15 Former WWE Divas You Wouldn't Even Recognize

The life of a WWE Diva has undergone a 360-degree type of change in the last couple of years. In the 90s and into the early 2000s, it was all about selling sex appeal. In the mid 2000s, the WWE tinkered with both in-ring talent and sex appeal aspect, although the in-ring outlook still struggled to find its footing. Today, the company has finally struck gold with its new formula hiring passionate in-ring performers. The decision has resulted in one of the finest women’s division we’ve ever seen loaded with talent on both rosters. The division can only go up from here with talents like Asuka down in NXT and the WWE scouting the world for more future stars.

In this article, we’ll include Divas from all of the time periods. We’ve got some from the Attitude Era, some from the mid 2000s and even some recently released stars that already look unrecognizable today, donning an entirely different look. If you want to make things interesting, avoid looking at names and try to tell who the person is just by looking at the picture. Let us know how well you did!

Now let’s get started, here are 15 former WWE Divas you wouldn’t even recognize. Enjoy!

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15 Kaitlyn

Former WWE Diva Kaitlyn, looks absolutely unrecognizable nowadays supporting a new hair color and stunning look (as you can see on her Instagram page). The former WWE star has kept very busy since leaving the company performing several photoshoots, along with the managing of her company Celestial Bodiez which sells women’s fitness apparel.

Her WWE career was short-lived yet quite impactful. She made her debut with NXT during season three when the show was in complete disarray as an unwatchable competition. She would ultimately rise up the ranks and eventually make a name for herself alongside real-life best friend AJ Lee. Kaitlyn would cap-off her short run by winning the WWE Divas Championship. Her talent was certainly there but she eventually opted to change fields resorting back to the fitness industry looking for a stable option. She officially parted ways with the company on January 8th, 2014 and is considered as being retired from the wrestling business.

14 Serena

Without looking at her name, most wrestling fans would have a hard time identifying the person above as former WWE Superstar Serena. Nowadays, the former member of the "Straight Edge Society" is dawning a full head of hair and looking unrecognizable from her WWE days. The Santa Monica native is still quite young at the age of 30.

Similar to Kaitlyn, Serena’s run was short-lived but pretty impactful serving a purpose as a member of the Straight Edge Society alongside CM Punk. Serena shocked the WWE universe when she opted to shave her head as a part of the initiation with the group. Her contributions to the trio served its purpose and she did a great job in the role. So why was she released after such a short reign? As it turns out, CM Punk and the WWE were not too pleased with her life outside of the ring. Serena wasn’t anywhere near “Straight Edge” outside of the ring and this angered Punk who wanted to live out the kayfabe aspect of the story. Following her release, Serena joined Shimmer and would tour the Indie scene.

13 Aksana


This picture of Aksana was taken at an autograph signing event. The former WWE star looks really different with light brown hair as opposed to her dark black look most wrestling fans knew her for.

The Lithuanian joined the company during a time where the division was still in disarray in terms of direction. This was probably one of the biggest reasons why her run didn’t work out as planned. According to employees like Theodore Long, Aksana was great to work with and always wanted to learn about the business. Despite her commitment levels, the WWE elected to release the Diva in the summer of 2014. Her last match took place in a losing effort against Alicia Fox on SmackDown.

Since her departure, Aksana was spotted at several wrestling conventions around the globe and was said to be very genuine and loving with her fans. Today, the former WWE Diva is 34.

12 Devin Taylor

Some of you might be thinking, “who the hell is Brittany Fetkin?” The former WWE employee was only released a year ago but looks unrecognizable from her WWE days.

During her small role with the company, Fetkin went under the name of Devin Taylor. She was tasked as being the backstage interviewer for the NXT brand becoming a pushover for most of the heels on the roster, like Dana Brooke who would look down on Taylor. Eventually, Devin asked for a role as a wrestler and the WWE obliged but her progress seemed too minimal after training at the Performance Center. As documented on WWE Breaking Ground, Taylor was released from her WWE contract due to growing injury concerns. Nowadays, the WWE is simply no nonsense when it comes to nagging injury problems.

Since her time with the company, Taylor has been featured in several commercials, including spots for Hewlett-Packard and NASCAR. She also briefly appeared on The Bachelor.

