15 Dark Secrets About Wrestlers You Wouldn't Believe

WWE Superstars have become globally recognizable celebrities, they are known all over the world and because of the internet, it seems that the WWE Universe is now able to find out anything they want about them.

It is said that everyone has a past, everyone has a life before they become famous and everyone has secrets that they don't want anyone to find out about– the ones that they would prefer remained buried. It seems that WWE stars are no different. There are a number of wrestlers who have some pretty dark secrets that they have managed to keep locked away for a while. The only problem: the internet knows everything.

Secrets are no longer so secret when you become famous. Fans begin looking into the star's past and suddenly the secrets that they thought were buried are all over social media. That means that even the darkest and most hidden facts about your favourite wrestling stars are readily available to find if you look in the right places.

Here are just 15 WWE stars, both past and present, and the secrets that the WWE Universe wouldn't believe about some of these wrestlers who have graced WWE screens over the past 20 years.


15 John Cena Used To Have A "Ring Rat" Problem

John Cena is one of the biggest names in the world of wrestling right now, and he is now no longer just a wrestler. The 16-time Champion is also an actor, a reality TV star, and a TV host and it seems he is able to seamlessly switch between and still have time to return to WWE as well.

Cena is hiding quite a bizarre secret, however. Although he recently proposed to Nikki Bella, and the couple are set to marry in the next year, before he dated Nikki Bella it seemed that Cena had a real problem with women. Cena appeared on The Howard Sten Show in his early WWE career and bragged about the fact that he would sleep with any willing ring rat that attended a wrestling show. He told some scandalous stories about how he took home a 280-pound fan, as well as how he took home six different ring rats in one night.

14 Randy Orton Had A Drug Overdose


Randy Orton is a third generation wrestler and a former 13-time World Champion. His lengthy spell in WWE has seen him reach some of the biggest heights in the company, and he has become one of the faces of the brand.

It is fairly well-known that Randy has had his problems with drugs and has failed WWE's Wellness Policy a number of times, but he's the only star in the history of the company who has been able to attend rehab and have one of the strikes for failing the Wellness Policy removed. Orton was at the height of his substance abuse problems back in 2006 when he was suspended from WWE following WrestleMania. It seems that Orton was in such a bad place that he overdosed, stopped breathing, and had to have medical attention to save his life. Orton has talked openly about this since and regrets his actions at that time.

13 Dolph Ziggler's Brother Has Gone To Prison For Murder

Dolph Ziggler is one of the most popular wrestlers that WWE has right now and is a former World Champion in his own right. Whilst Ziggler himself seems to have escaped his family life by becoming a successful wrestler, it seems that he can't quite escape the recent actions of his brother.

Dolph's brother Ryan was recently handed a 15-year prison sentence when he pleaded guilty to murdering a military veteran when a straight forward robbery when wrong. It seems that the intention was to rob the veteran but instead he ended up being shot. Dolph's brother had a history of drug addiction, and this played a huge role in the problems that have followed him over the past few years. Dolph himself is yet to comment on anything involving his brother, which is perhaps what WWE had told him to do to avoid negative attention.

12 Hulk Hogan's Suicide Bid


Hulk Hogan is partly responsible for making wrestling a household name. Despite how much WWE has tried to stay away from Hogan's name, sadly he will always be linked to professional wrestling after everything he did for the sport in its early years.

Hogan lost everything a few years ago when his wife Linda accused him of having an affair and then went on to divorce him, taking half of everything that he owned. Hogan was left in the lowest position of his life and has admitted that he thought that suicide was the only option. Instead, Hogan looked to his friends and the woman who later became his wife and managed to find a way out. He then won his lawsuit against Gawker, and has since managed to get his life back on track, even to the extent that he could eventually be welcomed back to the WWE.

11 Becky Lynch Was Once Dependent On Alcohol

Becky Lynch was one of NXT's most popular female wrestlers as part of the Four Horsewomen, and has since gone on to become the inaugural SmackDown Women's Champion since she was promoted to the main roster last year.

Lynch is good friends with fellow Irish superstar Finn Balor, and this is thought to be because it was the former NXT Champion that trained her when she first discovered wrestling in her native country of Ireland. Lynch got in with the wrong crowd when she was much younger and admitted that she knew she was going down the wrong path, which included alcohol and marijuana. But when she found wrestling, it helped her to get back on the right track. Lynch has a degree in acting and has studied a number of other subjects. She's clearly a smart woman, so it's great that she managed to figure her life out before it was too late.

10 Rich Swann Had An Unstable Upbringing


Rich Swann burst onto the WWE scene as part of the Cruiserweight Classic last year and has since made a number of appearances on Monday Night Raw, and is a former Cruiserweight Champion in his own right.

Swann has never tried to hide the fact that he has overcome a lot of things en route to WWE, and that includes one of the craziest upbringings of all the stars in the company right now. Swann's father was killed by his girlfriend when Swann was just 12 years-old. His mother then died just four years later, and Swann seemed to fall in with a  rough crowd and began taking cocaine himself. Swann had dropped out of school and wasn't doing too well until his supplier died of a heart attack and he saw this as a sign to change his ways. With the help of his aunt, he managed to turn his life around and was then able to finish school.

9 Vince McMahon's Most Disgusting Idea's For Storylines

Vince McMahon is very good at what he does, and this has never been in question. This is why WWE is still so successful even after the amount of competition that has popped up all over the world.

That being said, McMahon has come up with some of the craziest ideas for storylines over the past few years. One of the worst ones was when Vince wanted to use his daughter Stephanie's real life pregnancy to be the foundation of an incest storyline. Vince wanted it to be found out that he was the father of Stephanie's baby, but his daughter refused to be part of something so vile. Instead, he decided that his son Shane should instead be seen as the father by the WWE Universe, which is another option that Stephanie obviously turned down. Thank god one member of that family knows where her morals are.


