15 Female Body Builders Who Could Crush You

Muscles can be sexy on a woman, but sometimes the sheer size of them can be downright scary. Some athletic-minded gals take their lifting goals to the extreme and bulk up to sizes you never thought possible. From their bulging biceps to their carved-out calves, these muscular mamas are as strong as steel and could easily outdo any form-minded fella who tries to out-lift them at the gym. Show-offs!

Some gals and guys think the big and bulky look is far from feminine, but who’s to say if a ripped chick is hot or if she’s not? The female bodybuilders who work long and hard for their rock-hard abs and lats think they look great and are always striving to become bigger. Isn’t “strong” supposed to be the new “sexy?”

There was a time not long ago when it was considered taboo for gals to show interest in body building, but times and standards have certainly changed. Women of all ages are working their bodies to the max for their own personal accomplishments or to compete with worldwide bodybuilding record holders. So long to the skinny stick figures and hello to hunky hotties.

Take a peek at these 15 female bodybuilders that aren’t afraid to pump themselves up to powerful proportions. Give them the side-eye and they’ll no doubt crush you. Heavy free weights and big barbells don’t scare these grunting gym rats. They’ll win any arm wrestling challenge and open the pickle jar with ease without help from their fella.

15 Irene Andersen

If you thought Sweden was full of waif-like blondes, take those preconceived notions and toss them to the curb. You have obviously never heard of the brawny bodybuilding powerhouse, Irene Andersen, who is originally from Denmark, but moved to Sweden when she was just a tot. Andersen was born in 1966 and is 5’7” of pure solid ripped muscle. In contest season, the muscle-clad chick weighs in at 185 lbs. but on those off months, she’s a more cushiony 209. She works out consistently and seriously, and her bulging muscles show it. The brunette bulked-up beauty has 3 kids, but that has not slowed down her passion for pumping iron one bit. She has been in countless competitions and her sheer size is captivating. Considering she did not start competing until she was 36-years-old is super-impressive. Along with bodybuilding, Andersen owns a gym and a hotel. This muscular mama is one do-it-all athlete!

14 Kim Chizevsky-Nicholls

Kim Chizevsky-Nicholls is so big and muscular that it is hard to believe she is even real. The 48-year-old has been nicknamed “Thunder Thighs,” and she is surely proud to be called it, considering the massive girth of her rock-solid legs. The tough and toned Chizevsky-Nicholls was born in Illinois and stands at 5’8”. She tips the scales at 132-160 lbs. in season and packs on a few, coming in at 170-176 off-season. The strong and sexy bodybuilder won a bunch of Ms. Olympia titles (4 to be exact) among many other bodybuilding awards over the years, but she doesn’t compete much, if at all, any longer. She is married and has two kids and lives in Missouri. If you do not follow women’s bodybuilding, you may have seen Chizevsky-Nicholls in the movie The Cell which starred the ever-popular, Jennifer Lopez. Don’t be fooled by the rocks that she’s got!

13 Nicole Bass-Fuchs

Nicole Bass-Fuchs recently left us in Feb. 2017 at the age of 52, but while she was here on Earth, she was a bodybuilding sensation. She was not only into bodybuilding, but she was a professional wrestler, actress, and wrestling valet. You may have seen the muscular marvel on The Howard Stern Show in his The Miss Howard Stern New Year’s Eve Pageant. Bass-Fuchs won numerous awards over the years and even competed in Ms. Olympia, although she came in 14th place. Her husband passed in 1985 and it was said that she was in a relationship with her female business partner at the time of her death earlier this year. Bass-Fuchs was a site to see at a whopping height of 6’2” and 240 lbs. She hailed from New York, but her presence in the bodybuilding and wrestling world was known far and wide. May she rest in peace and always be remembered for what she loved doing most.

12 Debi Laszewski

Debi Laszewski is a professional bodybuilder who hails from Wausau, Wisconsin. She is 47-years-old and is 5’2.5” tall and weighs 144-145 lbs. in season. She is ranked as the 3rd best female bodybuilder in the IFBB Pro Women’s Bodybuilding Ranking List. She started her career in bodybuilding at the age of 20 and competed in her first competition at age 24. Laszewski is an official sponsored athlete of Ironville Clothing Company, a seller of bodybuilding-inspired sportswear. Today, the bodybuilder resides in Jupiter, Florida where she makes a living as a personal trainer. She is also into interior design and home decorating. Laszewski is romantically linked to George Farah who is not only her boyfriend, but was her nutritionist while she was prepping for many of her past competitions. This bulky bodybuilder is certainly strong and powerful, and has impressed the bodybuilding world for decades with her amazing athleticism and size.

