Vince McMahon’s $40 Million Mansion And 14 Other Expensive Things Vince Blew His Money On

When the WWE Universe was in the heat of its Attitude Era, Vince McMahon reached a personal landmark he still boasts about to this day, and for good reason: he became a certified billionaire. Of course, McMahon and his family had already been living pretty well for decades at that point, with the additional wealth only helping to support their high-end lifestyles. Nothing proves just how good the McMahon’s have it like a list of Vince and family’s most expensive assets, some of which they barely even see, use, or utilize in any way.

Despite being on the road some 300 days out of the year, generally living out of hotels and arenas and spending most waking hours at the office, Vince McMahon personally owns no less than three homes. That’s in addition to a number of condos, a plane to travel back and forth between them, a fleet of vehicles to do the same, and just to really drive home the fact he’s a very, very rich person, a 47-foot yacht. Obviously, McMahon has the necessary money to afford all this and then some, making it his decision alone whether or not this is how he should be spending it.

On top of all the normal signs of wealth McMahon has on display, he’s also a well-known weirdo, firmly in the eccentric category of billionaires. Naturally, this means he has a few out-there possessions as well, more unique to his style and sensibilities, yet expensive as hell all the same. For all the details on his priciest items, keep reading to learn about Vince McMahon's $40 million mansion and 14 other ridiculously expensive possessions of the WWE CEO.

15 The Greenwich Mansion — $40 Million

Of all Vince McMahon’s exorbitant possessions, it makes the most sense that he would splurge on his primary residence. Sure, he might not spend that much time there, but a man’s home is his castle, his shelter, and perhaps the most necessary element to a high quality of life. That said, most of us can find these things for well under the $40 million price tag McMahon’s 10-acre property is allegedly worth. Other sources indicate more recent appraisals suggest it’s only worth $11 million, but either way, it’s a gigantic chunk of land and the cost feels appropriate for its size. That’s not even mentioning the fact his mansion is three stories tall, has two full gardens, a gym, and a pool. Vince named the property Conyers Farm for reasons that are unclear, aside from the fact it presumably has nothing to do with the other Conyers Farm, a nearby apartment complex for the extremely wealthy.

14 The Tricked Out Bentley — $300,000

Like most billionaires, when Vince McMahon is traveling to an important business venture, he tends to hire the services of a limo. In a way, every episode of Raw could be considered such an event, meaning he spends more time in the backseat of a stretch vehicle than behind the wheel of one. Even so, the guy still needs to get around town on the day to day, and given his personality, it’s almost obvious he’d choose to do so in style. For the past several years,

McMahon has been driving a $200,000 2010 Bentley Continental GT, which he’s decked out with a $100,000 sound system.

After Vince threw all that money into his car, he almost suffered a serious misfortune when it was stolen, although authorities were able to recover it relatively quickly. Unfortunately, he wasn’t quite so lucky a few years later when he crashed his Bentley in a minor accident. The car was far from totalled, but repairs only served to inflate the cost of his already very expensive vehicle.

13 A Fleet Of Additional Vehicles — Undisclosed Thousands

In the modern world, almost everyone owns a vehicle of some kind. Depending on a person’s field of business, it’s not even out of the question to own more than one car or truck for various different purposes. Of course, Vince McMahon isn’t quite in that sort of industry, and it seems like that super expensive souped up Bentley should be all he needs to get around. That’s probably the case, too, but

practicality isn’t going to stop McMahon from buying his own fleet of random vehicles.

In addition to his $300,000 primary source of transportation, it’s also been reported that McMahon owns a $130,000 Mercedes SL600R, a Boss Hoss motorcycle, a Jeep Grand Cherokee and GMC Yukon XL. Granted, those last few aren’t all that high end considering McMahon’s wealth, but then again, these are the fourth and fifth recreational vehicles he almost never uses.

12 A Giant T. Rex Skull In His Office — $5,750

Okay, so this one isn’t exactly all that expensive in comparison to everything else on the list. At only a little under $6,000, some people reading this list might be able to afford one if they saved up for it. However, there’s no way anyone actually would, because it’s an entirely unnecessary,

bizarre status symbol that only a billionaire could even consider buying.

