15 Hottest Daughters of Retired Athletes

If you're reading this, chances are you're a sports fan. I mean, why would you read an article about hottest daughters if you did not at least care about athletes, right? That said, we all love the sp

If you're reading this, chances are you're a sports fan. I mean, why would you read an article about hottest daughters if you did not at least care about athletes, right? That said, we all love the sports world and it makes sense to think that these men and women in sports would breed. Sometimes it results in absolute hideousness and other times we see amazing hot women come out of it.

Some of these people end up joining the sport or profession that their father or mother took part in, which is awesome. Other times we get blessed to see them all over Instagram while others join the acting or modeling world. Regardless of where they end up, several of these beautiful women are if nothing else fun to look at for the average male.

While some of the athletes are not notable, others are considered to be some of the best in their field. Regardless of how great one is in their sport, the hotness of their daughter does not have to compete in a sport for their looks. Rather, they just have to look great.

We at The Richest had the struggle of narrowing it down to the fifteen hottest daughters. It was difficult, but we managed. Enjoy!

15 Noelle Foley


I don't care what you think, wrestlers are athletes. You may not like to hear it, but it is true. They workout like athletes, eat like athletes and go through real pain like athletes. All to present a show to you 6 days a week. They do not get an off-season like other athletes do and many work into older age. Ric Flair really needs to stop though! Regardless, one of these women has stood above many of the other daughters in pro-wrestling and that is Noelle Foley.

The daughter of WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley, Noelle can be seen on the WWE Network show with her father called Holy Foley. She is training to become a pro-wrestler like her father and many hope she gets good enough to join WWE. She is absolutely stunning to look at and many are wondering if a paternity test is needed to prove Mick is the dad. In any case, the cool part is that we get to see Noelle a lot and that is never a bad thing. She is also one of the coolest chicks alive, kinda geeky, and makes most of us fall in love whenever we see her. Stop dating the clown and date one us please, Noelle! Tis the season, right?

14 Angela Rypien

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Daughter of Mark Rypien, Angela is one hell of a hot woman. Mark happens to be the first Canadian-born NFL QB ever and the first one to win Super Bowl MVP. Clearly, Mark's resume is great, but possibly the greatest thing he ever produced was his daughter whom we are lucky to see often. Angela loves football like her father, which got her involved in the LFL. Once the Lingerie Football League, now Legends Football League. The LFL was getting the reputation as a league promoting the over sexualization of their athletes, rather than an actual sporting franchise. They wanted to change this, which is why Rypien became so useful to the organization. She became one of the top stars as a player to legitimize the league.

She played QB like her father for both the Seattle Mist and the Baltimore Charm. Both of these in her early 20's. She was definitely talented, but her modeling career also helped her rise to fame. We're totally cool with that. You may see her in a lot of random advertisements for Under Armor among others today.

13 Alexa Flutie

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The daughter of Doug Flutie, Alexa Flutie loves the game of football just like her father. This led her to become an NFL cheerleader. Her father was never known as an amazing NFL QB. He was known mostly for his time in the Canadian Football League where he became a Hall of Famer. He is also a former Heisman Trophy winner out of Boston College and has the infamous Hail Mary we all talk up. He also belongs to College Football Hall of Fame. He is also an analyst now where he talks about the game, so with Doug out and about more it may be tough for us to know about his gorgeous daughter.

Of course, Alexa may not be as accomplished in the sports world as her dad but she did become an NFL cheerleader and for that, you gotta be good. She also happens to be a dance teacher and took courses in applied kinesiology. You know, brains and beauty and stuff. She has taken the science of dance to a huge level, which has helped her to produce some great stuff as a teacher. Sure, she may not be able to talk about football like her dad, but she can probably tell you more about how a hit can hurt you than ole' Doug could due to that scientific knowledge she possesses.

12 Elizabeth Montana

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The daughter of Joe Montana, Elizabeth may not play football or take part in it but she does make sure to bless us with photos from time to time. But she did play basketball in high school, so at least she has that going for her! Like her father, she attended the college of Notre Dame where she took advantage of the great school to earn a degree in Sociology and Anthropology. Oh yeah, and she is a certified bartender. But whatevs right?

Joe is not the only accomplished one in the family, now is he? Liz may not be known for throwing around a football like her dad, but as you can tell above, she sure does like playing around when she can. You're more likely to see Miss Montana show up on a random trip to Africa to study the bones of a dead animal from the ice age than you are to see her play on a field, but hey, that is no problem for the rest of us who love a girl with beauty and brains.

11 Deepika Padukone


You may have never heard of her father, Prakash Padukone, however, he was quite the badminton player. He is known in India but his daughter Deepika is well known in our hearts. This is due to his daughter possibly being the hottest Indian woman in the least in this writer's opinion of course. She has possibly surpassed her father in fame and has done very well for herself away from her father's legacy. A lot of women have issues doing this when they have popular, powerful, or pioneering fathers. However, Deepika has been able to stand out in multiple ways where her father could never do so.