11 Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia

Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia is now 50-years-old, but her firm and fit physique is still as strong and striking as ever. The blonde and bronzed beauty was born in Venezuela but currently resides in sunny Miami, Florida, where she makes a living as a fitness trainer and nutrition consultant. Her clients must feel pretty confident that they are learning the ropes from one of the very best in the bodybuilding biz. The bold bodybuilder stands at 5’8” and is 160-170 lbs. in season. Oriquen-Garcia’s fitness life is impressive, but her upbringing back in her home country was just as interesting. She is the youngest of nine children and was also a model and actress. She is married and has a son who is now a teenager. Will he follow in his mom’s fierce footsteps? 50 was never more fabulous, and Oriquen-Garcia is the perfect proof that perseverance and power make for a winning combo!

10 Joanna Thomas

40-year-old bodybuilder, Joanna Thomas, was born in Cornwall, England and now lives in the warm climate of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. She is 5’2” and weighs 128-134 lbs. while in season. She is the youngest female bodybuilder to ever win her IFBB pro card which she obtained at the impressive age of 21. She trained as a nurse before training her muscular body but it seemed that her bodybuilding career trumped her desire to help the sick. Her sister, Nicola Shaw, is also a pro female bodybuilder, so the desire to pump up seems to run in the family. Not only does the toned Thomas lift and compete in the world of bodybuilding, she is also an adult model and has done lesbian porn, although she identifies as heterosexual. It seems like Thomas is a woman of many talents, but her most impressive achievement is the size of her massive muscles. Britain surely knows how to bulk their women up!

9 Alina Popa

Alina Popa is a brunette stunner who is 38 years of age and stands at 5’6”. She is originally from Romania and ranks as the 2nd best female bodybuilder in the IFBB Pro Women’s Bodybuilding Ranking List. She has lived in Sweden, but these days, the now-divorced Popa resides in Arvada, Colorado and works as a personal trainer. She also poses for magazines as a fitness model. Professionally, Popa has competed in Ms. Olympia, Ms. International, and a number of other bodybuilding competitions where she performed quite impressively. She still competes to this day, and at the age of 38, she is still wowing the crowds as she flexes her rock hard muscles. Popa is pumped up, ready for a challenge, and shows great determination. She can deadlift a whopping 308 lbs. so look out for this gal as she continues to work harder and pump more and more iron.

8 Helle Trevino

Holy Helle! Helle Trevino is a fierce and fantastic female bodybuilder who is originally from Denmark who has made her mark on the bodybuilding stage thanks to her impressive musculature and solid body. She is 41-years-old and is 5’5” and weighs 165 lbs. in season and about 180 lbs. off season. She is the highest-ranked Dane in the world, making her a “Great Dane,” some may say. Before making her way into the world of pro female bodybuilding, Trevino was always an active type, competing in many sports including shotput, ballroom dancing, swimming, martial arts, boxing, ballet, yoga, track and field, and more. She was obviously built to compete and loves doing so. Trevino also works as a personal trainer and currently resides in sunny Los Angeles, California. This go-getting Danish dame is all about serious fitness and taking her buff body to the next level, as evident by her photo.

7 Tina Chandler

Blonde and buff, Louisiana-native, Tina Chandler is 42-years-old and chock-full of ripped muscles and sublime solid form. She is 5’4” and weighs 125 lbs. in season and 145 while off the clock. Before dabbling in the world of pro female bodybuilding, Chandler competed as a gymnast and also played a number of other school sports as a youth including track, volleyball, basketball, cycling, cheerleading, and tennis. It’s no wonder this gal became so fit and muscular. She attended her first Ms. Olympia competition in 2009 and placed 10th, but that did not slow her down. She went on to participate in many additional competitions and scored impressively in many. These days, the cut Chandler resides down south in Houston, Texas, which makes sense. Don’t they say “Everything is bigger in Texas?” Chandler’s muscles are certainly included in that summation! Look out for more impressive achievements from this bodybuilding badass in years to come.

6 Iris Kyle

Iris Kyle is a female bodybuilding powerhouse who is 42-years-old. She is originally from Michigan but now lives in Katy, Texas… so don’t mess with Texas, as the saying goes! She is considered to be the most successful pro bodybuilder of all time – female or male – and has won ten overall Ms. Olympia titles and seven Ms. International titles. She is the best female bodybuilder in the IFBB Pro Women’s Bodybuilding Ranking List. Before getting involved in the field of bodybuilding, Kyle was always athletic and participated in a variety of sports including basketball, cross country, and softball. Kyle stands at 5’7” and is 157-165 lbs. in season and 175-180 lbs. off season. She has been nicknamed “Chocolate Chip.” Kyle is a sponsor for PNP Nutrition and is co-owner of the No Mercy Gym in California. She’s also a real estate agent with ERA Realty. Sheesh, what can’t this woman accomplish?

