15 Former WWE Employees We Will Always Hate

Hate is such a strong word but for certain people, it can be made acceptable. Some people can't help but be dislikable regardless of how they're packaged and presented. They often say time is a great healer of hate, but there are just some personalities we'll never be able not to hate. Some WWE personalities are designed and engineered specifically for us to hate, but some personalities unintentionally garner heat just by casually being themselves. Whether they're wrestlers, announcers or backstage officials, anybody can be deemed as dislikable by the masses.

Often people who work for the WWE show their true colours after they've been dismissed by the company. Under no PR restrictions, they begin to reveal their true nature and allow the hate to flow from their hearts. Regardless of how, they let their emotions get in the way of any possible return in the near future. But even if a return was on the cards, these are the people that nobody on this planet would ever want to see back in the company. Wounds run deep, first impressions are difficult to remove and hate is hard to reverse.

Here are 15 former WWE employees that I think it's safe to say, we will always hate.

15 Carlito

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Carlito was basically the WWE's attempt at broadening its cultural horizon, I believe he was solely used for multicultural and PR purposes. Carlito was a very talented all-round worker, his mic skills were captivating, his in-ring work was compelling and his personality was infectious and pretty likeable. However, the dislike for him stems from his poor discipline outside the ring. Wellness Policy violations from Carlito not only hurt his status in the company but also his connection with the fans. Fans felt let down by the Puerto Rican's inability to regulate the substances that he allowed into his body. And fans were extremely upset with Carlito's refusal to go into rehab to revive his career. He had seemingly turned his back on wrestling, and the fans then turned their backs on him. His resistance to rehab deemed him to be an unsafe worker, not only in the ring but backstage too. He was subsequently released and forgotten by the fans.

14 X-Pac

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It's no secret that the former DX member was always a solid worker in the ring but his matches and character still grew incredibly tiresome to the wrestling public. Sometimes fans can be convinced never to want to see another wrestler again, not because of their wrestling or who they go over on, but due to predictability. Remember that phrase 'X-Pac heat' that used to get flung around the internet? Know how it started? Because of how boring and repetitive Sean's matches were. Despite his solid in-ring ability, fans came to despise his matches because they already knew the format and spots to come. He's the originator of predictability; at least with Hogan you were entertained on the way to a foregone conclusion. I'm not saying the former NWO member is hated for his personality or gimmick, he's just disliked by fans for how much time his matches wasted in their lives.

13 Jeff Jarrett


Loyalty means nothing to this man, literally nothing. Incredibly back in the 90s he left the WWE twice, yes twice, for a pay rise at WCW. Every match was an opportunity to make money, not art, for Jeff Jarrett. It's no surprise that Jeff now owns his own wrestling promotion called 'Global Force Wrestling' which he started in 2014. Perhaps his business-minded mentality was the reason for his public fallout with Vince McMahon. It's reported that on his last ever day in the WWE, Jeff refused to drop the Intercontinental Championship to Chyna unless he was guaranteed an extra $300,000 on top of his contractual wage. If the money wasn't to be agreed, he wouldn't go out to perform. Eventually Vince gave in and gave him his money to drop the belt. And with that, Jeff Jarrett was never to be seen on WWE television again and no fan on this planet even cares.

12 Lex Luger

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Boring, boring, boring. How Lex Luger reached the top of the mountain, let alone stayed there for as long as he did, still bewilders me and millions of fans to this day. Luger hit his peak during the 90s and fans were forced to endure his reign as the top guy in the company. Luger was one of the rare wrestlers to be disliked by both the fans for his ability and his fellow wrestlers for his attitude towards the business. He acted entitled and his arrogance created an unapproachable aura around him. Perhaps his professional football background also caused resentment from his peers. But it was his disdain for his co-workers and lack of respect for the industry that has placed him firmly on this list. But not only for his attitude, his matches also sucked. Despite a great physique, Luger was limited in the ring and his matches displayed minimal athletic ability and zero charisma.

