15 Lesser Known Real-Life Couples Currently In The WWE

Living the life of a pro wrestler, it’s pretty difficult to form any type of relationship with people outside of the business. Aside from family and childhood friends, wrestlers look to the business i

Living the life of a pro wrestler, it’s pretty difficult to form any type of relationship with people outside of the business. Aside from family and childhood friends, wrestlers look to the business in forming new acquaintances and in many instances, future relationships. The mold began in the 90s and has continued to this day with several wrestlers dating in the industry.

In this article, we’ll take a general look at some of the lesser known relationships. Some of the people on this list are dating in the field, while many others have gone off the map. One particular WWE Superstar on this list is actually married to his high school sweetheart. Can you guess who that is?

The obvious WWE relationships are not going to be discussed in this article. Relationships like Hunter and Steph, Rusev and Lana, Paige and Del Rio, Cena and Nikki, Bryan and Brie, Ambrose and Young, and some others were too obvious to put on the list. Instead, we shed a light on some of the lesser known couples that are currently an item. Enjoy this list looking at 15 lesser known real-life couples currently in the WWE.

15 Corey Graves & Amy Polinsky

Hate to break it to you ladies, but the WWE heartthrob is in fact taken and married. Graves is married to Amy Polinsky, who works in the field of fitness as a personal trainer. Like her husband, the mother of three has a sleeve tattoo. The couple have a boy and two girls.

Things are looking great for the 32 year old color commentator at the moment but it wasn’t all fun and games for Corey during his WWE stint. In 2014, the young up-and-coming star was forced into retirement due to ongoing concussion-like issues. His future was in jeopardy but Triple H decided to keep the NXT product on board offering him a deal as a color commentator with the development. Since that decision was made, Hunter has regarded as a genius. Corey is currently on Raw and regarded as the top voice in the entire WWE. What makes it all so surreal is that he’s only 32 years old. What a future this guy has!

14 Sara Lee & Wesley Blake

Sara Lee was yet another example of how flawed the WWE Tough Enough program really is. Despite having no charisma whatsoever and lacking the physical skills needed, Sara somehow won the entire competition. Her WWE journey just recently ended as the WWE sent the Tough Enough winner packing two days before her contract expired.

On a brighter note, she did manage to form a serious relationship during her short amount of time with the company. Sara is set to have a child with NXT star Wesley Blake. The couple recently announced that they’ll be having a baby girl. This likely facilitated her release from the company as she was set to take time off for a maternity leave regardless.

Wesley Blake remains on board with the WWE’s development down in NXT but has seen minimal success in 2016 since going solo and leaving the Tag Team scene. Chances are, he might find himself alongside the mother of his child away from the WWE sooner rather than later at this point, unfortunately.

13 Luke Gallows & Amber O’Neal

Wrestling in Japan certainly had its perks for Luke Gallows who wrestled alongside his real-life wife Amber O’Neal, as the two took on the likes of Maria Kanellis and Mike Bennett during their NJPW stint. The couple tied the knot back in May of 2014. O’Neal (the wife of Gallows), is a long time veteran wrestling on the Indie circuit since 1999. She has appeared for countless promotions including pit stops with Shimmer Women Athletes and TNA.

Luke, age 32, is surprisingly the much younger of the two. O’Neal is in fact ten years older than her spouse but you wouldn’t think it when looking at the two. Luke has also been around the block for quite some time signing a WWE deal back in 2005. His initial stint failed, lasting five years with several different gimmicks. He’d go overseas to Japan and completely resurface his brand value as a member of the Bullet Club. Nowadays, he’s enjoying his new stint with the WWE alongside buddy and Tag Team partner Karl Anderson.

12 Alexa Bliss & Buddy Murphy

Hard to believe Alexa Bliss made it on to the company's roster by simply applying for a job. According to a recent interview, Bliss revealed that she simply applied online for a WWE ad that wrote: “you think you got what it takes to become a WWE Superstar?” After applying online, Bliss received a call back shortly after and was at the Performance Center before she knew it.

Her progression has been truly remarkable; Bliss went from a shy babyface to a villainous heel which has propelled her to the top of SmackDown Live. She really began to push the envelope managing the heel group of Blake & Murphy. As it turns out, Murphy and Bliss would end up dating and getting engaged in 2016. Today, Murphy remains down in Florida and touring with the NXT brand, while Bliss is enjoying the limelight as a member of the SmackDown Live roster feuding for the Championship against Becky Lynch.