5 Betty Pariso

The breathtaking Betty Pariso from Kentucky is one heck of a majorly muscular mama with deeply bronzed skin and shiny golden hair. She is 61-years-old and is 5’6” tall weighing 155-169.5 lbs. in season (while she was actively competing). While she was still competing in bodybuilding, she was the world’s oldest active female bodybuilder. She retired at age 54. Pariso grew up being very active, as she was raised on a farm, and she also enjoyed participating in sports such as track, ping pong, and volleyball. This passion for fitness lead her to the world of female bodybuilding. Pariso was married twice and is still hitched to her 2nd husband, Ed Pariso. She has two grown children, a daughter and a son, and two grandchildren. They have a granny that doesn’t look a thing like most, but she must have a tender heart under those layers upon layers of bulky and bold muscles.

4 Nikki Fuller

Female bodybuilder, Nikki Fuller is blonde, bulky, and full of brawn. She is 49 years of age and hails from Dayton, Ohio. At her highest competing weight, Fuller tipped the scales at an impressive 200 lbs. Before pumping iron for a living, Fuller was a track and field star in high school and was a water polo champ as well. She has competed in various high-ranking bodybuilding competitions including Ms. Olympia, Ms. International, IFBB, and others over her many years in the female bodybuilding biz. After she took a break from bodybuilding, Fuller dabbled in acting after moving to Los Angeles. You may have seen her in bit parts on the hit show, Ally McBeal or Just Shoot Me! With a name like “Fuller,” it is fitting that her huge muscles are fuller than most. She was a powerhouse in her competitions and seems to have excelled in all areas she has tried to conquer.

3 Tonya Knight

Tonya Knight is a 50-year-old former female bodybuilder who is originally from Missouri. She retired back in 1993, but while active in her competitions, she was one not to be missed. Not that you could miss the muscular marvel! She competed in Ms. Olympia, Ms. International, and a number of other major competitions over her years on the female bodybuilding scene and scored impressively throughout her memorable career. In 2011, Knight was inducted into the IFBB Hall of Fame. Today, Knight resides in Overland Park, Kansas and is divorced from her ex John Poteat, a bodybuilder as well. She has one son. Perhaps you’ve seen Knight compete on the popular TV show, American Gladiators. She called herself “Gold” on the program and was a fan favorite from 1989 – 1992. She had to retire due to a knee injury. The perky blonde muscle-bound bombshell really packed a punch and delivered her best while on the circuit.

2 Sharon Bruneau

Brunette, muscle-bound, and tall, the impressive and attractive Sharon Bruneau was a successful female bodybuilder and fabulous fitness competitor who hails from Ontario, Canada. She is 53-years-old and stands at 5’9”. She retired from the field of bodybuilding in 1995, but while she was still active in bodybuilding, she participated in various competitions including Ms. Olympia, Ms. International, and many others with admirable results. She began her career in the spotlight in the world of fashion, as a model, but that did not last long once she opted to concentrate solely on her bodybuilding career. Bruneau was also bitten by the acting bug and had small parts in films including, Tornado Run, R.S.V.P., Smokin’ Aces, and more. Bruneau was a hit as the cover girl for Muscle & Fitness and Flex magazines back in her heyday. She was a page-turner then and has a fine resume to reflect back on now.

1 Melissa Coates

The blond and buff Melissa Coates is from Ontario, Canada and is 45 years of age. Today she lives in Georgia. She is a bodybuilder, wrestler, fitness model, and actress. She was initially set on becoming a tennis pro but decided to focus on bodybuilding after realizing her talent in the field. You may have seen Coates on TV on Extreme Dodgeball on the Game Show Network. Coates stands at 5’5” and weighs 150. The bodybuilding gene must run in the family, as her mom was a bodybuilder as well. Coates had small parts in the films Pray Another Day, A Story About Ian, and Ultimate Death Match 2. As a wrestler, some of Coates ring names included, “The Bag Lady,” “Mistress Melissa,” “Mile High Melissa,” and “Super Genie.” No matter what field Coates was in, she was and continues to be a standout. Those killer muscles and sheer determination make her a star.

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