15 Divas Who "Allegedly" Were The Other Woman

Everyone knows by now that affairs are highly common among WWE Superstars since they spend most of their time on the road. Wrestling isn't only their profession, it takes over their lives as well which means they surround themselves with people from the industry for most of their life. Not only do they bond as friends, they also develop romantic relationships that carry on to become serious relationships at times.

While many wrestlers choose to get married to someone in the industry, that isn't always the case as there have been many who chose to marry a regular person instead. But since the Superstars barely get any days off and are immediately back on the road, they are more prone to cheat with fellow wrestlers.

Over the years, many affairs have been publicized as wrestlers tend to be very outspoken and rarely keep matters private. Gossip is very prevalent in the industry from shoot interviews to personal books; wrestlers almost always air each other's dirty laundry. And as expected, some of that controversy is usually surrounding an affair that took place between two wrestlers.

But it's even worse when the wrestler is married while engaging in a fling since word gets around rather quickly in a wrestling locker room. It eventually finds its way to the public with wrestling sites reporting the latest scandals. Many of these entries are bound to blow your mind as we look at 15 Divas who "allegedly" had an affair with married wrestlers.

15 Kelly Kelly With Chris Jericho

Kelly Kelly is reported to have had many flings during her time in the WWE. According to Randy Orton, she slept with at least 10 wrestlers during her run. Among them was Chris Jericho who was married at the time but seems to have been going through a mid-life crisis when he had some fun on the road with Kelly. The pair were pictured together at various events, and they were getting a bit too close to each other.

Although the affair didn't last long, Jericho's wife forgave him for his mistake and they remain together today. His marriage was in jeopardy at some point upon the leaked details regarding the affair. Jericho seems to have gotten back on his best behavior since then, as we have seen him talk about his marriage in recent times although he usually is a bit private about it.

14 JoJo With Bray Wyatt

Plenty of Superstars have had affairs while on the road but not all of them end up being caught. Bray Wyatt wasn't one of the lucky names as his wife found out about his fling with JoJo and immediately filed for divorce. It wasn't just a rumor as she seemed to have hard evidence about their fling since she was quick to make her move. Wyatt and JoJo had been spending plenty of time together on the road and were pictured together arriving to WWE events.

Neither have commented on it since the story was reported by media outlets, although his wife's lawyer did release a statement with more details about what went on. The divorce is said to be finalized but it seems like Wyatt and JoJo's fling didn't transition into a serious relationship unless they are simply keeping it on the low. Earlier in the year, JoJo had a boyfriend and used to share photos of him on Instagram but her account is mostly inactive these days.

13 Mickie James With John Cena

WWE would love to paint John Cena's personal life in a different light but younger fans will be disappointed that Nikki Bella wasn't always the love of his life. He had been previously married to his high school sweetheart Elizabeth Huberdeau for many years before they eventually got a divorce. We can only speculate as to why the couple went their separate ways, but Cena's infidelity probably didn't help matters as he was known to have fun on the road.

One of the Divas that he hooked up with was Mickie James, who had been in a relationship as well with Kenny Dykstra. Cena and James' fling carried for some time as they cheated on their respective partners but that didn't last as they both found out. Dykstra made sure to let everyone know what was happening between them, while Cena filed for divorce from his wife in 2012.

12 Melina With Batista

At the peak of his WWE career, Batista was married to Angie Bautista but there was too much tension between the couple to make it work. It's no secret that Batista was living up to his Evolution persona at the time, engaging in many flings from WWE Divas to groupies. But there is one name that fans will always remember as Batista was involved in a fling with Melina.

They had been on SmackDown roster at the time and worked together in a storyline. We witnessed some steamy segments between them but apparently, there was more to it than our eyes witnessed. To make matters even worse, Melina was dating John Morrison during her fling and he was aware of her relationship with Batista. Even WWE writers couldn't have written a more intriguing love triangle if they had tried, it is still talked about after all these years.

