15 Photos NHL Players Don’t Want You To See Of Their Daughters

Fame and celebrity will never make sense to us, especially when you take a look at how it affects the people around the famous center. For some reason, once you're famous yourself, you've got to make sure that you warn your friends and family that they will be having some people coming to invade their lives. Do you think you would be able to come to terms with that sort of thing if it made your family member feel better about their lives, giving them the opportunity to do what they would love to for a living?

Many people who have been made famous for the thing they love end up dragging their kids into the limelight as well, whether the kids like it or not. This is especially true when somebody has a daughter. We all know how much the media seems to obsess over women and how they look, meaning that famous people can’t really have a daughter unless they want them to be plastered all over the Internet.

So, are you ready to see what some of these NHL daughters have to offer? We know that we are, so let’s get ready to take a look! We promise you won’t regret taking a look at some of these beautiful ladies.


15 Reide Housley

It would seem that the world of social media and Instagram has given famous daughters an outlet they wouldn't have otherwise had back in the day, so even if they don't throw themselves at the limelight, they have a place to put opinions and images just like everybody else. However, unlike some other people on this list, Housley doesn't make her money off how she looks and the way she happens to think. She actually spends her time making money by instructing people on how to properly take part in yoga and selling people houses. Honestly, is there anything else that somebody with this last name could be doing with their lives? There are so many puns and bits of wordplay that you can get out of that one.

14 Natasha Bure


It would seem that pretty much every young woman thinks that they have what it takes to become a famous singer, especially if they have a famous set of parents to look to for their money. This way, they can spend all of their time pretending that they've achieved something, purely by being born with a slightly better voice than most other people out there. Yes, while Bure may also be known for her ability to keep up with fashion trends, she has been posting videos of her singing for a while now. This way, she is getting herself out there and trying to show she has what it takes to make people enjoy her music. Maybe we'll see an album by her in the future, but we wouldn't hold your breath if we're being totally honest.

13 Julia Scorupco

While the point of this list is to take a look at famous daughters, that doesn't mean every single one of them has a lot to talk about, especially this young woman who seems to be trying to live her life in as normal a way as possible. We think this is admirable and wish a lot more famous daughters would try to do this instead of pretending they have a talent for anything else. Hopefully this beautiful woman will figure out what her passion in this world is, how she wants to leave her mark, and then move onto that with the help of the privilege and money she has been given since birth. That sort of thing is important and if famous parents were any better, they would tell this advice to their children as soon as possible.

12 Isabella Yzerman


Admittedly, we've not given every woman on this list an easy time, but we feel like this woman deserves a lot more from us than some of the others, as it would seem that she has thrown herself at education in a way that famous people don't tend to do. Honestly, why would you give academia a chance when you could spend the rest of your life living mostly on the money that somebody else has made for you? We can't speak for anyone else but we imagine that it'd be difficult to keep yourself normal if you were born into a rich and famous family. We know that if we made money now that it wouldn't be able to change us in the same way as we've been given a chance to learn our morals and ethics in ways that famous children aren't allowed.

11 Dominika Hasek

Remember how we brought up before that every single woman out there seems to think that they could become a famous singer? It would seem that mentality has spread its way to Dominika Hasek who is currently working on her first music video. Look, we don't want you to think we have a problem with young people having dreams, but you've just got to accept that some of these things seem to go along with the territory. So many people will never become famous singers, but that doesn't mean they can't have dreams while they're younger. Having a famous parent means those fruitless dreams will often come true, even if they're no good.

10 Diana Larionov


There are some out there who would argue that makeup isn't needed in this world, that it is a sign that we shouldn't be heading in the way that we are. Some women feel like they have to throw some slop on their face before they leave the house. However, if you're given enough time and supported financially, you can actually make quite the art out of it. Larionov has done this, as she now works as a makeup artist. It's difficult to build yourself such a great reputation in the beauty industry, so it always helps to have to well-known family name.

