15 Cheerleading Photos That'll Make Any Athlete Cringe

Cheerleaders are a vital component in many sports. They flip, twist, shout, and do just about anything else they can in order to get sporting audiences going. Cheerleaders bring a whole new level of joy to sports fans around the world due to their vibrant energy and enthusiasm. However, many do not give cheerleaders enough credit, although they are there to cheer on sports teams, the extreme routines, and sequences they carry out make what they are doing a type of sport in itself.

Due to the complex nature and difficulty of certain cheer routines, accidents often happen. Unfortunately for the cheerleaders involved in these mishaps, there are often cameras around and their blunders get caught and end up online. Many like to mock or laugh at these unfortunate cheerleaders, but what they often don't take into consideration is the often complex and difficult routines these cheerleaders are carrying out. With these more athletic routines, it's no wonder why things can often go wrong.

Cheerleading has certainly changed in the last number of decades; it has progressed from idly waving pompoms on the sidelines to sophisticated choreography and risky moves. With these advances, it's plain to see that we are in a new age of cheerleading, and it will be interesting to see how things will continue to progress in the future. So, remember when you are smirking at the pictures below that cheerleading is not as easy as it once was, and there is likely a logical explanation for many of the funny blunders below.

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15 Let's Go...Who?

via wnews.life

The above photo is certainly not one that is going to do anything to break the common stereotype that cheerleaders are not the most intelligent among us. The girl in the photo above seems to have made a terrible blunder and held her team sign upside down. This is an understandable mistake to a certain extent but what makes it worse is that none of her fellow teammates seem to notice what is going on either. We're sure the cheerleader in the photo felt quite embarrassed when she eventually realized that she was holding the sign the wrong way around. At the end of the day though, it's not the end of the world and the audience probably got a laugh out of it, with one member even thinking to take a snap of it all. Needless to say, the girls in the picture are still very young, so mistakes like this are bound to happen.

14 Common Stunt Goes Terribly Wrong

via eBaum's world

This is quite the scene happening in this photo. It is simply a case of a popular cheerleading stunt gone terribly wrong. Many would not consider cheerleading to be a true sport. But with the chance that bad accidents such as this can happen, it does sort of change things. Like any other sport, cheerleaders certainly seem to be putting their bodies at risks, and dangerous accidents do commonly occur. When caught on camera like this, it's clear to see the bad impact falls that cheerleaders endure. In the scene above, the flyer seems to have failed to have been caught by the three girls below her, thus leading to her falling on top of one of her teammates. It looks as though the flyer was thrown off course too far to the side, which ultimately led things to go very wrong. We're pretty sure neither of the two girls caught in the impact were feeling very cheery after this bad fall.

13 A Little Too Into It

via TheViralMob

Well, one thing is for sure. No one could ever say that the cheerleaders in this image are not passionate about what they do. Both of the cheerleaders captured above seem to have gotten so into their cheers that they seem to look a little...well...unstable. It's evident that the camera has just happened to catch these two at a rather unfortunate moment. Also, cheerleaders do have to get very into what they are doing with the responsibility of getting everyone pumped and in high spirits. I mean, their job at the end of the day is to look cheery and upbeat. We do still think that these two would benefit from toning it down a notch or two, though.

12 Clinging On For Dear Life

via Pinterest

There is so much occurring in this picture that it's difficult to know where to begin deciphering it. For one, there is an unlucky cheerleader who has been the victim of a toss gone very wrong and another clinging on for dear life with an expression to match and a group of awkward-looking onlookers below who seem to be desperately preparing themselves for the first girls decent. The second girl, who is still standing, seems to be trying very hard to ease her teammate's fall as she clings on to her, most likely wanting to prevent her from falling on her head and ending up with a serious injury. Now, that's team work. One thing we can't help being amused by is the facial expressions. They certainly do add some comic relief to the situation.

11 The Struggle Is Real

via TinyAdda

It's hard to know what is actually happening here. We really can't tell if this cheerleader's face is the result of being very into her cheer or if she's in pain. We tend to lean towards the second option due to the severe expression this girl is wearing. The camera can often flash at just the wrong time when cheerleaders are in the thick of it, and this is the perfect example of this. This girl in particular seems to be struggling a bit with what she is supposed to be doing. We're not judging though; certain cheer routines can be very straining and difficult so it's little wonder that sometimes cheerleaders can struggle a bit with the routines.  She's still on her feet, and that's the most important thing.

10 Another Bad Tumble

via The Tango

Here's another instance of a routine gone terribly wrong. This image captures quite a disastrous turn of events. It looks as though not one, nor two, but three flyers have come crashing down. The three girls seem to have all completely lost balance, crashing down on their teammates below as they struggle to cling on to them and break their fall. This is just a disaster all round, as one guy struggling to keep one flyer from hitting the ground is being headbutted by another who is also tumbling down. The girl on the right is being held up by a male teammate below. But at the same time, she is hitting another one of her teammates in the face. Unfortunately, it seems that there may have been quite a few injuries from this one.

