15 Hot UFC Octagon Girls You Should Be Following On Instagram

The UFC Ring Girls are a pleasant break from two guys pounding each other’s face in. Fighting switches to incredibly gorgeous women with their assets in plain sight for a brief period, and then back t

The UFC Ring Girls are a pleasant break from two guys pounding each other’s face in. Fighting switches to incredibly gorgeous women with their assets in plain sight for a brief period, and then back to the action. There have been some beautiful ladies that have carried the title of ‘Octagon Girl’ and below is a list of the 15 hottest UFC Ring Girls to follow on Instagram.

I can’t say that everyone will agree with the fifteen I chose. Some people may have these girls in different orders or they may have chosen different girls completely. I can say that I didn’t always see a correlation between physical attraction and number of Instagram followers. Some of the girls have less than 20,000 followers and some have over a million.

It was very hard putting this list in order because they all are so unbelievably attractive that it’s almost impossible to choose. I also incorporated the content of these girls’ Instagram accounts as a factor when choosing the list. For example, if a girl had a certain achievement and was previously neck to neck with another girl for a position, then I would give it to the girl with cool content, talents, or achievements.

15 Logan Stanton (@loganstanton)

Via Instagram

Logan has 18,000 followers which seems light. The 28-year-old has a thin 5’10” frame and has admitted that she doesn’t have the most curves. Stanton was released from the UFC along with Natasha Wicks in 2009 due to an expired contract. It is more likely that they were cut because they spoke in an interview about how a UFC fighter was faking an eye injury.

Logan has the perfect body for today’s modeling standards and seems to be a natural at it. She has more of a fashion model look than the typical UFC ring girl, which leaves her at a lower ranking. I had to give her a spot on the list because she really is a gorgeous woman and deserves the recognition of being one of the hottest UFC ring girls, despite the fact that she no longer works for the company.

14 Amber Nichole Miller (@ambernicholemiller)

Via Instagram

Amber Nichole Miller is a former UFC Octagon Girl. She is 38 years old and is considered to be the first UFC Ring Girl introduced by the company. She is dating the well-known former UFC fighter Tito Ortiz. They have been together since 2014.

Amber looks great for her age and is very attractive but doesn’t quite match the caliber of some of the other women on this list. Her Instagram is good and has 56,000 followers but it wouldn’t be my first follow. I think she is hot and would recommend following her but only after following the rest of the girls listed below.

In terms of substance, I think she is a great choice to follow because she posts a lot more quotes than the other ring girls. Quotes stick around through the ages for a reason; they contain wisdom that’s meaningful. Follow Amber's account for more substance that you see from many of the other models on the list.

13 Red de la Cruz (@red_delacruz)

Via Instagram

Red De La Cruz is from the Philippines and has a model type of look. She is 5’5” with a very petite frame, and her natural beauty is such that it would be impossible for me to drop her from this list. However, she doesn’t quite have what some of the other girls have and I know that sounds chauvinistic so please forgive me.

With that said, Red does have a gorgeous smile and the small frame that makes you want to wrap your arms around her. Her Instagram has 186,000 followers and her smile alone is a reason to follow her. She does have a good number of pics with her boyfriend so if you were hoping to court her then maybe you shouldn’t follow. Everybody else though, follow away! You won't regret it.

12 Chrissy Blair (@chrissy_blair)

Via Instagram

Chrissy is a typical blonde-haired, blue-eyed beauty with a 5’7”, 107-pound frame. She is a solid follow and her pictures have an Abercrombie and Fitch feel to them. She is a model and is the co-founder of a business that provides “beauty bars” called Kalumi Health. She has a sexy side to her but I see more of a wholesome side as well, which is kind of refreshing.

You should follow her if you want to see good pics of a beautiful girl. She has 165,000 followers and she deserves them because her modeling photos are intertwined with her business photos as well photos of her everyday activities. Chrissy has a unique combination of a good girl persona with a tinge of corruption. It’s not too conspicuous but it’s there and it speaks to my hidden desires.

11 Vanessa Hanson (@vanessahanson)

Via Instagram

Vanessa Hanson is a stunning woman and should be followed by anyone that appreciates the beauty of a gorgeous 25-year-old. The UFC Octagon Girl has gained over 260,000 Instagram followers since winning a UFC contest that allowed her to be a guest ring girl. After a guest appearance, she made such an impression that the UFC hired her full time.

She is 5’8” at 115 pounds and has the mentality of a beach bum. Her ‘gram is a mixture of modeling photos interspersed with amusing memes. One meme has caption that reads, “Never forget who was there for you when no one else was” above a picture of a girl holding a giant taco. Part of her Instagram description says, “Food. Travel. Yoga. Nature. Good vibes only.” Who wouldn't want to follow that?

10 Kahili Blundell (@kahiliblundell)

Via Instagram

Kahili is undeniably a gorgeous lady, and like Edith she does not look her age at 34. She is from Australia and has a certain mix of elegance and sexiness. She currently has 201,000 followers and it’s easy to see why. Blundell has the dirty blonde, American Eagle model look going on and it’s fun to watch. She has the Aussie splash to her facial features that gives her a distinct look. Her pics are a collage of sex appeal, food, inspirational quotes, the high life, and working out. She’s been seemingly crafted by a modeling agency because her style and look scream model. Kahili is a great choice to follow on Instagram that might either provide soul, food or eye candy. She comes in at number 10.

9 Rachelle Leah (@rachelleleah)

Via Instagram

Rachelle Leah is from San Carlos, CA and is one of the older ring girls on our list at 32 years old. She only has 19,000 followers which is way less than I was expecting for someone with such stunning photos on her account. I think she is a great follow because her pics are real and not just make-up caked on with skimpy clothes underneath perfect lighting. They have substance and emanate so many words that manufactured photos can’t. Rachelle does have bikini and modeling pics that are a treat within the tapestry of the pics that represent her life. She should have more followers than she has in my opinion. Maybe there’s a reason why she doesn’t. I don’t know why but she is very attractive and you should follow her. I give her the 9th spot.

