15 Facts & Photos Of Kelly Kelly That Prove Sheldon Souray Will Regret The Divorce

Barbie Blank (aka Kelly Kelly) was one of the most beautiful WWE Divas and WAGs of all-time. But sadly for her former husband, Sheldon Souray, the title of WAG is no longer applicable after it was announced in October that the two were separating.

They had been together since 2014, married since 2016, but despite some moments of extreme happiness, their marriage was short-lived. Below we have 15 photos that will make it abundantly clear what aspects of Kelly Kelly that Sheldon Souray may find himself missing the most. Such as you know, the fact that she seems to live in swimsuits that leave little to the imagination.

But as scandalous as her outfits are, some of the facts might be even more alluring including allegations that Kelly Kelly took over 10 WWE Superstars to the ring in the bedroom (if you know what we mean!). Included are also fun facts throughout the list, such as what type of clothing Kelly Kelly was modelling prior to arriving on the WWE Radar and which WWE legend thought Kelly Kelly was the best diva.

But at the end of the day, you may find yourself most impressed with the photos from throughout the years, including Kelly Kelly's take on several iconic Halloween costumes such as Harley Quinn and Khaleesi.

These are 15 Facts & Photos Of Kelly Kelly That Prove Sheldon Souray Will Regret The Divorce.

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15 She Has Her Own T-Shirt Line

Kelly Kelly has had success in the WWE, but she has also found success in the fashion world. The above photo shows off the latter, as she captions the photo "Wearing your own shirt is cool right!?? get yours today." While this is pretty obvious product placement, provided that Kelly Kelly is the model, we definitely don't mind seeing her pitch her products online.

Fun Fact: There are many people who helped Kelly Kelly get her footing in WWE, but when asked in an interview she gave a specific shoutout to Tommy Dreamer

“He kind of took me under his wing and definitely helped me out a lot. I was starting out for the company on [WWE’s] ECW, and that was a really hard, hard show to start out on [giggles] -- because it’s all hardcore fans, right -- the ring girls thrown through tables, getting hit with chairs... I was nervous, but that was fun.”

14 Proving Just How In Shape She Is

When you consider Kelly Kelly has experience in the WWE, you probably shouldn't be too blown away by the fact that she is in tremendous shape. But just because you aren't surprised to see that she looks amazing in workout clothes, doesn't mean you don't love having that thought process confirmed. Which is exactly what we've achieved with the above photo. Kelly Kelly has uploaded several workout photos and videos over the years, making it clear that this has always been an active part of her life.

Fun Fact: Kelly Kelly might not be entering the WWE ring anytime soon, but it's clear that she still is in tremendous shape as the above photo is relatively recent. When Kelly was asked about a potential return to the ring, she responded

"Never say never. I loved being in the WWE and I owe a lot of my success and where I came in my career to them. So I would never rule out a return — maybe a one-night only thing, you never know!"

13 Embracing Her Inner Harley Quinn (Halloween 1 Of 3)

There aren't many nights at the clubs during the year that are more active than Halloween. Many celebrities have taken to Instagram to share some of their outfits. While several have given their take on Harley Quinn, your favorite may be Kelly Kelly who took on the character during the 2016 Halloween season. We're sure if there was another Harley Quinn at the party that they would pale in comparison!

Fun Fact: It might seem obvious that one of the first things that Kelly Kelly talked to her future NHL husband about, was hockey. However, when the two met, however, Kelly admitted she wasn't a huge fan of hockey

“Hockey was not big in Florida, so I never really understand or was into it. When I met my fiance, I really didn’t know much about it. When we started dating, I got into it and started cheering him on, and I became his No.1 fan.”

12 Asking The Mirror Who The Fairest Of Them All Is

Kelly Kelly shared the above photo along with the caption "Mirror Mirror on the wall...". We're sure if she was going to finish that thought process was "who is the fairest of them all", that the mirror wouldn't have to hesitate long before it responds with her face. While you may not be digging as much makeup as Kelly Kelly is sporting in the above photo, she still clearly elected to go with an outfit that helps highlight her best features.

Fun Fact: When Kelly Kelly was making a name for herself in the WWE, it was through a segment called "Kelly's Expose" where she would engage in a strip-tease. Despite not being the most wrestling-centric moves, her good looks helped her quickly become Steve Austin's favorite Diva in the company.

