Tom Brady Doesn't Eat Nightshades (15 Diet Rules Gisele Makes Him Follow)

Tom Brady is one of the most popular football players around. And his smokin’ hot wife, Gisele Bündchen is no slack either. This perfect power couple is rich, famous, and annoyingly gorgeous. Both are super fit and never seem to age. Brady is 40 years old after all, and his buff body rivals a fella half his age. Same goes for his out-of-this-world foxy and slim supermodel wife.

The beautiful Bündchen makes sure her hunk of a husband stays healthy and in tip-top shape by feeding him only the finest of foods. His body is his (their) paycheque, after all, so she fuels him with food that keeps him strong and in the game. She seems to dine from this diet too, because the marvellous momma looks like a million bucks.

Sure, their diet may be strict, but you would likely follow it too if it meant you could be the next Brady or Bündchen. You could give up Krispy Kreme and Burger King, can’t you? Who could miss double-chocolate frosted cake when you can have a green salad instead? Okay, so this diet is likely a snore, but the couple must be full of energy. And their doctors must be impressed. We surely are.

Here are 15 diet rules Bündchen makes her man follow. Some sound reasonable while others seem like a real drag. But the couple sticks to the dietary rules and never sneak in a bag of cheesy Doritos or sip on a thick and rich vanilla shake. Cheat day anyone?

15 Veggies Galore

These two lovebirds eat more veggies than rabbits do. Close to 80 per cent of their healthy diet is plant-based, making Tom Brady as strong as Popeye with all his cans of spinach. But in Brady’s case, no canned goods will make it into his home… ahem, mansion. Only fresh and organic is allowed. Whole Foods, look out when Gisele comes strutting down the aisles. She and her hunky hubby will clear you out. Salad after salad, Brady must have quite the clean bowels. Not that we want to think about that. At least their moms would be proud that they are eating their veggies.

14 Like Brown On Rice

No white rice for Brady. Only brown will go down in their household. Brown rice is healthier than white, which is stripped of lots of the wholesome nutrition the brown rice retains. Not to mention, it has more flavor and texture, not that this is why brown is the choice for Brady — it’s all about nutrition, not taste. While white rice is tasty in many dishes, Brady must go brown if Gisele has anything to do with it. So long sushi. So long red beans and rice. So long rice pudding. Unless the white rice is replaced with brown, Brady can say adios to those yummy foods.

13 Salmon Suppers

Fish is a popular dish for Brady, but wild salmon is the seafood staple in their home. There are plenty of other fish in the sea, so to speak, but Gisele likes for Brady to dine on wild salmon — chock full of omega-3s, we can see why. But what’s so bad about tuna or cod? Don’t those swimmers deserve a taste now and then? And catfish and sea bass are delectable. Poor Brady gets no variety when it comes to his dinnertime offerings. Wild salmon isn’t so wild when it is on the menu night after night. Hopefully it goes well with brown rice.

12 Not Just Any Old Steak

Brady is allowed to cut into a thick steak, but it can’t be your run-of-the-mill meat when Gisele is in charge. Brady only gets grass-fed organic steak — the best of the best. Of course, these two have the money to buy the finest cuts of meat, so why not go for the ones that are best for Brady’s buff body too? He needs the protein to fuel his muscles, and the iron is important for his body too. Surely you won’t see the couple at The Outback any time soon, but when they bring steak home, it is from the best butcher in town.

11 Sorry Starbucks

Brady needs to be full of energy in order to play at his peak, but he will not be getting his jolt from java. No caffeine for this guy, which means no caffeinated coffee. He can also forget about a Diet Coke or a Mountain Dew too. Perhaps the jitter caffeine can cause is not good for Brady’s performance. Or maybe there really is no good reason the fella can’t have a cuppa Joe now and again. So, green tea must be the beverage of choice for Brady to gulp down with his super-healthy breakfast. Too bad because Frappuccinos are delicious!

10 Nix The Nightshades

If you do not know what nightshades are, think tomatoes, eggplant, potatoes, mushrooms, and peppers, to name a few. And if they sound delicious to you, keep in mind that Brady is banned from ingesting them, since they are not anti-inflammatory, apparently. This means Brady gets no French fries, marinara sauce, stuffed mushrooms, or eggplant parm. And forget about a couple of measly mushrooms atop one of his many salads. Boy, is Brady missing out. His diet is not much fun, especially when he can’t enjoy a potato-skin appetizer on boys’ night. Nightshades don’t seem so scary, but Gisele says, “boo” to each and every one of them.

