15 Brothers (And Sisters) Of WWE Stars We'd Never Be Able To Recognize

We tend to forget but outside of the ring, the WWE Superstars we love, just like the rest of us, also have families. Whether it be children, brothers or sisters, Superstars rely on their loved ones for conditional support outside of the ring. Being on the road for so long, it’s nice to have so many family members by your side. In this article, we pay homage to those unsung heroes by featuring 15 brothers and sisters of current WWE Superstars. Some, you might be able to identify while others might not be as easy.

From Brock’s brother to Roman’s sister, we have a wide variety of siblings in this article. We also have lesser known family members that are also in the business nowadays working overseas - but for the most part, these brothers and sisters have found their own path away from the wrestling business. After all, getting into sports entertainment isn’t the safest path, though we're glad some featured on this list took that route.

Enjoy the article folks and like always, be sure to share it with a friend. Without further ado, here are 15 brothers and sisters of WWE Superstars you would never be able to recognize. We begin with one of Brock’s brothers, Chad Lesnar!

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15 Chad Lesnar (Brock Lesnar’s Brother)

Although Brock sometimes does seem like a human who is incapable of love, he is in fact happily married with two boys and a daughter from a prior relationship. A little known fact however, is that Lesnar has three siblings; a sister named Brandi Nichol Lesnar and two brothers, Chad Lesnar and Troy Lesnar. Can you imagine the Lesnar trio all being a part of the WWE... Man, wouldn't that be something!

His early life was spent in Webster, South Dakota alongside parents Stephanie and Richard Lesnar. Brock grew up on a dairy farm and he continues to pay homage to his past ways of life living with his family on a farm in Saskatchewan. For those of you wondering, Lesnar is the second youngest of the kids, his sister is the youngest while his two brothers Troy and Chad are both older than Brock.

14 Nathan Orton (Randy Orton’s Brother)

In 2016, Randy Orton revealed via his Twitter account that he does in fact have a younger brother, Nathan Orton. Randy plugged his little bro's Twitter account; the total opposite of Randy, Nathan’s an aspiring comedian along with having a passion for playing guitar, you can see some of his videos via YouTube. Just by looking at Nathan, the resemblance to his bro is pretty scary. Nathan also has a plethora of photos from live events cheering on his brother and even his father.

Randy has two other siblings that are lesser known as well. He has a sister Becky Orton, along with another brother, Roderick Orton. Randy was the only one of the bunch to walk in his father’s footsteps and although his dad didn’t approve of the idea initially, we can all agree that he has no problems nowadays looking at the career his son was able to cement.

13 Samuel Polinsky (Corey Graves' Brother)

During the Edge and Christian Podcast, Corey Graves revealed that not only does he have a brother, but his bro is also an aspiring wrestler working overseas going by the name of Sam Adonis. Sam was actually signed to a WWE deal briefly back in 2011 reporting to FCW. Following his release, Graves was signed shortly after; it was a bitter pill to swallow for the brothers as they just missed out on being in the WWE together.

Corey is now thriving as the lead color commentator for both Raw and SmackDown. His brother Samuel isn’t doing too shabby either enjoying his independent work in both Mexico and Japan, although he’s predominantly working with indie promotions over in Mexico nowadays. With such a passion for wrestling, Polinsky is keeping the dream alive with the hopes of one day returning to the WWE.

12 Danny Pestock (Baron Corbin’s Brother)

Similar to Brock earlier in the article, we just can’t picture Baron Corbin having a loving relationship with a sibling outside of the ring – I guess he’s playing his character quite well on WWE TV. Outside of the ring, he does in fact have a brother, Danny Pestock. The two share a close relationship with Danny posting several photos alongside his bro. The two even have pics of them hitting the gym together which is pretty darn cool. Baron’s brother resides out of Lenexa, Kansas and serves as an Associate Product Specialist in the Automotive industry. He’s decently active on both Instagram and Twitter, usually cheering his brother on.

Both grew up in the Lenexa, Kansas area. Of course, Baron would move further South once he got a WWE deal way back in 2012. The 33 year old is now residing in Tampa, Florida alongside his lovely partner, Rochelle Roman.