8 Edith Labelle (@edithlabelle)

Via Instagram

Edith is a smoking hot former UFC girl that was let go due to a misunderstanding. A rumor spread that she missed a UFC event because she was hungover, when in fact she was actually legitimately ill. She is 34 with a 5’7” frame that provokes the carnal signal to broadcast within the brain. Edith has 24,000 followers on Instagram and again, I feel it’s a little light for the quality of the photos she posts. For being quite a bit older than most of the other ring girls on the list, she holds her own.

Labelle’s Instagram is a must follow because her curvaceous body has her fans mesmerized. Her abs are in ridiculous shape and look like those of a body builder. She might have the best body on this list. If you are a fan of curvy women and want to see her in tight clothing, then you should follow Edith Labelle without hesitation.

7 Camila Oliveira (@camilaoliveirareal)

Via Instagram

Camila Oliveira was the first Brazilian UFC Octagon Girl and made her debut in 2013. She is 24 and was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She has a voluptuous figure and has revealed virtually all of it in photoshoots which has gained the attention of 145,000 people on Instagram.

Camila has good pics and should be on your list of ‘who to follow’ but she is not my first choice. Don’t get me wrong; I was basically salivating when I saw her photo shoot in the UFC gym, but I feel like there are other girls on this list who I would follow first.

Nevertheless, Oliveira is still a hot Latina and might just be under the radar right now waiting to shock the world. Latinas are irresistible; that I will admit.

6 Carly Baker (@carlybaker55)

Via Instagram

Carly has a certain quality to her that tends to draw a male’s attention. With 190,000 followers, she brings something to the table that Chrissy Blair and other blondes don’t. The lust that drives the primitive brains of our species tells us that sexual appeal is a huge influence in how we desire the opposite sex. Carly Baker has that sultry factor that drives us wild, and quite frankly I’m surprised she only has 190,000 followers to her name. Maybe it’s a personal, subjective attraction that is uncommon but I have a feeling it isn’t. She has revealing pics speckled in with others of her with her dog, memes, and her taking selfies at the gym. Carly comes in at number six on this list due to her sheer sex appeal.

5 Jamillette Gaxiola (@jamilletteg)

Via Instagram

Jamillette was born in Mazatlán, Mexico with ancestry from Cuba. She is 27 and very pleasant on the eyes. She surprisingly only has 120,000 Instagram followers but is near the top of this list as I think she’s hotter than a lot of the other ring girls featured here. That’s saying a lot too, because this list is packed with beautiful women.

Jamillette has earned the number five spot just missing the fourth spot to Lucianna Andrade. It was such a close call. I actually had them switched for a little while. She does deserve to be in the top five for sure. The Cuban-American bombshell is 5’9” and has an exotic appeal that makes her one of a kind. She is an Octagon Girl you have to follow on Instagram.

4 Luciana Andrade (@lucianaandradeufc)

Via Instagram

Lucianna is another breathtaking Brazilian beauty. She hails from Curitiba and graduated from law school which led to her working in the judicial area for nine years. 111,000 people currently follow her on Instagram, which seems a little light to me. I consider Andrade to be one of the better-looking ring girls on this list. She is a good follow because she has more of a humble account than most girls that are equally endowed. There are, indeed, photos of Lucianna with minimal clothing on her page, but also a lot where she resembles the everyday civilian. She has earned the number 4 spot on this list because her "assets" are literally amazing and she is abnormally sexy. Her pics prove that she can hang with the hottest of the hottest. At this point, it’s subjective.

3 Jhenny Andrade (@jhennyandradeufc)

Via Instagram

Jhenny is a Brazilian bombshell and is someone you must follow on Instagram. She presents a likeable personality with a backside you can’t help but marvel at. She has been a magazine columnist in the past and now has her own beauty product business. Jhenny has worked as a body double for movies including Blade 3. Her Instagram has racked up 262,000 followers and I’m sure that number will only go up. Her photos consist of her bright smile along with her daily activities. The occasional pic of her gluteus maximus in a bikini bottom is what a lot of her followers are silently groveling for. Or maybe that’s just me? Anyways, Andrade is a radiant yet sexy UFC girl to follow on the ‘Gram and has earned the number three spot on this list.

2 Brittney Palmer (@brittneypalmer)

Via Instagram

Palmer has just under a million Instagram followers. A lot of people follow her because she’s drop dead sexy and one of the prettiest UFC girls. There is also a large percentage of her followers that love her art. She really is quite talented. Colorful, psychedelic paintings of legends along with provocative bikini pics make Brittney a good follow.

She was born in San Diego and is now 29 years old and married to some lucky dude named Aaron. Her facial features are out of this world. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was manufactured in an alien laboratory. She comes in at the number two spot because she has the looks of a goddess and also creates really cool works of art. Who would have thought?

1 Arianny Celeste (@ariannyceleste)

Via Instagram

Arianny Celeste is another Octagon Girl that is blessed with amazing genes that has led 2.5 million people to follow her on Instagram. She may be the hottest UFC girl of all time but that’s debatable as well as subjective. Celeste’s body is incredible and she knows it. She has just the right amount of meat in all the right places. Apparently, she has a talent that can be applied to social media and lists her website in her description. Her body is ridiculous and there's no question it's a major part of why she has so many followers. Even though she doesn’t make awesome paintings like Brittney Palmer, Arianny gets the top spot on this list because everything about her is an 11 out of 10. She literally has no flaws.

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