9 Crazy For Coconuts

Gisele will not cook with any oil aside from coconut oil. She will not even use olive oil, which many dieticians consider to be heart-healthy. Coconut oil is not the most typical cooking oil, but for Gisele, she would go cuckoo if she cooked with anything else. Let’s suppose that Brady enjoys his sautéed and fried foods crisped up in coconut oil, not that he has any say in the matter, perhaps the coconut taste gets infused into the food, adding a tasty tropical flair. Hmmm… maybe coconut oil is worth a try. Perhaps the idea is not so nuts after all.

8 Got Milk? Nope

No dairy for this athlete. Brady mustn’t drink milk, so dry cereal and black (decaf) coffee is his feasting fate. This means no cottage cheese (or any cheese, for that matter), no sour cream, no yogurt, and no ice cream. Unless you are lactose intolerant, being barred from eating dairy is cruel and unusual punishment. One trip to Carvel and Brady would be willing to give up his football career. Let’s hope he sticks to coconut milk or soy. And if his wife ever caught him spreading cream cheese on a bagel, he’d be toast. Not that he’s eating any bagels anyhow.

7 Skip The White Sugar

It doesn’t sound too sweet that Brady can’t have white sugar. Perhaps he is allowed to consume raw or brown sugar, but the basic white is off the menu. This seems like a reasonable dietary measure, but surely Brady could afford to have a little taste of the white stuff every now and then. He exercises like a beast and would work it off in a jiffy. But if he is allowed to have raw or brown sugar, that likely satisfies his sweet tooth. And with a wife like Gisele, he is getting plenty of sweet kisses to make up for it.

6 Ginger Is Good

To spice things up, Gisele is all for ginger. Brady can finally get some flavor from the zest of ginger in his otherwise bland diet. While he can’t have any ginger ale (thanks to all that darn sugar), he can enjoy the taste of ginger atop his wild salmon or mixed into his veggies. Ginger adds a unique flavor, but how much of it can one man tolerate? It is healthful, but it can be overwhelming. A small bite to clear the palate is enjoyable, but when infused into an entire meal, ginger can be kind of gross. Perhaps plain is more palatable.

5 Almonds Get An A+

Almonds are allowed in the strict Brady kitchen. The health benefits of almonds are aplenty, and the taste is quite delicious. Perhaps Brady likes to sprinkle some crunchy almonds on his salad or grab a handful as an afternoon snack. Since he can’t have any dairy, this must mean almond milk gets the thumbs up by his wife. Slivered almonds are nice over rice (brown, naturally), and they make for a great on-the-go midday munch. Of course, we are assuming Brady enjoys almonds, but with his limited diet, he may as well just go ahead and eat them anyways.

4 No White Flour = No Fun

No white flour goes into Brady’s body. No yummy cakes or chewy cookies for this A+ athlete, unless they are made with some other type of flour, which is probably not nearly as delicious as the old-fashioned white kind. Of course, we do not expect pro athletes to nosh on junk food, but not even on a special occasion? What kind of birthday cake does Brady get? Most likely a rice cake. Perhaps when his football career is over, Brady can celebrate his success with a big plate of sugar cookies and a giant loaf of bread. Two things Gisele has probably never seen.

3 Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

Cluck, cluck, Brady’s in luck! He is allowed to eat chicken on his strict diet. While the chicken is most likely baked, poached, or oven-roasted, rather than deep fried, at least Brady can bite into something substantial. Of course, the chicken will be bland, or covered in some sort of odd ginger sauce, but surely Brady appreciates the fact that he can dine on some poultry. He won’t take any trips through the KFC drive-thru, and you won’t see him holding a six-piece chicken nugget Happy Meal, but he may be able to gobble on a juicy thigh at home. We’re talking about the chicken here — keep your mind out of the gutter!

2 They’re Good For Your Heart

Beans are a staple in the Brady household. Any kind of beans will do, and they are full of fibre and other good stuff Brady needs to stay healthy and in shape. Maybe he gets garbanzos on his endless salads, or he enjoys black beans with his brown rice. Beans are yummy in soup and they go well with chicken, too. Perhaps Gisele whips up homemade hummus for her hubby or makes a tasty red bean dip — no chips though. Let’s hope Brady doesn’t go overboard on all those beans — no one wants him releasing all that gas on the field. Maybe Gisele should rethink her allowance of all those beans in her man’s diet.

1 What The Duck?

Apparently, duck is okay for Brady, too. While he doesn’t get it all the time, it is a go-to item on the supper menu. Duck isn’t your everyday meal item, but when you are a Brady, it comes as no surprise that they can get their hands on the expensive fowl. Duck can be quite fatty, but Brady can use the energy on the field. If Gisele knows how to prepare duck, we’re impressed. Otherwise, Brady may find duck to be disgusting. All we know is that he won’t be having a side of potatoes, so let’s hope duck goes well with a helping of beans. Oh, and ginger.

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