15 Amazing Pictures Of WWE Wrestler Homes You Need To See

Living the life of a WWE Superstar, it’s not always the easiest task to enjoy life outside of the business. The WWE works like a circus act, constantly on the road going from town to town. On some wee

Living the life of a WWE Superstar, it’s not always the easiest task to enjoy life outside of the business. The WWE works like a circus act, constantly on the road going from town to town. On some weeks, the performers are in four different cities in the course of seven days. It can truly get taxing.

As you can imagine, the Superstars really value their time off, even if it is for one or two days (if lucky). Most wrestlers spend their hard earned money on a beautiful home. As you’ll see in this article, most performers opted for a house in the Florida area while some decided to stay true to their home roots with several Superstars staying around their area of birth.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the wonderful homes from both past and present WWE Superstars. What most of these performers have in common is a lengthy body of work which resulted in some of the most beautiful homes most can only wish for. So without further ado, let’s take a sneak peak at the behind the scenes lives of these pro wrestlers with 15 amazing pictures of WWE wrestler homes you need to see. Enjoy!

15 Mark Henry Wrestling - Wikia

It might not seem like it because of his mid-card role throughout the years, but Henry has been a part of the WWE family since way back in 1996. Employed for over two decades with the company, Henry has stayed on board ever since and has managed to make quite the living throughout his career with the company. Looking at the current top earners employed with the WWE, Mark is most certainly among the top of the list given his years of service.

With such a lengthy run comes a luxurious lifestyle outside of the ring. Henry lives in a beautiful home residing in Austin, Texas. The house includes four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a swimming pool, a three-car garage and a beautiful view of Lake Austin. The house is valued at just under a million. It looks Henry will do just fine following the end of his WWE career, which seems to be approaching sooner rather than later.

14 R-Truth

Like Mark Henry, R-Truth has been employed by the WWE for quite some time now. He first appeared for the company in 2000 and would return for a good several years later in 2008, this time, he was staying put. Ever since his return, Truth has bounced around all over the place from working the mid-card, lower-card and even the upper-card working programs with the likes of John Cena. Today, at the age of 44, Truth is content with working the lower role supplying the show with some comedic relief.

For Truth, the years of service have truly paid off quite nicely as the wrestler enjoys his private personal life residing out of Indian Trail, North Carolina. During his brief time off in the summer of 2012, Truth moved his family to the area and purchased the beautiful home you see in the picture above. The house contains four bedrooms, four bathrooms and is located next to Meadow Lake. The home is said to be worth $750,000.

13 Kane

Speaking of lengthy careers, how about that dude by the name of Kane? The Big Red Machine has been employed by the WWE since 1995. Aside from The Undertaker who appears part-time, Kane is one of the longest serving performers the company currently has. His devotion to the business is certainly something to behold for both the fans and the WWE as a company. Aside from hitting choke-slams in the ring, Kane is also labelled as one of the smartest WWE Superstars of all-time, something you truly wouldn’t think looking at his gimmick in the ring.

His smarts have led him into the world of politics alongside his wife. The couple is actually selling their beautiful home for a chance to work closer to their office space. Their current residence is located just outside of Knoxville, Tennessee, and is valued at over $800,000. The stunning house includes three bedrooms, a stunning pool, a four-car garage and a massive home gym.

12 Randy Orton Photos

Still only 36 years young, it’s hard to believe Randy Orton has been in the business since 2001 when he joined Ohio Valley Wrestling; that’s currently 15 years of service. What makes it all that much more impressive is the fact that Orton has worked the upper-card storylines for most of his career. Since 2002 when was put into Evolution, Randy became one of the primary faces to watch with the WWE. His accomplishments speak for themselves as a four-time World Heavyweight Champion and eight-time WWE Champion for a combined 12 time stint with the big title.

As expected, Orton lived in a beautiful home located in St. Charles, Missouri, which he sold in early 2013 for a little over one million. The stunning home includes five fireplaces, a pool, four bathrooms and four bedrooms. In addition, his former home contained a gym, billiard room and media room. Orton sold the house following his divorce but is now once again happily married to new wife Kimberly Kessler.

11 Chris Jericho

At the age of 46, Chris Jericho is still going strong dazzling crowds on a weekly basis working a full-time schedule with the WWE. Looking back at his WCW departure in 1999, I think we can safely say that Y2J made the right decision to leave the dying promotion while resurfacing his career.

