15 Female Athletes Who Are As Hot As They Are Talented

Sport creates a lot of emotions, adrenaline, but also sadness when our favorite team or sportsman loses. All these emotions make us feel like we really live our lives to the max. If we add an ingredient to all this, women, we can easily understand why men are glued to TV.

Sport is one of the most beautiful fields in the world, and when it is "graced" by the presence of beautiful athletes, there's more color in it!

Sport, in itself, is a combination of show and aesthetics! It is a state of mind, and many women practice it for a better condition, to relieve stress, to overcome their limits, to gain confidence, even to look better (why not?). Beautiful and successful women who owe it all to sports!

The audience remains captivated by their beauty, which sometimes eclipses their professional performances. And because they were endowed with enviable physical features, suited for fashion podiums, more female athletes have been often included among the most beautiful women in the world.

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15 Eugenie Bouchard

via huffingtonpost.ca

How can you be called "the Canadian beauty" or "the tennis glamour girl" and still feel lonely and threatened? Eugenie confesses that becoming a champion and being successful is lonely. She also admits having received death threats and felt the jealousy from those who envy the image she has worked so hard to build. In other words, she has seen the horrible side of beauty!

There are people who call her "sweetheart", although I think it's wrong to use such an adjective to describe a person who has absolutely no mercy on the tennis court. It's true that she has to be assessed according to her accomplishments, competitiveness and results, but we simply can't ignore the fact that she's gorgeous. She's a lucky athlete, as she can mix both her awesome tennis skills and her beautiful looks in a successful cocktail.

She should be an example for the young generation of girls, as she is the proof that being strong and athletic does not necessarily mean being ugly or huge. She is showing girls that athletes can be both beautiful and successful!

14 Hope Solo

Via sportingnews.com

Her first name means a feeling of expectation and the desire for something to happen. In order for her expectation to come true, she has to be strong on her feet. And she is! Definitely!

As her last name suggests, it is the reflection of her independence as a professional soccer player. Having played as a goalkeeper for the United States team, being a veteran, you'd think that she wouldn't have difficulties in stopping any ball. She looks like a strong independent woman, therefore a man might feel intimidated in her presence, which makes her even sexier.

13 Stacy Keibler

Via huffingtonpost.com

Who would believe that the blonde with hazel eyes who had always dreamed of becoming a dancer, would finally become famous in a male-dominated industry, which combines theatrical performance and athletics?

Keibler is known for climbing on top of tables and dancing for fun. After a seven-year career in wrestling, during which time she was awarded the WWE Diva of the year in 2004, she turned towards modelling. Surprised? Nobody should be, as her physique is considered nearly perfect.

She has also starred in many television series and sitcoms, such as How I Met Your Mother.

People say you can never forget your first love. It's available for her, too. She has never forgotten her first love, dancing; she participated - as a contestant - on the second edition of the famous dancing reality series Dancing with the Stars.

12 Federica Pellegrini

Via biografieonline.it

Even from an early age we're told that swimming is good for us, as it keeps our body healthy. For this Italian swimmer, it has done more than this. It has shaped her body to perfection, making her one of the most attractive athletes in the world.

It's even harder to believe that she has changed so much and that she considers femininity as a priority, that she sees herself a woman and not just as a simple athlete, because she has never imagined she could ever become a sex icon. As a young teenager, she always considered herself "a Tom-boy".

Her beautiful and attractive eyes, along with her perfect body make her shine just like all the medals she has won over the years. And we're talking here about a woman whose proud to hold three world records. Wow! Impressive!

11 Carmen Jorda

via uk.fashionnetwork.com

Girls don't know how to drive? Carmen has busted this myth. Coming from a family with a legacy of in racing, as her father was a racing driver, she has been racing since the age of only 10, when most girls are still playing with dolls. Carmen has deciphered the secrets of cars and joined the Lotus F1 team as development driver, years later living her dream.

She's beautiful, also due to her Spanish traits, but she's also an elegant and stylish driver. And she's got some of the most beautiful curves in the industry!

10 Nikki Bella

Via popculture.com

Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace was born in California six minutes before her sister. She debuted in November 2008 on SmackDown, being a WWE Divas Champion twice.

Just when she though she was about to become a soccer pro, she broke her leg in an accident, which changed her life forever. As you can't have it all in life, soccer's loss turned out to be the WWE's gain!

Although she has worked hard to have the longest reign in the title's history - 301 days - she won people's respect after having knocked out John Cena's heart, figuratively speaking, a legend in the field. He asked her to marry him in the squared circle. It's her engagement ring that changed her status from "the girl who accompanies him" to "his wife" and made her much more popular than before. Obviously, she's on the point of starting a new life with him, therefore she's seriously thinking about leaving her wrestling career behind.

9 Brie Bella

Via veggieboards.com

Born in California 6 minutes after her sister, Brianna Monique Garcia-Colace is currently a semi-professional wrestler, being an ambassador of the WWE company. She and her sister made the Bella Twins team. Being half-Italian, half-Mexican, they can both thank their parents for their exotic heritage.

It's hard to believe that someone who enjoys creating art and sketching can actually beat you to death. Speaking of death, she experienced losing her boyfriend to a tragic death when she was 18. But she learned a lesson from it: she gained spirituality and found out that there is nothing more important on earth than your family, the people who love you the most!

That's why, at present she is focusing 100% on her baby daughter who has become the sunlight for her parents, Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan, another former WWE Superstar.