11 Christy Hemme With Triple H

This alleged affair took place in 2005 shortly after Christy Hemme won the 2004 WWE Diva Contest Search. She rose quickly to fame - mainly due to her great looks - and became apart of some major WWE storylines. But her run with the company barely lasted a year and she was released under mysterious circumstances. At the time, rumors claimed that Stephanie McMahon made the call to let her go upon finding out that she had been involved in an affair with Triple H.

We may never know whether that is true or not as Hemme has always been very vague when speaking about her WWE release. And we can't imagine Triple H or Stephanie wanting to discuss the topic. Since then, Hemme hasn't made an appearance on WWE television and the company has largely ignored her run as if it never happened. You can basically find at least one video of any Superstar from WWE history on their YouTube search, yet Christy Hemme brings up no results.

10 Victoria With John Cena

Mickie James isn't the only name who got too close to John Cena. In the early 2000s, he briefly dated former WWE Diva Victoria for some time but that didn't last as they both went back to their original partners. Years later, it seems like the spark re-emerged between them as they engaged in an affair while on the road. Cena was definitely not in it for the long term and ended his fling with Victoria as soon as the heat was on him.

Cena was still married at the time to Elizabeth Huberdeau, so the fling took place around the same time as the James one did. While Cena is known to have preached about loyalty and respect throughout his WWE career, it seems like he didn't apply his own advice when it came to his marriage. Those are two affairs that we know of although reports claim that Cena was having plenty of fun on the road during those years.

9 Dawn Marie With Kurt Angle

For several years, Kurt Angle was married to Karen despite all the ongoing problems in their relationship. In the mid-2000s, their marriage was challenged when a leak indicated that Angle had been having flings with many WWE Divas, including Dawn Marie. They nearly divorced at the time but their marriage managed to survive a couple more years until the roles were reversed with Karen having an affair with Jeff Jarrett.

They divorced soon afterward as Karen went on to marry Jarrett. One could say that Kurt got a taste of his own medicine as not only did Karen cheat on him, but TNA also turned it into a storyline that looked uncomfortable for all sides involved. It was a tough period for Kurt but perhaps it never would have come down to this if he hadn't cheated years earlier.

8 Michelle McCool With The Undertaker

There are many names that will forever be associated with The Undertaker, among them is Sara - also known as his ex-wife from 2000 until 2007. While the WWE Universe got to know her through some appearances on Raw, it was mainly the "Sara" tattoo on The Undertaker's throat that made her one of the most famous non-wrestler figures in the industry. While he did end up removing the tattoo following his divorce, fans will definitely never forget Sara.

But there have been rumors that his marriage came to an end due to The Undertaker's affair with Michelle McCool, which eventually turned into a relationship. They became official almost immediately after his divorce, which had many doubting the couple as most fans believe that what began as an affair between Taker and McCool resulted in a marriage later on. If that is indeed true, WWE definitely would like to forget that important piece of information.

7 Miss Elizabeth With Hulk Hogan

Many wrestlers have noted that Randy Savage was incredibly protective of his wife Miss Elizabeth during their WWE run, which made him get into many arguments with fellow wrestlers. As a member of The Mega Powers, Savage was joined by Miss Elizabeth and Hulk Hogan to form one of the most memorable teams of all time. But as rumors built up regarding an affair between Elizabeth and Hogan, Savage handled it as one would expect.

In Hogan's defense, he has denied the allegations throughout the years but Savage never bought his side of the story and it ended up resulting in a divorce. Hogan and Savage would engage in a lifelong feud even during their advanced years as Savage never got over the alleged affair or Hogan's backstage antics. Once Savage passed away, Hogan did claim that they had settled matters but many wrestlers have denied Hogan's words since then.

6 Sunny With Bret Hart

Most fans are by now aware of the shenanigans that took place in the WWE locker room during the 90s, especially those involving one of the most beloved Divas of all time in Sunny. She captured fans' hearts faster than anybody to become a top sex symbol in the wrestling world. And for years to come, she was involved in many relationships with fellow wrestlers that created some heat between many names, including Chris Candido and Shawn Michaels.

