15 Facts You Didn't Know About Dean Ambrose And Renee Young's Marriage

He’s the Lunatic Fringe, and she’s the highest-profile female wrestling announcer in decades.

He’s the Lunatic Fringe, and she’s the highest-profile female wrestling announcer in decades. Dean Ambrose and Renee Young have been together close to three and a half years now, and yet they remain one of the more private couples in the WWE Universe. This status is likely to continue even now that they’ve become man and wife as revealed on earlier this week. Of course, it hasn’t stopped diehard fans of both Ambrose and Young from doing their damndest to find out everything they can about the elusive WWE power couple.

In the modern era, it’s almost impossible for any type of celebrity romance to go completely under the radar, so a fair amount has been gleaned from the bits and pieces Ambrose and Young have actually revealed about themselves. For the most part, it’s been Ambrose who doesn’t want to go public, while Young has let at least a little bit of info out on Instagram and other social media, largely in picture form. Also, the more the relationship bleeds into WWE storylines, the more the company will tell us about them, in the unique way sports entertainment always tends to do when it imitates real life.

Quite frankly, if you’re looking for the intimate details of Ambrose and Young’s lives, all we can give you is the bad news that they’ve kept a whole lot of it private. That doesn’t mean the subject is a complete mystery, though, and sometimes, a little bit of secrecy makes the stuff people do know that much more poignant. Keep reading to learn 15 facts you need to know about Dean Ambrose and Renee Young’s marriage.

15 Dean Wasted No Time In Letting His Feelings Known

Despite how little they had in common on paper, Ambrose and Young found themselves instantly attracted to one another, or maybe it would be more accurate to simply say Dean was instantly attracted to Renee. The two started dating within six months of Renee making her WWE debut, and according to her, Dean started his romantic pursuit almost instantly. Young almost didn’t realize how flirtatious Ambrose was being at first because all he did was constantly talk to her in a friendly manner, which is hardly uncommon amongst coworkers. However, eventually, the other women in WWE alerted Young to the fact that Ambrose pretty much never talked to anyone, making her realize all the extra attention must have meant something. Even then, Renee joked Ambrose probably just had something for Canadian girls, but soon enough, she realized he was definitely interested in her specifically. Once they started dating, both also began claiming most of the time they spent together was on the road with WWE, in a way, making the company responsible for their eventual marriage.

14 They Kept It Quiet For Two Years

Although Dean Ambrose and Renee Young have been dating since October of 2013, there was little evidence to confirm they were together for almost one and a half years. For reasons that remain unclear, it appeared like the couple wanted to keep their relationship private for as long as possible. In fairness, there are definitely a few totally acceptable explanations for this, not the least of which being that few performers want their personal lives to interfere with their careers. On top of that, Ambrose is on the record as being a highly private person in general, an issue that will pop up on this list more than once. Unfortunately for Dean and Renee, nothing is truly private in the modern world, and rumors the two were together hit the Internet before long. Finally, Renee spilled the beans during a random interview with the Gorilla Position Podcast, answering in the affirmative when asked if the speculation was true. More than that, Renee emphatically stated she and Ambrose were very happily in love, instantly making it clear how serious the two of them had already become.

13 They Suffered Insane Fan Backlash When They Went Public

Proudly boasting about being a lunatic is the sort of behavior only a few people can get away with, let alone use to their benefit, and Dean Ambrose has proved particularly adept at the role. On the downside, Ambrose has claimed his off-kilter character has actually led to him building a somewhat deranged fan base, including more than a few teenage stalkers. The worst of these fans have been what Ambrose called “Single White Female scary,” making him feel genuinely concerned for his safety. This sort of attention only got worse after he and Young went public with their relationship, as apparently, quite a few of these young fans were almost creepily attached to the former WWE Champion. Significantly more terrifying is the way these fans treat Renee, which she claims has even involved “many a death threat.” No matter how much fans love their favorite wrestlers or how attracted to these wrestlers they think they may be, this is obviously one of the most unsettling ways fans can show their support, and no one should blame Young and Ambrose for quietly wanting this kind of attention to end.

12 It Wasn’t Acknowledged On TV Until Late 2016

The WWE Universe isn’t quite the real world, so regardless of the fact that Dean Ambrose and Renee Young had admitted they were dating in outside interviews, not all wrestling fans were aware of their relationship right away. Even in the many segments where the two found themselves paired together, neither Ambrose nor Young ever did anything to hint to fans they were anything more than coworkers. That finally changed in a December 2016 episode of SmackDown, when The Miz called out Young during a backstage segment. In response to Young accusing Miz of having an “obsession” with Ambrose, he replied, “You’re the one sleeping with him!” The way he said it earned Miz a big slap across the face, but in a way, fans probably wanted to thank him for finally telling the truth about what everybody already knew. On the other hand, they haven’t exactly done much together on screen, and their relationship has mostly gone back to being officially ignored, so it could be argued there wasn’t any point to acknowledging it on a narrative level.

