15 Dirty Secrets The WWE Wants Us To Completely Forget

WWE has a reputation of revising history from time to time to protect the image of their Superstars. While there is much less controversy in the company these days compared to previous decades, it is nearly impossible to hide any present secrets due to the presence of social media and wrestling sites. In the old days, word may have gotten around thanks to interviews, books and very specific forums, but never did they spread to the point where every fan was aware of the ongoing events.

There is always trouble brewing backstage between the fighters, and it can sometimes escalate to serious issues. In recent months, we witnessed many of Hollywood's dirty secrets being leaked to the public and we all saw how it affected their image. Due to this, many were dropped from their projects or endorsement deals. While the secrets of the WWE may differ, they are still guaranteed to tarnish the company's image in some ways.

As popular as the WWE may be, it also has plenty of critics who await any given opportunity to put the company on blast, but realistically the WWE can only do so much to protect their image. Many of the WWE's top Superstars have had a past that involved some shady incidents, from not so secretive affairs to wild antics that simply could not be defended. The listed entries have all been verified by different sources from staff to wrestlers. Here are 15 dirty secrets that the WWE wants you to completely forget:

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15 Steve Austin's Domestic Abuse

During the Attitude Era, Steve Austin was truly the most loved man in wrestling, managing to transcend the industry by becoming a mainstream figure for some awards. But in the early 2000s, he was charged for domestic abuse against his wife Debra who claimed that he beat her up on three different occasions. She also stated that most of the WWE talents knew about the violence, since she had been hurt while she was backstage, but nobody ever said a thing.

Debra claims that it was a result of a steroid rage that caused him to behave in that manner, although Austin has never commented on the case. This is one of the many secrets that WWE wants to erase from the fans' memory since it would seriously affect Austin's image if the case was brought back to light again. Since they have already lost Hulk Hogan to controversy, they probably don't want to lose Austin to it as well.

14 Eddie Guerrero Was In Severe Pain 

The entire wrestling world was shaken upon the death of Eddie Guerrero in 2005, but there were some warning signs that may have been ignored by the company. According to many accounts of Superstars who were around Guerrero in the last year of his life, he used to be in constant pain and would often drag himself from one place to another. Kurt Angle once said that Guerrero was tough to work with at times since he couldn't handle taking any bumps as his health had deteriorated.

Hardcore Holly and Batista have both noted that Guerrero used to just lay around in the locker room, attempting to recover from his pain. Once it was time to wrestle however, he would always bite the bullet. He would put on a brave face, get into character, and go out and entertain his fans. WWE have paid plenty of tributes to the legendary Eddie Guerrero, but these important details have been swept under the rug by the company.

13 The Undertaker Was A Locker Room Bully

The Undertaker is considered to be one of the greatest Superstars in WWE history and he served as a locker room leader throughout most of his career. But while he often receives praise for his role in the company, there have been some stories about him that may change your point of view. Along with JBL, he was responsible for the infamous "Wrestler's Court" which aimed to solve any backstage issues between WWE Superstars, but there have been reports of the court turning into a bully spot with The Undertaker at the helm.

One particular incident involved Muhammad Hassan who tried to get back in the good graces of the locker room following some backstage heat. The Undertaker had already made up his mind, and continued to rib him instead, such as the time where he rejected a drink offered to him by Hassan and spilled it on the floor.

12 Triple H Was The Kliq's Designated Driver

When Triple H joined the WWE following a brief stint with WCW, he was almost immediately recruited to join Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Shawn Michaels and X-Pac as the fifth member of The Kliq. However, it wasn't his talent or potential that captured their attention. They rather enjoyed the fact that he wasn't drinking, and they needed a designated driver. They had quite the reputation of being party animals, hopping from one club to another. Triple H got along with all members and became a part of their close-knit group very quickly.

He soon became their equal rather than just a driver, but the WWE would never want the fans to know, especially since they are notorious for revising history to make Triple H appear more important. They have already convinced younger fans that Triple H was the equal of Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock during the Attitude Era.