Why does Vince McMahon own a replica T-Rex skull, which he has on display in his office at WWE Headquarters? Why not? The story is that Triple H saw it while filming The Chaperone and immediately asked the props department where he could buy one, and the rest of the story pretty much writes itself. Because it was a gift from his son-in-law, Vince didn’t even need to drop the $5,750, but there’s no doubt he would have if he only had the idea first.

11 WWE Headquarters — $19 Million

On paper, it almost seems excessive for Vince McMahon and WWE to own a corporate office more expensive than his gigantic mansion. However, any organization with as many employees as WWE has needs a pretty huge place to staff them all, making WWE Headquarters a wholly appropriate purchase. The huge, modern style office building is only a few minutes away from the McMahon’s Connecticut homes, giving them a speedy commute as they head to work every morning. Anyone wanting a tour of WWE HQ might be out of luck unless they have a reason to visit, but on the plus side, fans of the company during the Attitude Era saw plenty of it in pre-taped vignettes. In fact, WWE HQ still shows up in various WWE Network specials now and again, so fans can see McMahon’s millions in action with the click of a few buttons.

10 The Stamford Condo — $4.1 Million

According to Google Maps, on a day with light traffic, it takes about 25 minutes to drive from the McMahon family mansion in Greenwich, Connecticut to WWE Headquarters over in Stamford.

Apparently, that’s about 20 minutes too many for Vince, because he also owns a massive two-story condominium only 5 minutes away from his office.

Located in Trump Parc, the giant secondary residence also has a pool, gym, sauna, and high-end screening room that one can imagine only ever airs past WWE events. The McMahons were actually among the first residents to move into the Stamford complex owned by Linda’s future boss, a factor that likely contributed to her placement on the condo board. One has to imagine convenience alone means the McMahon’s could easily spend more time at this home than their significantly more expensive mansion, but as billionaires with money to spare, the thought probably doesn’t even cross their minds.

9 WWE Performance Center — $1.5 Million

Despite what some critics who suggest WWE never pays attention to the future may suggest, Vince McMahon and company have always been firmly invested in the next chapter of sports entertainment in one way or another. Since 2012, they’ve been particularly proactive about the subject, founding NXT and the WWE Performance Center to go along with it. The highly-specialized gym and training organization

for future and current WWE superstars reportedly cost McMahon $1.5 million, and that’s not including the additional cost of the exercise accoutrements found within.

The building is also pretty huge, large enough to contain multiple wrestling rings where the superstars train for Raw, SmackDown, and other events. With private gyms in all of his houses, we’re not sure how much time Vince himself trains here, but it’s money well spent considering how much his employees benefit from it.

8 WWE Video Library — Unclassifiable Amount

There’s no way to put a price tag on history, even if we’re just talking about the history of pro wrestling. It’s especially hard to quantify the value in tapes of old wrestling TV shows, Pay-Per-Views, and whatever else WWE filmed over the years considering the public doesn’t even know just how much content Vince McMahon has stashed away.

What we do know is that WWE keeps these records in a vault at a facility called Iron Mountain in Catskill, New York.

The secure location isn’t owned by WWE, only rented, but they do keep upwards of 60,000 “assets” at the literal stone enclosing. Though it’s probably not necessary, it’s worth pointing out Iron Mountain is fire and nuclear bomb proof, showing just how valuable McMahon sees his video catalog as being. It also goes without saying such space inside such a facility is extremely pricey to rent, though exact numbers are not available.

7 A Giant Portrait Of Himself — Unknown Price Tag

To be entirely honest, we have absolutely no idea what this item on the list cost. For all anyone knows, it could have been a gift or otherwise free for Vince McMahon himself. That said, a person needs to be either literally insane or a certified billionaire in order to get away with this sort of flagrant display of wealth. Located in the largest room of the family’s largest mansion, seated above his luxurious couch, Vince McMahon has a gigantic portrait of Vince McMahon. Surprisingly, it’s not some sort of vanity shot, with a shirtless McMahon sporting bulging muscles and wrangling a lion or some other sort of vicious animal. Instead, it’s a relatively simple piece, with

McMahon wearing what looks like a tennis outfit while seated on a motorcycle.

No matter the specifics, the fact remains McMahon has a hand-drawn portrait of himself in his own home for all to see, something only a crazy person with too much money would ever have.

