15 Insane Stories Of Sports WAGS Gone Wild

ll relationships come with challenges, but being linked to a sports star probably comes with among the most relationship challenges of all.

All relationships come with challenges, but being linked to a sports star probably comes with among the most relationship challenges of all. Understandably, networks love to milk this phenomenon and make millions from such reality series as "Basketball Wives," "Baseball Wives," "Basketball Wives: L.A.," "Football Wives," "WAGS (Wives and Girlfriends)," "WAGS Miami," and "Hollywood & Football." And as a result, a number of athletes' current and former significant others are stepping out and capitalizing on their relationships, with or without the athletes' permission.

While we as a culture are seeing such sensationalism as some new kind of normal, there are actually thousands of women who have had or are in relationships with major and minor sports figures and have still managed to remain low-key. That's probably because such women are in generally peaceful relationships -- you know, the type where the couple is only ever seen buying groceries or doing charitable work together.

However, there will always be a number of those tawdry and scandalous reports about sports couples that athletes surely wish had never come to the public's awareness -- stories about sportsmen being arrested over outrageous charges, or of accusations involving physical violence against their partners. Sadly for such athletes, it's impossible for us to forget the images of their girlfriends being cuffed right alongside with them. Or of a basketball wife sniffing her husband's underwear to make sure he wasn't cheating. (Jackie Christie, you know that last one was about you, crazy girl!)

Here are 15 Crazy Stories Of Sports Wives And Girlfriend Gone Wild:

15 Janet Jones

Actress and former dancer Janet Jones married the 'Great One' Wayne Gretzky back in 1998. Unlike many other wives on this list, however, Janet and Wayne were able to keep their marriage away from much controversy -- that is, until February of 2006. That was when Janet, along with several other NHL players, were alleged to have placed sports bets in a gambling ring based in New Jersey. While Janet placing sports bets may not have violated any rules, there was still a lot of talk because of the suspicion that Wayne may have thrown games to produce favorable gambling results. In the end, however, no charges were filed against the couple, and the two are still happily married with five children.

14 Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes

The world was shaken in 2002 when news broke that beloved TLC member Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes was killed in a car crash while on vacation in Honduras. However, despite the fact that she had millions of adoring fans across the globe, there's still that little blip in her history that qualifies her as a crazy girlfriend.

From the beginning, Lisa's relationship with NFL star Andre Rison was a rocky one. Six months in, Andre was arrested for physically abusing Lisa and then shooting a firearm into the air to keep others from helping her. Eventually, charges against him were dropped, but in 1994, things got heated -- literally. The way the story is told, Andre had been out at a club with his friends, and when he got home, he faced an angry Lisa. She was very upset that he had bought himself so many pairs of new sneakers without even getting her anything. According to Andre, Lisa was out of control, so he was forced to slap her to calm her down. When that failed, he then proceeded to throw her around some more, but left when nothing worked. The next thing he knew, he was receiving news that she had placed his clothes and sneakers in the bathtub and had lit them on fire. Eventually, Lisa went to rehab and was sentenced to five years can work a

13 Cristal Taylor

Dallas Mavericks star Dirk Nowitzki is one of the most celebrated stars in the NBA, but off the court, he wasn't making the right moves when it came to picking a partner. He was once engaged to a woman named Cristal Taylor only to find out with the rest of the world that she had once pleaded guilty to two counts of forgery and two counts of felony stealing. Cristal was only placed on probation, but the police showed up at her and Dirk's home in 2006 to arrest her for failing to check in with her probation officer. Her excuse for missing appointments was that she was alone, broke, and pregnant, but none of that was true. It was additionally revealed that she had also used a number of aliases and was later sentenced to five years in prison.

12 Siohvaughn Wade

Dwyane Wade is living in marital bliss with actress Gabrielle Union, but back in 2002, he exchange "I dos" with Siohvaughn Wade. By 2010, the two were divorced, and their relationship played out in the media in the worst way possible as she wrote a tell-all book where she accused him of being physically violent and even giving her a sexually transmitted disease. What made things even worse was that the custody battle for their two sons was a complete mess. Eventually, Dwyane won custody of the boys, which caused Siohvaughn to claim that the courts did her an injustice by paying more attention to her ex's celebrity status and large bank account than to the actual facts of the case. She even sat on the street with a sign that said, "NBA Miami Heat star, mother of his children on the street." Considering she had gotten $5 million from the divorce settlement, her actions were surely a hard pill for Dwyane to swallow.

