15 Current NHL Stars With Net Worths That Will Shock You

Compared to other pro sports leagues like the NBA, MLB and NFL, NHL contracts seem laughable in comparison. Though, the players still manage to make a plethora of money which leads to some awesome net worths, you might be surprised at the revelations in this article.

Ever since the lockout, the NHL has tried to put a cap on ridiculous contracts. The move would not only save owners a bunch of money, but it would also allow the opportunity for a competitive league instead of the same rich franchises being at the top, year after year. With the cap in play, competitiveness does seem to be at an all-time high which sees new teams emerging year after year. However, with the cap constantly going up we are starting to see the same teams thrive and the ridiculous contracts slowly returning. Looking at the state of the cap, this will only get worse.

In this article we celebrate some of the current players that managed to make some nice dollars despite having to sit through some brutal changes pertaining to contracts. We include a variety of players young and old. Here are the 15 current NHL stars with net worths that will shock you. Enjoy!

15 Ryan Getzlaf - $30 Million


When you're producing at such a high level for a sustainable amount of time, chances are you're going to make a couple of bucks. This is exactly what happened with Ryan Getzlaf, who has kept his game at a formidable level for years. The Ducks rewarded his efforts signing him to a mega $66 million deal for a term of eight years, which should see him close off his career under this contract.

Prior to signing the massive deal, Getzlaf was already quite wealthy. The Ducks captain was enjoying his previous five year deal worth just a little over $26 million. The terms saw the power forward make $5.3 million per season.

Ultimately his new contract put him over the top. Ryan used some of that hard earned dough to purchase a stunning home in Corona del Mar worth over six million dollars. At the age of 31, we think it’s safe to assume Ryan’s set for life.

14 Henrik Lundqvist - $35 Million


Living the life of Henrik Lundqvist really doesn’t seem like a bad gig at all. The guy lives in New York, is the backbone of a hockey team and is one stunning looking fellow. If you have a problem with the way he is living his life, please stop lying to yourself, as the guy is seriously a perfect human.

Known as “The King”, Henrik broke out during the 2006 season, getting nominated for a Vezina Trophy. Rangers fans rejoiced as they finally found some stability in net after years and years of playing musical chairs between the pipes with various goaltenders.

After his breakout season, Lundqvist would only got better and the Rangers would reward his play with a stellar extension worth $41 million for a six year term. During that contract, his value would only increase when he won his first and only Vezina Trophy in 2012, cementing his status as one of the league’s very best. The Rangers went all in on their next deal inking the star goalie for life signing him to a seven year extension worth close to $60 million ($8.5 million per season).

13 Henrik Zetterberg - $13 Million


Speaking of good looking Swedish men, Henrik Zetterberg is certainly no slouch either. Number 40 has powered the Wings into the postseason for years now; the guy is the backbone of the franchise and has been playing at such a high level for years now.

His breakout as an elite player went down in 2008 when “Z” lead the Wings to a Stanley Cup Championship. His production throughout the playoffs landed him the Conn Smythe Trophy as the Playoff’s best performer. The timing couldn’t have been any better with his contract set to expire shortly after.

The Wings went all in on Z signing the center to a record-breaking deal which was the longest in Red Wings history. Henrik signed for 12 years earning himself an insane 73 million dollar contract. The deal not only made Henrik a rich man, but it ensured he’d be a Red Wing for life.

12 Patrick Marleau - $46 Million


Drafted as the second overall pick with the San Jose Sharks, the franchise had huge expectations for the Saskatchewan native. At the age of 37, Patrick Marleau still hasn’t won a cup with the team but his play has been rather stellar throughout. His peak year happened to be a contract year which saw the forward put up an insane 44 goal campaign, a career high for the veteran. His strong season gave him the opportunity to cash in big-time, earning a four year deal worth over $27 million. His annual salary was just under seven million along with almost two million in bonuses. That deal alone made Marleau a very rich man.

After the deal came up, Patrick continued to sign tremendous deals consistently at a rate of at least six million dollars per season, which is a dream for any NHLer. His current deal sees him make $6.6 million per year which is outstanding for a player that is 37 years of age.

11 Roberto Luongo - $36 Million


This Montreal native knows a thing or two about earning the big bucks. The Canucks went all in on Luongo in 2006, singing him to a hefty four year deal worth $27 million. The contract immediately paid off when Roberto sustained a season to remember and was awarded for his contributions being nominated for the Hart Trophy in 2009. His performance would land him another tremendous deal with the Canucks giving the netminder a $64 million deal for a 12 year term. A contract the Canucks and Luongo would soon regret.

