15 Messed Up Rules WWE Divas Have To Follow

WWE's Women's Division has gone through many changes over the past few years with the current Women's Revolution showing the women of WWE in a new light. Even though there are fewer women on the roster than there are men, there are still many rules that they have to follow when it comes to the part that they play on WWE TV.

Shockingly, it seems that the women who are part of the company have more rules to follow than the men, as there are more factors in the personal lives of females that could become a problem in their career, especially if WWE has future plans for them.

These rules, no matter how harsh they are, are put into place because WWE wants to ensure that the women are able to have lengthy careers with the company, and can reach their full potential. It is also worth noting that these women would have known about these rules beforehand and still decided to sign the contract and become a part of the biggest wrestling promotion in the world.

The following list looks at all of the rules that WWE enforces when it comes to the women's division as well as the ones that the company seems to be trying to push forward, even though they haven't actually been made official. It is much harder being a WWE Diva/Female wrestler than many of the WWE Universe ever knew.

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15 Must Not Have Any "Less Than PG" Photos Online

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This is an odd kind of rule, but it was one that WWE enforced a few years ago when the company first began transitioning into their PG Era. In the past, they have allowed many of their women to pose for Playboy magazine and even promoted the fact that they have been included in the famous publication.

WWE changed this in the years that followed and went through a phase where they wouldn't sign any women who had photos in the public domain that were not considered PG. The company must have changed their policy on this a few years ago since Lana is known to have a number of images online that the younger members of the WWE Universe wouldn't want to see, and Maryse was known to have posed for a number of magazines, but both women have still been added to the roster over the past few years.

14  Sexy Photoshoots Are A Contractual Obligation

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Even though WWE's Women's Division has taken steps forward to gain some credibility, there will always be parts of the old Division that will always remain. One of these remaining obligations is the fact that all women on the roster have to take part in photoshoots.

These photoshoots often take place during holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. WWE then releases sexy photos of their women online for the WWE Universe before this time of year. It is hard to take the division seriously as athletes when the company is still pushing them into these kinds of photoshoots that obviously are only there to remind men that the women are stunning. It is hard for WE to move completely forward away from what they thought was once acceptable for their division, but in a few years time, these shoots will hopefully be a thing of the past.

13 Rules When It Comes To Baring It All

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It's a strange situation when the women of WWE show off more skin than they were supposed to. Miss Kitty was one of the most famous WWE stars who decided to take off her shirt and reveal much more than she should have during a live episode of Raw.

WWE was not happy about this and apologized profusely following the incident. Despite this, a few years later when Edge and Lita were having their live racy celebration on Raw, Lita was actually forced to forego her top in the segment. Lita explained that management pushed her to be part of the scene with no top on because it was part of the role play and one of the cameras actually caught her topless at one point. She has been forced to do this a number of times throughout her career, so things have definitely changed since Miss Kitty first performed her stunt.

12 WWE Has An Input On Who Their Stars Can Date

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Personal lives of WWE stars should be their own business; this goes for who they decide to be in a relationship with, as well. If you're a WWE superstar then it seems that other people are allowed to weigh in on your choice of partner.

When Paige and Alberto Del Rio revealed that they were a couple, it was reported that backstage WWE officials told Paige that if she didn't break up with her new boyfriend then her WWE career could be in jeopardy. Paige obviously didn't listen so WWE decided to split her and Del Rio up as part of the WWE draft instead, and merely a month later Paige was suspended for violating WWE's Wellness Policy along with her spouse. Paige isn't the only female wrestler who has been victim to this. Vince McMahon also tried to split Lana and Rusev up when he found out they were together back in 2014.

11 Stephanie McMahon Always Has Final Say With The Women

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Stephanie McMahon is the female with the most power in WWE, so it's only fair that she is the one usually behind the booking of the women, and she was the one who officially began the Women's Revolution back in the Summer of 2015.

Stephanie is not a woman to be messed with, either. Both Kaitlyn and AJ Lee found out the hard way what happens when you cross the boss' daughter when they were punished on live TV. Stephanie comes across as a sweet person who has the best interests of the company at heart, but when it comes to the women's division, she is aware that it's cutthroat and she has the ability to get rid of anyone who doesn't fit in with her vision. So one good rule for the women of WWE would be to always suck up to the boss' daughter, or at the very least, don't ever cross her.

10  Women Must Always Act Single And Approachable

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The women of WWE are globally recognizable superstars, so it makes sense that WWE would want their women to always seem as though they are single and approachable so that the WWE Universe will then continue to follow their progress through WWE.

Even though shows like Total Divas and Total Bellas show that these women have lives and families outside of the company, the women who aren't included in the show are treated differently. Vince McMahon allegedly didn't allow Sasha Banks to share the fact that she was married on WWE TV during a couple's storyline because she is seen as an Internet Darling and the company doesn't want anything to affect the way she is viewed by the WWE Universe, so she kept her marriage a secret for a number of months because of this. WWE rarely promotes any superstar relationships on WWE TV, unless it's part of the promotion for Total Divas.

9 WWE Can Refuse Appearances Outside Of WWE

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The women of WWE have very active social lives. The lucky females who are included in Total Divas also have the added parties and promotional gatherings to attend whilst they are part of the show, but WWE holds all the cards when it comes to any events outside of WWE that their stars can attend.

Obviously, the company is invested in their talent and if they have future plans for them, then they will do everything to ensure that they are not injured or put in a position where they will get injured by being part of any activity outside of the company. This rule is so that WWE can protect their investments and is not meant to sound as harsh as it does, but as a contracted WWE star, there are a number of things you are not allowed to do because of the risk of injury.

