15 Hot Pro Wrestler Daughters Who Look Nothing Like Their Fathers

Back in the day, bloodlines were a huge part of the pro wrestling business. If you knew someone or were related to somebody, chances were pretty high of you making it in the business. All it really took was a decent look, and everything else was irrelevant.

Nowadays things have changed; although being related to someone still helps, it’s your talent that will truly define your success. As we’ve seen in the past, if you don’t have it, the WWE doesn’t care who you’re related to.

At times it fails terribly but in certain instances, the WWE has struck gold. Look at Charlotte for example, despite having no prior experience she’s blossomed into one of the greatest of all time early on in her career. It truly is hit or miss when it comes to family members making it in the world of pro wrestling.

This article will take a look at the visual aspect pertaining to the gems these former Superstars created outside of the wrestling ring. In this article, we will document 15 of the hottest pro wrestling daughters that look nothing like their fathers. Sit back, relax and enjoy!


15 DDP

Let’s make one thing clear, DDP is still a handsome dude at the age of 60. Truly mind blowing to see how great he still looks to this very day, despite his years of being in the wrestling business and on the road.

Since the launch of his DDP yoga, Page seems ageless to be quite honest. His yoga practice has changed many lives and kept the former WCW star in tremendous shape as well.

As great as he looks though, man does he ever have a smoking hot daughter by the name of Brittany Page, who has certainly made her father proud. Page has two children; Brittany is the oldest of the pair born in 1987. Like her father, Brittany is a huge fitness fanatic. She also plays a part in DDP’s yoga company being used in videos and identified under the title of “DDP Yoga Consultant”.

It remains to be seen if Page will allow his daughter to walk in the footsteps of other pro wrestlers, like Ric Flair, who have embraced their children going into the business. At the moment however, that doesn’t seem to be happening.

14 Dynamite Kid

The Billington family has quite the name in the pro wrestling industry, starting with the great Dynamite Kid. The family also includes the late great Davey Boy Smith and his son David Hart Smith.

Dynamite Kid had quite the career in the world of pro wrestling, although his success on the WWE stage was quite limited due to several complications pertaining to his relationship with the company. After he left the WWE, he’d spend the majority of his time working up in Canada and overseas with various Japanese promotions.

Following the end of his career, things sadly went south for Kid health-wise, dealing with a paralysis disorder. He recently filed a lawsuit against the WWE for concussion based problems which he suffered during his time with the company.

Although he might not be in the best of shape, his daughter certainly is, and thriving and looking great. Bronwyne Billington is walking in her father’s footsteps nowadays working the UK independent pro wrestling scene. She certainly has the look to make it in the business and it helps to have those genetics in her blood line as well.

13 Santino Marella


Who can forget the handsome mug of former WWE star Santino Marella? His rise in the WWE was pretty much out of nowhere. For those of you that didn’t hear his call up story, Santino was basically selected to join the Raw show based on his name alone. While down in development, the Ontario native felt like his stint was going nowhere and then came that phone call that changed everything.

Santino went from thinking he was fired to becoming the WWE Intercontinental Champion. The journey is truly surreal. He enjoyed several great years with the company and was only recently released due to inactivity.

Aside from his improbable WWE run, Santino has produced a beautiful child, Bianca Carelli. His young daughter actually won the Miss Teen Ontario-World Pageant in 2013, which tells you she’s pretty darn good looking.

It looks like Santino will have his hands full with men lining up to date the former WWE star’s daughter.

12 Tully Blanchard

Who can forget Tully Blanchard, who seems to be the forgotten member of the Four Horsemen back in the NWA days? Tully enjoyed a great career and was also a WWE Tag Team Champion along with his horsemen partner Double A, Arn Anderson. The WWE cemented his name in history by inducting him into the Hall of Fame, class of 2012.

Blanchard also has four children, one specifically is in the wrestling business and an absolute bombshell at that. Tessa Blanchard is currently living the dream wrestling around the world, something young stars typically do before joining the WWE. She is currently earning her stripes independently wrestling across the US and overseas in places like Japan. With all her experience and wrestling in her blood, a WWE call-up seems to be a huge possibility. She is also very close friends with mega Indie star Ricochet, who is also linked to a WWE debut as well.