Roberto was a rich man but the deal hurt his case. After the Canucks suffered a heartbreaking Game Seven defeat in the finals they were no longer the same team. The franchise then attempted to rebuild the team but Luongo’s contract seemed immovable because of its term and value. Luongo himself admitted he regretted signing the deal even though it made him a wealthy man.

Despite the contract, the Canucks were finally able to deal Luongo away back to the Panthers. Since joining the team, he has resurrected his career and returned to top flight form.

10 Jamie Benn - $15 Million


Selected as the 129th pick overall, not even the Dallas Stars could have predicted what a gem this player would turn out to be, turning into the face of the franchise.

Starting with his rookie season, Benn put up 22 goals and instantly found success in the NHL. His game would only improve and shortly after the Stars would ink their forward to a nice five year extension worth a little over $26 million. During that contract, Benn elevated his game to another level becoming one of the most dominant power forwards in the entire game. What made everything so scary was his age, still being in his 20s and producing at such a level.

The Stars wanted to reward their franchise face so they went all in and signed the captain to an eight year, $76 million deal. At an average of $9.5 million a season, Benn is making similar money to the greats in the league which include Kane, Toews, Crosby and Ovechkin.

Still only 27 and living as a single bachelor, we assume life is pretty good for the Dallas captain.

9 Evgeni Malkin - $25 Million


The great thing about the NHL is after being bad for so long, you have the potential to be great again via the NHL draft. This is exactly what the Pens did after they selected both Sid Crosby and Evgeni Malkin in back-to-back drafts.

Malkin dominated the league right off the bat winning the Award for Rookie of the Year in his very first season. Malkin would only get better in his sophomore campaign netting 47 goals along with 106 points. Oh, and in his third season, he put up a career high 113 points. Looking at these numbers, the Pens owners were probably sweating thinking about how much money they would have to fork over to keep the Russian star. After only three seasons, the Pens were forced to pay an absolute premium signing the elite forward to a five year deal worth over $43 million ($8.7 million per year).

His next contract however, would put him over the top. Malkin signed an eight year extension worth $76 million making him one of the top earners in the league.

8 Corey Perry - $23 Million


Like his previously mentioned buddy Ryan Getzlaf, Corey Perry has managed to make some nice coin during his NHL career.

Like Ryan, the Ducks winger enjoyed a nice contract worth over $26 million for a five year term. During that contract, Perry would elevate his game to new heights playing at the very prime of his career. The 10-11’ season saw Perry explode winning the Rocket Richard Trophy, scoring 50 goals and leading all other players in the league. The accomplishment would also land Perry the honors of winning the prestigious Hart Trophy, a dream for players in the league.

His Award and consistency was surely going to land him a raise and the Ducks were ready to give it out, signing their veteran forward to a new extension worth $69 million for an eight-year term. Not only is the contract tremendous but it’s also loaded with various bonus incentives that will make Perry an even richer man.

7 Shea Weber - $24 Million


Signing Shea Weber to a monster contract ensured the fact that the Preds truly believed he was staying with the franchise forever. Regarded as one of the league’s top notch defenders, Weber inked a huge deal with the intent of staying with the Preds till his career came to an end. Nashville inked the hardnosed blue-liner to a 14 year deal worth an insane $110 million ($7.8 million per year). The contract ensured two things; one, Weber was going to be filthy rich, and two, he was probably going to stay on board with the team till his career came to an end.

Fast forward to this season and that all changed with the Habs and Preds flipping the script upside down and swapping the defenders who were both signed to extensive long-term deals. Initially, the deal didn’t sit too well with Habs fans because of the age difference and ceiling between the two. However, one thing’s for sure, Weber will give it his all, night in and night out ensuring that the trade was a good move.

6 Steven Stamkos - $14 Million


Over the course of the next couple of years, Stamkos can only expect to see his stock rise even further after he signed a huge extension this past off-season worth a value of $68 million for eight years.

The deal made Stamkos even richer; the captain was already living right signing a $37.5 million deal in his previous contract. With all the buzz surrounding Steven, you’d figure he could have made a lot more money. Teams like Toronto and Detroit lined up some huge bids that were estimated to be in the ten million per season range. Although money-wise he might not have made the best choice, Stamkos stuck to his guns and opted for a chance at a championship more so than anything else, which is quite admirable.