11 Roy Bevis (Paige’s Brother)

We got a closer glimpse of both Roy and Zak Bevis, Paige’s brothers during her tumultuous relationship with Alberto Del Rio. Roy in particular expressed his concern with the relationship via Facebook fearing his sister was getting abused. Well, the couple is now a thing of the past as they both decided to move on, surely Paige’s entire family was ecstatic about the reveal.

Both Roy and Zak have pursued a wrestling career overseas back in the UK. Paige’s siblings are older, Zak’s 27 years old, while brother Roy is nearing his 40s at 37. Paige is the youngest of the group, still only 25 years old. She began wrestling at 13 (if you can believe it) and it appears as though her career might be on the rocks nowadays with a potential career-ending neck injury. We’re hoping for the best.

10 Edel Farrelly (Sheamus' Sister)

Speaking of career-ending neck injuries, we now turn to another WWE Superstar that experienced similar difficulties, Sheamus. He seems to be doing better now and we’re happy for him as the veteran continues on strong despite that he’s now in his 40s.

Outside of the ring, Sheamus has a younger sister, Edel Farrelly. Sheamus took part in his sister’s wedding most recently; pictures are available online of Sheamus at the ceremony. The Celtic Warrior grew up in Dublin, Ireland and was raised in the city. He was a big sports fan growing up with a passion for both soccer and rugby. He started his pro wrestling journey back home and would later branch out into the WWE system in the Fall of 2006.

One of the most underrated careers in recent memory, there’s no doubt Sheamus is going to enter the Hall Of Fame once he calls it a career and perhaps, take on a job behind the scenes or down at the Performance Center.

9 Mandy Rose (Three Brothers)

Growing up in Westchester, New York, we guess you can say that Mandy was protected by her brothers. Rose was the only girl in the family as revealed on Total Divas. Mandy has three brothers, two of which have children. Yes, the WWE Superstar is also a proud aunt outside of the ring. Her third brother, who doesn’t have a child, is photographed in the picture above, and he was also featured on Total Divas alongside his sister.

Wrestling wasn’t always the path for Rose, who began as a fitness enthusiast taking part in multiple competitions. She caught the eye of Vince McMahon during the Tough Enough series and despite the fact that she didn’t win, Vince elected to sign her to a long-term deal nonetheless. She was preserved for the main roster during her time with NXT and she’s now holding her own on Raw as a member of Absolution. She’s a huge prospect in the Women’s Division moving forward.

8 Anne-Marie Devitt (Finn Balor’s Sister)

Similar to Sheamus earlier in the article, Finn was recently spotted at his sister’s wedding. He took part in the joyous occasion and evidence is available online via his family’s Twitter accounts. Along with his sister, Balor has three brothers, all of which were also spotted in the wedding photo alongside his sister. All the brothers resemble Finn.

The family has been a part of a couple of Balor matches behind the scenes in recent years. Sister Anne-Marie took the excellent selfie you see in the photo above - you've got to love the fact that Triple H also snuck in. The pic was taken during Finn’s epic rundown in developmental with NXT. He’s arguably the greatest wrestler to ever lace the boots with the brand.

7 Brenda Martinez (Bayley’s Sister)

This one blew the minds of many when it was posted to social media. Bayley’s sister Brenda, is quite the looker and she caught the attention of WWE fans with multiple photos, particularly one in which she’s wearing a steamy bathing suit - let’s just say the photo was “Not So PG” and the kind of pic you wouldn’t see The Hugger Bayley take, especially with her current character that’s the cleanest in the entire company.

Growing up, Bayley admitted that there was nothing she wanted to do more than to become a pro wrestler. Heck, she even lost a boyfriend due to her obsession with the Hardy Boyz; now that’s love right there! In late 2012, her dreams started to become a reality as she was picked up by the WWE. She became a sensation with NXT and like Finn earlier, her run was one of the greatest in the developmental brand's history. The same doesn’t hold true when it comes to her main roster run but still only 28, she’s got lots of time to reinvent herself.

6 Christina Crawford (Alicia Fox’s Sister)

Some might recognize the name Christian Crawford, like Alicia, she was a part of the WWE system some time ago back in 2010. She signed a developmental deal and was a part of FCW. She later joined the 2011 Tough Enough cast showing tremendous promise. After her elimination, she was signed by the WWE. Once the company rebranded to NXT however, she was let go in 2012 and would not return. She briefly kept the dream alive via the indie scene, though she would eventually transition out of wrestling, joining the NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers as a cheerleader.