11 They Come From Wildly Different Backgrounds

Everyone has heard that opposites attract, and while Ambrose's and Young’s lives before WWE weren’t exactly dichotomous per se, they didn’t have a whole lot in common, either. Ambrose has always been reasonably quiet about his upbringing, except to say that he was extremely poor to the extent that everyday life was occasionally a struggle. Renee’s family, on the other hand, though not necessarily rich, was definitely free of any sort of financial woes. Perhaps due to these divergent childhoods, Ambrose and Young also entered the wrestling business in entirely separate manners. In fact, Young’s career path is fairly unique given the fact she actually had no intention of being a wrestling announcer, but rather, had dreamt of becoming a comedic actress. To following this aspiration, she studied improv at The Second City before lucking into a job talking about wrestling on Canadian sports network The Score. Following a more traditional path, Ambrose actually started his training to become a wrestler the second he was old enough to do so, always hoping for something close to the success he found today.

10 Dean Doesn’t Like The Flashing Lights

This list has already called attention to a certain fact a number of times, so we may as well devote some attention to it. By and large, Dean Ambrose has rejected his superstar lifestyle, at least insofar as the never-ending spotlight is concerned. The life of a WWE superstar can be an incredibly taxing, especially in terms of constant travel run-ins with fans who could be described as strange or, in Dean’s case, unpredictable. In part because of these reasons, Ambrose highly values his privacy both on a personal level and when it comes to his relationship with Young. It’s noteworthy that in the age of social media, when WWE makes references to their Twitter trends what feels like every ten minutes, Ambrose maintains virtually no online presence. In his own words, he doesn’t “get it,” elaborating, “I don’t feel the need to open myself up to the opinion of everybody in the world with a phone or computer.” Anyone looking for Ambrose on the Internet will have to find him on his wife’s Instagram, although since she mostly respects his wishes, they won’t find much.

9 They’re Total Divas

Most people who avoid social media probably wouldn’t want to star in a reality show, and yet, as a WWE superstar, Dean Ambrose has found himself doing exactly that. Whether Dean liked it or not, Young has made occasional appearances on Total Divas since the series debuted in 2013, ultimately joining the official cast in season 6. Considering the two of them live together, Young being a regular cast member meant Dean would be making some pretty significant appearances as well, and as could have been predicted, he initially held strong reservations about the idea. On the other hand, Ambrose wanted to please his wife, not to mention his bosses. And on top of that, his friend and fellow WWE superstar Daniel Bryan had the exact same feelings before he was a regular cast member on the show, and he came out of the ordeal just fine. After discussing it with Bryan, Ambrose decided he could probably survive a reality show, too, and soon, even found that he kind of enjoyed it, realizing he could simply act like a goofball on camera and have fun with it.

8 Renee Says Dean Is A Much Different Person In Private

With all the talk about how Dean Ambrose is a private person, some fans might start speculating as to why he chooses to live that way. Sure, there’s his own explanation that he simply doesn’t like social media, but that still leaves a whole bunch of unanswered questions about what he may be like in his everyday life. Even in his appearances on Total Divas, it's pretty clear Ambrose puts on a show whenever cameras are around, especially when he and Young have to film something that puts them in a public setting. Despite all this, according to his wife, Ambrose is a very different person when the two of them are alone, generally acting more relaxed, serious, and most of all, loving. Granted, it’s not like anyone expected him to wander around the house carrying a bunch of makeshift weapons. Even so, a word like “adorable” rarely comes to mind during his matches, but that’s the exact word Young uses to describe her husband.

7 Dean Thinks Renee Is Too Good For Him

Coming from different backgrounds clearly didn’t do anything to stop Dean Ambrose and Renee Young from getting together, and yet, it might still have something to do with Dean’s general mindset about how things have played out. Specifically, he may not have made the comments he did back in September 2015, which was actually the first time he said anything significant about his relationship status. In an interview with talkSPORT, Ambrose said, “The bottom line is, she’s far too good for me! But it’s too late and I’ve got my claws stuck into her now; she can’t go anywhere now.” Suddenly, everything Young claimed about Dean being a sweeter, gentler person in private seems a whole lot more plausible. It also isn’t surprising that Young would fall for someone who spoke about her that way, especially since he also called her “the optimal, most beautiful, most tremendous girl in the world” during that same interview.

6 They Live Together In Las Vegas

Considering the fact Dean Ambrose and Renee Young are both adults and have been romantically involved for over three years, it shouldn’t be too surprising that the two lived together even before they officially got married. As two rather well-paid WWE personalities, they already managed to purchase a pretty nice house together by the time they hit their early 30’s. Fans got a peek at their Las Vegas, Nevada home in an episode of Total Divas when Ambrose and Young invited a few friends from WWE to enjoy a barbecue. In addition to being where he and his wife live, Las Vegas is also special to Ambrose for being the location of his first WWE Championship win at Money in the Bank 2016. Coincidentally, that night led to a rare acknowledgment of his relationship with Young, the latter tweeting she was proud of her man after the show. When it came time for the couple to get married, they also held the ceremony in Vegas, although whether that was an issue of convenience or due to the city’s reputation for quick marriages is presently unclear.