11 Maxine

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Rarely does the WWE make a mistake in releasing a talent, particularly in the women’s division as they usually hang on to the strong assets. In this case however, the WWE made a big mistake parting ways with a huge potential star.

Looking at the picture above you might not recognize that face because of her brief WWE involvement. Maxine wrestled with the company for three years, spending the entire time with developmental brands FCW and NXT. An impatient Maxine eventually decided to part ways with the company seeing her progression move at a pace which looked to be far too slow for her liking. She would have a brief run with TNA but really made a name for herself in Lucha Underground as one of the major breakout stars in the promotion.

Working under the name of Catrina, the former WWE Diva completely resurfaced her brand value becoming a top star in the company. Along with her accomplishments in the pro wrestling industry, Maxine has also enjoyed minor gigs in both television and film.

10 Brandi Rhodes

So you’re probably wondering how a girl that left the company a couple of months ago could look unrecognizable? Well, judge for yourself in the picture above. Known as Eden to the WWE Universe, the wife of Cody Rhodes spent her entire career as a ring announcer so it’s rather odd to see her wearing a pair of wrestling trunks to go along with her attire.

Brandi got started with the company briefly in 2011 working as a ring announcer for the FCW territory. She quit the company but returned as the ring announcer for NXT in 2013. Just as she landed the role as the lead ring announcer for Raw with Garcia leaving the company, Brandi also decided to leave the WWE joining her husband on the Indie circuit. The decision to leave was also made because Brandi wanted to transition in a career as a wrestler, but the WWE did not see such a future. Brandi is currently working for TNA and the Indie scene, alongside her husband Cody.

9 Eve Torres

With a prior career as a dancer and model, most WWE fans thought it was yet another typical good looking Diva entering the mix with no talent whatsoever. Fans were instead treated to quite the surprise as Eva impressed and became a fan favorite rather quickly. Even the WWE was very high on the Diva pushing her multiple times. Being married to Jiu-Jitsu specialist Rener Gracie certainly paid off.

During her six year stint with the WWE, Torres won the WWE Diva Search and managed to win the Championship a grand total of three times, making her one of the most prestigious WWE Divas Champions in history.

Like Kaitlyn, Torres would ask the WWE for her release branching out into her husband’s business as a self-defense coach. She would later become a proud mother, as you can see in the picture above, looking even more stunning than she did in her WWE days (if that’s even possible).

8 Amy Weber

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Who’s that hot looking real estate agent, you ask? Why, that’s former WWE Diva Amy Weber who had a brief stint with the company in 2004 and 2005. Weber was a member of the SmackDown brand joining JBL’s team as his “image consultant”. Her run was short-lived and ended on a bitter note. She resigned from the company claiming she was sexually harassed by some of the Superstars on the roster. She was displeased with the backstage environment and also wasn’t too fond of the pay which added to her departure from the company. Although, rumors claim she was released after accidentally hitting JBL with a dart that was actually intended for Big Show. You really can’t make this stuff up!

Amy would go on to appear in several films and television shows along with a brief musical career which was quite successful, headlined by her Let It Rain song and album. She’s currently enjoying her new career as a mom and real estate agent.

7 Nidia


The picture above shows a trio of WWE alums at this past WrestleMania. The photo features the great Molly Holly and Candice Michelle. The woman in the middle you might not recognize, well that’s former WWE star Nidia. Remember her?

The name might ring a bell from the WWE series Tough Enough. Nidia won the first ever competition and it led to her 2002 SmackDown debut. Her role with the company was minor, and she is mostly remembered for working side-by-side with Jamie Noble. In comparison to other Tough Enough contestants, Nidia wasn’t really all that bad, she was just never given the opportunity to thrive by the company. In November of 2004, the WWE parted ways with the talent.

Today, Nidia is enjoying the life of a mother with two children. She was also spotted at the Hall of Fame ceremony in 2016 sitting next to WWE Hall of Famer Lita. The former Tough Enough winner is 37 today.

6 Katie Lea Burchill


It was a rare signing as the WWE finally took a chance at a past Indie wrestler and not some model or actress (a formula they’re finally using today). Wrestling on the Indie circuit since 2000, the WWE finally contacted the veteran and she’d make her main roster debut in 2008. Despite all her experience and upside, Katie was relegated to a minor role during her time with the company and was later released in April of 2010.

