10 WWE Stars Who Stayed In The Same Relationship Their Entire Career (5 That Didn’t)

It’s almost impossible for a wrestler to stay in the same relationship throughout his or her entire career. We’ve seen numerous examples in the past, especially with performers from the 90s. Living the life of being on the road constantly, temptation is likely to arise whether it be with a peer or even with someone on the outside. We’ve seen both examples of such taking place.

What we rarely discuss however, are the performers who have managed to stay faithful to the same partner throughout their lengthy runs in the wrestling business. We’ll identify ten wrestlers on this list from both the past and the present. We applaud these Superstars for sticking with their partners. For the most part, keeping them away from the wrestling business proved to be the right call.

On the flip side, we’ll take a look at five in particular that underwent numerous divorces. Again, the five featured are both Superstars from the past and the present. Enjoy the article folks and like always, be sure to share it with a friend. Without further ado, here are 10 WWE stars that stayed in the same relationship throughout their entire career and five that clearly didn’t. Let’s begin.

15 Same Relationship: AJ Styles – Wendy Jones

As if AJ’s life wasn’t perfect enough in the ring, it seems as though things are just as good outside of it. Styles married his high school sweetheart back in 2000. Styles even admitted that the two waited till marriage to... (you know). AJ is very religious and a devout Christian.

The couple is still going strong today and very much in love. His wife’s a school teacher and the couple has four children,

three boys; Ajay Covell, Avery and Albey. He also has a beautiful daughter, the youngest of the bunch, named Anney Jones. Now in his 40s, Styles continues to enjoy the prime run of his pro wrestling career. It’s hard to believe that he began in the late 90s and would only sign a WWE deal nearly two decades later. The wait was worth it as he’s thriving with the company carrying the WWE Championship.

14 Same Relationship: Kevin Owens – Karina Elias

Life wasn’t the easiest for Kevin Owens as he tried to make it in the wrestling business. In order to pay the bills, Kevin worked at a gas station pumping fuel into cars.

The one consistent thing in his life was the support from his wife Karina Elias, who kept encouraging Kevin no matter how tough things got.

Once Sami Zayn made the WWE, Owens contemplated leaving the business, losing hope. Thankfully, he did not and KO was signed to an NXT deal. It’s hard to believe but Kevin’s quite the family man and husband outside of the ring. He’s a loving father to two children, Owen and Elodie. Owens and his wife Karina, have been married for 11 years now. They’re still very much in love as evidenced by Karina’s IG account posting photos of their romantic getaways on the regular.

13 Didn’t - Stone Cold Steve Austin: Kathryn Burrhus, Lady Blossom, Debra Marshall & Kristin Feres

A little known fact about Steve Austin is that during his early WCW and WWE runs, behind the scenes, he went through three divorces. Austin’s first marriage took place way back in 1990. He married his high school sweetheart Kathryn Burrhus, but just two years later the couple filed for an annulment. Perhaps his manager Lady Blossom had something to do with that because the two would marry shortly after the separation in 1992.

Austin has two daughters from the relationship. Seven years later, it would lead to another divorce and Austin would marry a third time, tying the knot with Debra Marshall. Of course, that was Austin’s most well documented relationship that also ended in divorce. He seems to be finally settling down nowadays with his current partner Kristin Feres.

12 Same Relationship: Shane McMahon – Marissa Mazzola

It seems as though the McMahon family are a faithful bunch when it comes to their marriages, or at least it appears to be as such. Shane McMahon, one of the most beloved faces behind the scenes has remained with his wife for quite some time now. The couple got married back in 1996 before the start of the Attitude Era and

over two decades later, they remain very much in love, recently appearing together at the WWE Hall Of Fame ceremony.

They started a family together as well. Shane and Marissa have three children, all boys. Declan, Kenyon Jess and Rogan Henry are all part of the Shane-O-Mac clan. We get a glimpse of the family during every WrestleMania event. The three boys were spotted ringside during their aunt and uncle’s match along with Shane’s bout teaming with Daniel Bryan.

11 Same Relationship: Rey Mysterio – Angie Gutierrez

When you look up the term “model wrestler”, a photo of Rey Mysterio is likely to emerge. Not only is he one of the most talented performers of all-time but he’s also incredibly humble as evidenced by lots of his shoot interviews. His personal life appears to be just as flawless, as Rey’s been with the same partner throughout his North American wrestling run tying the knot with Angelica Gutierrez back in 1996.

