15 Instagram Photos Of Female Athletes That Are Too Much To Handle

There's a whole world of stunning female athletes out there on Instagram that most guys aren't even aware of. If you think about it, athletes are pretty much always going to be insanely attractive. Their line of work means that they will train long and hard making their bodies the fittest, most breathtaking forms you'll ever lay eyes on. And it also ensures that they will be healthy and confident, with glowing skin and energetic vibes. Those women who are at the top of their respective sports have a knack for being physically attractive as well as talented. Researchers have come to the conclusion that physical beauty, particularly facial symmetry, is indicative of very strong genes. The intensive workout schedule these women follow leave them in tip-top physical form. Female athletes are also motivated and passionate, and those are also really attractive qualities in women.

Most guys are constantly on the lookout for new and interesting girls to follow on Instagram. And there's definitely a lot of them these days. But before you follow the latest model your friends just told you about, you might want to check out the athletes listed below, and it is not just because they kick butt at whatever sport it is that they play. It is also because sometimes these girls are the ones posting pictures that will simply blow you away. Don't believe me? Just check out some of these smoking hot athletes, and the kinds of pictures they're posting on a regular basis... You're welcome.

15 Amanda Bisk

via: instagram.com

As you can see, Amanda Bisk is one of the hottest girls on Instagram, let alone one of the hottest female athletes. Her body is a thing of beauty, and she has no problem showing it off for all the world to see. As a result, she's become one of the most popular girls on the social media platform, and pictures like this really show why she's been so successful. Her toned form is a result of years and years of Olympic training, as she used to be a pole vaulter for Australia.

Those dreams came crashing down, however, when she was diagnosed with chronic fatigue. She was forced to abandon her goal of Olympic success, and for a while she wasn't sure what she was going to do. Today, she has become one of the most respected and idolized fitness trainers on the web, helping people learn how to motivate themselves, eat healthy, and do all kind of yoga stretches.

14 Laura Crane

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The first of many surfer girls on this list, Laura Crane is one of the hottest and most loved women on a surfboard today. She loves the water, and the camera loves her. Her Instagram is filled with mouth-watering pictures of  her fooling around in the ocean. Watching the waves crash over her amazing body is something many people spend way too much time on the internet doing, and she really knows how to make her fans fall in love with her. She's a true professional surfer, and she's British.

She first learned to surf at the young age of 13, and ever since then she's been obsessed with the sport. Her surfing career has taken her all over the globe, from Peru to Bali and many other exotic locations. People were quick to notice her insane beauty, and that's why she also enjoys a successful career as a model.

13 Allison Stokke

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If you've ever watched the Olympics, you know that there's always a few women that really stand out. Allison Stokke is definitely one of those women. Her body is absolutely perfect, and her face is that of a supermodel. She's also one of the most talented pole vaulters in the world, and these women are known for being some of the hottest in the Olympic games. She's trained long and hard to compete at the highest level, and that training has left her with one of the tightest, leanest, and most drool-worthy bodies in female athletics today.

She's an American, and she competes for her country in the Olympics. At the young age of 17, she was discovered by the internet as many guys became obsessed with her. She's 28 today, and that obsession has not faded in the slightest. Today, she enjoys a lucrative career as a fitness model, with major companies like Nike and Athleta begging her to pose in their attire.

12 Nastia Liukin

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Nastia Liukin is the first of many gymnasts in this article. Of all the different types of athletes in the Olympics, gymnasts are always considered some of the hottest. Nastia Liukin is a clear example of why that's the case. Not only does she have a petite, tight body, but her face is like that of an angel. You can spend hours scrolling through her Instagram page and still not feel satisfied. Seeing her compete in the Olympics in her jaw-dropping outfit was amazing enough, but seeing her doing normal things like lounging around in the pool? That takes things to a whole new level.

She's actually no longer a gymnast, as she has retired and moved on. She had a nasty fall in 2012 and that was the end of her Olympic path. But her beauty is not something that will fade into obscurity, and she's started to appear in tons of film and television cameos. She's expressed her desire to become an actress, and we would love that to happen.

