15 Matches That NEED To Happen At WrestleMania 34

WrestleMania is the biggest event of the year and over the past few years, it seems that WWE has been unable to deliver a show that has lived up to the hype.

There are many matches that the WWE Universe now sees as fantasy matches between former Independent Superstars that are only now coming through to WWE so that they can finally meet inside a WWE ring with a much larger audience, both in the arena and at home. These matches need to be built up for a lengthy period of time, not just thrown together like AJ Styles versus Shane McMahon was at WrestleMania last month, that ultimately didn't lead to anything, it was just a cheap way to include the SmackDown commissioner.

WWE has some incredible talent at their fingertips at this current moment. They could really deliver at WrestleMania next year if they ensure at least half of these matches take place on the Grandest Stage Of Them All and that they are given the amount of build-up and anticipation that a match at WrestleMania truly deserves.

Here is a list of 15 fantasy matches that need to happen at WrestleMania in New Orleans next April.


15 John Cena Vs The Undertaker

Let's be honest, there isn't a single member of the WWE Universe that truly believes that The Undertaker would be allowed to walk away from WWE without facing John Cena. This match was one that divided that WWE Universe when it was rumoured at the beginning of the year, but one that many fans looked forward too.

Instead, The Royal Rumble set up the match between Roman Reigns and The Deadman and the WWE Universe were denied a match that would define the current era in WWE. It would be great to see Undertaker back after a year away from WWE if he did return in New Orleans. With John Cena currently floating around WWE as well, it would be hard to pick a winner in this one.

14 The Revival Vs #DIY


The wrestling world was left shocked and saddened this past weekend when Tomasso Ciampa decided to turn on his old friend Johnny Gargano. This signalled the end of DIY, but it is thought that at some point a team like DIY, much like The Shield, would be able to put themselves back together when their feud is over.

The Revival were recently called up to the main roster and after an injury to Dash Wilder, they have been out of action for a few weeks. These two teams had the match of the year for NXT last year and the WWE Universe deserve to see it again and at a place like WrestleMania would be perfect. These four men deserve to be noticed.

13 Asuka Vs Charlotte - SmackDown Women's Championship

The Queen taking on The Undefeated Empress would only ever be able to take place at WrestleMania. These two women have shown that they have the ability and the talent to climb their way to the top of their division and a collision between them could well steal the show.

Asuka is yet to be defeated in an NXT ring, while Charlotte has already made the main roster her playground. These two have never faced each other before and this could finally allow the WWE Universe the answer to the question of who the best female wrestler in WWE. It really is something that has been haunting many fans for years.

12 Baron Corbin Vs Austin Aries


Baron Corbin and Austin Aries are currently both heels on separate WWE rosters, but someone like Austin could definitely teach Corbin a thing or two about wrestling. A veteran against someone who has only been in the business a few years is usually a learning curve for many stars and this could be perfect for both men.

Aries could potentially turn face when he is given the right 205 Live opponent, while Corbin needs to remain heel for this to work. Moving forward Corbin does seem as though he is going to be given a huge push in WWE and is a potential dark horse for the Money in the Bank case in a few weeks time. Aries and Corbin collided in Aries debut in WWE back at NXT Takeover Dallas and the duo deserves a chance to meet again.

11 Kevin Owens Vs Sami Zayn

Fight forever! Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens have been fighting for most of their life and their matches have defined their careers. Owens and Zayn are good friends in real life and this adds to the chemistry in their matches whenever they face each other.

When Owens came to NXT and turned on his longtime friend and rival, it led to one of the best feuds that NXT had seen up to that point. They have then faced each other again on the main roster since and it seems that these two are incapable of having a bad match. WWE need to cash in on this and put them in a gimmick match that will finally reveal who the better man is.

10 Finn Balor Vs Samoa Joe


It was one of the best feuds that Triple H ever decided to use down in NXT, but Finn Balor and Samoa Joe have history. They know each other very well and right now are dancing around each other on the main roster. Samoa Joe is Triple H's hired heavy while Finn once again holds the hopes of the WWE Universe in his hands.

Their back and forth rivalry ended with Samoa Joe taking away the NXT Championship before he dropped it to Shinsuke Nakamura, but it was the first time anyone had really pushed Finn to that kind of level and it is a level that should be held on for WrestleMania. The WWE Universe would love to see these two collide one more time on The Grandest Stage of them all.

9 The Miz Vs Bobby Roode

WrestleMania was designed for showdowns like this one. The Awesome One up against The Glorious One. While both stars are doing very well on both Raw and NXT as two of the biggest heels, a call-up for Bobby Roode could be a sign of change in WWE and that would allow Miz to once again play a sort of underdog role to overcome someone of Roode's calibre.

