entitled Total Bellas then many other shows that will only be used to fill up air time on the Network. It is understandable that WWE wants the fans to get to know their wrestlers so that they invest more in the product, but some things should be left to the imagination, we don't personally know these people so we shouldn't need to know about their personal life.

5 Vince McMahon Is Out Of Touch With Reality

This was an obvious one, Vince McMahon does not understand his fans because he has never been one of them. Vince is up in a high tower overlooking the WWE Universe, he has no idea what the fans will relate to because he lives in a completely different world.

Vince was writing many of Roman Reigns' promos when he first split off as a singles superstar and that is why they were so cringeworthy, what Vince finds funny is not funny to the rest of the world and the sooner he understands that, the better.

4 Not Listening To The Fans


OK, so WWE did listen to the fans when they wanted Daniel Bryan to be their Champion, but that was back in 2014, they haven't listened since and the first time they did it was only because they were booked into a corner after CM Punk left.

WWE doesn't understand the talent that they have and the creations that they could make if they listened to some of the fans ideas. Fans are fickle, but they know what they want, they will cheer the heels when they shouldn't and they will boo the faces, but that is what WWE fans do and they should always be taken into account, because they pay the wages of the wrestlers.

3 Too Many Promos

It's World Wrestling Entertainment, most of the time it feels like it's all about the entertainment and not the wrestling. There is a reason why the wrestling comes before the entertainment and WWE need to understand that. Opening shows with 30-minute promos should not be a weekly thing and weekly talk shows shouldn't either, they should be one-offs.

Many people get frustrated with the lack of wrestling that is actually broadcasted on a wrestling show, which is shocking since WWE should know their own audience and they should understand how boring talking can become after so long.

2 Too Many Leaks


Randy Orton was the odds-on favorite to win the Royal Rumble a week before he won, Bray Wyatt was the favorite for the Chamber win days before Elimination Chamber even broadcast. Why? Because WWE has too many moles inside their own company.

The storylines and outcomes of matches are leaked nowadays before the events actually take place and it's making the whole product predictable. The company needs to sniff out the rat and then allow the WWE Universe to continue to speculate without a definite outcome, which would make the show much more watchable. The Internet has been a such a positive thing for independent wrestling, but it seems that it has been the beginning of a downfall for WWE.

1 Championships Are A Joke

The WWE Championship and the World Heavyweight Championship were unified back in 2013 because WWE was one roster that only needed one title. Fast forward two years and the WWE Championship is just one belt again, the Women's title has once again become two titles and the Tag Team Championships that were once unified have also been taken back apart.

Not to mention the fact that WWE has decided to add the Universal Championship to the mix, the Cruiserweight Championship has made a return and now there is also a UK Championship that can be defended on NXT. It's become a place where anyone can win a title and that's because there are so many of them, it makes being a champion a lot less of an achievement and it's making title reigns a joke. Look at the number of times the Women's Championship changed hands between Sasha and Charlotte. It's a joke.

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