11 Daniell Harper

NFL star Nick Harper found himself on the wrong side of a knife during an argument with his wife, Daniell. The two were fighting because Nick wasn't speaking to Daniell, so she went to the kitchen, took a fillet knife, and ended up stabbing Nick. However, she claimed the incident was an accident that resulted from her flinging the blade around when things got heated. Nick finally called the police on his wife after she struck him in the knee while he was laying in bed. It may have resulted in just a small wound that required only three stitches, but police still arrested Daniell on charges of battery with a deadly weapon and criminal recklessness. Previously, the couple was also at the center of another scandal, which involved Nick being arrested for hitting Daniell up to 20 times during a fight. Maybe this pair should consider staying as far away from each other as possible.

10 Anna Benson

It was a love story for the ages: a stripper met her future baseball star husband while dancing for him at a club in Atlanta. But like any marriage, the couple Kris Benson and Anna went through their ups and downs, with Anna even filing for divorce in 2006. Later, however, she backtracked, and the two had another child together. But the poop finally hit the fan in 2013 when Anna apparently lost her mind. After Kris had served her with divorce papers, Anna, wearing a bulletproof vest and armed with a gun and a baton, stormed his house. As a result, she was arrested and jailed for four months before being sentenced to 15 years probation. Anna now says that the experience has changed her life for the better. Jail has that effect on people, it seems.

9 Sherrie Daly

If you think that golf is a boring sport, you probably haven't met the Dalys. Golf great John Daly may have been plagued with alcoholism issues, but it's actually his ex-wife, Sherrie, whose issues take the cake. She and John met in 2001, and by 2004, she was sentenced to a five-month prison term for her participation in a drug ring and an illegal gambling operation. In 2007, John issued a statement saying that his wife had tried to attack him with a knife, and later, he showed up on the golf course with visible red marks on his face, seeming to indicate that Sherrie had gotten the upper hand during a fight. Fast forward eight years later and Sherrie was back in trouble with the law again. She had apparently broken into a man's home and attacked him with a golf club. What made matters worse was that there were relevant restraining orders in place, so Sherrie had to be arrested and dragged down to the station.

8 Tina Eaton

Relationships are often difficult to navigate, but especially so when your husband plays professional sports. This is probably why NFL player Chad Eaton's marriage to wife Tina Eaton ended up being a terribly volatile one. In 2006, a call came in for a domestic violence complaint, and when officers showed up at the Eatons' Washington state home, they found Chad with a bloody nose from being either punched or slapped in the face. Consequently, Tina had to be arrested by deputies. And she wasn't the only one in this romance who ended up in cuffs. The following year, the parents of four were in the middle of their divorce when Chad Eaton was arrested on suspicion of fourth-degree assault and domestic violence. He was taken into custody and had to post $2,500 in bail. It's probably safe to say that these are two are probably better off without each other.

7 Kenya Bell

Former Miss Michigan Kenya Bell had been a fairly unknown sports wife until she joined the cast of VH1's hot show "Basketball Wives" as the other half of NBA star Charlie Bell. Actually, she was on the reality series for only a short time, but her strange and crazy antics were so off-putting to the other cast mates that she gained instant notoriety. By August of 2012, Kenya and Charlie were divorced. Apparently, as early as 2011, an incident had already ruined the marriage. That year, Kenya pleaded guilty to breaking into a home and attacking her husband with a box cutter. That didn't stop her from cleaning up in the divorce settlement, however. She got $780,000 in cash from Charlie's savings, over $300,000 from another account, and half of his NBA money from his retirement and 401K plan. Today, Kenya is engaged to someone else.

