15 Attractive Female Wrestlers Who Are Still Single And Available

Not only is wrestling a career that doesn't have a very long shelf life, but it is also a career that opens many female wrestlers up to relationships that are only born out of complete convenience. This means that there are a number of female wrestlers right now who have been in relationships and they haven't worked out, or they've decided that they don't want to focus on their personal lives while they are in the spotlight.

Many women are wise enough to put their personal life on hold while they focus on being part of a business that is primarily dominated by men, which means that some of the most beautiful women on TV are still single and completely available.

Under normal circumstances, many of these women would definitely be in long-term relationships right now, but it's hard to make a relationship work when these stars are on the road for more than 300 days a year. Even though there are a number of stars who have been able to make their relationships work, these are just a complete exception to the overall assumption that wrestling relationships are not made to last. The following list looks at just 15 female wrestlers from all over the circuit who are reported to still be free and single. Many of these women are driven forward by their career and the current Women's Revolution, making it hard for any man to be able to turn their heads.

15 Tamina Snuka

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Tamina Shuka has been part of WWE now for almost a decade and much like a number of other female wrestlers in WWE right now, she is a second generation star following in the footsteps of her father Jimmy "The Superfly" Snuka. It has become quite well-known that Tamina is a mother outside of the company and has two young daughters.

Tamina married Brandon Polamalu back in 1995, but following the birth of her daughters, the couple divorced back in 2003. Since then Tamina has decided to pursue a career in the wrestling business and somehow find time to spend with her daughters while she's on the road. This takes up a lot of her time, which could be why she hasn't been linked to any other wrestlers during her lengthy stint on the WWE roster, she's one female wrestler that seems completely focused on her career.

14 Sonya Deville

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Sonya Deville first came to WWE a few years ago when she auditioned to be part of Tough Enough back in 2015. Even though Deville didn't win the competition, she was signed to WWE and was then pushed through the developmental system, before she was promoted to the main roster back in November.

Deville proved her dominance a number of times while she was in NXT and has continued to use her MMA background to her advantage. Deville is the first ever openly gay female wrestler and even though she has always been open about her romantic preferences, her last relationship ended a few months after she joined WWE and she has been free and single ever since. Deville has needed to ensure that all her attention is on her career since she is currently one of the focuses of the Women's Division on Monday Night Raw.

13 Dana Brooke


Dana Brooke has been unlucky both professionally and personally over the past few years ever since she made her debut in NXT back in 2013. Dana was promoted to the main roster a few years ago and the star has been used as an enhancement talent in recent months with WWE reluctant to gamble on the former NXT star in the Women's Division.

Brooke was in a relationship with former World Champion Dolph Ziggler during her NXT days, but since she was promoted to Raw and he was drafted to SmackDown, the couple were unable to make their relationship work. Dana then moved on to bodybuilding boyfriend Dallas McCarver, who sadly passed away back in August 2017. Brooke is taking a break from relationships as she attempts to push herself into the Women's Championship picture on Monday Night Raw in the fall out from WrestleMania 34.

12 Asuka

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Asuka been one of the most dominant female wrestlers in the history of WWE over the past few years and is still undefeated on WWE TV. Asuka is yet to be pinned or submitted and became the longest reigning NXT Women's Champion when she held the title for more than 500 days before she was promoted to the main roster last year.

Asuka's climb in the wrestling world was a fast one since much of her life was focused on a career in graphic design. Now at 36 years old Asuka has become one of the oldest female wrestlers in the current division but she is still someone who is focused on becoming the best female wrestler so she has no time for male distractions. Asuka seems to have benefitted from the mindset over the past few years so she could be on to something if she's able to become Women's Champion at WrestleMania.

11 Sienna

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Sienna is former a two-time Knockout's Champion and is currently signed to the Impact Wrestling Women's Division. She has been a fan of professional wrestling ever since she was a child and has been working her way up through the business over the past decade until she signed for Impact Wrestling back in 2016.

Sienna has been one of the best things about the Impact Women's Division for the past few years and it seems that like many other women who are on her level, she decided to focus on the career path that she wanted rather than any male distractions. Sienna has been a fantastic wrestler in a shocking division for a long time, but luckily she has continued to sharpen her skills on the Independent Circuit in recent years which will turn WWE's head one day if she continued to push to be the best in her division.

10 Nikki Cross

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Nikki Cross was once known as Nikki Storm on the Independent Circuit and was seen as one of the most highly rated female wrestlers on the scene at that time. Over the past few years, Nikki has been part of WWE's developmental brand where she is the only female member of Sanity. Nikki has unsuccessfully challenged for the Women's Championship a number of times in recent months and is one of the integral of the Women's Division at present.

Even though she hasn't been part of anything of note over the past few weeks, heading into the biggest event of the year, it is thought that Nikki is a star that will be controlling the NXT Women's Division in the future. Even though Nikki works closely with a number of male wrestlers as part of the NXT roster, it seems that the Scottish star isn't someone who likes to mix business with pleasure, which is why it's reported that she is currently single.

9 Rosemary

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Rosemary is both a professional wrestler and an actress and has definitely proved her worth on the Impact Wrestling roster as a former Knockout's Champion. She has been a fan of the business ever since she was introduced to it by her father when she was much younger and made her professional debut back in 2008, meaning that she has been around the circuit for the past decade.

Rosemary has been able to make a name for herself inside the ring rather than using her romantic preferences to climb the ranks like many other women in the business. Her face paint has become iconic and her in-ring ability was thought to have been something that turned a few heads, which is why she has been able to work for a number of other promotions over the past few years. It seems that Rosemary isn't a woman who likes to make her private relationships public information, but she is reported to be single at this present moment in time.