9 Face Plant

via Scribol

Ouch! This one has got to hurt. The poor cheerleader in this image has landed straight down on her face as she demonstrates a tumble gone very wrong. The girl's shocked teammate seems to look on in horror as she sees her face hit the ground. This image shows how easily things can go wrong when cheering and that cheerleaders do put themselves in some risky situations, due to all the back flips and tumbles they are expected to perform. Oftentimes, cheerleaders must carry out these dangerous moves with very little credit as many don't like to acknowledge that this is something that's not as easy as it looks and comes with it's fair share of injuries.

8 That Face Though

via Pinterest

Basically, all the cheerleaders in this picture seem to be pulling strange and bewildering expressions. However, we can't help but focus on one in particular, and the fact that she takes center stage doesn't really help matters. We can't really tell what move these girls were performing before this picture was taken, but something tells us that it must have been a difficult one judging by all of those facial expressions. We do acknowledge that cheerleading can be tough but we never realized the extent of it. The girl in the center is either relieved at what she has just accomplished, frightened by what’s about to happen, or maybe she just needs to learn to relax her face a little. It wouldn't hurt if she gave her teammates a few pointers when she was at it.

7 Double Kick To The Face

via Just Post

Things couldn't get much worse than this photo. Not only has one of the flyers gone completely off course but she's also managed to kick her teammate in the face with both her feet. We expect that shortly after this image was captured, the second girl in the air who is receiving the blow fell back from the force of the impact. A double kick to the face is not something that makes it easy for someone to keep their balance, especially while they are being suspended in the air. It's easy to assume that both these girls probably came tumbling down on the rest of the team.

6 Crazy Wink

via Viral Nova

Of all the unlucky cheerleading faces caught on camera, this is probably one of the most iconic. Cheerleaders are supposed to exaggerate their moves and expressions, but this girl seems to have taken that advice a little too literally. What looks to be happening here is that the cheerleader is one of those who benefit from mouthing along the words of the music as she dances. However, that all seems well and good until something like this happens. What doesn't help things is that this girl also seems to be winking in quite a crazy manner. We hope this cheerleader wasn't too embarrassed when she saw this photo of herself. After all, she was just proving that she is very dedicated to what she does and will always go that extra mile to spread cheer.

5 A Bad Tumble

via Twitter

This picture shows what could have been potentially  a very dangerous fall. The two cheerleaders above were busy practicing their tumbles when things went very wrong for one of the girls. Although the cheerleader on the left seems to have just successfully come out of a flip, the girl on the left was not so lucky, falling onto her neck, shoulder, and face. This image was captured at a very bad angle, making the cheerleader look like she was about to be seriously injured. However, we're sure that when she rolled over, things weren't as bad as they seemed. Nevertheless, cheerleading is still a very physically demanding sport that does often result in blunders such as this one.

4 Never Stop Cheering

via Ohio State

The cheerleader above is clearly showing her dedication to cheering. Despite taking a terrible fall, the girl above is showing no signs of letting it stop her from doing the thing she's best at. Yes, not even being strapped to a stretcher can get this girl down. This dedication is even more impressive when you take into consideration how bad this cheerleader's injuries must have been. This is not just a sprained ankle we're talking about. This poor girl is unable to walk off the court by herself and has to be hauled off by professionals. She also appears to have a bandage strapped around her head which shows that this was a bad accident. Nevertheless, this cheerleader seems to be in good spirits and is bringing a smile to even those helping her off the court.

3 Tackled

via millyet.com

This picture shows a cheerleader literally getting tackled by a football player. Although this tackle was not intentional, it still highlights the risky conditions in which cheerleaders must often perform. The girl above was standing on the sidelines cheering her heart out, when suddenly, she was knocked to the ground by a player on the pitch. This girl seems to have been very shocked by the incident and appears to be screaming loudly. We can't blame her for her open mouth and look of horror as a hit like this has got to hurt. This cheerleader probably didn't expect that by signing up to cheer, she would end up being hit to the ground by one of those team players she was cheering on.

2 Chilling In The Luggage Compartment

via fitnessgoals.com

This picture shows a small cheerleader posing from inside the luggage compartment of a bus. This is certainly not a very professional image and one that doesn't help the cheerleader stereotype. Not only does this image show the cheerleader looking quite disheveled, but it's highly likely that she may be drunk. Obviously, it's okay for the cheerleader to enjoy some down time, but she should maybe consider not doing it in her uniform as she is letting down cheerleaders everywhere.

1 It's A Score

via Viralmoza

Okay, so this is probably the most peculiar cheerleading photo on this list. It's hard to fully understand how this cheerleader ended up in a basketball hoop. It's possible that the cheerleader was being thrown into the air as a flyer and that it somehow went wrong resulting with her ending up stuck in the hoop. It's a very strange turn of events, and the girl in the net is looking quite disheveled. Part of her costume seems to have slid up her leg, adding to the peculiar scene. Maybe the idea of putting the cheerleader as part of the routine was something the team came up with. We may never know but this is definitely a weird image.

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