15 Athletes Who Slept With A Teammate's Wife

Teammates are supposed to have one another's backs, protect them from their blind side or pass the ball to one another when they're open, but most of all, when you join a team, you and your teammates are expected to become so close, you begin thinking of one another like family. In this case, it's almost as if these teammates have taken the term "family" way too far, by becoming a little too intimate with their buddies' wives and girlfriends.

Here's the bottom line: teammates are nearly the equivalent of an army going into battle and when one teammate does something stupid, it screws up the entire line of defense. Messing around with someone's wife is a total low for an average person, but for a professional athlete, it's even worse. Especially considering how they're not an everyday person, they're famous and they're surrounded by the media making everything they say and everything they do into a public affair.

In any line of professional sports, this kind of thing isn't unheard of or even surprising to most viewers, however, it's still a very scumbag thing to do to be able to betray a teammate. Check out these 15 scumbags who made the list.

15 DeMarco Murray And Brennan Clay, Oklahoma Sooners

This scandal all began when Dallas Cowboys' DeMarco Murray had reportedly received "inappropriate" and "explicit" messages from his former teammate Brennan Clay's wife, Gina D’Agostini.

Back in 2010, the two were teammates for the Oklahoma Sooners. Clay and Murray were obviously good friends while working together because Clay once tweeted saying Murray was, “the person I looked up to the most as a running back and as a friend.” Clay obviously took back his public statement once he learned about what had been going on, but Murray has always denied the alleged affair and the drama ended completely once Clay never made it to the NFL after being cut by the Broncos in training camp.

14 Avisail Garcia, Miguel Cabrera And Prince Fielder, Detroit Tigers

In 2013, the pressure was on for the Detroit Tigers as they were expected to contend for the World Series. Prince Fielder had been signed to a nine-year deal worth over $200 million to play with the Tigers, not to mention the team had Miguel Cabrera in his prime and Detroit’s number one prospect, Avisail Garcia, who had a promising future and was expected to be on his way to the majors. Little did the Tigers know that these three all-star players were about to be swallowed by drama all due to Fielder's wife.

It had been reported that Garcia was sleeping with Fielder’s wife once he had landed his spot in the majors that same season and the affair was rumored to had been carried on for several months. Once Cabrera found out about the affair, he called out Garcia in the locker room, causing a fight to break out between Fielder and Garcia, in which Cabrera re-activated an injury. After the incident between these three Tigers, Garcia was rapidly traded in a three-team deal. And Fielder was traded that offseason.

13 Rick Manning And Dennis Eckersley, Cleveland Indians

The Cleveland Indians have witnessed some sorry fools who have been defeated by both their own team and marital problems. And in 1978, after hearing about the alleged affair between Rick Manning and Dennis Eckersley's wife, which later resulted in her leaving Eckersley for Manning, the Indians decided to trade Eckersley to the Red Sox, picking him to leave the team over Manning, due to the cracked vertebrae in his neck.

To this day, Eckersley still denies that his former team knew anything about the affair between his ex-teammate and ex- wife, until months after he had been traded. He even went on to mention Manning and his ex-wife, Denise, in a speech he had given when being inducted into the Hall of Fame. Surely, you've gotta give a guy like Eckersley some credit, his former wife may not have been his one true love, but it’s obvious that baseball was.

12 Golden Tate And Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks

In the year of 2014, Golden Tate had an exceptional year and was even looking to be a centerpiece of the future Seattle Seahawks offense. But, that idea was buried in ruins once Tate left to join the Detroit Lions. Pieces of this disaster weren't just identified as betrayal because Tate had joined another team, but because he had also caused the destruction of Russell Wilson's marriage.

This case has not been officially solved, but Tate had been accused of having an affair with Wilson’s now ex-wife, Ashton Meem. In that same year, Wilson filed for divorce from his former wife, and while the media searched for reasons why, they had found that it had been rumored that Tate was sleeping with Wilson’s wife while they had still been married, which allegedly caused him to file for divorce. However, Tate has continuously denied this allegation, even defending himself by writing personal essay's claiming his innocence.

11 Mike Comrie And Tommy Salo, Edmonton Oilers

In 2003, Mike Comrie's game on the ice was getting noticeably worse with each game he played. And hockey-lovers around the world who tuned in to watch Comrie knew what it was that was affecting his game in such a negative way.