8 Billie Kay

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Billie Kay is one half of The Iconic Duo, who currently perform on the NXT roster in the Women's Division, but while her teammate Peyton Royce is in a relationship with SmackDown star Tye Dillinger, Billie has been quite unlucky when it comes to her personal life and has been single throughout her lengthy stint in NXT.

Kay is one of the Australian imports that followed Emma into the company a few years ago and she has proved that she could be a star on the main roster in the coming years. Kay is one of the stars who is rumoured to be being promoted to the main roster following this year's WrestleMania, so the lack of distractions in her life have paid dividends, but it's a long time to be single and she must be looking over at Peyton and wanting that kind of relationship at some point.

7 Shayna Baszler

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Shayna Baszler had a successful career in MMA before she decided to make the switch over to wrestling and is a close friend of Ronda Rousey, she made quite an impact in the Mae Young Classic last year, a tournament that Baszler was named as the runner-up. She has since debuted on the NXT roster where she has picked apart every wrestler who has stepped across the ring from her.

Baszler could become NXT Women's Champion for the first time this weekend at Takeover: New Orleans and it seems that the main reason that the star is single right now is because she would definitely be a hard woman to handle. Baszler could easily step in the ring with many of the men in NXT and WWE right now and there is a lot of fear surrounding her. There probably aren't many stars in the locker room who would be happy to approach her.

6 Carmella

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Carmella has come through the ranks in WWE and began her career down in NXT alongside Enzo Amore and Big Cass when she was the manager of the tag team and the girlfriend of Cass. After the duo was promoted to the Raw roster without Carmella and she was later drafted over to SmackDown, it seems that her relationship became strained and after the couple bought a house together, they announced that they had decided to go their separate ways earlier this year.

Carmella is the current Miss Money in the Bank on the SmackDown roster, which means that she has a Women's Championship match in her sights whenever she wants it and could potentially cash in her contract at WrestleMania this weekend. Even though Carmella is a main character on Total Divas, she has decided to become quite private about her personal life in recent months.

5 Ruby Riott

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Ruby Riott was once known as Heidi Lovelace on the Independent Circuit, before she was signed by WWE and sent to the Performance Centre in Orlando, Florida. Riott was then promoted to the main roster after a handful of appearances on NXT and is now the leader of The Riott Squad alongside Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan.

Riott fought for the Women's Championship for the first time back at Fastlane in March and has been a fresh personality on the SmackDown roster ever since her debut back in November, but it seems that Riott is another addition to this list since she hasn't been linked with a male superstar throughout her time in the company. Riott could be another star who prefers to focus on her career rather than allowing her head to be turned by another star. At just 27 years old, Riott is doing quite well for herself.

4 Charlotte Flair

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Charlotte Flair is the daughter of two-time WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair and so far she has proved that his legacy is in good hands. Charlotte is the current SmackDown Women's Champion, but while she has followed in her father's footsteps in the ring, it seems that her personal life is destined to head in the same direction as well.

Flair married Riki Johnson back in 2010 before the couple quickly divorced the following year, Charlotte then moved on to marry TNA star Bram back in 2013 and their divorce was then finalized in October 2015. The Champion then moved on a relationship with Alberto Del Rio before it was revealed that he was dating Paige. No wonder Charlotte has taken a step away from the dating game in recent years. She's doing some incredible things on TV right now and her personal life was a huge distraction.

3 Nia Jax

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Nia Jax has been one of the most dominant female stars in WWE since she made her debut in NXT a few years ago. Despite this, it seems that Nia has still never been able to lift a Championship in WWE, to prove that she belongs in the company where her cousin The Rock once found fame.

While Jax was in NXT she started a relationship with fellow star Josh Woods. The two were inseparable for a number of months before Nia was moved to the main roster and they then stopped updating cute Instagram images and Jax was added to the cast of Total Divas, where she has been part of a number of scenes where she has been trying out speed dating to pick up a new boyfriend. Jax fights for the Women's Championship this weekend at WrestleMania, so even though her personal life has suffered because of her career, she could finally have something to show for it.

2 Tenille Dashwood

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Emma was the first ever Australian female wrestler, but even though she was part of the Women's Revolution and one of the women who pushed the NXT Division forward and truly proved what those women were capable of, she was still released from WWE back in 2017.

Emma has since become known as Tenille Dashwood on the Independent Circuit and recently started working for Ring of Honor. Emma was reported to have been in a relationship with former Intercontinental Champion Zack Ryder when she was working for WWE before she was promoted to the main roster. The couple split up at the beginning of 2017 following Emma's back injury and Ryder has since moved on to date Impact Wrestling star Chelsea Green. It is reported that even though this split was more than a year ago, Emma is still single and concentrating on rebuilding her life outside of WWE.

1 Angelina Love

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Angelina Love was once aligned with Velvet Sky and known as one-half of The Beautiful People in Impact Wrestling. Love became one of the most iconic female wrestlers for the Impact brand and has held the Knockout's Championship six times throughout her lengthy career.

Love's personal life has definitely been a noteworthy one since she was linked with the likes of Paul London,  Eric Young, and Crimson in her earlier career before she started dating fellow TNA star Davey Richards back in 2015. The couple married just a few months later and announced the arrival of their son David Vincent Richards in March 2016 but sadly the couple publicly revealed that they had filed for divorce back in 2017 and now the stunning star is working on the Independent Circuit after asking for and being granted her release from Impact Wrestling last summer and it is reported that she is still single.

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