6 Triple H and Stephanie’s Mansion — $8 Million

Having climbed the WWE corporate ladder since she was a teenager, Stephanie McMahon is gradually inching her way toward her father’s wealth. Though already a self-made multimillionaire in her own right, Stephanie and her husband Triple H still have an extremely long way to go before they reach her fathers billions. They’re well on their way, though,

apparently having enough money between them to afford an $8 million mansion only a few miles away from Vince and Linda’s.

Technically speaking, this might not belong on the list, since Stephanie apparently purchased it on her own after selling a significant chunk of her shares in WWE. However, think about how she got those shares and who it is that signs both her paycheques and those of her husband, and it could be argued Vince paid for their mansion in a way, as well.

5 The Florida Vacation Home — $2.1 Million

For a man of Vince McMahon’s wealth, owning at least one vacation home is almost expected. Throw in the fact he’s 72 years young, and it was inevitable this property would be located in sunny Boca Raton, Florida. Sure, he owns a good five other homes up North, and that might be excessive in and of itself, but who can blame the guy for wanting a place down South where it’s always warm? To achieve this,

McMahon purchased the top two stories of a gigantic condo, as is his modus operandi with this sort of thing.

It’s also known he rents a large space in a nearby dock for another item this list will cover as it continues. For now, let’s just focus on the fact McMahon’s vacation home is somehow cheaper than two of his main residences and congratulate him on showing the smallest amount of restraint.

4 The WWE Corporate Jet — $27.5 Million

Forget about fast cars and limousine services — WWE is a global operation, and automobiles can only get Vince McMahon so far.

In order for the man to travel all around the world, from arena to arena, faster and more efficiently than any of his superstars, he needed to have his very own jet.

For business purposes, McMahon keeps the WWE Corporate Jet under the company name, and in all fairness, it does seem like he uses it almost exclusively for WWE related affairs. Top superstars are also known to regularly travel on the jet with Vince, as are his most trusted aides and executives, who often discuss WWE storylines and policy while thousands of feet above ground. WWE purchased the jet fairly recently, replacing an older model with a 2007 Bombardier Global 5000, an aircraft which costs in the neighborhood of $27.5 million.

3 The Other Apartments — Undisclosed Millions

At this point, we’ve got to stop and ask ourselves how many gosh darn houses a person could possibly need. Already, this list has covered four separate gigantic and expensive properties owned by Vince McMahon and his family, and apparently, those are only the tip of the iceberg. In addition to all the land this list already mentioned,

McMahon also reportedly owns two additional condos in Stamford, a condo in Greenwich, a condo in Las Vegas, and a property of some kind in Pennsylvania.

What exactly he does with any of these homes, if anything at all, is entirely unclear. Having a giant mansion and a smaller condo closer to work almost makes sense for a man of his wealth, but three more homes in Connecticut is just excessive no matter how one looks at it. At least the Vegas and Pennsylvania locations are far enough away from home that they almost make some sort of sense.

2 The Decked Out Yacht — Undisclosed Millions

Dinosaur head and self-portrait notwithstanding, this next item might be the most “Vince McMahon” possession of everything the WWE CEO owns. Upon first glance, it doesn’t seem all that noteworthy for McMahon to own a 47-foot yacht, as many millionaires and billionaires take their fleets of vehicles to the sea when they run out of space in the garage. For this reason, though, what they choose to name their craft speaks volumes about their personality and how they wish to present themselves to the other extremely wealthy people in this world. In the mind of Vince McMahon, this meant naming his gigantic sea vessel “The S*xy B****.” Generally docked outside his property in Boca Raton, Florida, we’re not sure how often his yacht goes on a voyage, but chances are the real pleasure Vince gets out of it is simply staring at the name.

1 WWE Stock — Nearly $1 Billion

Ultimately, none of Vince McMahon’s physical properties can compare in value or personal importance to his true baby. No, we’re not talking about Shane, Stephanie, or any of the grandkids — the one thing Vince holds more dear than any other is his WWE Universe, the company he purchased from his father in 1982 and still owns to this day. Vince has remained the majority shareholder of the company by a wide margin since it went public, with his personal shares bouncing up and down in value along with the wrestling business itself. At his peak, McMahon’s stock was worth over $1 billion, while at its lowest, his stock dropped to $650 million. Of course, that’s still a massive amount of cash for any one man to have, and more than enough to fund everything on this list and then some. It’s also worth noting that whenever Vince’s stock takes a hit, it’s only a matter of time before he climbs right back up to billionaire status.

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