11 Looking Hot In The Ring

When you consider you probably know who Kelly Kelly is because of her time in the ring, we had to include at least one photo of her looking tremendous in her ring attire. The above photo may be one of the best she's worn as it not only looked practical (unlike some diva outfits) but also clearly did a great job of captivating everyone's attention when she sauntered towards the ring.

Fun Fact: Kelly Kelly is incredibly appreciative of the experiences that the WWE provided her with. When reminiscing about her time in the ring, Kelly Kelly exclaimed

“I loved coming out through the curtain and hearing the crowd chant your name and scream for you and cheer for you. It’s the best feeling. It’s a feeling I can’t explain, but it’s the best feeling in the world."

10 She's Not Only Gorgeous, She's Patriotic

One of the most attractive things for you may be a woman who is not afraid to show off her patriotic pride. And while there may be many reasons right now to be less of a fan of America, we do have to say that Kelly Kelly sure does look amazing when she is saluting her country. Kelly Kelly wore the above outfit on one particular 4th of July and made sure to let the world know that she also thinks she looks amazing in it.

Fun Fact: Kelly Kelly was born in Jacksonville, but had to put in some serious miles on the road in order to make it in the WWE. When talking about the adjustment, Kelly Kelly stated

"I had to move to Louisville, Kentucky to train [at Ohio Valley Wrestling] for a year. I had never lived on my own. I didn’t even know how to wash my own clothes. It was a rude awakening. So the first year was really hard. It’s not as easy and glamorous as everyone thinks it is. You have to rent your own cars. You have to get your own hotels. You have to drive many miles at night. You’re on the road so many days a year. So for a 19-year-old, it was a lot.”

9 Wearing Latex That Fits Perfectly

The above photo isn't the least amount of clothing that Kelly Kelly is going to wear on this list, but it still may be one of your favorites! Kelly Kelly wore the outfit to the Beach Bunny show back in July 22nd. We're sure one of the best parts of dating someone like Kelly Kelly was getting to see her dolled up for various events like this. Some guys might hate shopping with their partners, but we bet Souray loved the fashion shows she would put on for him.

Fun Fact: Sheldon Souray is no longer attending events like this with Kelly Kelly, but there was at least a time when he was seemingly the coolest guy in the world at least according to Kelly Kelly.

"I think it's the coolest thing. I’m just like, [singing] 'This is my husband!' I just love it! ... I mean, nothing's really changed. I think it's just exciting that we're husband and wife. It's like him and me now. It's so special — that feeling," said Kelly Kelly back in 2016.

8 Showing Off Some Leg

This list has several photos where Kelly Kelly is putting her various assets on prominent display. But with the above photo, it's clear that Kelly Kelly is trying to draw attention to her luxurious legs. Though if we had legs that were as captivating as Kelly Kelly, we'd probably try and show them off too! Though given her various assets that she loves highlighting, we also wouldn't be surprised if her legs still weren't one of your favorite features.

Fun Fact: There are several features of Kelly Kelly that were also very popular in the WWE locker room. Randy Orton mentioned in a past interview that Kelly had allegedly booty bumped with upwards of 10 superstars including CM Punk, Batista, and John Cena.

7 Wearing A Custom-Designed Swimsuit

We are sure that Kelly Kelly could go into any department store, drop $10 on a generic bikini and still manage to drop your jaw whenever she steps out on the sandy shores. But with the above photo, Kelly Kelly is actually wearing a custom designed bikini for her by NSA Swimwear. It definitely wouldn't have been a hard job to find a design to go with that would highlight her best assets! Kelly Kelly shared multiple hearts alongside the photo, proving that she is probably just a big a fan of the look as you are.

Fun Fact: NSA Swimwear stands for "No Strings Attached". When promoting their most recent line, the company stated "The 2017 Spring / Summer collection is all about controversy. Provocatively sexy, alluring designs with barely-there coverage. Sultry colors, and feminine detail with sheer fabrics. Wear at your own risk!"

It's clear that Kelly Kelly was willing to take that risk!

6 Sharing A Recent Trip To The Beach

Some of the photos that we share in this list span back over the course of the last few years. But with the above photo, we're only going back to earlier in October when Kelly Kelly shared the photo to Instagram. When you consider it was the same month that she announced her separation from Sheldon Souray, you can imagine that particular photo stings extra hard for him to stare at. That doesn't mean that it isn't a tremendous photo for you to take in though!