But there is another name that has always come up that some may not expect in Bret Hart. Although he was married to Julie Smadu at the time, Hart has admitted to having multiple affairs while on the road. Several wrestlers' accounts claim that one of the names he was hooking up was Sunny, which only worsened his relationship with his rival Shawn Michaels for the upcoming years.

5 Paige With Alberto Del Rio

Alberto Del Rio's ex-wife Angela Velkei filed for divorce a few years ago upon finding out that he had cheated on her with Paige. She wasn't interested in rekindling the relationship and opted to move on as soon as possible by finalizing her divorce. It didn't take long for Del Rio and Paige to publicly come out as a couple although their relationship also came to an end early last year.

When the Paige leaks took place, she was still in a relationship with Del Rio but it had been rocky at the time and that only complicated things even further. Eventually, they chose to go their separate ways following some intense months of dating that was filled with controversy. They seem to be on good terms right now after Del Rio revealed that their relationship had ended due to schedule conflicts as they were in different cities and simply couldn't make it work.

4 Lita With Edge

Edge lived up to his Rated-R Superstar nickname with his actions in the mid-2000s. He was married to the sister of Val Venis, Alanah Morley, from 2001 until 2004 but a divorce came through after she found out that he was having a fling with Lita. Their relationship went sour at a quick pace as Edge threw away everything for Lita, who had been dating Matt Hardy at the time.

To get back at them for cheating, Hardy and Morley were pictured together with some steamy action involved. I guess that's one way to handle cheaters. Edge's fling with Lita turned into a serious relationship as they went on to date for many years, and were even involved together on-screen. As usual, WWE took advantage of a real-life situation to turn it into a storyline, producing the rivalry between Edge and Hardy on Raw.

3 Sable With Brock Lesnar

Before Sable moved on to Brock Lesnar, she had been married to Marc Mero for 10 years with their divorce finalizing in 2004. The timeline usually indicates that Lesnar and Sable didn't begin dating until after the divorce but rumors beg to differ. Over the years, there have been reports that their relationship began on the road and they only became an official couple once Sable had finalized her divorce.

It makes sense since they were both on the SmackDown roster at the time, and as we all know by now, wrestlers have the tendency to cheat on their partners. None of the involved parties have ever commented on the rumors, as all sides have moved on by now. Sable and Mero have a kid together so they remain in contact although their marriage didn't end on the best of terms back in 2004.

2 Terri Runnels With Shawn Stasiak

Not many would have imagined Goldust having the career that he did. His longevity has been impressive to say the least, managing to remain on WWE television for decades despite his unusual gimmick. It seems like a different life back when he had Terri Runnels by his side, who also happened to be his wife in real life. Goldust's father, the legendary Dusty Rhodes, was always wary of Runnels as he thought she was a gold digger. As it turned out, he may have been right after all.

Runnels was scripted to have an on-screen affair with Shawn Stasiak but that turned into a real fling. Shortly after, Goldust and Runnels' problems piled up as they got a divorce in 1999. It is believed by many that the storyline-turned-affair was the final straw for their relationship, which never recovered since then. And of course, Rhodes didn't really mind to see it crash.

1 Charlotte Flair With Alberto Del Rio

While we are all aware of Alberto Del Rio's fling with Paige, many may not know that it wasn't his first during his marriage to Angela Velkei as he had been involved with Charlotte Flair. Unlike his next relationship, this one stayed behind the scenes as they never officially revealed themselves as a couple. Whether they actually dated or were simply hooking up is another matter, but rumors confirm that something was ongoing between them after Charlotte had gotten her own divorce.

For whatever it's worth, their fling didn't last too long but it is said to have affected Charlotte's work relationship with Paige since they dated Del Rio just a few months apart from each other. They had supposedly gotten into backstage arguments, which encouraged Vince McMahon to put them in some matches together to see if they are able to put their differences aside.

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