8 There Is A Strict Dress Code In Place

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A few years ago, Vince McMahon decided to implement a dress code when it comes to his WWE roster and decided that when the women are travelling they should always wear a dress and heels so that they look professional and presentable to the WWE Universe. This means that most of the time the women are forced to drive for miles in heels.

The dress code isn't just outside the WWE ring. Attire for the women inside the ring has changed over the past few years, as well. The women used to be able to get away with wearing short skirts and even shorter tops whilst they were wrestling, but since WWE went to PG branding with their product, the women are the ones who have been forced to cover up more. Females now being forced to wear either shorts or trousers rather than skirts to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions on live TV.

7 The Women Will Never Be Paid As Much As Men

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Equal pay has always been a problem for women all over the world, but it is still a huge issue in the 21st century as even the biggest face of the Women's Division Nikki Bella doesn't earn anywhere near as much as the male stars on WWE's roster.

AJ Lee famously called Stephanie McMahon out on Twitter merely months before she left the company back in 2015 when it comes to the fact that the boss' daughter has a lot of power in WWE but she doesn't use it to make a difference for the women. With the women main eventing pay-per-views and being given much bigger storylines on shows in the current era, there should be no reason why they are not able to earn the same amount of money. If the women are taking the same risks and selling out shows, then there could easily be an argument for them to be given a pay rise.

6 Women And Creative Team Members Are Not Allowed To Date

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There are many couples in WWE right now, but the main thing to note about these couples is the fact that they are all full-time wrestlers who are in a relationship with other full-time wrestlers.

This is because WWE has put a strict rule in place that means that none of their wrestlers are allowed to get into relationships with any of their creative writers or executives. This is because it would create a conflict of interest and would see the creative writer then favour the person in question when it comes to storylines. It seems that this rule wasn't created in a way to hinder any on-going relationships between the two different groups of employees, but it was made so that there weren't any issues between the backstage staff and the actual superstars, because a relationship of that manner could get messy if there was a problem with something creative had decided to do with the star.

5 Women Have To Attend Live Shows Even If They're Not Part Of Them

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This is mostly seen on Total Divas and Total Bellas, where the women will arrive at the show only to find out that they are not part of proceedings that night. They will then have to remain in the venue until the end of the show and support their fellow divas and Superstars who are part of the show, before leaving at the end of the night.

This is just WWE's way of ensuring that everyone is part of the support network and it means that if superstars are at the venue and someone drops out, it would be easy for them to then step in when the storyline is re-written. WWE isn't the only one who enforces this rule. On the Independent Circuit it is an unwritten rule that all stars usually stay backstage and support other wrestlers on the show until the end when everyone leaves together.

4 They Have to Be Prepared For Their Matches To Be Cancelled At The Last Minute

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There was once a time in WWE when the women were seen as the most disposable part of any show, which meant that more often than not, the women's match would be put in the worst spot on the card or even cancelled completely.

Back at WrestleMania 29, there was a match scheduled between The Bella Twins and Team Rhodes Scholars who were supposed to team up against Tons of Funk and The Funkadactyls, but because The Undertaker's match with CM Punk ran over, the women's match was removed from the card. WrestleMania 29 is the only WrestleMania in the modern era that didn't involve a women's match. It is also a shock that Kaitlyn was the Champion at the time but she didn't defend the Championship on the grandest stage of them all, but this wasn't uncommon in WWE a few years ago, which is why The Women's Revolution began in the first place.

3  Women Were Not Allowed To Getting Pregnant

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This is another confusing rule since a few years ago Dawn Marie approached WWE and asked for some time off because she was pregnant. Dawn was later released from the company and sued for wrongful termination. Kharma is another WWE star who was released from her contract when she became pregnant in the middle of a storyline, but it seems that WWE is more lenient with fellow Divas.

Brie Bella was recently allowed to step away from the WWE ring to give birth to her daughter and is now working on her WWE comeback, whilst Maryse and Maria have both recently announced that they are set to become mothers in 2018 for the first time. Maryse was even allowed to announce her impending arrival on WWE TV, which was a pleasure that only Kharma was ever able to do before her, and the WWE Universe know exactly how that storyline ended.

2 The Company Monitors Every Star's Social Media Updates

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This isn't a rule that is only set out for the women. The company monitors all the social media accounts of their stars so that if they are hacked or something inappropriate is shared, then the company can do their best to remove it as quickly as possible.

This goes for images as well, WWE can tell their women to remove images from their Instagram page if they feel they are too revealing or even updates that they think are inappropriate to share with fans. It seems that even when WWE stars want to blow off some steam on Social Media, they aren't actually allowed to. With the number of scandals that have gone on in WWE over the past few years because of Social Media, it makes sense that WWE would want to implement something like this to prevent any problems like this in the future.

1 Not Allowed To Use The Ropes During Their Entrance

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This is actually a legitimate WWE rule. Apparently, the women are not the only ones who are not allowed to use the ring ropes during their entrances; they are not allowed to be used by any superstars on the roster.

This rule was put in place so that WWE stars were forced to be much more unique with their entrances and so that no two entrances were the same. Obviously, this rule has been broken by a number of women like AJ Lee who famously sits in the middle of the ropes and The Bella Twins who often do flips over the ropes as they enter the ring. It seems that the men and women are being much more creative with their entrances, but the likes of Matt Hardy and Roman Reigns have shown that sometimes the ropes can be a problem and force you to fall in epic fashion.

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