The best acting in the world usually happens when a performer is merely playing an exaggerated version of himself, a concept countless wrestlers have used to create some of the most memorable wrestling characters in history. Knowing this, fans should've seen the warning signs for Raven starting during his run

as ECW Champion, which ended because he was legitimately forced to enter rehab to try and deal with his drug and alcohol addiction. At one point, Raven was so heavily addicted to the painkiller Percocet, he was taking enough of them to kill a small horse on a daily basis and still getting into the ring afterward. This seemed fitting for his dark, ultra-realistic character, but it was also absolutely terrifying to his fans, who recognized just how much harm he was doing to himself. According to Perry Saturn, Raven’s close friend during this period, the other wrestlers had a “dead pool” about who would pass away from drug use first, and the two of them topped everyone’s list. We can certainly see why, and yet, here they both are, still alive to this day.

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