Earlier that same year, it had been reported that Mike Comrie was sleeping with the wife of veteran goaltender, Tommy Salo. And once the word had gotten out, Salo's wife and child made the move back to Sweden, which many believed caused his performance to decline in such a sour way. It took a turn for the worst when contract negotiations for the Oilers came up for the 2003-04 season.

As you can imagine, Comrie profusely denied this rumor, thinking that was enough and chose not to comment when the scandal first began. “I should have said something right away. I didn’t think it would have the legs it did. Everyone thinks it happened but it’s the most ridiculous rumor. It’s not true.”

10 Joe Horn And Willie Roaf, New Orleans Saints

Joe Horn is typically known for being one of the greatest wide receivers who’s ever played for the New Orleans Saints. He’s also known for being accused of infidelity with his former teammates, but there’s quite an interesting twist to his story.

Lineman of the New Orleans Saints, Willie Roaf and his wife had a daughter, and soon after her birth, there had been speculation that Roaf's “daughter” hadn’t really been his at all. The rumors circled around Horn, claiming that he had been having an affair with Roaf’s wife and impregnated her during the season.

This rumor had gotten so out of hand that even other coaches and the media were asking the Saints Head Coach, Jim Haslett, what he had known about the situation. Once the controversy had died down, Roaf later came out and claimed that the daughter his wife had given birth to was biologically his. And although Horn has made many mistakes, this hadn't been one of them. But the affair alone is a whole other story.

9 John Terry And Wayne Bridge, Chelsea

If you're familiar with the world of professional soccer, then you know that John Terry has never been a stranger to controversy. He has had countless scandalous from assault and racial abuse to illegal gambling. We've seen Terry in many forms. And although we didn't have him pegged as a home-wrecker, it doesn't surprise anyone when his name is splashed across the headlines, this time for sleeping with his teammate's wife.

Now that we've covered John Terry's past with scandal, it's safe to say he isn't always making the best decisions. Proving so again as he slips his way into the grip of Vanessa Perroncel, who at the time was the newly-ex wife of Terry's friend and teammate, Wayne Bridge. Bridge became furious once he heard about the two and their new public relationship, and refused to shake Terry’s hand in the pre-game line the next time they faced, and it also lead to him refusing to play for England in 2010 due to the affair.

8 Paul Terry And Dale Roberts, England

No, it is not a coincidence that Paul Terry and John Terry share the same last name, they're real, biological brothers. That's right, these two dirtbags are related and with their track record, it does nothing short of amaze us.

Paul Terry slept with his teammate Dale Roberts' wife in early 2010. When the details were released and his teammate's had heard about how he had been hooking up with one of their own, they were completely disgusted with Terry's actions and stood behind their grieving goalie by refusing to play as long as that scumbag remained on their team. Terry was quickly released from the roster.

Unfortunately, the damage of this affair was done and concluded with a tragic ending. The 24-year-old goalie fell into a deep depression and found himself unable to cope with what he saw as a personal embarrassment. Dale Roberts tragically hanged himself in 2010.

7 Dave Martinez And Ryne Sandberg, Chicago Cubs

Toward the end of the 1980s, the Cubs had a lot of problems surrounding the speculation of different affairs. One in particular had been Dave Martinez. Martinez was a great asset for the Cubs, but in the 1988 season, he had been traded for reasons not confirmed. But I can guess it had a little something to do with the fact that Martinez was sleeping with Ryne Sandberg’s wife, Cindy.

But wait, there's more! Turns out, this hadn’t been the first time Sandberg’s wife had been talked about among the team and caused controversy. Cindy Sandberg had also been tossed around by them too. Back in the late 80s, there had been even more buzz in which former players and coaches reportedly slept with Mrs. Sandberg. Of course, none of these reports have been confirmed, but speculation grew that Sandberg retired from the MLB and divorced his wife due to this inappropriate behavior.

6 Brendan Shanahan And Craig Janney, St. Louis Blues

It's no secret that when it's rumored you were sleeping with your teammate's wife, you may find that you're growing unpopular among the rest of the team. However, according to Ken Campbell from the Hockey News, Brendan Shanahan presumably getting together with his teammate Craig Janney's wife may have been the reason for his disregard for the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2012.