She is an actress and one of the highest paid Indian actresses on the Bollywood circuit. This got her opportunities in America where she happens to be in the new XXX movie with Vin Diesel. She has also written for Indian newspapers and has her own clothing line called The Live Love Laugh Foundation that raises awareness for mental health issues. So not only is she gorgeous and a great actress, but she is also charitable.

10 Kate Mara


Chances are, you know who Kate Mara is. She is a young actress who did appear in the horrific new Fantastic Four film, but she has been in better films before and since. Films like Brokeback Mountain, We Are Marshall, Shooter, Iron Man 2, 127 Hours, Transcendence, and The Martian have all starred Kate Mara. We all love Kate when we see her due to what we know of her as an actress. However, her connections to the world of sports are quite interesting and it is absolutely crazy to see how she is connected too.

She also happens to be the daughter of current NY Giants Executive Timothy Mara and her family seems to have tons of ties to the New York Giants. She is also the great niece of former Pittsburgh Steelers owner Dan Rooney. With connections like that, how could she not be on the list?

9 Bianca Gascoigne


Bianca Gascoigne is the former step-daughter of Paul Gascoigne. Paul was a former English soccer player who played for teams such as Newcastle United and the Rangers of the Scottish League. He was also part of the England's international team. Her mother Sheryl married Paul then the marriage did not work out we're guessing. Look, we're not therapists here, we're just bringing you up to speed. Anyway, there is still a connection so we used the loophole. Regardless, Bianca has not been connected to her former step-father only. She has carved out a nice career for herself. Like the others before her, she had the issue of having a famous family member to get over, so she had to do well in other venues in order to pass this problem.

Bianca happens to be a glamour model in England, and she also has worked on a lot of reality TV shows. She even appeared on popular singing competition, The X-Factor before. She is clearly gorgeous but the fact that she has carved out a nice career definitely earns her some respect.

8 Rachel Bradshaw

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The daughter of Pittsburgh Steeler great Terry Bradshaw, Rachel Bradshaw has been heavily influenced by the sport of football and even married former NFL player Rob Bironas. Sadly her husband passed in a car crash, and since then she made her wedding ring into a necklace that she wears around her neck to honor him. Sadly whenever you search for Rachel, only bad comes up as she is so connected to Rob's death due to the various conspiracy theories connected to the death. Rachel is more than just the wife of a gone footballer, she is also intelligent having studied at Belmont University. This is, of course, a popular music school, and it was where Rachel Bradshaw would pursue music full time.

She now sings country music and even appeared on an episode of Nashville, a TV show that was about country singers trying to make it in the world of, well, country music. While she has yet to truly break out in the scene, many do believe she'll get there eventually. You can't have studied in the field as much as she did and not find a way to break out, right?

7 Jordin Sparks


It's true, former American Idol winner and popular singer Jordin Sparks is actually the daughter of an athlete. Her father is Phillippi Sparks, who played in the NFL for the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants. He loved the state of Arizona due to his time in college there and that led him spending retirement in the area with his family. Jordin would grow up here before finally appearing on American Idol and taking the world by storm. She would be a major favorite right away. Not to mention she was one of the youngest winners in the history of the show. It was only a matter of time before her career exploded, all she had to do was get one big hit.

She did just that, as she ended up making many major songs such as "No Air" and "Battlefield." She has also appeared on television outside of Idol as well such as The Sweet Life of Zack and Cody as well as Big Time Rush. She even had a major role in the movie Sparkle, which was almost a redo of Dreamgirls to hopefully get the same attention and Oscar buzz. Sadly it did not do that, but Sparks was a highlight of the movie and it was seen as a good film by critics and showed her range as an actress. Many believe she will end up getting more acting opportunities in the future as long as she wants them.

6 Bianca La Russa


Bianca La Russa is the daughter of famed MLB manager Tony La Russa. He did play baseball in the MLB as well, but his managerial time has been the real highlight of his career. He won three World Series titles as Manager and won the Manager of the Year award 4 times along with 2,728 wins as a manager. That is third all time. Due to being fathered by one of the top managers in the world of baseball, Bianca would need to find a way to stand out if she was ever going to be remembered as something more than Tony's daughter.

Bianca wanted to follow her father into the sporting world and managed to become a cheerleader for the Oakland Raiders. Sadly a back injury derailed her career. She was able to land on her feet, as her Bachelor's Degree from The University of California-Santa Cruz helped her out. She now works as Program and Event Specialist for Chevron. Obviously, we're all gassed hearing about that one, but regardless she has carved out a nice life for herself away from her father. She's still as gorgeous as ever too and we highly recommend her Instagram.

