10 WWE Women Who Shouldn't Be Wrestlers (And 5 Who Were Made For It)

While some women were born to be wrestlers, others are clearly just wrestling for attention rather that to fulfill a true passion for the sport.

The women of WWE have been going through a revolution as of late and trying to finally give women a chance on WWE's stage. It seems that while many of the WWE Universe consider the revolution to have been a success, it has only managed to put a spotlight on a certain amount of women, while others have been left on the sidelines.

Summer Rae hasn't been seen on WWE TV for almost 600 days, while Emma has only just been added to the title picture and Asuka is currently finally being able to make her way to the main roster.

The Four Horsewomen of NXT have all been able to hold gold on the main roster, while there are many other women like Natalya, Mickie James, and Dana Brooke who have all been completely overlooked for a number of years. However, Natalya has finally been given her chance recently and is the current SmackDown Women's Champion heading into Survivor Series season.

Over the years, WWE has hired a number of female wrestlers who were used as models much more than they were as professional wrestlers. Many of these women should never have been able to set foot in a WWE ring when there are women who were born into the business who can take the women's division to new heights.

The following list looks at 10 women who have graced the WWE over the past few years who didn't deserve to be there and perhaps wouldn't have been there under different circumstances. The list also looks at five women who were made to be wrestlers and are currently making the division worth watching.

15 Shouldn't: Summer Rae


Summer Rae was first introduced to the WWE Universe through the NXT brand, where she showed that she did have some skill in the ring, but she still had a long way to go. WWE called her up to the main roster too soon when she was chosen as the partner for Fandango back in 2013. Summer was then made a part of Total Divas as well, where she managed to gain some popularity with the WWE Universe.

Summer has been missing from WWE TV now for more than 17 months and WWE hasn't even acknowledged that she isn't there. Summer has been able to return to WWE now for a number of months, but it seems that the company are not in any hurry to bring her back because no one actually misses her. It is highly likely that Summer Rae will be one of the next stars released from the company.

14 Shouldn't: Ashley Massaro


Ashley Massaro won the WWE Diva Search back in 2005 and was almost immediately added to the Raw roster. Ashley was signed to the company based on her looks, and this was proven when she would often botch moves in the ring and was unable to properly control a match on her own.

Ashley later became a Playboy cover girl and was shockingly given a match at WrestleMania 23. It was the only female match on the card, and it was scheduled around the same time as her Playboy cover was released to maximize the promotion she would receive. Ashley asked for her WWE release not long afterwards and hasn't stepped near a wrestling ring since. It seems that Ashley was never destined to be a very good wrestler and would never last in the women's roster now since the WWE is finally taking their women seriously.

13 Should: Sasha Banks


Sasha Banks is a former NXT Women's Champion and a former four-time Raw Women's Champion. Even though Sasha has gained all these accolades in the space of just a few years, it seems that Sasha still has a number of doubters in the WWE Universe.

Sasha has been a professional wrestler for a long time and has been able to make history in WWE so many times because the company knows that they can depend on her and she will always deliver when needed. The fact that WWE often tries to push Sasha down the WWE Universe's throat because of how popular she is, and the fact that she doesn't like her fans very much are all factors that shouldn't be brought into the argument of how talented a wrestler she is. Sasha will go on to make history one day; she has the perfect image for WWE and is a fantastic role model for the next generation of women's wrestlers.

12 Shouldn't: Nia Jax


Firstly, Nia's addition to this list has nothing to do with the fact that she is much bigger than her opponents. Rather, it has much more to do with the fact that Nia has botched a number of moves in the ring and is the reason that Bayley was forced to sit out of SummerSlam with a separated shoulder.

Nia has been given such a big push by WWE because she is part of the famous Anoa'i wrestling family and is the cousin of The Rock. It has nothing to do with her talent or lack thereof. It's sad that Nia has been given the nod to be put into Women's Championship matches ahead of women who are much more talented than she is, because it is often made blatantly obvious that Nia doesn't have a lot of experience in the ring and as Bayley saw a few weeks ago, the women she faces are not always safe when she's throwing herself around.

