15 Hot Pics Of Nikki Bella That John Cena Doesn't Want You To See

Aside from Triple H and Stephanie, you got to believe that John Cena and Nikki Bella are considered the WWE’s power couple. Looking at their body of work, they no doubt deserve the label. Cena has been the face of the WWE for more than a decade now, while Nikki continues to grow the company on broader horizons. Since the development of the reality show Total Divas, Nikki has helped to extend the company’s popularity to a different demographic while gaining a huge fanbase on her various social media accounts. Because of these factors, the WWE is most certainly high on the power couple and that was especially evident when the two landed on the same brand, a rarity for real-life couples.

With all her popularity, Nikki hasn’t shied away from the public eye and continues to document her everyday life. As if Instagram wasn’t enough, she now has a YouTube account with 200,000 subscribers already locked into her videos. It seems like her popularity is just growing.

With that said, there are various pictures Cena would probably appreciate you didn’t see. Whether it be pictures from her past, or revealing photos she put online, these are pictures John wishes he could do a little “You can’t see me” magic towards. So now without further ado, here are 15 photos of Nikki Bella that John Cena doesn’t want you to see. Enjoy the article and let us know which picture you enjoyed the most!

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15 Firefighter Outfit Before The WWE


Working for the WWE wasn’t always the plan for Nikki Bella. At a young age, she was very active and enjoyed playing sports. As the years rolled along by, and her look continued to improve, Nikki took the decision (alongside her twin sister, Brie) to head to Los Angeles in search of jobs in the entertainment capital of the world.

While working as waitresses, the sisters searched for a reliable agent. In doing so, the two needed to work on their portfolios hence this fire fighting inspired shoot of the twins. The Bellas would appear in various other shoots before they joined the WWE which included a campaign for Budweiser promoting the World Cup. Thankfully for the two, modelling wasn’t a full time gig and they would later find success in an unlikely field in the world of pro wrestling which has seen them thrive immensely. Although it should be noted, that wasn’t always the case especially when they first started out in the company.

14 More Pre-WWE Shoots

via:TUP Wrestling Forum

In all likelihood, John didn’t want you to see the picture above and he probably doesn’t want you to see this picture either coming from her pre-WWE collection. In this picture, Nikki and her sister Brie, are sporting some outdated glasses which are cringeworthy when looking at today’s trends. Although, you must appreciate their slender and slick good looks nonetheless.

Thankfully, those painful low budget shoots were only temporary as the twins signed with the WWE following their appearance during the 2006 Diva Search. They started off with FCW and failed to make an impact early on becoming generally eye candy for the show. Remarkable to see how things changed in 2011 when both Brie and Nikki started to excel. Since that time period, Nikki has blossomed in the ring becoming one of the top names along with thriving outside of it with a gigantic social media following along with being the star of the reality series, Total Divas.

13 Brie’s Gift


When it comes to posting on her social media accounts, Nikki has proved she isn’t scared to show some skin. Just looking at some of the pictures, without a doubt, Cena must be sweating it a little bit knowing that over five million people are drooling over his girlfriend’s pictures. Nonetheless, this hasn’t stopped Nikki in the slightest and she continues to post some delicious pictures.

This one might take the cake. It seems like her fans agreed, giving the picture almost 170,000 Likes (which is huge). The picture shows Nikki posing in a revealing outfit which is quite flattering for the eyes in the chest area. Nikki posted the picture asking her fanbase if she should wear it for sister Brie, since she gave it to her as a gift or for John, as the intent probably was in the first place when Brie bought the outfit for her sister. Instead, Nikki gave us all the gift of revealing the outfit to us. Although John is probably unpleased knowing he could have been the only one seeing her in such a wardrobe. Nonetheless, we thank Nikki for sharing. Sorry, John.

12 Partying With Her Ex


Entering the mix in 2007, Nikki didn’t waste any time making acquaintances. One of them, happened to be with Dolph Ziggler while the two were down in development with FCW. The two shared a prior relationship which didn’t last all that long. Ziggler is regarded as a womanizer, which is why the relationship probably didn’t last all that long. Not surprisingly, Cena has kept quiet throughout the entire past history regarding Dolph and Nikki as seen on Total Divas.

Her relationship with Dolph wasn’t her most noteworthy coupling before John Cena, however. At the age of 20, Nikki married her high school sweetheart, although the marriage would be annulled three years later. Just imagine how different things could have turned out for Nikki had she went through with the marriage. Instead, she’s now labelled as one of the top women in the company and happily dating the face of the franchise for the last decade in John Cena. I think we can all agree. Things worked out pretty well for Nicole.