Not too surprising that Jericho’s quite wealthy, as the guy has been in the wrestling business forever, along with his popular weekly Podcast and role in the band Fozzy. Y2J has money coming in from all angles. Not too shocking that Chris doesn’t live in the freezing temperatures of Winnipeg, he instead opted for the beautiful sun in the Florida area. A place which sees most wrestlers reside in, not only because of its warm weather, but because of the proximity to the WWE’s Performance Center.

His beautiful Odessa, Florida, home is right by the water and valued at one million. Jericho lives in the residence alongside his wife and three children.

10 Brock Lesnar (Old Maple Plain, Minnesota House)

Following his departure from the WWE in 2004, perhaps nobody could have predicted that Brock would return bigger and better than ever in the future. Following his UFC run, Brock’s stock grew to another level and WWE decided to take things a step further by having him defeat The Undertaker at WrestleMania, ending The Deadman’s illustrious reign. Since then, Brock has been untouchable and one of the wealthiest combat athletes in the world.

With that said, Lesnar is also quite the businessman behind the scenes. He has invested in several properties and just recently put another one up for sale which is located in Minnesota, the area of his former home. The lake house is selling for just under $300,000 and is said to be in great shape.

The picture you see above is instead his actual former home he lived in prior to his Saskatchewan, Canada move. The house includes four beds and four baths, selling at $800,000. Typical Brock, the house is located in a wooden area and is secluded in the country side of Minnesota.

9 Big Show

Like most of the others on the list, Big Show has enjoyed a lengthy career with the WWE. His role as an attraction due to his large size made Big Show a very popular Superstar and he cashed-in quite nicely throughout the years because of it. He’s been a member of the WWE family since 1999 and is rumored to finally hang up the boots in 2017 with one final match against NBA legend Shaq, at WrestleMania. Even though he’ll be retired from the ring, the WWE will likely keep Big Show as a WWE ambassador due to his lengthy run with the company.

His life outside of the ring takes place next to Jericho’s residence in Odessa, Florida. Big Show actually bought his home in 2001 from fellow wrestler The Undertaker, purchasing the house at just under $700,000. The home includes four beds, four baths, a swimming pool and boating dock area. In terms of re-sale value, this house is worth in the millions today.

8 The Undertaker

via:наверх/WWE News

Speaking of The Undertaker, the future Hall of Famer is considered WWE royalty when looking at his body of work which spans three decades, something not many wrestlers can say. Taker started his WWE journey in 1990 and remains a huge star with the same character nowadays. His devotion to the company and gimmick has endeared him to not only the fans, but Vince McMahon himself. Undertaker is in a class of his own for his in-ring work and contributions behind the scenes, being viewed as a locker room leader.

Not surprising that The Undertaker has a beautiful home which he enjoys much more today with a limited schedule. The Deadman resides in Austin, Texas, alongside his wife Michelle McCool. The two were married in August of 2010 and welcomed their first child in August of 2012, Kaia Faith Calaway. The couple currently lives in a private area in Texas which is surrounded by lots of land and other huge estates.

Fun fact: Taker’s residence was actually rented out by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie at one point.

7 Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella

The 2013-2014 years were monumental to say the least for WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan. The wrestler took the WWE by storm and captured the imaginations of millions of fans around the globe. Despite the WWE’s unwillingness to push Daniel, the “Yes Movement” eventually took over and catapulted the Superstar to the top of the company. Despite his retirement, Bryan is still with the company acting as SmackDown Live’s General Manager while still connecting with the crowd like he never left.

Outside of the ring his life wasn’t too shabby, either. Bryan entered a relationship with Brie Bella and the two were later married in April of 2014. That same year, Brie bought her first home alongside Daniel located in the Phoenix, Arizona area as documented on the WWE hit reality show, Total Divas. The house has an old school look, exactly how Daniel loves with the white picket fence in front of the house. The two are happily expecting the birth of their first child due in April of 2017.

6 Kurt Angle

Joining the WWE in 1998 on an eight year deal, the WWE went all-in with the young amateur wrestler. What they got truly ended up being worth every single penny as Angle not only blossomed in the ring, but became a force as an entertainer providing some of the best comedic and serious promos the company had seen at the time. He was truly on par with the likes of Stone Cold and The Rock when you compared ring work along with microphone skills.