8 Antonija Misura

via pinterest.com

The 2012 Olympic beauty queen was also named Miss Mediterranean Games three years before, by 80 accredited photographers from different countries. Therefore, her beauty speaks for itself.

The Croatian blonde is also spontaneous and natural, which makes her even hotter. She is aware of the fact that playing basketball in a professional league is very demanding, so she doesn't really have time for anything else. That's also the reason why she has declined a lot of modeling offers and preferred focusing on her education and sports career, of course!

She turned heads whenever she made her appearance on the court, but many people still find it hard to believe that she's a basketball player and not a model. Well, looks can sometimes be deceiving.

7 Allyson Felix

via prettygirlssweat.com

There are people in life who know obstacles. Allyson is one of them. She knows them better than most of us, as she's had a lot of them in her life. This American track and field sprinter was called "chicken legs" while in high school, because of her long and spindly legs. Who's laughing at this fact now?

Her beauty is also highlighted by the way she runs. She makes things look simple and easy. You'd think she's gliding across the surface and not running on the track. Her movements have been compared to the efficiency of a watch.

When it comes to talking about her, a lot of Olympic experts describe her as a person who's got tons of talent as well as the brain, the class, the looks and the personality of a winner. Could anyone disagree?

6 Anna Kournikova

via theplace2.ru

She was the one before Sharapova. And when I talk about the blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl, I don't limit myself only to her sporting performances. I am talking especially about the beauty of the one who has conquered the tennis world with the precision of a cyber attack...

It's true that most of us have a good impression about ourselves, and many over-exaggerate. But Anna is right when she simply describes herself as beautiful, famous and charming. If you still have doubts about her words, check Binge's song about her, which goes "Anna Kournikova with the eyes so blue, with the legs so long". This song is the icing on the cake of the excessive popularity of this former tennis player, at the beginning of the 2000s.

Let's make it clear, at those times, her name was searched on Google every day and not because many people were interested in the outcome of any tennis match, but only because of her sexy pictures. Advantage Kournikova!

Anna was like a virus. Literarily speaking, if we remember the damages caused by the Ana Kournikova "worm", in 2001. A few hours after it was distributed by its creator, Jan De Wit, in the form of an email with Anna's pictures in attachment, there were thousands of antivirus applications. It was a sign that thousands of men were trying to see Anna naked, at any costs!

5 Alex Morgan

via tireball.com

It's not easy, especially for men, to date, or even to fancy dating a super toned girl who lifts, runs and kicks. Yes, she kicks the ball, as she's a US soccer player.

She is the type of girl who wakes up beautiful, with her long flowing hair, and she needs no extra make-up. She even confesses to not using a lot of it, as she is proud of her natural beauty. She's also got muscles all over her body but also in certain places men couldn't even imagine.

Due to her almost perfectly-shaped body, she could even wear a garbage bag and still look gorgeous enough to turn heads and rock the party!

4 Ana Ivanovici

Via awesomwallpaper.com

This Serbian tennis player, who is always happy and great with her fans, is simply a perfect woman due to her beautiful face and a catwalk model's body.

Ana's smile has already captured people's hearts from all over the world, and she's been seen as the most elegant, graceful and self-confident tennis player out there. This is exactly what makes her sexy, isn't it?

Her beauty has melted even Trump's heart, who, during a meeting with the Serbian Prime Minister some years ago, while talking about Ana simply said: "She is the most beautiful woman I have seen in my life. Simply the most beautiful.” It's a big deal, as it comes from a person who has shown off his misogynist thoughts and attitude throughout the campaign.

3 Kiira Korpi

Via pinterest.com

This hot "Ice Princess" is a beautiful blonde from Finland. Whether you consider skating a sport or an art, be sure to see beautiful girls with much style, grace and athleticism. Kiira has them all. She's graceful and elegant and her skills on the ice are hard to beat. Therefore, she has melted the hearts of millions of people with her talent, but especially with her looks!

She has dreamed about becoming the best skater in the world, and her dream came true as she has always known what she was looking for and what her purpose in life was.

She's definitely a person who loves living on the edge!

2 Leryn Franco

via pinterest.com

Currently a Paraguayan model, she used to be an athlete specialized in the javelin throw. She became an Internet sensation after the 2008 Beijing Olympics, where she finished 51st. Unfortunately for her sports career, she's more famous for her beauty than for her athletic abilities and skills.

Fortunately for you, men, she's not shy and she shows off her perfectly-shaped body.

Her body looks sexy, although you'd think that this sport makes the arm muscles become enlarged. It's not the case for Leryn, whose body is a symbol of her elegance and femininity, a mixture of beauty and strength.

And her face also looks attractive - a combination between masculinity and strength - which give very strong exotic nuances on her facial beauty, with her brown eyes and her brown-dark hair.

She's the perfect combination of strength, elegance and femininity!

1 Anastasia Ashley

Via youtube.com

This American professional surfer knows that a wave can change your life. It did for her, as it's due to surfing that she's got a body that most women would kill for. At present, she's making waves more with it than with her surfboard!

She tries to always be bright, positive and happy, and wants people to see her as she is, not how she looks like after tons of make-up. She has become viral on the Internet for her bikini pictures, and although she enjoys the perks of being famous on Internet - such as free bikinis, free clothing, food and hotels, she feels hurt every time people recognize her more because of her Instagram pictures than for her surfing career.

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