15 Former WWE Divas Many Fans Forgot About

WWE is like a conveyor belt. It seems that for every woman that is released from the company, there is another one ready to take their place. Over the past few decades, there have been a number of women coming through the company as part of both the Attitude Era and the era that included the annual Diva Search.

This means that over the past few years there have been a lot of women who have come through the company and been completely forgotten after they left a few years later. These women have since moved on to careers in other sports or other avenues of employment and been able to put their careers in the spotlight behind him.

Even though there was a time when these women would be seen on a weekly basis on WWE TV, they have since been forgotten in the grand scheme of things and wrestling has moved on without them. Even though the Women's Revolution is now in full swing and a number of legends have been able to return, there are still many women who have been forgotten and not invited to return to the company as part of the history-making matches over the past few months.

The following list looks at just 15 women who were once part of WWE TV, but have since been able to move away from the spotlight. They have been forgotten by the fans that once saw them as the future of the Women's Division.

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15 Cherry

Via WWE.com

Cherry is the only former WWE Diva who was able to make her way to the ring wearing rollerskates. The former star was seen as the valet for tag team Deuce and Domino who were announced from "the other side of the tracks" but also wrestled a number of times before she was released from the company back in 2008 when it was revealed that Cherry was told that she needed to lose some weight.

Cherry has since decided to leave the business ever since she was released from WWE and has since been able to start a job at sea life in Orlando, Florida and has been spotted a number of times with her best friend Natalya on Total Divas.

Howeverfor all intents and purposes Cherry has left the spotlight and has now started a career of her own away from the eyes of the WWE Universe.

14 Candice Michelle

Via pwmania.com

Candice Michelle is a former Women's Champion in WWE as well as a former Diva Search contestant. The former star was once one of the biggest female stars in the company after she posed for Hugh Hefner's magazine back in 2006 but following her release, Candice has become another former female wrestler who has focused on having a family and is now the mother of three daughters.

Candice did return to the squared circle last year and had her final wrestling match at House of Hardcore in her hometown against Victoria, but she wasn't one of the legends who was asked to return to the company for the first ever Women's Royal Rumble back in June. Candice is still present on social media, but her time in the ring is now a distant memory and Michelle now wants to spend her time concentrating on raising her daughters.

13 Ariel

Via wrestlingforum.com

Ariel came over to WWE when they decided to revamp the ECW brand back in 2005 and was best known as the valet of Kevin Thorn when he was seen in a vampire-style character. Ariel would come to the ring as a vampiress and had a unique way of getting into the ring that she was best remembered for.

Ariel wasn't seen as one of the biggest stars in the division at the time, which could be why she wasn't chosen as one of the women to move over to the main roster when the company decided to pull the plug on ECW. Ariel has since been known to star in a number of risqué films, as well as still performing in the wrestling business. Even though Ariel has remained on the wrestling circuit, she isn't someone that made an impact in WWE, which is why she has become quite a forgettable star.

12 Maxine

Via WWE.com

Maxine was one of a number of women who were part of the first and only season of NXT which only featured female wrestlers. Maxine wasn't someone who set the world alight with her wrestling, but she was a wrestler that looked like she could make it on the main roster after she was eliminated from the show, which was eventually won by Kaitlyn.

It was reported by Wrestleview.com that Maxine went to Triple H with a fantastic idea for her debut on the main roster, but Triple H gave the idea to Aksana because it was thought that The Game was a huge fan of the Lithuanian star and he thought that she would be able to do the character justice. Maxine has since moved on to be part of Lucha Underground under the ring name Catrina and has been trying to forget the part she played in WWE programming for almost three years.

11 Aksana

via: villains.wikia.com

Aksana was WWE's first ever Lithuanian female wrestler and was part of the third season of NXT, which was made up of female wrestlers. Aksana made enough of an impact that she went on to join the main roster and played a prominent role in the show for a few years until Total Divas became the main focus of the division and included many of the company's biggest names.

Aksana was one of the only female wrestlers on the brand at that time that wasn't part of the show, which could be why the company decided to release her from her contract back in 2014 after more than five years with the company and just a few months after a botch in a match with Naomi that left the Diva needing surgery on her eye. Aksana has since gone on to start a career as a personal trainer in Tampa, Florida, according to Sports Retriever.

10 Rochelle Loewen

Via Youtube.com

Rochelle Loewen was one of a number of female wrestlers who became part of the company for a fleeting amount of time when they were part of the WWE Diva Search. Loewen was a former model and obviously someone who didn't know a lot about the business when she was hired, which was why her lack of knowledge about the stars of WWE offended Randy Orton.

The Viper didn't like the fact that Rochelle didn't know who he was, which was why he played a number of tricks on her. Ever since she decided to walk away from the company, Rochelle has worked for the LA Lingerie Football League and continued to model. According to Sports Retriever, it seems that many members of the WWE Universe right now would have no idea who Rochelle is since she wasn't part of the show for long enough to leave a lasting impression.

9 Cameron

Via cagesideseats.com

Cameron was signed to WWE with no prior wrestling experience, but because she was a dancer, the company decided to fast track her to the main roster after just a few months of training at the Performance Centre. Cameron was then aligned with Noami and the duo was known as The Funkadactyls and in 2013 they were both given spots on Total Divas. 

Cameron had a number of issues with other female wrestlers and was released from the company back in 2016, according to Wrestling Inc. She has since been seen as part of her own YouTube series and it was reported by Sports Retriever that she is looking into starting a career in the acting business. Cameron has the experience of working on the set of Total Divas, so she already has her foot in the door in the business, but she is still pushing herself back into the spotlight at present.