11 Randy Orton Bothering Divas

Randy Orton may be one of the most successful Superstars in modern history, but his reputation backstage doesn't match his wrestling legacy. For many years, he was known for his immature antics from going off on his peers to rude behaviour towards fans. But one fact that WWE attempts to bury is his disgusting behaviour towards WWE Divas, especially during the mid 2000s, as many have spoken out against his childish pranks.

Rochelle Loewen claimed that Orton used to harass her and other Divas by attempting to get their attention in despicable ways, including an incident where he put baby oil inside Loewen's handbag. During a shoot interview, Maria confirmed that Orton wasn't so pleasant to work with as he once used fireworks from one moving car towards her car as a prank. Orton's immature behaviour is no secret but the WWE sure loves to ignore his attitude towards women.

10 The Ultimate Warrior's Messy Past

Prior to his death, The Ultimate Warrior wasn't exactly very loved by his peers. He was engaged in rivalries with so many names who had shared some stories about him that would make you view him differently. Among them was Bret Hart who never held back, and there is one story from his autobiography that may have you reconsidering everything that you previously knew about Warrior.

Hart claimed that a child from the Make A Wish Foundation had visited the WWE locker room and was scheduled to meet his favourite wrestler who was of course, The Ultimate Warrior. He waited for hours, but the Warrior never bothered to acknowledge him, even after being informed by several wrestlers and staff members that there was a child waiting for him. Hours later, the child was leaving with his parents when he finally got to see The Ultimate Warrior who approached them only to tell them to get out of his way as he was about to make his entrance to the ring.

9 Kelly Kelly Bedding The WWE Locker Room

Coming at a time when the women's division was at its lowest point, Kelly Kelly managed to become one of the more successful Divas from that era thanks to her good looks. But while fans had been used to seeing Kelly being very steamy, WWE has attempted to keep her image as clean as possible. But leaked photos haven't helped her case, some of which showed her kissing Chris Jericho ultimately rumouring an affair.

She dated several wrestlers throughout the years and engaged in multiple affairs, but WWE would love for fans to forget about her past. A few years ago, Randy Orton's radio interview went south when he practically aired Kelly's dirty laundry by claiming that she slept with most of the locker room, while adding that he could name 10 wrestlers off the top of his head. He later issued an apology later on for disrespecting Kelly but the damage had already been done.

8 John Cena: Hustle, And No Respect

It's easy to forget that WWE Superstars are only portraying an image on television, and are not quite like the characters they present themselves as. John Cena is the prime example, as he was the face of the company for over a decade, and was often hailed for his work with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Although he preached Hustle, Loyalty and Respect throughout his career, many Superstars beg to differ including Kenny Dykstra who revealed that Cena cheated on his ex-wife and engaged in an affair with Mickie James.

Additionally, many Superstars have called him out for playing backstage politics to further his career while holding back others, including incidents of Cena burying younger talents for petty reasons. Cena may not be an evil person but he is far from being an angel either, and the likes of Alex Riley can attest to that based on personal experience.

7 John Morrison Held Back For Not Stepping Up To Batista

It didn't take long for MNM to capture the WWE Tag Team Titles following their debut as they became one of the most memorable teams from the mid 2000s. During that time and for many years afterwards, Melina and John Morrison had been openly dating. Morrison was destined to become part of the main event.

Fans have always been confused as to why the WWE never truly gave him a shot, but sources have indicated that Vince McMahon had lost respect for him due to his reaction to the affair between Melina and Batista. McMahon and the entire locker room found out about it and expected Morrison to step up to Batista, although he never did for whatever reason, and continued dating Melina. Many believe that McMahons had lost respect for him since then and that is why Morrison never became one of the WWE's top Superstars.

6 A McMahon Storyline Gone Too Far

Over the years, we have witnessed some storylines that had us scratching our heads, making us wonder if the WWE creative took it too far. We all remember the angle involving Mark Henry and Mae Young, or the even messier segment with Triple H dressed as Kane and Katie Vick. One storyline could have topped it, but thankfully it never seemed to work out.

