15 Facts You Didn't Know About WWE Superstar Bayley

If you heard the name Pamela Martinez, you probably wouldn't think much about it all that much. It's a fairly common name, and we wouldn't imagine the person being all that threatening (especially with the first name Pamela). However, what if we said Pamela Martinez was someone who has spent the better part of the last eight years developing her craft and character both inside and outside the squared circle? Most WWE fans will not recognize the name, and not realize that Pamela Martinez is the real name of a prominent superstar. Fans are more likely to know her by her ring name, Bayley.

During her time in independent promotions, Martinez was known for her deep-seated passion for wrestling and all it encompasses. Martinez's career evolution has continued to grow and evolve. Much like any other wrestler's career, it has seen its share of set backs. She has had a number of injuries that delayed her progression to the main roster, unlike some of the other graduates from NXT. Here are fifteen facts you probably didn't know about WWE superstar Bayley.

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15 She Was Told To Stop Smiling

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If there was ever a case where smiling could be considered a bad thing, it would be professional wrestling. Wrestlers are often told to get their game face on when they come to the ring. The days of the always smiling babyface are gone, and it can be a problem for some wrestlers if it dominates their actions in the ring. When Bayley began to learn her trade, her first trainer Jason Styles told her to "stop smiling so much."

Smiling can be a problem if you're trying to convince the fanbase that you are in any kind of danger; you shouldn't be smiling when you are receiving a beating. Her explanation was it was fun to her, and couldn't help but smile because of her overwhelming excitement at training to become a professional wrestler. Thankfully for her, she didn't listen to him, as today you will see her smile constantly in the ring.

14 She Loves To Pogo Stick!

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When we think of the hobbies of professional wrestlers, a number of different things may come to mind. For some it's collecting cars, for others it's playing video games, but in Bayley's case, fans wouldn't be too surprised that her hobby is reflective of her bubbly and bouncy personality. As long as she can remember, Bayley has bounced around on her pogo stick.

While many outgrow the activity, the former NXT women's champion continues to show enthusiasm for the contraption. Her images on social media reaffirm her interest in the activity, and that it has remained a part of her life from her childhood until today. One has to wonder if it will one day become a part of her on-screen persona and appear as a weapon during one of her matches. Let's see what develops over her tenure in the WWE.

13 She Always Wanted To Be A Professional Wrestler

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It is often said by most wrestlers today that they have aspired their entire life to become a professional wrestler. This statement is certainly true when talking about the current number one contender for the Raw women's championship.

On several occasions, Bayley has stated that she wanted to be a professional wrestler since she was eleven years old. Her call to wrestling came at such a young age that it is surprising she managed to hold on to that dream until seven years passed and she could begin training. She had several favorites growing up, and felt the passion to become a professional wrestler so strongly as a young girl that she never swayed from following her dream later on in life. It's that same passion and drive to succeed that young fans see when they watch her compete.

12 She Is One Of The WWE's Acclaimed Four Horsewomen

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During their time in the ring, the Four Horsemen were considered the premier collection of wrestling talent anywhere in the world. Whether it was their technically sound matches, or their ability to deliver convincing promos, the Horsemen ruled the ring in the National Wrestling Alliance, and later World Championship Wrestling. Today, the Horsemen are no longer competing, but another collection of talent has used a similar moniker.

While the Horsewomen name may have first been used by a collection of female MMA fighters, the name is heard a lot today in relation to a collection of woman wrestlers in WWE. Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, and Sasha Banks are three members of the Horsewomen that had been a prominent part of WWE's main roster for almost two years, and the last remaining member to be brought up was Bayley. Now, all Four Horsewomen are reigning supreme, whether on Raw or Smackdown Live.

11 She Has Been Bullied And Continues To Fight Against It

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One of the most notable things about Bayley's character is that her fun-loving nature isn't really an act. However, despite that very real happy-go-lucky personality, her real life has had incidents that resemble exchanges we have seen take place between her and other female wrestlers.

Whether it's Charlotte talking down to her or Nia Jax trying to physically intimidate her, Bayley's opponents try and "bully" her. While bullying can certainly happen to adults, it is something often associated with childhood. Bayley has said that as a child she was the victim of bullying, as her personality often made her a target for other students. How she dressed, spoke, or even looked also contributed to her being a target. With the encouragement of family, she would stand up for herself, something that takes a lot of strength from a child.

10 Her Ring Attire Was Inspired By Randy Savage

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Her larger than life personality has made Bayley beloved by all fans, both male and female. Bayley's passion for wrestling doesn't lend itself to conventional wrestling attire, either. The bright colours and interesting designs perfectly reflect her bright and bubbly personality.

As a child who loved wrestling, some of her favourite were the likes of the Hardy Boyz and Lita. What is interesting to note is that her ring attire was inspired by another larger than life wrestler. The late WWE Hall of Famer Randy "Macho Man" Savage's tassels, brightly coloured cowboy hats, and entrance attire fit him perfectly. Bayley once stated that when she initially saw Savage, he was the one that she drew inspiration from right away. Savage would be proud to know that such a passionate wrestling fan was inspired by his look to create a character that is just as colourful as he was.

9 She Competed Under The Alias Davina Rose

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Before any wrestler makes their mark on the biggest stage, they need to find themselves. That character search consists of taking chances and toying with what works and what doesn't, that includes playing with what will generate a reaction from the crowd and what won't. For a number of wrestlers, they are never able to find that one character that generates a reaction and feels real to the fans watching. In the case of Bayley, the character we see today isn't the same one that emerged on the independent wrestling circuit. When Bayley first competed eight years ago for Big Time Wrestling, she went under the moniker Davina Rose. While that character had a shelf life of about four years, it was Bayley's beginning and her first persona. Was it successful? It was certainly a less bubbly version of the women that lives the "hug life."