11 Alberto Del Rio


The Mexican-born wrestler was meant to go down as one of the greatest Hispanic WWE superstars of all time, instead his two runs with the WWE will be remembered as insignificant flashes in the pan. Del Rio had everything, the in-ring skills, a perfect heel persona and complete backing from officials. However, Del Rio's attitude was always going to be his problem. Outside of the ring, Del Rio was known to be difficult to work with and impossible to control. Rumouring to have several bust-ups with backstage officials. Even his fan interactions were controversial. Several fans have talked about the awkward encounters they've had with the Mexican wrestler. Apparently he's unkind to fans, through his unwillingness to sacrifice time for them. Del Rio reportedly doesn't see their importance to the business, despite them being the only reason he got a wage from the WWE. Likeable in the ring, extremely unlikeable outside of it. In my eyes he's one of the few wrestlers that wasn't playing a character on screen.

10 Mr. Kennedy


I'm not going to lie, Mr. Kennedy did have a run for a few months that was entertaining but after a while his stick became insufferable. Perhaps due to his awful gimmick Kennedy never quite became a main event talent in the WWE. His averageness reminded fans why John Cena and Randy Orton were the chosen stars in the WWE. Alongside his bad gimmick, his in-ring skills weren't up to par to compensate. Not only was his wrestling limited, but he wasn't even a safe worker. Cena and Orton were rumoured to constantly complain to Vince about the carelessness of Kennedy. On several occasions, the top stars felt their well-being was being put at risk because of sloppiness from Kennedy. If I hadn't written this article, Kennedy probably wouldn't have ever entered your mind again. Forgettable and annoying, Mr. Kennedy will go down as one of the most hated mid-carders of the new millennial.

9 Scott Steiner


Best known for his hoarse voice and chiselled physique, Scott Steiner was one of the most unique big men we've ever had in professional wrestling. Everything about him screamed dominance and intimidation, but his matches also screamed tedious. Rather than accepting his own shortcomings as a wrestler, Steiner blamed his failure in the WWE on others. Since his release he's come out on various media platforms to make demeaning comments about Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair. He has no respect for the legends of the business and in turn, us WWE fans have no respect for him. Think of the last time anybody said they wished Scott Steiner returned to the WWE... you can't think of one, can you? For someone so uninspiring and bad in the ring it's incredible that the former WCW wrestler has so much negativity to spread about everybody else, even wrestlers who have ten times the ability he has.

8 Bret Hart

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One of the greatest wrestling technicians of all time but also one of the most sour and bitter men to ever grace our televisions. His entitled attitude and constant outbursts of rage ultimately in the end made him one of the most disliked personalities ever. He sold the WWE out for money and then couldn't even deliver average matches in WCW. All that fuss and drama for nothing. Every time he's come back to the WWE he's looked uninterested on the mic as if he's been forced to take a paycheck. Even in shoot interviews he's used any opportunity to criticize and slate the current product. It's just not needed and nobody wants to hear it. What did he gain from saying Triple H has never had an above 4/10 match? Or criticizing Seth Rollins' in-ring style? What is there to gain from spreading negativity? He should be using his status to offer words of encouragement to the current roster, not hate.

7 Josh Matthews


Sorry, but I don't know whether it was his tendency to get overexcited or it was his monotonous voice, but Josh Matthews wasn't anybody's favourite commentator. He initially entered the WWE through the first season of Tough Enough but when he wasn't deemed good enough to be a WWE superstar, he was transferred over to the commentator's table. His voice was irritating and his commentating style didn't add much to the storytelling of matches.

But perhaps it's the person that came unleashed after his WWE departure that has irritated fans the most. Ever since the 36-year old joined TNA he's become the most insufferable bitter ex-worker ever. On social media and in interviews Matthews has never shied away from his hate for the WWE. Making a point to let everyone know how much better TNA is. The same company that turned him from a nobody into a somebody is now the scourge of his heart. There's nothing worse than an ungrateful talentless former employee.

6 Kevin Nash


Disrespectful, average and rude. Kevin Nash is undoubtedly one of the most hated and less-desired wrestlers in history. He's hated for being pushed in the unstoppable fashion he was, he's hated for his poor in-ring ability and he's hated for bringing to an end the greatest streak in WCW history. He's also disliked for not showing loyalty to the WWE when they needed him the most, he instead sold out for a paycheck.