Vince McMahon wanted to do an incest angle involving him with his daughter Stephanie McMahon but she rejected the idea. Unfortunately, that was not enough to put the idea to rest. Instead of including himself, he replaced his position with his son Shane McMahon, but like his sister, Shane rejected the sketch. Thankfully, fans never had to endure such a terrible storyline. Considering the direction WWE has taken since then, it's safe to say that the McMahon don't want this particular plan to be known by the fans.

5 Steve Austin's Backstage Issues With WWE

Stone Cold Steve Austin may have been the biggest name of the Attitude Era, but he had some behind the scene issues with the WWE during the early 2000s. After having been on the bad end of creative, he requested to work with great talents such as Eddie Guerrero and he nearly got his wish. Fans only got to witness one segment between them in which they sang karaoke before Guerrero knocked him out.

But Austin decided to take a leave from the company soon afterwards since he was booked to lose to Brock Lesnar on Monday Night Raw. Austin believed that the match was too good to just randomly happen on Raw and should have a proper build up, noting that he didn't mind losing to Lesnar. But it was the final straw for him, and he left the WWE for some time before returning.

4 John Cena Will Be Nikki Bella's Second Husband

With the way the WWE promoted John Cena and Nikki Bella, you would think they were married after being high school sweethearts. As it turns out, Cena did marry his high school sweetheart, but her name was Elizabeth Huberdeau. Fans only really knew about her when it was announced that Cena would be getting a divorce from Huberdeau.

Another thing fans don't know about was that Nikki Bella tied the knot at 20 years old. What is more interesting is the fact that she seemed to never want to address the topic. She did however indicate briefly that she had regrets about her first marriage, which ultimately ended in divorce. Clearly, the WWE would rather have fans thinking Cena is her first husband, and true love.

3 Triple H's Jealousy Of The Rock

One secret that the WWE has managed to sweep under the rug was the feud between The Rock and Triple H. Triple H was jealous of The Rock, as he believed that The Rock had taken his spot in the late 90s. The Rock became the WWE's second biggest Superstar after Steve Austin, and then later on the face of the company, which didn't go too well with Triple H.

And when The Rock briefly left in an attempt at becoming a Hollywood star, he was willing to re-sign with the company once his contract expired in 2004 but Triple H managed to convince Vince McMahon that The Rock would fail as an actor and come back on his own. As we all know, Triple H couldn't be more wrong since The Rock has become Hollywood's highest paid actor. But many have reported that Triple H didn't want to share the spotlight during his reign since he could never outshine The Rock.

2 Andre The Giant's Past

When the Hulk Hogan racist tapes leaked a few years ago, WWE didn't hesitate to release him from the roster and erase him from history. But it had everyone talking about how many other wrestlers may have also been racist but simply haven't been exposed. According to several wrestlers, Andre The Giant would make terribly degrading jokes, and  threw the n-word around as if it was nothing.

During a WWE tour bus ride, Andre was caught. Bad News Brown overheard him and stood up to the giant for his racist remarks. Andre didn't seem to care and continued using the n-word, which had Brown calling him out, and ended up challenging him to a fight. Knowing that Bad News Brown was one of the toughest wrestlers in the business, Andre opted to stay inside and backed down from the fight.

1 Jim Ross Was Forced Out Of The WWE

Since 1993, Jim Ross was one of the most important figures in WWE as he became wrestling's most popular commentator and recruited some top talent to the company. But it was believed that for some time since 2010, the company was ready to part ways with him as they slowly reduced his role on-screen as well as backstage. There was rising heat between Ross and the company for unknown reasons, and it's believed that Vince McMahon was trying to force him out without upsetting Ross or the fans.

In 2013, he was the host of a WWE event which also featured many other legends, but it turned out to be very controversial as Ric Flair was intoxicated and made some comments that supposedly angered McMahon. It was Ross who took the blame with McMahon indicating that he failed to take control of the situation and allowed it to escalate. Ross was released from the company immediately after, and has been away from WWE television for the most part since then.

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