15 Celebs People Totally Think Are On The Juice

You’ve made the decision to become an Adonis, to get lean, perhaps pack on mass and get bigger and more muscular. How do you go about it? Kill yourself in the gym, eat, sleep and train, and do so religiously. But for some, that’s not enough; they want better results, and they want to be stronger and bigger quicker, and so to help them achieve their goals, their ideal bodies, they take a little something... anabolic steroids. Sure, some just work hard at it, have great genetics, and are able to get huge without being on the juice – kudos to them.

Many celebrities want to be bigger – and what they deem to be better – too. Don’t forget, they have the added pressure of showing off their bodies onscreen, be it in a music video or on the big screen in the movies, and that footage is going to be around forever. That’s why most celebs – mostly males but female celebs too – make a concerted effort to get in amazing shape, but with hectic shooting schedules, a packed agenda, and all the other pressures that come with being a star, it can be tricky to train and get your nutrition on lock, to get the body that’s desired, so some feel a little help’s needed.

Steroids help to pack on muscle, there’s no denying that. Athletes have been using steroids for years as performance enhancers, but over the last few decades or so, they’re being used increasingly for recreational purposes, and celebs – if they wanted to – wouldn’t have a hard time getting their hands on some 'roids.

There have been a lot of occasions where suddenly you see your favorite actor or movie star and they just appear to be jacked beyond belief. Sure, they can afford the supplements, the best equipment, dietitians, personal trainers etc. but perhaps they’re using something else too. I say perhaps, because we don’t know for sure – very few celebs would come out and openly admit to using steroids. So, I just need to reiterate, that these are celebs who are THOUGHT to – either now or in the recent past – be on the juice. I actually hope that these assumptions are wrong, because it’d be amazing to think these celebs look the way they do through sheer hard work alone. But anyway, here they are, 15 celebs who are thought to be juicing up, celebrity figures who plenty of people think rely on anabolic steroids to get buff.


15 Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman’s been around for quite some time. He started out as an actor back in 1994, and boy have we seen him transform over the years. He’s an A-list star, has some super-hit movies to his name, but the name Hugh Jackman is always going to be synonymous with one character, and that’s the Wolverine in the X-Men films. The aim of Bryan Singer’s movies was to bring the character from those Marvel comic books to life, to enhance those characters if at all possible, and he pulled it off, in large part thanks to Hugh Jackman. Hugh’s portrayal of everyone’s favorite superhero was nothing short of sensational – and he certainly made sure he looked the part. The amount of size he had to pack onto his frame was just amazing; people couldn’t believe the physique he’d developed for that role – particularly in the 2013 movie, The Wolverine – and so accusations started flying about the idea that perhaps he’s on a little something. Even now, as he’s approaching his 50s, Hugh possesses a killer body, and he can’t still be eating juicy steaks every other day or else his heart would’ve exploded by now, so perhaps he’s juicing in some other fashion.

14 Madonna


Madonna being on this list might surprise a lot of you, not just because she’s a woman – yes, there are women who do take steroids too! – but because she’s not exactly renowned for being big and bulky. But steroids, although they are primarily used by people to put on size, can also be used in combination with other drugs to get lean, ripped, and shredded, and that’s what Madonna’s looking like now. She really is in remarkable shape considering she’s approaching her 60s. Sure, she could have gotten into that kind of shape through diet and hard work, but we’ve got to factor in her past as well. Around 2006, we saw one of these transformations, a change that led many people to believe she was on something. She got into her 40s, and suddenly she had biceps that would give any fitness pro a run for their money, shoulders like boulders, and a chest that was above the rest. She put it down to yoga and horse riding, but there’s no way in hell she got those guns riding horses or on the yoga mat; that’s just laughable.

13 Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg has been in tremendous shape pretty much throughout his entire career, from his days as a model and rapper, to today at the age of 45 as an actor. We’ve seen him evolve over the years – body wise – into a lean, mean, muscular machine, because it’s just something he loves to do, living that whole fitness lifestyle. It’s also what happens; lift weights for years and years, gradually you lift more, eat more, get your nutrition in check, and therefore get a bigger, more muscular physique. But Mark really transformed for his role in the movie Pain and Gain. People were in awe of the actors in that film, especially Dwayne Johnson – who I’ll get to in a bit – but also Mark, because of his seriously beefed up look in the movie. Steroid allegations began flying around, especially after he said he gained 45 lbs of muscle in seven weeks, and those who lift would know that's nearly impossible without being on the juice.

12 Terry Crews


Notice how many of The Expendables’ cast are on this list? That movie franchise has become iconic for being action-packed and for having the biggest, fittest men in Hollywood on the sets. When Sly was compiling a list of who to cast, Terry Crews must have been one of the first names he wrote down.

The 48-year-old had always been built, right from his younger days. He used to play in the NFL before he got the acting bug and made the transition to the big screen. But of course, just because he’s an athlete and had a pro footballing background, it didn’t stop people from making accusations. Even today, he’s approaching his 50s, has what many people would deem to be a stressful career that consumes a lot of time, but he’s still in the best shape of his life, muscular and ripped to shreds, an Adonis if ever there was one. Genetics and hard work, or juice? You make up your mind, but plenty of people have done that already, can’t fathom the idea that a guy could be in such good shape without a bit of help.