11 Kofi Kingston & Kori Campfield

At the age of 35, Kofi signed his first WWE deal a decade ago reporting to Deep South Wrestling. Since he was thrust into the main roster spotlight, Kofi has done a fantastic job of keeping his personal life away from the ring, something not many wrestlers can say they’ve done. In his personal life, Kingston resides in Tampa, Florida, living with his wife Kori Campfield, and two children. The couple has been spotted together at several events including the prestigious WWE Hall of Fame ceremony.

Kingston went through a rough patch following his Championship pursuits as he seemed to get lost in the shuffle despite his obvious talent. In 2014, his New Day faction looked like it would bury the Superstar for good, but that all changed as the trio became the hottest act in the entire company. Look for Kingston to bring in the big bucks for his family in the upcoming years with the WWE.

10 Rosa Mendes & Bobby Schubenski

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For those of you that don’t watch Total Divas (a large portion of wrestling fans), you missed out on Rosa and the developments pertaining to her personal life. Mendes recently had a baby girl alongside musician Bobby Schubenski. If you missed out on Rosa leaving the WWE, it’s simply because she’s on maternity leave.

Mendes broke into the business through the forgettable Diva Search competition. Following the appearance, she was signed to a WWE deal and appeared on the program as the intern for Beth Phoenix. She’s been with the company for more than a decade but hasn’t really done all that much aside from managing some B level wrestlers, including Primo & Epico and Fandango. It remains to be seen what position the WWE will assign her to once she gets back, but for now, the company is happy with her contributions and appearances on the reality show Total Divas.

9 Kevin Owens & Karina Elias

Yes, that’s right, KO is in fact happily married and the proud papa of two children. His son Owen (named after Owen Hart), went mainstream on social media after Karina Steen, Kevin’s wife, posted a video of their child and his reaction to his dad’s WWE debut. Much to his delight, KO took on Owen’s favorite wrestler John Cena. His reaction was truly priceless (so if you haven’t yet, we seriously recommend you check out that feel good moment).

The Quebec native has now relocated to the Orlando area, alongside his wife and kids. Before joining the WWE, KO was an Indie guy wrestling for various promotions including Pro Wrestling Guerrilla and Ring of Honor. Despite his obvious talent many thought the WWE would overlook his skills because of his stature. Fast-forward to today and we can all put that aside as Owens is the current face of the Raw show as the brand's Universal Champion.

8 Chris Jericho & Jessica Lockhart

Not many people can say they married their high school sweetheart. When a wrestler can make such a claim, it’s even more admirable. Chris married his wife Jessica, in 2000. The couple would go on to have a son in 2003 along with a pair of twin daughters in 2006. Looking at his current life, you find it hard to believe how Chris has time to do anything. Y2J’s a loving husband, father of three, has his own weekly podcast, is part of a band (Fozzy) and works countless hours a week for the WWE.

What makes this all so surreal is the fact that Jericho’s not only doing all of this at the age of 46, but he's absolutely thriving. His podcast is far above the other pro wrestling podcasts with high profile guests every week. His greatest achievement however to date is his in-ring performance with the WWE. Jericho is currently in a league of his own alongside champion Kevin Owens, as the two have become a pair of the hottest acts in the entire WWE.

7 Brian Kendrick & Taylor Matheny

For those of you that are unaware, Taylor Matheny was a former WWE Tough Enough contestant reaching the finals alongside Nidia Guenard. Following the show, she’d spend time on the Indie circuit and would later meet Brian. The two got married in August of 2008 and she was recently featured on an episode of Total Divas (as you see in the video above), training WWE Superstar Eva Marie.

For Brian, his life is like a Disney movie at the moment. He left the WWE in 2009 on a bitter note and the door seemed to be closed for good. He changed his mind-set and attitude and shortly after he was called back by the WWE as a trainer. Just this year, he entered the Cruiserweight Classic and completely resurfaced his brand. The wrestler is currently thriving with the WWE working a full-time schedule at the age of 36, and holding the Cruiserweight Championship as of this writing. You see folks, with a positive attitude anything can manifest itself. Just ask Kendrick!

6 Aiden English & Raquel Diaz

The name Raquel Diaz might ring a bell. The former WWE developmental wrestler is actually the daughter of the late great Eddie Guerrero. Walking in her father’s footsteps, Diaz joined the WWE in 2010, reporting to FCW. Her stint was short-lived however as the talent would leave the company because of an on-going eating disorder.

