15She Has Her Own T-Shirt Line

Kelly Kelly has had success in the WWE, but she has also found success in the fashion world. The above photo shows off the latter, as she captions the photo "Wearing your own shirt is cool right!?? get yours today." While this is pretty obvious product placement, provided that

Kelly Kelly is the model, we definitely don't mind seeing her pitch her products online.

Fun Fact: There are many people who helped Kelly Kelly get her footing in WWE, but when asked in an interview she gave a specific shoutout to Tommy Dreamer

“He kind of took me under his wing and definitely helped me out a lot. I was starting out for the company on [WWE’s] ECW, and that was a really hard, hard show to start out on [giggles] -- because it’s all hardcore fans, right -- the ring girls thrown through tables, getting hit with chairs... I was nervous, but that was fun.”

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