Fun Fact: This might not such a fun fact for Souray to read, but it was reported by Us Weekly that Kelly Kelly has already started going on dates with other guys. They reported that their split may have happened a few months ago and only recently became public news. We're sure anyone who has landed a date with Kelly Kelly since the split is considering themselves pretty fortunate.

5 Showing Off Her Marine Side (Halloween 2 Of 3)

That's right, we're not only going to show you one Halloween outfit on this list! Sure, she looks steamy with her Harley Quinn look, but you might find yourself stammering over your words, even more, when you see her patriotic look that she donned for the 2014 Halloween season. Many people dress up as a Marine, but not many do-so while showing off as much skin as Kelly Kelly did. Souray was also attending this party and we're sure he did his best to get plenty of good looks at her up-close.

Fun Fact: Souray got engaged to Kelly Kelly only a few months prior to this photo being taken. The two got proposed in August 2014 and sealed the deal in February 2016. They also decided to get married in Mexico. We're sure he loved telling people at that Halloween party that he was engaged to the best looking woman in the room!

4 Wearing A Swimsuit For WWE

This is far from the only moment in this list where Kelly Kelly appears in a swimsuit. But we could probably do this entire list about Kelly Kelly on the beach and it'd probably still be one of your favorites. The above photo was taken as part of a photo shoot with the WWE. While they've photographed hundreds of women over the years, we're sure Kelly Kelly still stands out.

Though with close to 1,000 posts on Instagram and over 750,000 followers, it's clear that Kelly Kelly has a strong following regardless of what outfit she is putting on.

Fun Fact: There's a reason Kelly Kelly might be so confident in a swimsuit. When talking about how she got her start in the WWE, Kelly Kelly stated

“[WWE] saw me in the Venus Swimwear catalog and called my agent at the time and said they were interested and being that I had an athletic background -- my agent told them I was athletic, I was a gymnast -- WWE sent me out for a tryout, had me come down for a week, and that’s how I got hired. [she chuckles]”

3 Looking Amazing On The Golf Course (In A Swimsuit)

If we're being completely honest, the above outfit that Kelly Kelly wore to the links is probably not the most appropriate outfit to typically wear on the golf course. But we're sure you can think of a few female golfers that you'd love to see tee off in a bikini, and we're sure you're ecstatic at Kelly Kelly's decision to do so. Kelly Kelly captioned the photo "Golfing at its finest!"

Fun Fact: While the above photo might make you think golf is in her athletic background, that isn't the case. Prior to the WWE, Kelly Kelly actually had experience in the world of gymnastics and also worked as a cheerleader. Though her career was later shortened by injuries. That being said, we're sure that flexibility still came in handy in the ring and are glad that her time in the WWE was mostly marked by a clean bill of health.

2 Posing For Maxim

Kelly Kelly is definitely used to people talking about how attractive she is. The above photo shoot was taken for Maxim magazine and of course, they decided to throw her in a swimsuit for the photos. Though she definitely knows how to work it! Let's hope that just because she is no longer in the public eye in as much of a way in the past that they won't hesitate from calling her for a future session.

Fun Fact: Kelly Kelly is very familiar with Maxim. She was featured on the cover of Maxim's December 2011 magazine (talk about one way to warm up!) and has also been listed on their top 100 women list. Her highest placement came in 2012 when she came 38th, but she was also 82nd in 2011.

1 Showing Off Her Take On Khaleesi (Halloween 3 Of 3)

As we wrap up our list, we find it only fitting to also start wrapping up certain jaw-dropping themes that we've featured such as Kelly Kelly on Halloween. She looks amazing as Harley Quinn, she may have made you engage in your patriotic support as a Marine, but above all else, you may love her take on Khaleesi.

It's clear that Kelly Kelly doesn't refrain from taking on some of the most popular ideas, as she wore the above outfit for the 2015 Halloween season. But when you know you're going to outshine the competition, we suppose you don't have to worry about what you're wearing!

Fun Fact: Kelly Kelly would have been engaged, but not married to Sheldon Souray during Halloween 2015. The same year Kelly Kelly started up on the reality show WAGs. When talking about the show, Kelly Kelly stated

“I missed entertaining since I retired from WWE [in 2012], and I wanted to do something. A production company asked if I wanted to be involved, so I ran the idea by my fiance, and he was all on board, and the rest is history.”

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