She did however, manage to make a special connection during her time in developmental. Raquel would date and later become engaged to WWE Superstar Aiden English. The two officially tied the knot to start off 2016 on January 3rd.

Like his wife, English started off in FCW but later found his footing as a tag wrestler when the promotion was re-branded to NXT. His momentum has been halted however, sustaining little impact on the SmackDown Live brand. Still only 29, Aiden has time on his side but hopefully, things will start to improve for the Illinois native sooner rather than later.

5 John Laurinaitis & Kathy Colace

With the uprising of Total Divas, the women’s division has turned into a gossip pit outside of the ring. One of the many stories to come out of the show featured long time WWE employee John Laurinaitis tying the knot with the mother of Nikki and Brie Bella, Kathy Colace. The couple got engaged in September of 2015, and recently got married on March 24th, 2016.

Known as Johnny Ace, Laurinaitis has been employed by the WWE for years working as Vince’s right hand man for a long time. He took his talents on-screen as the General Manager in 2011, a scene most wrestling fans want to forget about. He even made a brief on-screen return a couple of months ago throwing his name into the hat of potential GMs. Thankfully, that was the last we saw of the 54 year old. Today, John Laurinaitis is still working with the company backstage as a road agent for the WWE.

4 Johnny Gargano & Candice LeRae

Known in the WWE ranks as “Johnny Wrestling”, this guy is one to watch in the future at the age of 29 and already with a plethora of experience to his disposal. Not surprising, with such a passion for the sport, Gargano formed a relationship with an Indie star in the business. The two Indie legends got engaged in early 2016 and got married just previously on September 16th, 2016.

Like Johnny, Candice LeRae, his wife, has been in the business for quite some time now making her Indie debut in 2002. Over a decade later she’s still kicking butt in the ring working with various Indie promotions. With the WWE constantly eyeing female talent, one can only assume the Canadian will one day make her way to the WWE alongside husband Gargano. For now, Johnny is the only one working for the company and absolutely thriving, recently winning the NXT Tag Team Titles alongside Tommaso Ciampa.

3 Carmella & Big Cass

For Big Cass, his WWE debut was certainly a long time coming. He was signed to a WWE deal way back in 2011 reporting to FCW. He floundered early on and could not sustain any type of momentum. Finally, when the show re-branded to NXT, Cass went from Collin Cassady to simply Big Cass, an idea he welcomed with open arms. Cass, alongside Enzo Amore and Carmella, took the NXT development by storm and it later led to a call up that was long overdue.

During his rise with NXT, Cass began to date his stable member Carmella. The two were separated once Cass was called up and the company decided to keep Carmella down seeing her potential as a singles star. The WWE was right on the money with the decision as Carmella is currently thriving on SmackDown performing at the highest level of her entire career. Despite being on different shows, the two remain together and it has not put a strain on the relationship.

2 Bayley & Aaron Solow

Like we previously discussed with Johnny Gargano, it isn’t all that shocking to find out that Bayley is dating someone in the wrestling business. The loveable babyface has been linked to Indie wrestler Aaron Solow. Being the professional that she is, Bayley has kept her personal life on the down low and many are unaware of the fact that she is coupled up.

Right now, her focus remains on being the face of the women’s division, this time on Raw. Bayley trail-blazed her legacy down in NXT as one of the greatest to ever step foot in the developmental brand’s ring. Her accomplishments just make her future that much more exciting. Also factor in that she’s only 27 and you got yourself a recipe for success looking at the future. Looking at our crystal ball, Bayley will be in the thick of things against both Charlotte and Sasha for a very long time.

1 Sasha Banks & Sarath Ton

Hard to believe wrestling fans are jealous of a former WWE costume designer. Known as Mikaze behind the scenes, Banks married the former costume designer this year on August 4th. The wedding was very low key and Sasha didn’t even miss a beat in the ring, returning to work like nothing had ever happened. It was only a couple of weeks later when images finally began to surface about the wedding. Most fans weren’t even aware that Sasha was dating, never mind got married. Heck, most fans don’t even know that to this day, but thankfully, you’ve got The Richest to hook you up and keep you up to date with all the gossip going on in the world of pro wrestling.

Like we discussed with Bayley, the same goes for Sasha who is already a two-time Champion at the age of 24. She’s better suited as a heel but the crowd just can’t "boo" her obvious talent which why she remains a babyface. No matter what her role is, Sasha is going to be a star for a very long time.

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15 Lesser Known Real-Life Couples Currently In The WWE