15 Hot Tennis Players Who Could Be Supermodels

Tennis is an age-old sport. It is one that dates back for over a century. The origin of the sport is said to have evolved back in the 1800s in England. The game was dominated by men until Billie Jean King came along and battled for equality and respect in the sport. She made a statement that has echoed for decades upon decades. Woman after woman has stood tall upon the foundation that King helped laid out, an acknowledgment of equality and progress. As the sport's popularity has increased over time, more and more attention has been given. This has led to many opportunities for both men and women.

Although Billie Jean King made the biggest statement in the sport, another woman, Anna Kournikova, made the biggest splash. Anna Kournikova truly accelerated the popularity of the sport a hundred fold. But it wouldn't be with her racket, it would be with her off-court allure. Kournikova never reached higher than the 8th ranked player in the world and she never conquered a major, but what she did achieve was the kind of financial success never seen by female tennis players prior. She was a model on the side, a Russian beauty who drew far more attention for her looks than her abilities. She evoked a lot of opinions from fellow players, some of whom were jealous of the attention she got while others were excited to see the attention brought to the sport.

Either way, many, many others have come along who have displayed both talent and beauty. This is a nod to the many beautiful women the sport has offered over recent years. These are 15 tennis players who could be supermodels.

15 Camila Giorgi

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Italian Camila Giorgi is nothing short of sexy and beautiful. Here, she is posing with a seductive smile on her face while straddling a Suzuki motorcycle. You might think she was a model giving a casual pose. But Camila is a tennis pro who emerged from her teenage years as a highly touted prospect expected to do big things. Her career has not evolved in the way she has hoped. However, she has begun to find many opportunities away from the sport. Her beautiful looks have made her a European attraction in the modeling community- with the many beautiful photos of her around, it is no wonder why! Camila doesn't have a major under her belt at this time but she is a major beauty and we'll gladly give her a spot on our list.

14 Mandy Minella


Mandy Minella's hometown is Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg. The lanky tennis pro has never cracked the singles top 10, but she has made some waves in both the singles and doubles games. But the reality of Mandy is her beauty. Her highest ranking of all time was six on September 17th, 2012. Minella debuted with the Luxembourg Fed Cup Team in 2000. Minella has had an up and down career that never materialized into the success she was hoping for. In 2014, Minella married her coach and continues to compete on tour. But Mandy will be most known for her modelesque figure that has helped her garner some sponsorships and endorsements.

13 Sorana Cirstea


Sorana Cirstea was born in Bucharest, Romania. The 26-year-old tennis star has been a pro for six years. Sorana was introduced to tennis by her mother at the age of four. Her idols growing up were Steffi Graf and Roger Federer. In 2011, MSN named Sorana as one of the most beautiful women in sports. Sorana rose to 21st in the rankings in 2013. Her 352-244 overall record is the reason she has been able to amass over $3 million in earnings. Her two-handed backhand is a strength in the same way her beautiful body is a weapon. The gorgeous Romanian tennis pro is more than competitive with her game and equally impressive off the court. The 5'9" beauty could easily hit the runway tomorrow and knock 'em dead.

12 Angelique Kerber


Angelique Kerber is a German tennis star who fits the mold. She is tall, athletic, blonde, and sports striking beautiful blue eyes. The 5'8" tennis star is an impressive talent that has been trucking through opponents left and right. With an overall career record of 520-268, Angelique and her nearly $20 million in prize money is at the top of the women's tennis pyramid. 2016 has been a particularly nice year for Angelique, as she has won two Grand Slam titles at both the Australian and U.S Open. Her powerful game is built for the hard court and that has led her to being #1 in the world. She has captured 10 overall singles titles and at least one title on every single surface. Both Adidas and Porsche sponsor the tennis star and for very good reason.

11 Dominika Cibulkova


Dominika Cibulkova was born in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia. This beauty is a tiny package who has grabbed eight career WTA titles and totaled over $10 million in earnings. Dominika turned pro in 2004 when she was just 15-years-old. She recently peaked at #5 in the world rankings. Constantly competitive in every major tournament, Dominika is known for having an aggressive tennis style, using her athleticism to attack opponents. Lacking great size hurts Dominika at the net and takes away some of the bite off her serves, but her relentless ground game has led her to achieve quite a bit of success. Combine that with her beautiful appearance spearheaded by her cat-like eyes, and you have a real recipe for tennis success!

10 Daniela Hantuchova


Daniela Hantuchova was born in Poprad, Czechoslovakia, and has made quite an impact in the sport. She turned pro when she was just 15-years-old back in 1999. Her biggest weapon is her height. The tall, athletic Slovakian stands at an imposing 5' 11" in height. Daniela has won seven TA titles and amassed over $10 million in earnings. But it is her nine doubles championships in which she captured a victory in each of the Grand Slams that will forever be her hallmark. In addition to her impressive tennis resume, Daniela boasts quite a physical resume as well. Daniela continues to play but her best playing days are behind her. We are definitely open to her doing quite a bit more modeling though!

9 Laura Robson


Laura Robson is a brunette beauty who is physically fit as reflected by her amazing figure. She is the highest ranked British pro and everyone is impressed with both her looks and abilities. In 2012, during the Olympics back in London, England, she and fellow countryman Andy Murray made an epic run that led them to the gold medal match. Although they finished with silver at the event, it was still quite an achievement for the then teenage tennis pro. She also reached the fourth round in 2013 at Wimbledon. It doesn't really matter how many championships Laura has grabbed thus far; for this list it's her impressive physique and stylish glitz that we honor and applaud.