As for sister Alicia, things worked out quite nicely. She was recruited by the WWE as a model way back in 2006 and more than a decade later, Fox remains with the company. Despite such longevity – Alicia is still only 31, which is truly remarkable.

5 Michelle Ouellet (Maryse’s Sister)

Last year’s WrestleMania was truly special for Maryse. Not only was it the first time she was hitting the ring at the event alongside her man The Miz, but it also marked her return to the ring for the first time in a long time. Talk about an event to return at, huh? Making things even better, Maryse welcomed her sister to the event; she was glowing via Twitter happy as ever that Michelle Ouellet made the trip down to Orlando. Maryse is the older sister of the two and they are very close.

Maryse’s little sister can expect to be an aunt very soon as Maryse is to give birth at some point later on in 2018. She’s currently away from WWE television, though her man The Miz continues to thrive alongside Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas.

4 Mika Rotunda (Bray Wyatt & Bo Dallas' Sister)

Speaking of Bo, what if we told you that Bray and Bo Dallas have a sister that’s all about good vibes and has a burning passion for everything fitness and health related? Yup, that’s exactly the case with Mika Rotunda who’s the lesser known member of the family. Though, to her credit, she’s got near 50K followers via Instagram. She’s also good friends with a couple of WWE Superstars, including Sasha Banks (she’s got a nice post alongside Sasha proclaiming their friendship).

Judging by her gym selfies, Rotunda easily has the physique to step inside of the squared circle. How great would it be if Wyatt used his actual sister to play the role of sister Abigail? Sign her to NXT, Vince or Hunter! All jokes aside, give her a follow via Instagram, she’s got some good stuff on that account and nothing Wyatt family-related, thankfully.

3 Hannah Scherr (Braun Strowman’s Sister)

Before Braun was Power-Slamming other wrestlers inside of the ring, his life was a lot different. He started working a low-key job in security - he admitted that he didn’t have an athletic background due to the fact that his grades were too low during his high school days. Spotted doing his security job, Strowman was encouraged to join Strong Man competitions and before he knew it, he was smashing down over 10,000 calories a day while competing at the prestigious Arnold Classic event. Oozing with personality, he caught the eye of the WWE and after a successful tryout, he was inked to a deal.

His personal life is a bit of a mystery, however we do know that he has a sister Hannah, who’s also blessed with some fantastic genes – like Braun, she’s got some height. Via her Instagram account, Braun’s sister posted a photo of the two as it was her first time watching Braun wrestle.

2 Julia DeMars (Ronda Rousey’s Sister)

Rousey’s young half-sister Julia DeMars, has a striking resemblance to Rousey. However, her name made the headlines due to controversy as Ronda stated that her younger sister was snubbed by Justin Bieber. That would make sense as it appears as though Bieber has some beef with Rousey; he Tweeted some insensitive comments after Ronda’s brutal UFC defeat.

Rousey has a lot of male friends especially from the world of MMA, however she doesn’t have an actual brother and instead, has three sisters. One of which we discussed earlier, her half sister Julia DeMars. He two other sisters includes Maria Burns-Ortiz and Jennifer Rousey. Her sisters are surely proud of Rousey as she now looks to turn the page on her MMA career entering the WWE limelight. She’s set to sign her contract at the upcoming Elimination Chamber event.

1 Myritza Anoa’i (Roman Reigns' Sister)

Roman has quite the family and we’re not talking about his Shield brothers. Outside of the ring, Roman is one of five children. Sadly, his brother Rosey passed away; he was a former WWE Superstar, and the news saddened many. We saw an emotional picture at the Rumble backstage featuring Hurricane and Reigns embracing one another, surely Rosey was on both their minds in that instance.

His lesser known siblings are his sisters. Roman has three sisters; above is Myritza, his other sisters are Vanessa and Summer. Pics are also available online of Roman alongside his other sister Vanessa. We can definitely say that Roman’s daughter Joelle, is rather spoiled when it comes to her birthday or the holidays with three aunts.

At the age of 32, Roman continues on as the most heavily pushed WWE Superstar in the entire company. We can expect that trend to continue throughout 2018. It’s his yard now.

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