5 Courtney Force


Courtney Force is the daughter of John Force, who happens to be a 16-time(woo) NHRA Funny Car Champion. However, Courtney may have surpassed her father in terms of fame. She followed in her father's footsteps and became a driver as well. She and her sister both got involved in racing where her sister accomplished the most wins as a female in history for the NHRA. Courtney would then end up passing her sister for that mark. She still races and is one of the top tier drivers out there, and many wonder when she'll give the world of NASCAR a try like other women have before her. Drag racing may be one thing she loves, but who knows how other driving could turn out?

Oh and to add to her credentials as a driver, she also has a degree in Communications from Cal State Fullerton. Beauty, brains, and skills as a driver? Wife material men, wife material. Don't screw it up, and talk in all car parts. We're not saying it'll work but eventually something will stick.

4 Gina Carano

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You may know Gina Carano well from her time as an MMA monster in Strikeforce as well her movie roles in Fast 6, Haywire, and Deadpool. However, did you know she also had a father in the NFL? Her father Glenn played for the Dallas Cowboys as Quarterback but had to back-up the likes of Roger Staubach, so he never got to start for the team on a regular basis due to this. I mean, he kind of ran into a bad situation but still managed to make good money doing it for his family. Gina had other interests however.

Gina has had wild success since going into the world of MMA. She claims she only got into it due to a past boyfriend at the time, and that ended up seeing her fall in love with the sport. This led to her getting chances to prove herself across the martial arts spectrum. She eventually got a shot at the top female MMA place in the world at the time in Strikeforce. She truly helped to put Strikeforce on the map for female fighting when they were just known for small bits of it before her. Far before Ronda Rousey main-evented for the UFC, Gina Carano did it in Strikeforce. After her only loss, she would leave MMA and go to Hollywood where she has done well. As long as she is on our screens, I don't even care!

3 Jasmyn Wilkins

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It does not make it hard to make a list of the hottest daughters of athletes when you appeared as a contestant in the Miss USA pageant. Seriously people, how do we leave a Miss USA member off right? She would, of course, win Miss Georgia to qualify for the Miss USA pageant, which made sense due to her father being one of the greatest Atlanta Hawks players of all time. She is the daughter of NBA Hall of Famer Dominick Wilkins and Jasmyn has been killing it on the modeling scene. Like her father, she loved the world of sports and even played basketball, lacrosse, and track and field in school. Obviously, sports may have helped her stand out initially, but her looks took after her father. This was not her only interest however as she felt led to help people, but it took something tragic in order to do so.

When she arrived at college, she studied nursing and got into the field after her mother was diagnosed with Primary Sclerosing Cholangisitis. With her beauty and brains, most would never push her out of a top five hottest daughter list and nor shall we.

2 Nastia Liukin

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Nastia Liukin is the daughter of Valeri Liukin, who was a gold medalist for the Soviet Union in gymnastics in 1988. He trained his daughter Nastia to follow in his footsteps, but this time it was as part of the United States team. Nastia would become a gold medalist in 2008 as the Beijing games. Due to Valari's success in training the likes of his daughter, he is going to be succeeding great US gymnastic coach Martha Karolyi.

Nastia may have retired from the sport, but she has been an analyst for events and even made her Olympic debut as an analyst at this year's summer games in Brazil. Seen as one of the top gymnasts ever for the United States, she is clearly valuable. All in all, she has 1 Gold Medal, 1 Bronze, and 3 Silver Medals from her 2008 Olympic run. This does not even include the several she won at the World Championships and Pan-American Games.

1 Paulina Gretzky


When you talk the hottest daughters in sports, there is one name that stands above all and it is rarely even close. That name is Paulina Gretzky. Paulina, is of course, the daughter of arguably the best hockey player of all time in Wayne Gretzky, who currently has the most regular season goals, points, assists, and hat tricks in NHL history. Meanwhile possibly his greatest accomplishment is his daughter Paulina. She is considered to be one of the hottest women in the world, and rightfully so. You see her right? She initially stood out to people when a few websites began finding out about her and her pictures from social media began getting shared around with her in bikinis all over the place. Initially, no one thought much would come from it and that she would just be another hot daughter of a popular athlete.

She has not lived off of her father's legacy however, she became quite a successful model, and even an actress the last number of years. She appeared in the movies Fame, Guns, Girls, and Gambling, as well as Grown Ups 2. Anything she does usually catches our attention, but unlike Kim Kardashian, another that could be added to this list, Paulina at least has some talent to talk up along with her drop dead gorgeousness. She is sadly married now to pro golfer Dustin Johnson. We did not know golf attracted the ladies. With that sad, movie over Grandpa, I am headed to courses today!

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