11 Playing Doctor For John


Taking a look at John Cena’s personal life in the last decade, it’s quite obvious the dude loves to live in privacy away from the public eye. However, since the inception of Total Divas, that has all changed. The show, which launched back in 2013 helped to propel Nikki to the top of the WWE mountain. Since the show launched, Nikki continues to increase her popularity both in and out of the WWE.

With that said, poor Cena has probably had to endure a lot more than he probably wants to. Having a camera crew inside of his house on off-days isn’t exactly what every Superstar wants, especially one like John Cena, whose been traveling and working steadily like a maniac for the past decade. He hasn’t complained, but in all likelihood, there are likely moments he wishes he can have back and this is certainly one of them. On an episode of Total Divas, Nikki decided to dress up for John in a very appealing nurse outfit. Although John appeared to have no complaints, we're pretty sure he wishes an entire set of cameras wasn’t there to document the altercation.

10 The Subscribers Shake


As we discussed earlier in the article, Nikki really doesn’t have a filter when it comes to posting edgy content on her social media. Without a doubt, poor Cena must have endured a variety of sleepless nights over the years. This post however was very recent, as Nikki was celebrating a new success conquering YouTube with 200,000 subscribers to her channel. Quite impressive to say the least; not only does she have a huge fanbase on Instagram but she’s now following that up with supporters on YouTube with daily uploads to her page.

All of that sounds great, but what’s even greater is the gif you see above of Nikki celebrating her accomplishment. After gaining the following, Nikki celebrated with a booty shake along with a revealing outfit which was quite pleasant in a certain area. The video was turned into gifs and pictures by various fans. One can only imagine what she’ll do when her subscriber numbers reach a million. Close your eyes, John....

9 She Knows How To Rock A Neck Brace


We have unfortunately seen this far too often in the world of sports and entertainment. When you’re running too hard, and too fast, for too long, eventually that all catches up.

We saw it with Seth Rollins and we also saw it with Nikki Bella. Nikki dominated 2015 becoming the longest reigning Divas Champion at 301 days. Her run came to an end after a defeat to Charlotte and soon after, she was gone from the WWE nursing a severe injury.

Following a brief cameo on Raw at the Slammy Awards, Nikki missed most of 2016 with a career threatening neck injury. Thankfully, she was able to fully recover and returned to WWE television at the end of the summer after a ten month hiatus. One thing she can take as a positive is how well she rocked that neck brace. Despite having it around her neck, this didn’t stop Nikki from looking good and man, did she ever thrive. This particular picture blew up on social media showing fans looking at everything but her neck brace. Various sites have also documented numerous photos of Nikki looking hot as hell while dawning the brace. Damn you Cena, damn you!

8 Candid Live Event Shot


Whether you realize it or not, the Live Event schedule is just as important for a WWE star than the live TV tapings. For the average WWE star, they work on two televised events a week, while working a minimum of two live non-televised events a week. The live events are a huge for the way to add revenues into their company.

As you might expect, Nikki is pretty popular during the shows and fans have taken several candid photos of the Bella twin during events. You’d think Nikki would be upset for being caught off-guard with such “pervy” fan pictures, but instead, it’s been quite the opposite. Nikki has featured a variety of fan pics through her social media time and time again taking a liking to those creeps that snap the photos. In this particular pic, she embraces her curves, writing “Junk in the Drunk”. We’re not sure what Cena hates more, the fans taking these pictures, or Nikki posting them online... What do you guys think?

7 Candid At Walmart


As great as it seems to be, it isn’t all about Championships and fame for WWE Superstars. The travel life is an underrated aspect of the business that drives many away from the occupation. Being away from home over 300 days a year isn’t the easiest job to pull off, especially when you think about living out of a suitcase from hotel to hotel; truly not easy.

What makes things a little easier is when you have a travelling partner by your side. Luckily, for Cena and Nikki, the two have been slotted on the same brand with the SmackDown show, truly a rarity as most couples are usually broken up but in this case it’s Cena, do you really think the company wants to piss him off?

The picture shows Cena and Nikki away from the ring at a local Walmart. Cena is dressed in his classic ¾ shorts, while Nikki seems comfortable and ready for bed. In all likelihood, the couple probably didn’t want to get spotted but thanks to this fan, we we’re able to successfully invade the couple's privacy. At the very least, Cena appears to be smirking.