8 Shaul Guerrero

Via wrestling-online.com

Shaul Guerrero attempted to follow in the footsteps of her famous father Eddie Guerrero a few years ago when she was signed to a WWE contract and sent down to FCW. Shaul made waves in FCW and was then moved over to NXT when the company was rebranded. Sadly, her career in NXT didn't last very long, before the star asked for her WWE release because she was struggling with personal health issues.

Shaul has since married current SmackDown Live star Aiden English and returned to school and her studies. She was most recently seen with her husband at the 2018 Hall of Fame induction ceremony a few days ago, but the star has no plans to return to the ring in the near future. Even her mother Vickie Guerrero has now left the business, even though she did recently make a one-off appearance at The Royal Rumble.

7 Amy Weber

via: twitter.com

Amy Weber is another former Diva Search contestant that was able to make a name for herself when she was signed to the company on the SmackDown brand. Weber wrestled just one match in WWE and won via forfeit before she resigned from the company after an argument over pay.

Weber has since welcomed twins with her husband and had worked as a model and actress, but according to her Twitter page, she is now the  Top Producing Real Estate agent in Los Angeles. Weber has decided to put her life in the spotlight behind her and even though she has released a number of singles and proved that she has a bright future in the music industry. Weber has opted for a stable job so that she can support her small family. Weber wasn't with the company long enough to be remembered by the WWE Universe.

6 Katie Lea Burchill

via: whatculture.com

Katie Lea Burchill was part of the WWE for around two years before her release back in 2010, and her most memorable storyline was as the sister of British star Paul Burchill. After Lea left the company, she went on to make a much bigger name for herself in Impact Wrestling as Winter, before returning to the Independent Circuit over the past few years.

According to IMDB, Katie has also been part of a number of films over the past few years and she is another female wrestler who is trying her hand at a career in the acting industry.

Right now, Burchill is juggling her time between performing on the Independent Circuit and working on her acting ability. She also works as a writer and director, which could be why she hasn't thought about returning to the WWE over the past few years or played her part in the Women's Revolution.

5 Jackie Gayda

Via aminoapps.com

Jackie Gayda wasn't able to make much of an impact as a wrestler, but the company realized that her talent was in managing, which is where she met her husband Charlie Haas. The couple worked together for a few years before her release back in 2005 and they have since begun a family together and have four children.

It was revealed that Jackie and Charlie opened a smoothie store in Frisco, Texas back in 2008 and the couple has continued to use this as their main source of income since Haas retired from the business.

Jackie attempted to continue to wrestle on the Independent Circuit following her release, but it seems that even she knew that she worked better in a none-physical capacity and has since moved on to a career outside of the wrestling business, while her husband only recently called time on his career.

4 Kristal Marshall

Via WWE.com

Kristal Marshall was part of WWE at a time when the SmackDown Women's Division wasn't taken seriously. Kristal mostly feuded with Jillian Hall throughout her career and was known for her storyline with General Manager Theodore Long, before she too was released from the company when she was deemed surplus to requirements.

Marshall was in a relationship with fellow star Bobby Lashley at the time and was then able to appear alongside him at TNA for a while. They have two children together but announced back in 2010 that she and Lashley had gone their separate ways.

According to WWE.com, Kristal has turned to a career in bodybuilding and returned to college to continue the studies that she put on hold more than a decade ago when she joined WWE. Kristal has managed to continue her career despite also having two young children to raise at the same time.

3 Sara Lee

Via f4wonline.com

Sara Lee was part of the 2015 revamped version of Tough Enough, which was broadcasted on the WWE Network. She became the female winner of the show and was awarded a developmental contract with WWE, but back in 2016, the company decided to release Lee, just days after she revealed that she was expecting her first child with fellow superstar Wesley Blake. Blake and Lee announced that Piper had arrived back in May 2017 before they officially became a married couple in December last year.

Blake has continued to work on the NXT roster while Lee has taken to motherhood and often posts cute images of her daughter on Instagram.

Lee didn't appear on NXT TV throughout her year-long stay in the company and many fans have already forgotten about many of Tough Enough's participants, with Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville the only notable stars left from the show.

2 Anastacia Rose

Via fanpop.com

Anastacia Rose is definitely someone that the WWE Universe won't remember. She was mainly seen as a backstage interviewer on SmackDown and debuted interviewing Rey Mysterio on the show back in 2007. Less than a year later in January 2008 it was revealed that she had been released from her WWE contract. The star had a background in hosting and presenting and was seen as part of reality TV show Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll where she was able to show off her incredible singing ability as well.

She didn't win the competition but went on to release a number of songs on her YouTube page and currently is continuing to pursue a career in the music industry.

Rose wasn't part of the company for very long, which didn't allow her long enough to connect with the WWE Universe and make a memorable contribution.

1 Serena Deeb

Via shitloadsofwrestling.com

Serena Deeb was the only female member of the Stright Edge Society alongside CM Punk, Luke Gallows, and Joey Mercury back in 2010 but was later released from the company after just a few months for reportedly not living up to the straight edge persona.

Deeb was known for her shaved head and different look in the Women's Division, but she has definitely changed her image over the past few years.

Deeb returned to WWE in 2017 as part of the Mae Young Classic where she was almost unrecognizable but was unable to make it out of the second round of the competition since she was defeated by Piper Niven. It was revealed by WWE.com a few months ago that Deeb had signed a contract with WWE to return to the company as a trainer at the Performance Centre in Orlando, Florida, which will allow her to pass on her skills to the next generation.

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