8 Steve Austin's Abuse Of Debra


Stone Cold Steve Austin was one of the biggest stars of WWE's Attitude Era and is still seen as a huge star by WWE, despite the fact that he can no longer wrestle because of his injured neck.

Austin may be remembered for the way he took over WWE in the late 1990s, but Austin also has a dark side to his past. The Texas Rattlesnake was once married to former WWE Diva Debra, but this ended in divorce. In 2003, Debra filed the papers the year before because of an incident in which Steve allegedly hit Debra and bruised her face. He was then charged with misdemeanour assault. It wasn't the first time that Austin had raised his had to his wife, and she has since worked with women who were victims of domestic violence over the past few decades. Meanwhile, Austin has blamed steroids for all of his marital problems.

7 Ric Flair's Treatment Of Reid Flair

Ric Flair is one of the best-known WWE stars in the world and the only two-time Hall of Famer in WWE history, but it seems that even Ric Flair has his fair share of secrets that he doesn't want the WWE Universe to know about.

Ric has a number of children, but it seems that he has had the most problems with his late son Reid Flair. Reid passed away back in 2013 after an accidental overdose, which was following a number of run-ins with his father after Reid apparently broke his mother's arm. There was also an incident at a wedding reception in which Reid and Ric somehow ended up in a fist fight in front of all of the guests. It was said that the duo settled their differences before his untimely passing, but it is still something that Ric doesn't really talk about, and Ric avoids the topic of his son altogether.

6 R-Truth Has Been To Prison


R-Truth is one of WWE's long-standing employees and he seems to be happy with his position in WWE. Now he seems to be seen as a veteran. Over the past few decades, Truth has made a name for himself in both TNA and WWE, but it seems that despite how far he climbs away from his childhood, he will never outrun his upbringing.

R-Truth was born in a poor neighbourhood, and the only way that his father could make ends meet was by selling cannabis. R-Truth helped out with the family business from a young age and dropped out of school at the age of 16 to pursue a career in music. This wasn't the financially stable plan that Truth thought it would be, and he had to continue to sell drugs to make money. He was later arrested and spent 13 months in prison. Truth met Jimmy Crockett at a halfway house following his release and Crockett led him to a life away from drugs and into wrestling.

5 Jake Robert's Abuse From His Parents

Jake "The Snake" Roberts is one of the most memorable characters from WWE's early years and a WWE Hall of Famer. Despite the fact that Roberts never lifted a WWE Championship throughout his entire career, Roberts is still fondly remembered by the WWE Universe.

Roberts recalled that the reason he was so good with promos and characters was because he learned how to lie and create a different story of his life when he was much younger. He was s*xually abused by a number of family members when he was growing up, and Roberts stated that he began drinking when he was just 11 years-old because it numbed the pain. This later turned into a drug addiction and it started to take control over his life, but Roberts has finally managed to get himself back on track over the past few years and has been able to make a number of WWE cameos.

4 X-Pac's Abuse When He Was Younger


X-Pac is best remembered as a former member of D-Generation X and has since made a name for himself on the Independent Wrestling Circuit outside of WWE, even though he's still good friends with Triple H and one of the most active former members of The Kliq.

X-Pac didn't have a great upbringing, which is something that he has struggled to overcome throughout his career. It is well-known that X-Pac was molested several times as a child and dropped out of school when he was in the ninth grade. The abuse continued throughout X-Pac's childhood and it seemed that, like many of the stars on this list, he was able to find wrestling. Luckily, the business managed to push him past it and allowed him to move forward with his life. X-Pac has still struggled in recent years, but it seems that he now has the support network to help him through.

3 Booker T Committed Armed Robbery

Booker T is a former WWE Champion and a current member of the WWE commentary team on Monday Night Raw. It seems that even though Booker T is considered to be a WWE legend and is a WWE Hall of Famer, he also has a few secrets that he tries to keep buried.

Booker's main secret is that he went to prison for 19 months when he was just 22 years old after he and a number of friends decided to rob a number of Wendy's restaurants. The fact that Booker and his gang wore Wendy's uniforms and knew their way around the stores gave away the fact that the assailants obviously worked for the company and it didn't take long for Booker to be found out. Booker served his time and was put on parole until 1992, but he later found wrestling and this took him away from his controversial past and allowed him to build a career.

2 The Great Khali Accidentally Killed Another Wrestler


The Great Khali is a former World Heavyweight Champion in WWE, but he was never one of the greatest wrestlers that the company had. He was signed because of his size, and many wrestlers were forced to carry him in the ring because of his lack of ability.

Botches are something that became common ground in a Khali match, but it seems that Khali has managed to botch moves more than once, and this has even led to the death of one of his opponents inside the ring. Khali was working a match with Brian Ong a few years ago when the wrestler took two flapjacks from Khali and ended up in hospital. He had previously had a concussion and was later pronounced dead. Khali wasn't charged with the death because of the nature of the wrestling business, but he was sued by APW, who got a huge cheque in return.

1 Scott Hall Shot A Man Outside A Nightclub

Scott Hall is a legend in WWE circles. Razor Ramon was the original WWE bad guy, and it seems that Hall decided that his character outside the ring was just as bad as he was portrayed inside the ring.

In 1983, Hall was charged with second-degree murder after he shot a man with his own gun after he managed to wrestle it from him outside a nightclub in Orlando, Florida. Hall claimed that this was done in self-defence and the charges were later dropped when it was revealed that there was a lack of evidence. Hall later revealed that he did kill the man and that he replays it over and over in his head– it is something he is unable to forget. It appears as though the actions of that night have stuck with Hall throughout his career. He can never get away from what he did even if he was spared a prison sentence.


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