We can only expect to see this net worth climb in the next couple of years with the sniper still having a lot of hockey left in him.

5 Jonathan Toews - $16 Million


After watching their rival Detroit Red Wings dominate the league for years and years, the Hawks decided to copy this winning formula building their team in similar fashion. The Wings flourished under their two-headed monster known as Pavel Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg. The Hawks would adopt this mentality and take it a step further by making their two-headed monster Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews.

The duo would run rampant and dominate the league. Toews in particular would captain the franchise to three Stanley Cup Titles including a Conn Smythe Trophy which saw him earn the honors as the second youngest player in NHL history to do so at the age of 22.

Not too surprising that the Hawks decided to go all in with both Toews and Kane, signing them to an NHL best $10.5 million per season. The entire deal was worth $84 million for an eight year term. Looking to the future, you can expect Toews to have one of the highest net worths in the entire league.

4 Eric Staal - $38 Million


In search of a franchise player, the Hurricanes found their man back in 2003 when they drafted Eric Staal with the second overall pick. The six-foot-four captain would lead his club to the Stanley Cup in 2006, cementing his name as one of the very best in the game. The Canes would reward his play with a long term commitment to the player signing him to a deal worth over $57 million in exchange for a seven year term.

Unfortunately for Staal, his numbers would begin to dip terribly and his team was no longer a competitive franchise. With Eric’s contract coming to an end the Hurricanes chose against extending their former franchise man and instead opted to deal him away for a prospect looking to the future.

Staal had a tough time in his brief stint with the Rangers and is now hoping for a new lease on life with the Wild. Despite a dramatic pay cut with a deal worth three and a half million per year, Staal is still a very rich man nonetheless because of his other seasons that he made some serious cash.

3 PK Subban - $25 Million


It seemed like a match made in heaven; Subban was living the life in Montreal not only as a dominate player, but as an inspiration outside of the rink for his generosity and outspokenness. Fans loved Subban and he gave back to them every chance he got.

It seemed like the Habs were on the same page as their fanbase when they inked the star D-man to an expensive extension worth $72 million for a nine year term. Fans liked the deal and were just happy to lock up Subban till year 2022.

Rumblings started to break out about a potential trade which angered Montreal fans. GM Marc Bergevin would quickly neglect the rumors till the actual trade finally went down.

Still to this day, fans remain salty in Montreal. Just recently, a Habs fan bought a full page ad discussing his anger with the franchise pertaining to the deal. Oh, and just so you know, a full page ad cost $20,000!

Truly one of the more bizarre deals we’ve ever seen.

2 Joe Thornton - $60 Million

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Some fans might find it hard to believe that Jumbo Joe has such a lucrative net worth but when you really think about it, it shouldn’t really be all that shocking. Jumbo Joe’s been playing at a high level since his first full campaign back in 99-00. Do the math; that’s over 15 years of playing at an elite level. Thinking about all those contracts he cashed in, it makes sense that he was able to earn such a high net worth.

His peak came in 2006 when won both the Art Ross and the Hart Memorial Trophies, cementing himself as one of the greats in the league. Fast forward to a decade later and Jumbo is somehow still getting it done at the age of 37 coming off another remarkable season that saw him collect 82 points in 82 games, which is truly outstanding and something to behold. His season was even greater considering his team went to the Cup finals and he managed to earn himself a spot on the team Canada roster. Kudos to Thornton for these insane accomplishments.

1 Sidney Crosby - $45 Million


He’s not even 30 yet and has a net worth of $45 million. Does it really get any better than Sid Crosby? The Pens awarded Sid with a long term deal locking up the forward for life. Crosby signed a mega deal worth $104 million for 12 years. Ironically, the deal is worth $8.7 million per year.

Aside from cashing in on that glorious deal, Crosby continues to make one hell of a living earning some other cash on various endorsement deals. In 2010, Sid made history signing the most expensive endorsement deal in NHL history joining Reebok on a deal worth $1.4 million. His endorsements would only flourish from then on, joining the likes of Bell, Tim Hortons and the mighty powerful Gatorade, which sponsors the absolute best of the best.

He still seems pretty far from Wayne’s $200 million net worth but never say never, it's likely that before his career comes to an end Crosby will have reached the hundred millions. As for passing the “Great One”, that remains to be seen.

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