9 Cassandra Vilgrain

As you can probably tell from this image, this is the first woman on our list who has followed her father into the world of hockey, although we think this must lead to quite a weird time at home. How do you think it would feel to know that you make less money than your father purely because of your gender? Maybe there are people out there who don't feel this way though, who spend a lot of their time trying to make sure that their family gets along, despite the differences they may have.


8 Claudia Lemieux


It probably won't surprise you to know that this woman loves to wear bathing suits, something we only know because she throws them on and puts the photographs online all the time. You can look this up for yourself if you don't trust us, and we can promise you that you won't be wasting your time. To be fair, in this modern world, women don't have to do much more than fill out a bikini well for us to fawn all over them. If only men were more interested in what women were hiding behind their eyes or within their heads, we'd arguably have a much better world to live in.

7 Carlin Domi

Unsurprisingly, this woman has managed to find someone to spend her life with, so you've not got much of a chance of bagging her anytime in the future, not that you would even if she was single either. Honestly, it's crazy to think that there actually are women that look like this in the world who struggle to find someone to love them. That being said, it's not like having everything handed to you throughout your life, including looks, will end up turning you into a brilliant human being. Maybe there has to be something behind the looks to keep someone coming back, which can be hard if you've never been forced to cultivate a personality in order to get something in life. People often forget how much of us is formed by a need to fight against hardship.

6 Caley Chelios


While she didn't take to the sport in the same way that her father did, Caley Chelios made sure she had something to do with the NHL, getting involved on the journalism side of things, meaning she could commentate on her father's favorite sport. We have to say that we're happy to see a woman on this list actually start to make her way in the world, instead of spending her life taking pictures of herself enjoying the money that she didn't even earn. This woman decided that she would not just sit on her backside after leaving university, instead, she decided to do something with her life.

5 Brandi Roenick

As you can see, this woman has spent much of her life on the back of a horse and making her passion her career. It's probably not that much of a surprise to see a rich daughter on the back of a horse. It's literally a stereotype of a rich kid. To be fair, we don't actually know these women and there's a chance they do more than just sit on the back of a horse and ride around, but it doesn't seem like there's much evidence to the contrary.

4 Anne-Marie Morrow


You will often find, especially when people are born into a rich and famous family, that people will keep to themselves as if they're worried that people's poverty will somehow spread to them through osmosis. This is why a lot of the photographs of Anne-Marie Morrow sees her with her husband or Paulina Gretzky, people who know exactly what it's like to be rich and famous. Unsurprisingly, the two women are doing very little to bring money in for the family, although Morrow does have three children with her husband and has taken on motherhood quite seriously.

3 Alyonka Larionov

It would seem that, rather than sitting back on the world of riches and fame handed to her by her father, Alyonka went on to become a host and producer. She also spends a lot of her time teaching the rest of us that it's okay to have problems, just as she has. She is a reminder that no matter what world you're born into, no matter how many advantages you're handed from birth, you can always end up with numerous problems. For Alyonka, it was an eating disorder, a problem she has struggled with for many years. She has talked and written candidly about her experiences in the hope that this will help someone else who struggles with the same disorder; someone who doesn't have as many of the options that she had.

2 Allison Micheletti


There are a lot of men out there who would not enjoy their children choosing to go in a different direction with their career. Some fathers actually expect them to pick up where they left off. Although Allison didn't go into hockey like her father, she did make quite the career for herself as a golfer. Inspired by her father's dedication to sports, she followed in his footsteps and became an athlete.

1 Paulina Gretzky

This is probably the most famous woman on this list. Gretzky has managed to garner a huge level of love and fame due to the way she looks, using her face and body to get much attention. However, she has also thrown herself into other things, including nourishing a career in singing and used her looks to make some money through modelling. However, she has a single acting credit with Grown Ups 2, something we imagine she brings up as much as possible. We reckon she probably wants to be an actress, so we'll see if she adds more movies to her IMBD list.


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