Following her release, Katie finally maintained the success she deserved with TNA becoming a two-time Knockouts Champion. He run with TNA was very impactful and would also help to land several gigs on the Indie scene.

Residing out of Louisville, Kentucky, Burchill is still looking great at the age of 36. Now the question is, how many of you spotted that to be Katie Lea?

5 Kristal Marshall

Just by looking at her picture, many fans would struggle to realize who that former Diva is. Hint: she dated Theodore Long on the program and is the ex-wife of MMA and TNA star Bobby Lashley. For those of you who guessed Kristal Marshall, congratulations, you're correct!

Her WWE involvement was brief and mostly known as a personality rather than as a performer in the ring. She had some memorable storylines which included a flirtatious angle alongside Theodore Long. The story was capped off with a wedding that saw Long suffer a “heart attack”. This was her final involvement with the company as she parted ways soon after.

Marshall would join TNA briefly and opt to leave the wrestling business for good later on. Today, she is the proud owner of her own salon. She also has a child from her previous marriage to Bobby Lashley. It was announced that the two had split in 2010.

4 Sharmell


At the age of 46, Sharmell is still looking pretty darn good as a happy mother of a set of twins. Sharmell is of course, the wife of WCW and WWE Superstar Booker T.

Although most fans think her WWE involvement was her first experience in the pro wrestling business, think again. Sharmell actually made her debut in 1998 serving as a Nitro Girl for WCW. Just before the WWE bought out WCW, Sharmell was signed by McMahon’s company. Her initial run was halted rather quickly and most fans probably don’t even remember that it ever happened. In 2001, Booker’s wife served as the backstage interviewer for the SmackDown brand. She would later leave the company to run her own clothing store.

She was re-hired years later as Booker’s valet, or should we say, "King Booker’s" valet. “Queen Sharmell” did a great job in her brief stint alongside her husband Booker T. The two would enjoy another run together with TNA and this would be Sharmell’s last pro wrestling involvement with the big companies.

3 Francine


For these next two entries we turn back the clock to the 90s, our favorite era of pro wrestling (well, most of ours). For you 90s fans, that face might look familiar. Hint: she made her name as a part of ECW debuting as a manger of Stevie Richards back in 1995. The answer: wrestling legend Francine, who is 44 today.

Her breakout occurred in ECW becoming a popular face in the hardcore wrestling promotion. She stayed on board till the very end serving as Justin Credible and Raven’s manager. Francine finally left the company when ECW declared bankruptcy in April of 2001.

Her wrestling career would continue on the Indie scene along with a brief stop with TNA. In 2006, Francine would sign an improbable WWE contract joining the ECW brand serving as an old face to the show. Just as she made her in-ring return in September, she was out the door in October as the company released the ECW legend from her deal.

2 The Kat

Joining the WWE in 1999, “The Kat” Stacy Carter entered the business with no prior experience to her name. Of course, that was perfectly fine as the Attitude Era was all about image and less about the in-ring action when it came to the women on the roster.

Despite her limited abilities, Kat actually did quite well for herself claiming an improbable Women’s Championship. To her credit, she was also able to connect with the crowd becoming a popular act on the roster.

Her run was later halted in 2001 as her backstage reputation worsened over time. The WWE had seen enough and released the ex-wife of Jerry Lawler. She spent a couple of years working the Indies following her release.

Today, Kat works closely with several animal shelters. Her Instagram is loaded with dog pictures which is ironic since she was named The Kat... You can also find the 46 year old at wrestling conventions as she still attends sessions from time to time.

1 Melina

Some pro wrestlers just can’t stay away from the business. Returning to the Indie scene is that face you see in the picture above. With an all new look and sporting short blonde hair, Melina has come back to the pro wrestling world at the age of 37.

Her WWE career was certainly noteworthy. In the ring, Melina was a tremendous talent and one of the very best of her time. Her backstage attitude however wasn’t as humbling, as the Diva was quite the problem starter during her WWE days.

After her release, Melina worked the Indie scene and left the pro wrestling industry opting to go back to school. This was short-lived as Melina is back on the Indies and appearing at several conventions including a recent appearance at Comic Con. Judging by her look, Melina still looks great today. What do you guys think, will the WWE give her a call?

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