Because of an overworked WWE schedule, Kurt pretty much burned out and opted out of the company. He joined TNA for a lighter workload and ended up staying with the company for over a decade. Despite not being with the big pro wrestling company, Angle still made a nice living and his Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania home is the perfect example of that. Kurt purchased the residence at just under $650,000. The house features four beds, three bathrooms and a beautiful swimming pool.

5 CM Punk


Speaking of pro wrestlers trying to make a living outside of the WWE, CM Punk is walking in the same footsteps as Kurt Angle, although he’s not trying to duplicate his pro wrestling fame, instead, he’s trying to pursue a career as an MMA star.

Despite his horrid UFC debut which lasted just a little over two minutes, Punk received a huge paycheck just for stepping into the octagon. Punk was among the highest paid fighters of the night making a cool half a million for two minutes worth of work. Not too bad, is it?

Along with his massive paychecks, Punk purchased a stunning condo in 2012 worth over $2 million. The beautiful condo has five bedrooms, two living rooms, a theater room, a wine cellar, jacuzzi and a three-car parking garage. Punk also collects rent from the tattoo studio which operates out of the first floor. You can view his entire home online.

4 Hulk Hogan (New Home)

When you think of pro wrestling, you think of Hulk Hogan. His legacy however, took a huge hit recently when tapes revealed Hogan using racist slurs. The footage caused Hogan’s abrupt release from the WWE and tarnished his legacy to a degree. He took the company Gawker to court and basically put them out of business. Hulk was rewarded with $31 million as the two sides finally reached a settlement in November.

In terms of lodging, Hulk also changed things up. Hogan sold his massive estate recently as seen on his former reality series Hogan Knows Best. The house sold for $6.2 million which was $19 million below the previous asking price. Hulk moved alongside his wife Jennifer, to a smaller home in Clearwater Beach worth just over $3 million. It seems like the Hulkster is finally settling down and a WWE return might be on the horizon sooner rather than later.

3 Goldberg

Goldberg’s WWE return certainly wasn’t a money thing, as Bill has plenty of savings from his WCW days (which saw the wrestler earn close to $10 million during his stint with the company). By 1999, Bill apparently made over $5 million which was more than any other wrestler at the time, including Hulk Hogan, who had one of the most absurd contracts with the company. Say what you want, but his return appears to be coming from the heart, putting on a show to remember for his kid and wife.

His home certainly shows just how wealthy he truly is. Located in Bonsall, California, Bill owns a home worth millions and is 4,600 square feet in size. His home also contains a huge swimming pool along with a stunning view. Not to mention a massive five-car garage which isn’t too shocking considering Bill’s love for cars.

2 Stone Cold Steve Austin

Stone Cold Steve Austin will forever be remembered by wrestling fans as the Superstar that led the company during the WWE’s most formidable time period, the Attitude Era. To this day, his profound impact is still felt by wrestling fans and documented heavily on the WWE Network. A big reason to start the channel was the opportunity to re-live some of these great moments that featured Austin and his antics during the 90s. His body of work would eventually surpass the WWE, making money in commercials, films and TV shows. With a doubt, Austin is a pretty wealthy man.

This was well documented with the purchase of his stunning (no pun-intended) ranch worth $45 million. The property is located outside of Tilden, Texas.

The ranch includes five ponds (what?), two barns (what?), a river (what?), various terrains (what?) and is 2,000 acres in size (what?). Oh, and he also splits some time with his wife Kristin in their Marina Del Rey, California home... WHATTTT????

1 John Cena

His net worth is listed at $35 million but that’s highly debatable; looking at all of his work in the last couple of years that number is more than likely to skyrocket. Since his uprising to the upper card in 2005, Cena has been the face of the WWE not only on the program but globally as the main ambassador for the company. Despite him working a part-time schedule nowadays because of prior engagements to TV shows and movies, you can expect the 39 year old to stick around for a long time with the WWE.

With all this being said, Cena does live a glamorous life outside of the ring and that all starts with his Tampa, Florida home. As documented on Total Divas, when entering the house, the hallway looks like one from a reception hall rather than a home. The mansion also contains an enormous walk-in closet, cigar room, stunning outdoor pool which is covered and features breathtaking waterfalls and a guest house which is bigger than most of our homes. Oh, and he’s also an avid car collector with various vintage automobiles at his disposal inside his massive garage. Work hard, play hard, folks!


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15 Amazing Pictures Of WWE Wrestler Homes You Need To See