6 The Unfiltered Interview


Like Nikki Bella, Renee Young has aided the company giving a diverse look at the Superstars with her WWE Network show Unfiltered with Renee Young, that focuses on the lighter topics in the world of sports and entertainment alongside her star-studded WWE guests. Props to Young as she continues to grow in the company and has now earned herself a spot on the Total Divas program alongside Nikki. Not to mention her involvement with her real-life boyfriend Dean Ambrose, on episodes of SmackDown. She’s truly blossoming.

Enough about the Renee bandwagon and let's now discuss Nikki’s smoking hot cameo during the taping. Fans marvelled at Nikki while she was a guest on the show as she showcased her fine tan along with her curvaceous legs that had men drooling back at home. Her brief appearance on the show only solidified how smoking hot she truly is both in and out of the ring. The only person complaining must have been John given his girlfriend’s choice of outfit which was quite revealing.

5 That Cali Life


We spoke about Nikki breaking Instagram before, but that wasn’t the only time she did so and it certainly won’t be the last. This shot was another big time favorite for many fans as Nikki showcased her backside while nearly 130,000 fans approved of the picture. Bella is shown relaxing sea-side back in her home of California. Following a grueling three week WWE tour, Nikki was finally back at home and took the rare time off just to take it all in. Thankfully, she showed us the beautiful image during her relaxing time. We envy the person who got to take the photo. Was it you, John? Probably not...

Nikki has stated several times in the past that she loves the California life. Once her time with the WWE comes to an end, look for Nikki to continue to reside in the area while looking for work in the entertainment industry. Given her current portfolio of experience, we doubt she’ll have any trouble at all.

4 The Total Diva


As we stated earlier, since the debut of Total Divas, Nikki has launched her status to the top of the WWE hierarchy. One of the many reasons for her popularity on the show is quite obvious and that’s simply due to her stunning good looks during what seems to be like every single episode.

Looking at the various seasons of the program, it seems like somehow Nikki gets hotter and hotter as the show rolls along. The WWE fanbase seems to agree as her social media popularity continues to grow since she started working the E! reality program. Thanks to her stunning good looks, countless pictures have been featured online of Nikki wearing some jaw dropping outfits. As happy as John must be for his girlfriend’s success, without a doubt, he must cringe a little looking at the outfits she wears on the show and the popularity it musters amongst the fans.

3 A Day At Apple


Despite their obvious fame, you have to give Cena and Nikki credit for not being afraid to go out and about in public. Numerous pictures have surfaced online of the couple shopping and spending a couple of dollar bills, whether it be at Walmart as we saw previously, or in this case, at Apple as Nikki seems to be getting some help from the nice Apple employee.

Not sure if Eva had anything to do with this picture, but the theme seems to be all red everything with Nikki dressed in full-on red, John sporting red sleeves, and the Apple salesman dressed in red as well. Nonetheless, Cena seems to be all red everything in the face as well, starring into somebody’s soul as another dude snaps a quick pick of him and his girl. Likely scenario that followed, Cena hits an Attitude Adjustement through a table while the fan lays unconscious and John storms out with Nikki by his side to his Word Life soundtrack.

2 Candid Beach Shot


This candid beach shot without a doubt got a couple of hearts to beat that much faster. Nikki looks smoking hot in the picture wearing a fabulous lime green bikini. To add to the excellence of the picture, it seems like Nikki’s a little cold, as something seems to be popping out. Thousands upon thousands of fans certainly were not complaining.

Gifted in both the chest area and backside, Nikki has seen huge improvements in both facets throughout the years. Her backside, is thanks to her hard work at the gym while squatting with John. However, the chest area saw growth thanks to an enhancement surgery which certainly increased the size of her “puppies” (as Jerry Lawler would say). Looking at the difference between Nikki’s chest and curves today compared to when she made her debut with the company is quite staggering to process.

1 The Wardrobe Malfunction


As we’ve seen time and time again, a wardrobe malfunction is human nature in the world of pro wrestling. Particularly in the WWE, we recently saw A.J. Styles undergo a malfunction as he sustained a hole in his tights right on his backside. He certainly wasn’t the first nor last the wrestler to undergo such a blunder and Nikki can attest to that.

Like A.J., Nikki underwent a minor wardrobe malfunction which was caught by the WWE fanbase. During a televised match, Nikki was thrown outside and her nipple seemed to pop out just a little bit given how tight her attire was. More times than not, the Divas suffer from the malfunctions (as you can imagine). Nikki wasn’t the only one in her family to suffer the wardrobe blunder, even sister Brie got it worse as her breast popped out during a promo on Raw. Safe to say that fans wouldn't mind more wardrobe malfunctions from the Bellas, however, Cena would probably disagree...

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