8 Petra Kvitova


Petra Kvitova is no joke. She is a force in the tennis field. She is another tennis star born in Czechoslovakia who uses an impressive 6' frame to dominate her opponents. The left-hander rose to a stellar #2 ranking back in 2011 and has maintained her game as a perennial top 10 athlete in the sport year after year. Petra is a two-time Wimbledon champion and has amassed 19 WTF titles. Petra carries a singles career record of 425-190. Petra endorses Nike apparel. She is represented by IMG and has numerous endorsements within Europe and around the Czech Republic in particular. Her lengthy physique combined with her beautiful hazel eyes makes her a model by default.

7 Saniya Mirza


Saniya Mirza is the most successful tennis star in all of India. Her success has helped to spur interest in the game all across the Asian continent. With over $6 million taken home in prize money, Saniya hasn't exactly been a stellar singles player during the course of her career. However, she has been an epic doubles player. With only one WTA title to her name as a singles competitor, Sania has amassed a whopping 40 WTA titles as a doubles teammate, including three Grand Slam doubles titles. In addition to the doubles titles, Sania has proven to be an effective mixed doubles player too, bringing home another three Grand Slam titles in events. Sania has become a role model to thousands upon thousands of young girls throughout India. Not only has she been recognized as an influential woman on her own continent, Time Magazine in 2016 listed Sania as one of the most influential people in the whole world.

6 Caroline Wozniacki


Oh, Caroline! When it comes to hot tennis pros, we are getting to the top of the heap here. Caroline is a 5'10" beauty who is completely gorgeous and also insanely good at the game of tennis. She has cleaned up to the tune of over $21 million which includes an impressive 25 WTA titles. She reached her highest ranking of #1 back in 2010 and now dabbles in the top 20; she held her #1 ranking for 67 weeks! Caroline was the first Scandinavian to hold the highest ranking. Caroline endorses many products, including Adidas, Sony Ericsson, Rolex, and many others. Her amazing beauty combined with her incredible talent make her a bankable asset and also a whole heck of a fine athlete to look at.

5 Maria Kirilenko


Maria Kirilenko is another Russian tennis pro that has incredible beauty. She is absolutely gorgeous- an actively sought after model who has succeeded more off the court than on it. Born in Moscow, the 5' 8" Russian earned six WTA titles and pocketed just under $7 million in earnings. She was a little better as a doubles partner, getting 12 WTA titles. In 2006, Maria was tabbed to be the face of Adidas. In 2009 she was chosen to be part of Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit edition. Maria disappeared from tennis in 2015 when it was revealed that she had married Moscow's Head of the Committee of Public Services and then gave birth to a baby boy. Regardless of where she is, Maria is one smoking hot athlete.

4 Eugenie Bouchard


Eugenie Bouchard is nicknamed the "Genie." The beautiful Canadian-born blonde originates from Montreal, Quebec. She lives down in Miami Beach, Florida, and Floridians sure are lucky they get to see her stroll the beaches in her bikinis. At 5' 10" tall, this 22-year-old tennis beauty is competitive each and every time she steps onto the court. She has won only one WTA title, but seems to manage to play deep into many tournaments, as indicated by her over $5 million in winnings. We can go on-and-on about her tennis game, but it is her stunning looks and numerous endorsement deals with companies the likes of Nike, Coca-Cola, and Aviva Canada where she makes her real money from. This beauty isn't going anywhere and she may even win a title or two. But in all honestly, we would rather see her down in Miami than on the hard court.

3 Elena Dementieva


Russian tennis star Elena Dementieva won 16 WTA titles during the course of her career and earned nearly $15 million in earnings. She never captured a Grand Slam title but always seemed to be pushing deep into tournaments. Elena, like many other successful tennis stars, is tall, at 5' 10". She is slender, the ideal build for a supermodel. And when you stare at her, you are penetrated immediately by her cat-like blue eyes. Elena's beautiful face makes her the perfect model. Her tennis talents haven't been too shabby either. During her career, she went 576-273, an impressive win percentage that helped pad her earnings. She added another six WTA doubles titles as well. Although she never hit the top spot in the rankings, she made it to #3. We thought it was poetic to give her another top three result here.

2 Ana Ivanovic


Ana Ivanovic hales from Belgrade, Serbia, part of the "Eastern Bloc" which has produced so many tennis elites. She reached #1 in the world back in 2008. Her $15 million in earnings on the court doesn't match her appeal off the court. She has managed 15 WTA titles during her career, using her 6'  frame to dominate opponents. She captured the French Open championship back in 2008, her lone Grand Slam title. But quite honestly it is her marketing appeal that allows her to make so many more waves. This brunette beauty signed a lifetime contract with Adidas and has been labeled an "Ambassador" for the company. Many other brands have lined up for her and with good reason. Ana is smoking hot.

1 Maria Sharapova

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We arrive at our #1 and it coincides with one of tennis' biggest stars. Maria Sharapova is a Russian star who stands at an amazing 6' 2". Her height both helps her dominate tennis and be the ideal supermodel. Unlike some other tennis pros on this list, Maria has dominated the sport. She is regularly one of the top players in the world year after year. With five Grand Slam Titles, a career record of 592-142, 35 WTA titles and an astounding $36+ million in earnings, Maria's standing in the sport has been cemented for all time. Off the court, she has been a regular at marketing products. She has been featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and by signing marketing deals like the eight-year, $70 million one she did with Nike, we'll be seeing more of her. She collects nearly $20 million a year with all of her brands and tennis earnings, if not more. There have been recent uncertainties with a doping suspension for Maria. However, one thing is for certain, Maria is our drop-dead gorgeous #1!

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