11 Roddy Piper

The passing of Rowdy Piper was truly a tragic occurrence which rocked the world of professional wrestling. Piper was an icon in the business and will be forever regarded as one of the greatest heels of all time. He used the “sports entertainment” aspect to a tee and revolutionized the business in terms of what a heel was all about. His contributions in the ring were trailblazing to say the least.

Piper held a close relationship with his children. Ariel Teal Toombs in particular was very close to her father. The two shared a great relationship with one another and Toombs, who is a musician, told TMZ that she planned on doing a duet with her father who was actually quite the singer (not many people knew about that).

Along with singing, Ariel is also an established actor taking on various roles throughout her Hollywood stint. Her tremendous look has landed her some stellar roles and she is now bringing those talents musically, as she’s set to release an album shortly.

10 Eddie Guerrero

Speaking of late greats, Eddie Guerrero was another wrestler whose legacy is still being celebrated today. His brand of wrestling was revolutionary; lying, cheating and stealing his way to victory with different comedic antics every match. His run on the SmackDown brand was one of the greatest eras ever for the show. His rivalry with JBL will go down in history as one of the greatest of all time for the show.

Born in El Paso, Texas, Shaul Guerrero attempted to walk in the footsteps of her father. Due to her family name, Shaul was invited to join FCW and would stay on board when the developmental territory would rebrand into NXT. Ultimately, things didn’t work out how she would have hoped and she left the business retiring from pro wrestling.

Despite her leaving the business, Shaul still has ties with the company being married to WWE star Aiden English. The two got married this past January.

9 Kerry Von Erich

The Von Erich family is certainly one of the most prestigious wrestling families of all time, producing some greats in the business. Kerry Von Erich sadly passed away at the young age of 33, committing suicide. In his memory, daughter Lacey has carved a tremendous path for herself in the business.

Lacey is absolutely stunning to look at and she oozes with charisma. She actually had a brief stint with the WWE back in 2007, but her time was quickly cut short with the company. Following her departure, Lacey worked on her craft independently and later scored a gig with TNA where she really found her footing and rose to stardom. She was a member of the heel faction “The Beautiful People” and became a Women’s Tag Champion. Her look truly set her apart throughout her career. It's not surprising she has also worked various modeling gigs.


8 Jimmy Snuka

Tough to see Jimmy Snuka undergoing such a struggle nowadays, as he’s in and out of the court house at the age of 73. Investigators re-opened a murder case which saw Snuka at the forefront. The case has been dismissed for now due to Jimmy’s poor condition mentally.

One thing he will always have that he can be proud of are his children. Tamina Snuka, his daughter, made it in the WWE and is also a stunner to look at even if the WWE tries to put her under a bodyguard alias. Let us not forget her debut alongside the Usos back in 2010, when Tamina was quite the conversation piece making a big impact with WWE audiences.

After failed Championship pursuits the WWE changed her role into a bodyguard type working with the likes of AJ Lee and Team B.A.D. It remains to be seen if the WWE will scrap this gimmick and re-launch her with something new.

7 Brutus Beefcake

The “IWC” (Internet Wrestling Community) generally recalls Beefcake as the dude that stayed relevant because of Hulk Hogan. Back in the 80s, it was more about who you knew and how you looked, than anything else. In-ring skill was pretty much secondary, and Hogan and his buddy Beefcake can certainly attest to that statement.

Because of his connections, Beefcake actually had quite the lengthy career with the WWE. Despite his lengthy run, he was only able to muster a Tag Team Championship run alongside Greg Valentine. His use was mainly limited to comedic segments down the road which eventually started to get dry with WWE crowds.

He would go on to work with various promotions including WCW. Even today you can still find the veteran at various wrestling conventions and yes, he’s still buddy buddy with Hulk Hogan.

Oh, and one other thing, his daughter Alana Leslie is smoking hot. We wonder if she befriended Brooke, Hulk’s daughter? We hope they're at least Facebook friends.

6 Jim Anvil Coli

Former member of the Hart Foundation, Jim Anvil Neidhart was the prototypical journeyman in the pro wrestling business. He started way back in 1979 and literally worked all over the world. His most notable runs were with the WWE and WCW during the 90s.