11 Christian Bale

Ever see that 2004 movie, The Machinist? That movie was notable for one thing, not the storyline or screenplay or anything like that, – not that those were bad– it was memorable for Christian Bale’s look in the movie. He looked horrible, so skinny and gaunt that it was sickening, and in that respect it had the desired effect. He dropped a serious amount of weight for that movie, but pretty soon after, he was back shooting the Batman films and so he had to put on the weight again, and then some. The transformation from his role as an anorexic to superhero was just remarkable. He wasn’t massively bulky as Bruce Wayne, but compared to what he looked like beforehand, it was ridiculous. Batman Begins was released just a year after The Machinist, and Bale apparently only had five months to get into normal shape, then get built; you’re telling me he achieved that transformation in that amount of time through eating and training alone? Yeah right.

10 Dr. Dre


Dr. Dre’s undoubtedly one of the biggest names in the music industry. He’s a stellar name in the world of hip-hop and has worked with some massive artists over the years. As he’s gotten bigger and climbed the ranks to the top of the music world, he’s gotten bigger body wise too, really big.

Back in the day Dre. Dre was pretty big, but not the muscular kind of big. He was overweight, chubby, and it showed. He had a bloated face, wore baggy t-shirts to hide his paunch, and just wasn’t a very pretty sight. He must have thought so too, because he chose to do something about it. Over the years we started seeing him transform, but it was a pretty remarkable transformation. When he presented at the VMAs, the guy had shed that fat and had beefed up considerably. Then as time rolled on, he started getting bulkier, and today he’s seriously buff, and looks like a bodybuilder, hence those rumors about him taking steroids. He’s said he feels so big he feels like he can “walk through a brick wall.” He might have too because at the size he’s at, he certainly can’t fit through many doors!

9 Mary J. Blige

Again, this might seem like a truly bizarre rumor, the thought that Mary J. Blige is on steroids, but there is substance to these allegations.

Veteran singer-songwriter, Mary J. Blige, has always been in pretty decent shape. Just look at her and it’s evident that she takes health and fitness and living that whole lifestyle pretty seriously. But perhaps there was an occasion where she took it too seriously and took steroids to make that journey to attaining the perfect physique a whole lot easier. I say perhaps because there’s no way of knowing for sure, but right around the time she was looking fabulous – she still does look amazing – and she said she was in the best shape of her life, her name was linked to a cowboy doctor and pharmacists who were under investigation for writing prescriptions without examining their patients. These medical professionals were being investigated for prescribing human growth hormone and steroids, and because of Mary’s links to them, it was thought that they may have given her a little something too.


8 Vin Diesel


It’s no surprise that Vin Diesel’s on this list. He’s had to contend with steroid allegations for pretty much his entire career – that’s what you get for being one of the biggest and most built stars in Hollywood.

Every time Vin appears on screen, he seems to have packed on some size, and that bald look he’s sporting makes him look even more menacing, even more beefier. He really is a brute of a man, and so being the prominent star he is, it’s inevitable that he’s going to have to deal with allegations of steroid use. He’s been open about a lot of things, has admitted to some drug use, smoking a joint or two back in the day, but taking steroids is something that he stringently denies.

Vin’s also been spotted in between movies looking seriously out of shape, which has added fuel to the fire. When people tend to come off steroids, it can look like they’ve never touched a weight in their lives, and that’s what Vin’s looked like on several occasions.

7 Timbaland

Timbaland is another one who’s been listed in a steroids probe, the same one that Mary J. Blige was implicated in. The rapper/record producer, though, was deemed to be innocent by his millions of fans, because at that stage, he didn’t really possess the type of body that could be attributed to steroid use. In fact, he was pretty out of shape. But then other rumors started surfacing that he may have been using steroids for their known anti-aging properties. Whether that’s true of not, only he knows. But since that investigation in 2008, Timbaland’s beefed up a hell of a lot. He’s gone from being fat to looking like a bodybuilder, and that’s when the steroid rumors started to surface once again. He really did lose a lot of weight and pack on a lot of size, which is very tricky to do, and because his name’s come up in a steroids probe before, he could very well be on the juice right now.

6 50 Cent


Curtis Jackson, aka 50 Cent, is another guy who’s had to contend with allegations of steroid use for a hell of a long time. He must be getting seriously sick of it, whether or not he has actually taken any.

Jackson’s yet another famous rapper who was implicated in that 2008 steroid probe, but nothing became of it. He is known for having one of the best bodies in hip-hop – the guy’s an Adonis, just ripped to shreds and built too.

There have been a lot of rumors going around over the years as to what Jackson’s been using – if anything – and why. The obvious answer would be because he wanted to look jacked, and he certainly achieved that goal. Another is that when he got shot, he was prescribed steroids of some sort, because he put on about 80lbs after that incident. He’s continued beefing up over the years which has meant that unfortunately for Jackson, these rumors haven’t died down.