So, it's obvious that breaking "guy code" can cost you a whole lot more than just a friend or two. But Shanahan didn't find himself taking a complete loss, he ended up happily married to his teammate's ex-wife, with three kids!

5 Rafael Palmeiro And Ryne Sandberg, Chicago Cubs

All around, Rafael Palmeiro can easily be defined as one of the sleaziest athletes to play any sport. He is also one of the best baseball players to ever play the game. Despite his talent, Palmeiro has never been the best person at making friends with teammates, whether it's due to his selfish attitude or his ability to lie under oath about steroid use, or because he was also rumored to have slept with one of his teammates' wives.

Now, surely you remember how I mentioned Ryne Sandberg and how his wife, Cindy, had quite the record when it came to the players on the Chicago Cubs. Well, Cindy shoots, she scores.. or rather she hits a home-run once again, and this time it was with Rafael Palmeiro. He was then traded away from the Cubs and many believed it was due to the affair with Cindy Sandberg, but it also could've easily been that Palmeiro was an even bigger jerk that let on.

4 John Harkes And Eric Wynalda, U.S. National Soccer Team

Almost a decade after the alleged affair between John Harkes and Amy Wynalda, who was the wife of former teammate Eric Wynalda, their departed head coach, Steve Sampson, admitted that he had removed John Harkes from the men's roster just two months before the 1998 World Cup because of the humiliation Harks caused by being involved with a teammate's wife.

Wynalda has since taken the step of speaking about the incident, saying “I’m calling it an inappropriate relationship. It was a major contributor to why I’m no longer married.” The former head coach Sampson faced a great deal of criticism for team’s performance in the cup, but when having to be the adult in a major situation, sometimes you have to take necessary actions and cut your losses.

3 Colin Kaepernick And Aldon Smith, San Francisco 49ers

Years ago, when Colin Kaepernick was the starting quarterback with the 49ers, he was living the life that everyone dreams of, the lavish life and feeling on top of the world, or rather for Kaepernick, on top of San Francisco. Around that same time, his teammate Aldon Smith was the starting linebacker and was in a serious relationship with MTV star, Nessa. Unfortunately, Kaepernick let the fame go to his head once he swooped and stole Smith's girl.

According to the rumors, Kaepernick began a relationship with Nessa while the two were still dating. Causing Smith and Kaepernick to engage in a fight on the field during practice. Smith later made the obvious move of breaking up with Nessa and Kaepernick then made their relationship public.

Nothing good came out of the affair as both players and their careers quickly went downhill. Smith was dumped by the 49ers Kaepernick has lost his edge, now claiming the position of the backup quarterback in San Francisco.

2 Fritz Peterson And Mike Kekich, New York Yankees

In the early 70s, it seemed bizarre to swap wives, but today it isn’t all that crazy to digest the idea, considering there’s even a reality TV show called Wife Swap on ABC. But this story is still somewhat bizarre because these two Yankees didn't swap back wives after two weeks.

This scandal began on March 4, 1973. The two Yankees players, Fritz Peterson and Mike Kekich, held two separate press conferences on the same day, announcing that the two teammates had decided they would be swapping wives and their homes. Weird, I know. But 40 years after the initial swap, Petersen simply said, “it was a love story. It wasn’t anything dirty.” Either way, there is no denying that this scandal was like nothing we’ve ever seen or heard of before, because at the end of the day it was real life, not some ridiculous TV show. Petersen has been married to Suzanne Kekich since 1974, although the other two split up a few years later without ever getting married.

1 Delonte West And Lebron James, Cleveland Cavaliers

This scandal involves not a girlfriend or a wife, but a mother. LeBron James’ mother in fact, Gloria James. It had been rumored that Delonte West had... well you know... with Lebron's very own mother. Now, nobody wants to believe this insane far-fetched rumor for Lebron's sake, but his performance in the series vs. the Celtics in 2010 was so bad that people thought there might be some truth to the scandal.

As you can imagine, this rumor blew up and was being talked about all over the media. West continued to deny the accusations, even going on the Dallas Morning News, and continued to reject the ideas by saying: “Number one, something like that never happened. I don’t know where they got that from. For a strong black woman like that, for people to try to tear her down, that’s terrible. That’s terrible in so many ways.”

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