11 Shouldn't: Jillian Hall


I don't think the WWE Universe has ever been as happy to see someone go than when Jillian Hall was finally released from WWE. Jillian came through the ranks in WWE as an image consultant for JBL and was later involved in a feud with another woman who was never really considered to be a wrestler, Kristal Marshall.

The duo was most of the reason why SmackDown viewership was down for a number of years, and shockingly, WWE decided to give Jillian the Divas Championship at one point, even though she does still hold the record for the shortest reign since she lost the title almost instantly back to Melina. Jillian was horrific to watch; she features much more than any other female wrestler on Botchamania, and for some reason, WWE decided to give her the character of a woman who just sang badly, which just made matters worse.

10 Should: Trish Stratus


Sometimes there are people who come into the business and it is obvious that they were made for it. Trish Stratus had a background in gymnastics and no prior wrestling training before she came to WWE, but somehow she managed to pick up the skill quite quickly and was able to show WWE exactly what they could have if they decided to push their women into the spotlight.

Lita and Trish were able to main event an episode of Raw for the first time during their feud and Trish later went on to make history as a seven-time Women's Champion, a record that has stood now for more than a decade. Trish may not have been born into the business like some female wrestlers in WWE today, but she was a woman who was made for it, which is why she was one of the youngest ever WWE Hall of Famers.

9 Shouldn't: Kelly Kelly


No female wrestler in the history of WWE has a reputation quite like Kelly Kelly. The fact that she became known as a woman who was happy to take off her clothes in a WWE ring told the fans everything they needed to know about this ditsy blonde.

Kelly is a former Divas Champion, but there is a reason WWE decided to retire this Championship when the women were finally set to be taken seriously. The Championship had already sunk to new levels by the time Kelly was able to capture it because her reign meant about as much as her WWE career as a whole. She isn't a superstar that the WWE Universe misses, or one that is ever mentioned on WWE TV. That says all that needs to be said about Kelly. The most memorable thing about her was her dating record, which is really not something to be proud of.

8 Shouldn't: Eva Marie


Eva Marie won the 2013 Diva Search that took place on and saw the winners handed a place in Total Divas later that year. Eva and JoJo Offerman won and were later handed contracts with WWE as well, and began training.

Sadly for Eva, she never took the business seriously. Eva thought that she could get by from her appearances on Total Divas and the WWE Universe developed a hatred of her attitude towards her in-ring training and the fact that she didn't value her place in the company. This meant that even when Eva tried to perform, she would be booed out of the building. Unsurprisingly, Eva was released by WWE earlier this year when the two sides came to an agreement to release her from her contract since she has now gained the popularity she needed to move on to star in movies. She doesn't need WWE to drag her down any longer. Good riddance.

7 Should: Alexa Bliss


Alexa Bliss has climbed the ranks in WWE over the past few years. After making a name for herself in NXT, she was promoted to the main roster where her popularity skyrocketed and she was finally given her first piece of gold in WWE.

Alexa is now a former Raw and SmackDown Women's Champion, the only woman in history to have that accolade, and the fact that she has never wrestled on the Independent Circuit and that she has only been wrestling for a few years is completely baffling. Her background in gymnastics and cheerleading has obviously helped her quite a lot, but her determination to succeed has obviously been the thing that has seen her through. Alexa has proven that she has what it takes to fight it out with some of the best in the ring and is a champion in an era where women are being taken seriously, which is all the endorsement she needs.

6 Shouldn't: Torrie Wilson


Torrie Wilson was hired by WCW because she was seen walking around backstage with one of their wrestlers and was asked to become a valet. She was then signed to WWE as a way for the company to try to "one-up" WCW and it seems that she was able to create a career off the back of this.