5 Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen has led a crazy life. That character he portrayed on that hit comedy series Two and a Half Men wasn’t really a portrayal of any character – it’s what he’s like in real-life. But that wild lifestyle of drugs, alcohol, sex and partying has come back to bite him in the ass; he’s now HIV positive and since receiving the news, he’s simmered down a bit on his wild ways. Being HIV positive may also mean that he’s on steroids – anabolic steroids can be used as a form of HIV treatment.

Other people say that because Charlie has experimented with pretty much every drug under the sun, so he’s bound to have taken a cycle or two of steroids at some point. These people would be right, because he has admitted to taking steroids for his role as a baseball player in the movie Major League. He went on an eight-week cycle, but has said that was the only time he’s ever taken them.

4 Dolph Lundgren


Dolph Lundgren’s breakthrough role came in that iconic movie, Rocky IV. That movie made him and propelled him into the limelight. He played the Soviet Union’s top boxer who was up against the much beloved Rocky. He was the steroid infused muscle man, and Rocky did things the hard way – a character that really captured the hearts and minds of America, as he showed true American spirit. Both Rocky and Dolph played memorable roles in that movie, but when it hit the big screens, people began to take Dolph’s doping in the movie quite literally. He was in tremendous shape when that movie was shot, and he was pretty much an unknown entity at the time, which sparked rumors that he had actually taken drugs to build his body. He was also training with Sylvester Stallone while preparing for that movie, and Sly too has had plenty of steroid allegations come his way. Over the years he’s stayed in top condition, and has made a name for himself as one of Hollywood’s most beloved muscle men. But the allegations of steroid use have always followed him around, and sadly for him, there’s not much he can do to put them to bed.

3 Dwayne Johnson

Having Dwayne Johnson on this list was a no-brainer. Most of you probably expected him to make this list, because I’m guessing that although the vast majority of you think that he has an amazing body, a lot of you also probably think that it’s a body built on steroids. If you’ve thought that about Dwayne, you’re not alone, plenty of people have. It’s because the guy’s a beast, plain and simple, a mass monster. When he first started out in wrestling, he was lean, but over the years as he started to get into movies and then as he established himself as one of Hollywood’s best, he’s beefed up considerably. There are pictures out there of him looking seriously freaky, looking like a Mr. Olympia athlete, who are, by the way, all on steroids. His role in Pain and Gain and in the Fast and Furious movies are just a couple of examples of him looking seriously swole, but he’s always attributed his size to hard work, killing himself in the gym, and diet.

Dwyane has admitted to dabbling in steroids in his late teens, but says he hasn’t used them since then. But see some of his pics over the years, and a lot of people would find that hard to believe; once a steroid user always a steroid user – that’s what a lot of people in the iron game say.

2 Sylvester Stallone


Sylvester Stallone is a guy who’s known for his body, for always being in prime shape. He’s been into bodybuilding for so long, it wouldn’t surprise me if he came out of the womb with a six pack and doing bicep curls. Most people go through phases where they bulk up, then slob out in-between movies, but Sly’s in shape all the time, and year after year he sticks at it, and gets better and better. You’d have to say that he has the best body for a 70-year-old on the planet – it really is ridiculous how he’s been able to maintain his level of fitness at that ripe old age. That’s just one of the reasons why a lot of people think he’s on something. Another reason people think he’s juicing, is that he has actually been caught in the past. In 2007, he was found guilty of importing human growth hormone into the country. Now technically speaking, HGH isn’t a steroid, but anyone who takes it knows that it’s a hormone that’s got to be taken in combination with an anabolic steroid or two or three, for the best results.

He’s been found out before, and looking at his body today, it really hasn’t changed much, which is again remarkable because he’s 70! Therefore, it wouldn’t be the most ludicrous thing to assume that he’s still on HGH, and he’s also on steroids – but just to reiterate, these are just rumors that have been out there.

1 Arnold Schwarzenegger

You could probably all assume that Arnold Schwarzenegger was going to feature on this list somewhere near the top, but I just had to put him as number one. That’s because Arnie is, for all intents and purposes, the poster boy for steroids. Over the years he’s frequently said that if you come to America, work hard and play but the rules, you can achieve anything – in reference to himself and his own achievements of course; no one’s arguing with you Arnie, but that’s not really the whole story.

Now I’m not trashing Arnie, I, like most people, am a huge fan. But he didn’t just work hard, and he didn’t even play by the rules. During his bodybuilding days, Arnie was on steroids – he’s admitted taking them himself during competition prep. In his autobiography, it says he was taking them when he was a teenager, so we know he’s been on them in the past. But when he transitioned to acting, he remained massive, maintained his bodybuilder physique for a large part of his career. And has anyone seen what he looks like lately? The guy’s about to be 70, and he’s absolutely massive. Sly’s the same age but he’s leaner, ripped to shreds, whereas Arnie has recently packed on a lot of size. With his busy schedule and his age, many people have been amazed that he’s bodybuilding at 69 and that he looks the way he does, hence the rumors have started to surface again about him being on the juice.

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