For someone who's never produced a good match in his life, he does have an awful lot to say about others and their ability. Even when he came back to bury CM Punk, not one fan cared at all. In his heyday, Nash isolated himself from the locker room with The Kliq and almost made absolutely no effort to socialize with others. He disobeyed authority, victimized co-workers and showed a lack of respect to the paying public at shows.

5 Jim Cornette

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Jim Cornette was one of the loudest, most brash and outspoken personalities ever to grace the pro wrestling industry. Never has an individual found so much delight in the downfall of others as Jim Cornette has. He's found incredible joy in the declining TV ratings of the WWE and he's been overjoyed with certain wrestlers not becoming the stars they were pushed to be. He has allowed personal vendettas to cloud his judgement and define who he is as a person today.

Regardless of what people tell you, all publicity isn't always good publicity. Cornette loves the attention he gets when he bashes internet favourites like Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens, but is taken aback when people don't necessarily agree with his viewpoint. All you have to do his Google and YouTube Cornette to see the poisonous things he's spewed out about the WWE over the years.

4 CM Punk

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Now I know there are still pockets of fans that chant his name at arenas across the states but there's a good majority of the WWE universe who wouldn't care less if Punk ever appeared in the WWE again. Let's be honest, after Punk had his epic match with Taker at WrestleMania 29 his career went downhill. Besides putting Lesnar over in August, nobody really cared about the straight edge wrestler anymore. I won't take away his epic year-long title reign but let's face the facts, he was always playing second fiddle to John Cena. When you're the WWE Champion and you can't main event over a Laurinaitis-Cena match, who are you really?

For someone so arrogant, self-righteous and self-entitled, Punk really didn't deliver the great matches he promised to. He called himself the best in the world but wasn't even the best in the WWE mid-card. He wasn't a company man, he didn't care about the business and subsequently, we fans don't care for him either.

3 Eric Bischoff


I'm not sure Eric Bischoff even has one single fan on this planet. He's gone down as one of the most untrustworthy people in the wrestling business, ever. His mere presence alone was enough to rub people the wrong way. His brash comments and nonchalant attitude promised so much but delivered very little on the big stage. Mr Bischoff was the literal embodiment of 'all talk, no walk.' He did one credible thing in his career, create the NWO. Then ultimately he overshot it and ruined the one good thing he had done.

He's arrogant and comes across as a know-it-all but doesn't have the record or pedigree to back it up. For someone who's achieved so little in his career, he always seems to have some disparaging comments to make about titans of the industry. Fans hate him, wrestlers hate him and we sure as hell know that Vince hates him, too.

2 Hulk Hogan

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Yeah, I know he's one of, if not the most famous wrestler in history. But there's no point in denying it, Hulk Hogan was/is a jackass. Nothing personifies the concept of backstage politics more than the thought of Hulk Hogan. The list of wrestlers he's upset over his illustrious career is second to none. He's fallen out with Steiner, Warrior, Vince, Nash, Hall and Randy Savage, to name a few. This is no coincidence, Hogan isn't a nice person.

Power hungry and obsessed with fame, Hogan has trodden on many careers to uphold his own. He sucked the momentum out of others backstage to stay at the top of the mountain. Going to great lengths on a personal level to sabotage anyone who came near him. Of course, we all know wrestling is fake, but I've never believed the persona Hogan has portrayed outside the ring either, the recently found racist audio recordings have only compounded our initial suspicions.

1 Vince Russo


In the 90s nobody liked this guy and today, nobody likes this guy. There are some people who were just mad to be hated. Nowadays the former WWE creative writer spends his time trolling fans on twitter and writing reaction provoking articles. This is a man who is clearly still hanging on to his fifteen minutes of fame in a desperate manner. Whatever side you leant to back in the 90s whether it was WWF or WCW, you didn't like Vince Russo. Yes, he contributed majorly to the formation of the Attitude Era, but when he switched over to WCW, his creativity took a turn for the worse.

The success went to his head and he became drunk with power. He tried to pioneer a change in the direction of wrestling, he single-handedly tried to take away the emphasis of wrestling from WCW towards a more controversial short-term entertainment show. He wanted to provoke fans instead of entertaining them. Instead, it led to some of the worst wrestling shows ever produced and since then no one has forgiven him. The fans hated him at the time, and they still do.

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