Torrie never had many skills in the ring; she was there as eye candy. Bikini contests, bra and panties matches, and even evening gown competitions were her specialities, but she never learned how to wrestle properly. Torrie was released from WWE following a lengthy hiatus with a back injury and has since become a fitness expert instead. She hasn't wrestled a single match outside of WWE since her departure, which says everything about her passion for the business when she isn't being showcased on national TV.

5 Shouldn't: Maria Kanellis


Here is another Diva Search alumni; are you sensing a pattern? It seems that Maria was another woman who the executives in WWE saw and thought that they could sign based on her looks and turn into a star. Maria was used as a backstage interviewer for a number of years and wrestled minimal matches because she was horrific to watch.

She later went on to manage Mike Bennett in both TNA and Ring of Honor before returning to WWE earlier this year, but this time in a non-wrestling role. It is a much better idea for Maria to not be allowed to step foot in a WWE ring. She has a great brain for the business, and she doesn't need to step in the ring and ruin this illusion. The longer WWE keeps her at ringside, the better for both the WWE Universe and for Mike Bennett, if he ever wants to be pushed into the main event picture.

4 Should: Natalya


Natalya comes from the famous Hart Family. Her uncle is Bret Hart, her father is Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart, and it is blatantly obvious that wrestling runs through her blood. Nattie has been in WWE now for more than a decade and it is only now that the company are finally beginning to take her seriously, since she is the current SmackDown Women's Champion.

When it comes to technical wrestling ability, Natalya is second to none when it comes to every single female in the WWE right now, and in history. Nattie is a graduate of the Hart Dungeon and she spent years learning her craft before she was ever given a platform. If WWE hadn't spent so many years giving her terrible gimmicks and watching her become a joke, she could have kick-started this Women's Revolution a long time ago. WWE just wasn't aware of the talent they had at their fingertips.

3 Shouldn't: Lana


Lana originally auditioned for the 2013 Diva Search, but even though she didn't win the competition, she was later sent down to NXT and partnered with Rusev. Over the past few years, Lana has showcased the fact that she has skills on the mic, but as a former actress, this was always going to be the case.

Lana was then sent down to the performance centre last year when WWE decided that she should finally learn the ropes and become a wrestler. Sadly for Lana, she just doesn't seem to be picking it up. This could be why WWE has decided to see her step back from the women's division on SmackDown and instead allow her to be a manager for someone like Tamina, who definitely needs it. Lana is fine being a face of Total Divas and a manager. Wrestling isn't for everyone, and it seems that she possesses other skills that WWE can use instead.

2 Shouldn't: Tamina


Tamina Snuka is much like Charlotte Flair and Natalya in the respect that she was born into the business, since she is the daughter of Jimmy "The Superfly" Snuka. The problem is that Tamina can't even perform her father's famous Superfly splash correctly to pay tribute to him, so it shows that she was never supposed to be the one to continue her family's legacy.

Tamina often botches on the mic, which is why Lana has been brought in to talk for her, in what has to be one of the strangest pairings WWE has ever created. She hasn't got enough of a move set in the ring to ever be taken seriously as a wrestler. She doesn't move or look like a wrestler either. Tamina is only in WWE right now because of who her father is and because she married into the Anoa'i Family.

1 Should: Charlotte Flair


Charlotte Flair has been one of the standout wrestlers in WWE for a very long time. She is the daughter of Ric Flair and even though she only made the decision to become a wrestler in 2012, it seems that Charlotte has proven that she really is genetically superior to all other women in the company right now.

The only woman who comes close to Charlotte's ability is Natalya, and given the fact that these women are set to collide at Hell in a Cell in just two weeks time, it shows that WWE has obviously picked up on the fact that these are the two women that should be showcased in the Women's Division moving forward. Charlotte has proved her pedigree a number of times and is widely considered to be a better wrestler than Trish Stratus at this point, which must be an incredible thing for Charlotte to hear about, knowing that she is only a few years into what could well be a lengthy career.

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