6 Tawny Kitaen

Actress Tawny Kitaen became an icon as the sexy woman in a Whitesnake video, and that was apparently what allowed her to catch baseball player Chuck Finley's attention. The two were married in 1997, and while they seemed like an unlikely couple, they appeared determined to make it work and prove the naysayers wrong. After having two daughters together, things unfortunately came to a head in 2002 when the couple were involved in a violent domestic dispute. That resulted in Tawny being charged with attacking Chuck by kicking him with her stiletto high heels. Three days later, he filed for divorce, and the split was certainly nasty. She accused him of doing drugs and cheating the MLB system, none of which were substantiated, however. Later, Tawny would make an appearance on VH1's "Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew."

5 Joumana Kidd

One of the messiest divorces in NBA history had to be that of Jason and Joumana Kidd. The two are apparently cordial now and no longer have problems with one another, but that wasn't always the case. She had earlier accused Jason of having a number of affairs that included bedding down strippers all over the country. She had also said that he was physically abusive and even hit her while she was pregnant. It was in 2006, however, when the two had their most infamous confrontation. Joumana had her son steal Jason's phone from the locker room, and then, from her court-side seats and in the middle of a game, she berated Jason with evidence of cheating. Jason later claimed that his ex-wife had used false claims of domestic violence to control him, which he brought up when he filed for divorce by citing Joumana's "extreme cruelty."

4 Jacqueline Johnson

There were whispers that former New England Patriots NFL star Ted Johnson and his wife Jacqueline were having violent fights with each other. These rumors were proven true in 2006 when both parties were arrested at their Massachusetts home following an argument. Jacqueline claimed that her husband had assaulted her, but after further questioning, police took her into custody as well for physically attacking Ted. The two later refused to press charges against one another, and the incident was swept under the rug. However, later that same year, the pair decided they couldn't make their marriage work, so they filed for divorce. It seems they have been able to stay out of trouble ever since they broke up. Except, well... there was that Twitter tiff that Ted got into after calling Vince Wilfork's wife ugly.

3 Jackie Christie

If there's an official face for a crazy sports wife, then Jackie Christie's is probably it. That's because the wife of former NBA star Doug Christie has developed a reputation on and off the court as being one of the most insane sports wives ever. As one of the stars of VH1's "Basketball Wives," she has talked openly about how she's kept her man on lock down over the years. She's even admitted to sniffing Doug's underwear to make sure he wasn't cheating. Moreover, when Doug was in the NBA, she would walk into the locker room to make sure there weren't any other women in there. In fact, when Christie played for the Toronto Raptors, she didn't like the fact that there were female staffers who had access to the locker rooms, so Jackie required Doug to change somewhere else. Surprisingly though, despite the fact that Jackie is considered a villain on her reality show and has made so many enemies on it, almost everyone she works with shows up for the annual wedding she and Doug throw annually.

2 Ajok Kuag

The year 2006 was a crazy one for ballers getting into domestic trouble with their wives and girlfriends. Among them was Manute Bol and his nearly-half-his-age second wife, Ajok. The trouble started with the two having a seemingly minor verbal dispute, but soon, officers were on the doorstep of their West Hartford home. Although neither seemed to have injuries, both Manute and Ajok claimed that things got physical, and at the police station, they proceeded to file complaints against each other. Four years later, in 2010, the Sudanese basketball star died of acute kidney failure and Stevens-Johnson syndrome, a life-threatening skin condition. He left ten children by two wives and was known for his admirable charity work, which was his way of giving back to his native country of Sudan. In fact, it's said that he spent most of his NBA salary on donations.

1 Carlita Hodges

Carlita was once married to the Chicago Bulls star Craig Hodges, and back in 1991, their relationship made headlines after she tried to light him on fire. Yes, you read that correctly. Back then, Carlita was 30 years old and in the process of divorcing Craig, while he retained full custody of the kids. He had just dropped off their two children at school when he ran into Carlita, who then proceeded to douse him with gasoline and throw a lit match at him. Fortunately, the flame went out as the match hit his body, but when he jumped into his car, she threw another lit match. That went out as well. Frustrated, Carlita then jumped into the car, took his keys out of the ignition, and drove away in another vehicle. That was when Craig ran into the school and called police for help. She was arrested on charges of aggravated battery and reckless conduct.

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