11 Rachel Wray

via: pinterest.com

Rachel Wray is definitely one of the most interesting women in this article, and she's taken a unique path to fame when compared to many of the other girls listed here. But one thing hits you right when you see her, and you don't need to know her history to appreciate it –she's super hot. Her Instagram showcases that fact perfectly, and it's filled with some pretty amazing pictures. A surprisingly large amount of her pictures consist of her taking hot pictures of herself in tight yoga pants. That's because she's actually connected with the company that makes the pants, and she's trying to advertise them on her Instagram. She definitely makes them look good...

Anyway, let's get to her story. She actually started off as an NFL cheerleader, a job that got her limited recognition. Then, in a move that shocked the entire world, she decided she wanted to do something different – something very different. She chose to become a MMA fighter. She might not seem like the fighting type, but she's actually very skilled. And because of her cheerleading background and her general hotness, she's considered one of the most seductive female fighters today.

10 Caroline Wozniacki

via: twitter.com

Move aside Genie Bouchard, and Maria Sharapova too. Because Caroline Wozniacki might just be hotter than both those famous tennis girls. She's also not a bad tennis player, either, and for a while she actually held the number one spot on the WTA Tour. But her body is what has tons of people around the world talking. This Danish beauty has what it takes to be a supermodel, but she just so happens to kick some serious butt at tennis. Her Instagram page is simply awesome, and it features tons of images from her many photoshoots, as well as pictures of her doing normal, everyday stuff.

Guys probably know her best from her photoshoot with Sports Illustrated magazine. The image above is actually taken from the photoshoot, but Wozniacki seems to have loved it so much she posted it on her Instagram for everyone to see. We're really hoping that she does more of these photoshoots in the near future...

9 Anastasia Ashley

via: bikiniluxe.com

The second surfer in this article, Anastasia Ashley, is a huge name on Instagram and on the internet in general. Pictures like this one are a common sight on her Instagram page, and she makes surfing look like the hottest thing a girl could ever do. Her body is essentially flawless, and she loves to show it off by wearing some of the tiniest bikinis and swimsuits you'll ever lay eyes on. She must be brimming with confidence and self-esteem in order to bare so much on Instagram, and that confidence just makes her look all the more attractive.

She's a professional surfer, and she's done very well for herself in the surfing world, winning many awards and championships. She won her first surf contest at the age of 6 using a run-down board she found in a trash can. This Californian beauty has also found success with a modelling career, and many guys love scrolling through her Instagram page.

8 Lindsey Vonn

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Another name you've probably all heard before is Lindsey Vonn. Although she's best-known for being one of the most talented and successful female skiers the world has ever seen, her beauty is also a major talking point in the sports world. Even if you've never watched women's skiing, the name Lindsey Vonn probably rings a bell for you. Even though she's in her thirties now, she's still one of the hottest women in sports today, and her Instagram page is a testament to that fact. Scroll through and you will see all manner of hotness – although sometimes seeing her in her trademark, tight skiing outfit is hotter than seeing her wearing a bikini or a cute dress.

And sometimes she does photoshoots where she bares it all. She's another girl who has posed for Sports Illustrated, in which she gave the world a lot to see. This drove a lot of people wild, and she continues to make men all over the world drool to this day.

7 Aliya Mustafina

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Aliya Mustafina is another name you might recognize from her time at the Olympic games. She's another example of one of the hottest gymnasts the world has ever seen, and she's a clear example of why so many people tune in to watch the female Olympics competitions and pretty much nothing else. She's a certified Russian beauty, and her Instagram is actually very active. Although the social media page is filled with pictures of her in hot dresses and cute poses, the images of her stretching during the Olympics are the ones that really make our jaws drop all the way to the floor. Her body is truly perfect.

But she's not just a pretty face with a tight, petite body. Oh no. She's actually one of the most successful gymnasts in Olympic history, and she seems to be collecting Olympic medals for fun. She's also still very young, even for a gymnast, at 23 years of age. Believe it or not, she's a mom too.

6 Antonija Misura

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Do you ever watch women's basketball? Well maybe you should start, because that's one of the few ways you'll see Antonija Misura in action. Many guys have clued in and become obsessed with the sport whenever this girl is playing, and the reasons are clear to see. She looks almost too good to be real, especially given the fact that she's moving around the basketball court at high speeds. Her beauty is clearly something that is completely effortless, as she must put very little attention into her appearance before she heads out onto the court. But it's still enough to charm pretty much every guy that lays eyes on her.