Following in his footsteps, daughter Natalya launched her career back in 2000 joining the Hart Dungeon. Similar to her other family members, Nattie did the right thing by earning her stripes independently with a huge body of work wrestling in Canada, England, Japan and the US. Finally, after years of experience independently, Nattie was signed to a WWE deal in 2007. Almost a decade later, she is still in the company and an active wrestler at that performing on the Tuesday night SmackDown Live show.

Her talent is always praised with high regard. Her look has also managed to improve as the years roll along. At the age of 34, Natalya looks better than ever nowadays.

5 Vince McMahon


He’s referred to himself as the “genetic jackhammer” in the past amongst many other names, so we shouldn’t be too surprised when looking at how beautiful his daughter Stephanie, turned out to be.

Putting aside her “genetic superiority”, let us take a moment and marvel at the impact Steph has made on the company. Not only is she the Chief Branding Officer behind the scenes, but she is also the on-screen Commissioner of Raw and one of the greatest heels in the last decade. What makes her villainous run that much more mind-blowing is the fact that she’s done it without even being an active in-ring performer. Try to think of more than five matches that feature Stephanie, not too easy, right? Her contributions certainly speak for themselves and we’re not even sure father McMahon, could have predicted such a legacy from Stephanie.

And yes, she’s smoking hot and we love when she yells at us.

4 Ric Flair

via:The Tennessean

The Nature Boy forged a tremendous legacy for himself becoming one of the greatest Superstars in pro wrestling history. When you ask Shawn Michaels or Triple H who the greatest of all-time was, they’ll tell you Ric.

So it’s only fitting that Flair’s grapefruits produced another gem in the world of pro wrestling and no, we’re certainly not talking about David Flair, but his sister Charlotte.

Without any experience, the WWE signed the North Carolina native with hopes that she would crack the main roster. Not only has she done that but she’s become one of the greatest heels the WWE’s Women’s Division has ever seen. Her athletic superiority mixed in with her charisma is an absolute joy to watch. Like her father, she seems like an incredible ring general at such a young age.

We have reason to believe that even Flair might have been caught off guard at how fast his daughter picked up the ability to be such a great star!

3 Hulk Hogan

Another grapefruit story; Hogan’s genetics caused the birth of his stunning daughter, Brooke Hogan. His daughter basically rose to stardom because of Hulk’s popularity. The entire family was exposed during the VH1 reality show, Hogan Knows Best. The show received great ratings initially as reality television was rather new at the time, and this helped Brooke gain popularity with the masses to the point that VH1 pitched Brooke her own spin-off, Brooke Knows Best.

Following her stint as a reality television star Brooke moved on to film, appearing in several movies. She also gave pro wrestling a shot at one point but that bombed terribly and caused her to never return to the sports and entertainment business again. Yup, it was that bad.

Nowadays, the blonde bombshell is focusing on her country music career, looking to improve her standing in yet another entertainment field. As for her father Hulk, he’s doing pretty well after winning a 100 million dollar lawsuit against Gawker.

2 Bret Hart

We’re not too sure how Bret found the time to create four children during his brutal pro wrestling schedule, but boy, are we glad he did when looking at Hart’s daughter, Beans Hart. Disregarding her name that sounds like a canned good, Beans is quite the stunner. Pictures of Hart’s daughter went viral as she flew under the radar for years and years. It remains to be seen if she’ll ever tackle the world of pro wrestling but for now she works with some of the family businesses.

Aside from creating a great looking daughter, Bret has also been divorced twice. His new marriage had people talking when he tied the knot with Stephanie Washington. Oddly enough the couple have a crazy age gap of 26 years, one of the largest out of all of pro wrestling couples.

Good for you Bret, good for you.

1 Mick Foley

We love Mick Foley and we respect the hell out of him for his career and accomplishments but seriously, how the hell did he produce something so spectacular?

When most of us saw Noelle for the first time we figured something was up, like she came from another marriage or something. But as it turns out, Foley’s been happily married to the same woman, Colette Christie, since 1992, so it is in fact his daughter.

After the belief sunk in most of us were pretty shocked the see the two, side by side and it’s really quite comical to be honest. The WWE should seriously consider doing a show on their relationship... oh wait.

With such a marketable look we can expect some big things from Mick’s daughter in the future, whether it be in a WWE ring or outside of it. In some capacity, the WWE will surely pounce on this unique human and it’s pretty safe to say they already have.


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