8 Her Hugger Character Is Part Of Her Moves

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Big John Studd and Andre The Giant were two mountainous men who, whenever they were in the ring, fans could tell they could hurt you. One move that was a regular part of their repertoire was the bear hug. It was intended to squeeze the life out of their opponents, a painful old school hold that will make most wrestlers quit. In the case of Bayley, hugging is not just what she does, but who she is. She embraces life, and rather than argue, wants to hug it out. Fans will often chant "Bayley's gonna hug you," which is, oddly, meant to frighten her opposition. However, Bayley's finishing move is a belly to belly suplex. The move is simple enough, and actually consists of a wrestler "hugging" their opposition and then flipping them onto their back. The name of Bayley's finisher is known as a BAYLEY-to-belly suplex. It makes sense and works for her.

7 She Would Have Loved To Compete In The Attitude Era

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We know of Bayley as a participant in today's WWE. As part of the new era of talent, Bayley has been an active part of the women's division who has faced the likes of Charlotte, Dana Brooke, and Nia Jax. When she first joined NXT and earned a name for herself, she worked her way up the ranks as an overly friendly wrestler, becoming one of the most beloved women on the roster. She became the NXT women's champion after defeating her rival and fellow Horsewoman Sasha Banks. One of the most notable comments Bayley has made about wrestling is that if there was ever a period where she'd have loved to wrestle, it wouldn't necessarily be today. Bayley has said that if she could have wrestled at any point in time it would have been during the Attitude era against the likes of Lita and Trish Stratus.

6 She was a member of her high school basketball team

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Something that has always been evident about Bayley is her athletic ability. To be a wrestler, you have to have that athletic ability, as it allows you to get through a number of pressure-filled moments in order to succeed. Before becoming a professional wrestler, Bayley was active in sports while in high school. Most of these sports were team sports, and her achievements were much different from capturing the women's championship. She competed in sports such as volleyball and basketball, and her athletic ability was clearly evident during her teenage years. During her senior year, all her hard work finally came to a head as she became the captain of her varsity basketball team. This athletic ability came to serve her well later on, allowing her to progress in her wrestling career.

5 She Considered Being A Luchadora

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Often the biggest challenge for wrestlers is how they go about establishing themselves. For example, prior to his time in WWE, Sami Zayn wore a mask and went under the moniker El Generico. It was during that time as a luchador that he first turned heads. However, competing without the mask has allowed fans to put a face to the athlete. The same could be said about Bayley. When Bayley first signed with the WWE, she didn't just discard the name Davina Rose she had used for the previous four years, she also put aside her previous consideration of competing as a luchadora. While La Luchadora has now emerged as a significant character on the Smackdown Live brand, Bayley had considered a masked character. Can you imagine the hug-loving former NXT women's champion under a mask? At one time it was a definite possibility.

4 She Wrote A Letter To Her Future Self

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As kids, we have aspirations of what we want to do in the future. Whether it's being a doctor, lawyer, or president, kids will have wishes for what they want to do with their lives in the future. On the WWE Network's Breaking Ground series, Bayley was a focal point. On the show, she explained her passion for wrestling and how it came about. During one of the episodes, she revealed to viewers how she wrote a letter to herself. The letter was for her adult self to come back and read. She was determined to become a professional wrestler, and would stop at nothing to achieve her dream. Bayley was convinced she was going to be a wrestler one day! She actually read a portion of what she wrote during the program. Very rarely do people have the foresight to document their dreams, and in Bayley's case it became a reality.

3 Her Boyfriend Is Also A Pro Wrestler

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Fans too often want to know more about wrestlers than what is usually available. What do they like to eat? What is their favorite movie? What do they like to do in their free time? While all these questions are asked and are fairly innocent, some questions tend to get more personal. In the case of Bayley, fans had wanted to know whether or not she was taken, did she have a boyfriend?

She is in fact taken, and has been with him for some time. What is great about this is that this relationship is kept on the down-low, exactly how Bayley and her boyfriend prefer it. Bayley is seeing Aaron Solow, a wrestler on the independent scene who in fact applied to be a part of the most recent edition of Tough Enough. While it isn't certain where Solow will end up professionally, personally he and Bayley are quite happy together.

2 She Wore A Mask In Her NXT Debut

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If anyone would state one physical feature about Bayley that stands out it would be her smile. It's an infectious sight that fans could say makes her easy to spot, whether it's in NXT or Raw. So the thought that her smile could be hidden would take fans aback. However, when she first signed back in 2012, she prepared for her debut for a few months in disguise before bursting on the scene as what we see today. She started out performing in a mask since as noted before she had wanted to be seen as a luchadora. It certainly wasn't common at the time to see masked female wrestlers compete in the United States, though today different promotions feature masked female wrestlers. It was a few months later that she debuted without the mask, and the character that we see today was born.

1 She Was Mentored By A Former Member Of Straight Edge Society

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As noted, Bayley has stated that she would have preferred to wrestle in a different era. However, what she is forever grateful for is the support, guidance, and trust that she has received along the way, from those that are just as committed to her success as she is. While wrestling as the Davina Rose character, she found someone that was committed to helping her succeed. In 2010, Bayley worked for the promotion Shimmer and teamed with Serena Deeb. For those unaware, Deeb was briefly in the WWE as the only female member in CM Punk's Straight Edge Society faction, along with Luke Gallows. She had her head infamously shaved as part of a "cleansing" by Punk. Her role in wrestling goes beyond her brief time with the WWE, as she competed for ten years, travelling the world, and capturing championships, including the Ohio Valley Women's Wrestling championship on six separate occasions.

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