It would be an interesting one from the fans standpoint because, on screen, these two men have the biggest egos in WWE, but off screen could be different and the winner would definitely be given a lot of bragging rights. It would be a great challenge for The Miz in his current position in WWE as well.


8 Roman Reigns Vs Brock Lesnar 2 - Universal Championship


It's the showdown that the WWE Universe says that they don't want to see, but it's the battle of the only two men who have managed to defeat The Undertaker at WrestleMania. Since Seth Rollins ruined the match two years ago when he cashed in and a winner was not decided between Brock and Roman, this only seems right.

We need to know who is the better man and since it looks likely that Brock will hold the Championship he currently has in his grasp up until WrestleMania, it could well be all about the title. It is expected to be a fantastic match regardless of your thoughts on Reigns and his ability.

7 Tyler Bate Vs Mark Andrews - UK Championship

Tyler Bate may have just lost his UK Championship to Pete Dunne, but it's obvious that Dunne is destined for much bigger things in WWE, so a title change could well be on the cards once again in the near future.

Mark Andrews and Tyler Bate collided as part of the UK event a few weeks ago in Norwich and it was the perfect match to headline the event and it could well be the perfect match to see the UK Championship defended at WrestleMania for the very first time. Bate and Andrews are like wrestling soulmates and they would definitely steal the show if given the chance.

6 Pete Dunne Vs Neville - Cruiserweight Championship


Pete Dunne is a hot commodity in WWE right now. It is impossible for him to have a bad match and he deserves to step up and be part of WWE's main roster. Neville could well still have the Cruiserweight Championship at this point, and that would mean a Championship defence for the British superstar.

By WrestleMania, it is expected that Pete Dunne will already be integrated into WWE's main roster because he is one of the fastest rising stars in the company and now that he has a championship there is no stopping him. A place on the WrestleMania card would be a huge step for him. Dunne and Neville have known each other since they were much younger, as seen from the image above, and WWE could really make the most of this and turn it into a really personal rivalry.

5 Sasha Banks Vs Bayley

Sasha Banks has been the Internet Darling for many of the WWE Universe for the past few years and a long time rumoured heel turn can only be around the corner for her. Bayley and Sasha have had some of the best matches in NXT over the past few years and their step up to the main roster has seen them become good friends.

The WWE Universe is hotly anticipating this match between two of the biggest women when it comes to the Women's Revolution and it will be a change to see Sasha as the heel and the Universe behind Bayley instead. Bayley is still very much in the Women's title picture, so jealousy could be the main part of this.

4 Kurt Angle Vs Triple H


Kurt Angle made his return to WWE after he was inducted into the Hall of Fame two nights before WrestleMania last month and he is now the Raw General Manager. Triple H hasn't been seen on Raw since he fired Mick Foley and it seems that when Triple H does return he will have much better opposition.

Kurt Angle won't bow down to Triple H and the fact that he wants to control Samoa Joe on the Raw roster could cause a few fireworks between the former rivals. Angle could be open to wrestling one more match and we all know how much Triple H loves to be part of WrestleMania weekend.

3 Face Seth Rollins Vs Heel Dean Ambrose - Street Fight

Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose had one of the best feuds of the year back in 2014 after The Shield brothers went their separate ways, but it seems that this feud could well be returning with a twist.

Dean is rumoured to be turning heel in the near future and with Seth Rollins becoming a firm favourite with the WWE Universe, the new spin on this feud could be a great way to reignite it. Ambrose as a heel is something that the fans have never seen before and they have been waiting for him to bring in his Jon Moxley character now for almost five years.

2 AJ Styles Vs Shinsuke Nakamura


Former rivals in Japan have recently become allies on SmackDown Live, but the WWE Universe doesn't want to see these two become friends. They want to see them collide and there is no place better than WrestleMania.

AJ Styles has been on top of the main roster for the past few months and suddenly he has someone in his house that he isn't going to be able to overcome like he has everyone else. Nakamura is the actual challenge that Styles needs. He will push him in ways he has never been pushed before and it will be a feud that will take SmackDown Live above Raw if WWE decides to run with it.

1 Bray Wyatt Vs Broken Matt Hardy

It was the rivalry that WWE brought Matt Hardy back to the company for. It's the feud that the WWE Universe is anticipating and one that could definitely main event WrestleMania next year.

The company still need the rights for the Broken Matt Hardy character and hopefully, Impact Wrestling will allow WWE to step in and take it because when it comes to a collision of characters, this could be one of the best. Bray Wyatt has been on a good run as of late as well and it has given him the credibility he needs heading into a match like this. WWE needs to do everything they can to make this one happen. If they are looking for a showcase match for next year, look no further.

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