15Tiger Woods - Adultery And Substance Abuse

Since Tiger Woods was an obvious choice to be included on this list, we went ahead and put him at our number 15 spot. Woods is easily the most recognizable face in golf in the last 25 years, and he dominated his sport unlike most athletes who came before

him. He may not be considered the greatest golfer of all time, but you'd be hard-pressed to say that Woods isn't in the top 5 at least. In his prime, Woods was making an unfathomable amount of money from his winnings and from major endorsement deals with companies like Nike. But, the bigger they are, the harder they fall, and Woods's fall from grace was one of the most public displays of humiliation we've seen in a long time.

Everything started to unravel for the superstar after his struggles with s** addiction and infidelity came to the forefront. Countless women came forward to add their names to Woods' little black book, and he never regained the form that he once had. Toss in some recent problems with drugs and alcohol, and you have yourself an athlete who completely destroyed his life. We wish him the best of luck in getting everything together.

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