She's actually Croatian, and plays for her national team in the Olympics. She's a very good player, too, and not just a pretty face. Although she tries to fly under the radar, that's pretty much impossible with a face like hers. Many people have commented on how she's probably one of the hottest women in sports. But this attention isn't exactly what Antonija wants, and she's turned down almost all modelling offers. She's currently focusing on her sports career and studying in University.

5 Sierra Blair-Coyle

via: everipedia.com

As the only rock climber on this list, Sierra Blair-Coyle is unique in more ways than one. Many people have never even heard of any famous female rock climbers, but this hot athlete is the exception. Her Instagram page is extremely active with tons of followers, and there are many hot pictures of this talented athlete you can pore over. Although she looks stunning when she's not clambering up the side of  cliff face, she definitely looks incredible when she's in her element. This picture shows off that amazing body of hers, as well as her beautiful face as she hold up two dumbbells.

This blonde American bombshell is very good at what she does, and she has her whole career ahead of her at just 23 years of age. She's competed in many World Cups and other competitions, and she's focused on improving herself wherever possible. But in regard to her physical form and beauty? That's already perfect.

4 Paige Spirinac

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As the only golfer in this article, Paige Spirinac will convince you that golf isn't boring after all. Far from it. Scrolling through her Instagram page will make you want to get to the nearest golf course, if only for the small chance of seeing Paige doing her thing out there. Pictures like this one are a dime a dozen on the golfer's Instagram page, and she has amassed a small army of loyal followers. It's not hard to see why. Her revealing and alluring outfits are enough to take away anyone's breath away.

As far as we can tell, Paige Spirinac is not actually a professional golfer. Her website describes her as a "rising golf talent" though, so perhaps one day we will see her in the big tournaments. One thing's for sure, though – she's definitely a professional at looking hot. Her amazing curves are always on display, and her tops almost always show off tons.

3 Alana Blanchard


Alana Blanchard is the third and final professional surfer on this list, and as you can see, we've saved the very best for last. This girl has beauty, charm, and undeniable surfing talent. Her Instagram page is a great place to learn more about her, and lay your eyes on plenty of hot and revealing pictures of this amazing athlete. Her carefree and confident attitude means that she has no problem uploading pictures of herself in some seriously scandalous bikinis and swimsuits. It's a big reason why she's so popular online.

She's a lot more than just a pretty face and incredible body, though. Alana is definitely one of the most talented surfers alive today, with tons of championship wins under her belt. She's become something of a legend in the surfing world, and she also models and designs Rip Curl swimwear. Don't get your hopes up, though, as this American girl is taken by none other than Australian pro surfer Jack Freestone.

2 Lolo Jones

via: instagram.com

Don't worry, we didn't forget about Lolo Jones. When the topic of hot female athletes comes up in a conversation, this girl's name almost always comes up. And you can see why. She might just be the hottest girl in sports right now, and her Instagram page is a testament to that. She has an insanely hot body, and she's definitely not shy about showing it off. She posted this picture to her Instagram when she had become single again, and joked about "trapping" thirsty guys with her amazing body. We have to admit, she's doing a great job of luring guys in.

So what is Lolo Jones actually known for, aside from her stunning beauty? Interestingly, she's known for two very different Olympic sports: hurdles and bobsledding. She has achieved moderate success in both areas, although the focus has always been on her beauty, not so much her actual athletic accomplishments. This is something of a controversial subject, because she's actually a pretty good hurdler.

1 Leryn Franco

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Leryn Franco is another hot athlete you can learn all about on Instagram, and she's a former Paraguayan Olympic javelin thrower. Although she's no longer competing, she still attracts tons of attention, particularly on her Instagram page, and it's not hard to see why. This Latin beauty is undoubtedly one of the most attractive female athletes to this day, and seeing her out on the track stretching those incredible legs of hers is a sight to behold. Girls like her are what make female athletics so popular, and it's hard to tear your eyes off her.

In terms of her actual athletic ability, she was great at what she did. She set the new record for javelin throwing for her country. But compared to other javelin throwers, she never really threatened to win a medal. Even so, she's one of the most celebrated female athletes, and she's done quite a few photoshoots, including the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

Sources: instagram.com, wikipedia.org

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