5 Renee’s Family Adores Dean

Just about everyone can relate to the idea of horrifying in-laws, whether they’ve personally lived it or not. As luck would have it, Dean Ambrose probably won’t ever have that problem, at least based on what Renee Young’s mother had to say about him on an episode of Total Divas. In fact, Young’s mother came to Dean’s defense when her daughter was slightly upset with him due to his refusal to stop acting silly on camera. Coincidentally, in that same episode, Young’s parents were witness to someone trying to steal her hat only for Ambrose to chase the thief down and demand he give it back. As far as Mrs. Young was concerned, the protective instincts far outweighed Dean’s eccentric behavior, arguing that her daughter, “could never ask for a better guy than that.” This was actually one of the first times if not the very first time Ambrose met his future mother-in-law, so that especially important praise probably allows us to safely assume she completely approves of the marriage.

4 Did John Cena And Nikki Bella Take Their Place At WrestleMania 33?

This list has already covered how The Miz revealed Dean Ambrose and Renee Young were dating on an episode of SmackDown, earning him a slap across the face. To continue that part of the story, Maryse confronted Renee about the situation the next week, and a second confrontation ended with a reciprocal slap the week after that. Rumor had it this was all leading to Young actually stepping into the ring, or at least getting more physical, as a full-on Ambrose/Young versus Miz/Maryse feud was allegedly in the works. It didn’t quite turn out that way, though, with the angle getting dropped entirely in a manner of weeks, the Ambrose-Young relationship falling out of the spotlight along with it. While there’s no official word on what exactly happened there, a popular theory suggests Ambrose and Young may have been replaced in favor of a higher-profile couple. As fans now know, John Cena and Nikki Bella went on to face Miz and Maryse at WrestleMania 33, ending with Cena proposing marriage no less, and it makes sense WWE wouldn’t want to run such similar angles back to back.

3 They Tried To Hide Their Marriage For Two Days

Culminating the long trend of privacy in their romantic lives, Dean Ambrose and Renee Young managed to do something almost impossible in today’s age, by getting married without making a gigantic deal out of it beforehand. Well, at least they didn’t make any announcements about it online, that is, even after both of them appeared on television wearing wedding rings. Ambrose was spotted wearing his band first on the April 10th Raw, followed by Young sporting a similar new accessory the next night on SmackDown, but WWE announcers made no mention of these subtle changes. That didn’t stop fans on the Internet from noticing and bombarding various wrestlers' Twitters asking for confirmation of what they all expected. Renee finally answered the questions herself tweeting, “Marriage is nice. Thanks for all the love.” Shortly after she sent the Tweet, their employers responded in kind by posting a formal announcement on and wishing them well in their lives together. That said…

2 Does WWE Approve Of The Relationship?

Given how sketchy WWE has been in the past when dealing with employee relationships, there’s a reasonable question to be asked in relation to why exactly Ambrose and Young decided to keep quiet about things for so long. Sure, Ambrose is an incredibly private person, and Young clearly respects that. However, they clearly aren’t shy about admitting they love one another, and it’s not like WWE mentioning this fact once in awhile would necessarily hurt anything. As a matter of fact, all it could do is add extra emotion to both of their characters by having them comment on one another. That WWE has chosen to go a different way with it and instead have Young and Ambrose almost never interact, some fans may think the company just doesn’t approve in general. When news of their relationship broke on television, rumors instantly spread that officials were unhappy, although that could have had something to do with the crass way The Miz had announced it. Even so, WWE isn’t entirely in the clear, because…

1 WWE Immediately Split Them Up After Their Wedding Announcement

To Dean Ambrose and Renee Young superfans, April 10th and 11th were the days their marriage gradually became public. To the rest of the WWE Universe, it was the Superstar Shakeup, a still rather obscure concept that meant Raw and SmackDown were going to have some sort of talent exchange. Since the latest brand split was enacted, Ambrose and Young have been lucky in that they were both drafted to SmackDown, and thus could continue traveling and living their lives on the road together. The day after they got married, however, Ambrose was drafted to Raw while Renee stayed on SmackDown, splitting up the couple instantly after what should have been their happiest day together. For a long time now, rumors have existed about WWE trying to split up couples Vince McMahon didn’t approve of for whatever bizarre reason, including Rusev and Lana, or Paige and Alberto Del Rio. McMahon also officially fired CM Punk on the day of his wedding to AJ Lee, showing he has no emotion about this sort of behavior. Even so, the Wrestling Observer reports this was either a mere coincidence or an act of indifference, and not an explicit punishment.

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15 Facts You Didn't Know About Dean Ambrose And Renee Young's Marriage