The couple remains very much in love with Rey posting photos to his IG alongside his Queen. You can find her on Instagram under the name of 619_renya.

As you’ll see throughout her photos, she’s all about the family life. The couple has two children, a younger daughter who’s absolutely gorgeous, Aalyah. WWE fans might be more familiar with his son Dominic, who appeared on WWE programming back in the day. He’s taller than his dad nowadays and aspires to walk in his footsteps as a pro wrestler.

10 Didn’t - Charlotte Flair: Riki Johnson & Thomas Lattimer 

This one is especially surprising due to the fact that Charlotte’s only 32 years old. Heck, by the time she cracked the main roster she had already undergone two divorces. It seems like championship belts aren’t the only thing the Flair family is known for; you can add failed marriages to that list as well.

Her first marriage to Riki Johnson was said to be quite toxic according to Flair herself. Former NXT wrestler Bram was her second failed marriage, the two divorced after a short-lived run together. It was rumored that Charlotte also dated Alberto Del Rio briefly, though that was never confirmed by either of the two. She’s said to be quite happy living the single life nowadays.

9 Same Relationship: Chris Jericho – Jessica Lockhart

Wrestling during the 90s, it’s hard to believe that Jericho maintained the same relationship. It’s even harder to believe when you assess his busy lifestyle as not only a wrestler but as a performer as well, touring with his band Fozzy. Nonetheless, Jericho has kept the same relationship with his wife Jessica Lockhart. The two got married during his WWE days back in 2000. Somehow, Chris even had the time to make three children, Ash Edward and twin daughters Sierra Loretta and Cheyenne Lee.

Almost 18 years later, the couple’s still married and residing out of Odessa, Florida.

Jericho, who’s 47 years old, still has a brutal schedule whether it’s wrestling, podcasting or touring with his band. Nonetheless, he’s doing something right as a family man behind the scenes.

8 Same Relationship: Christian – Denise Hartmann

Christian started his pro wrestling journey back in the early 90s and by 1998, he was a part of the WWE. Just three years later, he married the love his life Denise Hartmann. She’s a German model and the two met while Christian was overseas touring England. They quietly married in 2001 and he’s remained very private when it comes to his relationship. Photos of the two are few and far between but as we’ve seen in the past,

keeping your significant other away from the business can be a good thing and it definitely was for Christian.

He left the business in late 2013 for a couple of reasons. The one most documented was due to his concussion struggles, however he also let go of the industry due to plans on becoming a proud papa. Just a couple of years ago the couple had their first child, Isla; he’s enjoying his time nowadays in a new role.

7 Didn’t: Batista – Glenda Bautista, Angie Bautista & Sarah Jade

Not only did Batista undergo two failed marriages but in his autobiography, he claims that he struggled an addiction issue. With his popularity spiking due to his role on WWE television, Batista just couldn’t help himself causing a rift in a couple of his prior marriages.

His first failed marriage came way back in 1990. Batista married a woman by the name of Glenda and the couple had two children. They divorced eight years later and Batista would quickly remarry, this time to a partner named Angie. It might be hard to believe but by the age of 40, Batista was already a grandfather to two grandchildren!

He married for a third time in October of 2015. Dave tied the knot with a dancer, Sarah Jade. The two are still a couple today and happily married.

6 Same Relationship: Kane – Crystal Goins

By 1995, Kane was signed to a WWE deal. 18 years later, he’s still with the company and appearing sporadically. The only thing that has lasted just as long is his personal relationship behind the scenes to his wife Crystal Goins. The two got married in the summer of ’95 and have stayed together ever since. Kane also has two daughters from his wife’s previous relationship.

Despite his hectic schedule during the last two decades, the couple made things work. Like others on this list, his wife was rarely seen or heard of during his WWE run.

They’re spending a lot more time together nowadays working on Kane’s political campaign back in their home in Tennessee. Unlike his WWE career, the two are expected to spend lots of time together as the WWE Superstar transitions into a life outside of the squared circle.

5 Same Relationship: Kevin Nash – Tamara McMichael

Nash finally made mention of his wife during his Hall Of Fame speech. He credited her for allowing him to keep a cool head; without her, he claims he would have “imploded”. Nash kept his partner away from the business and he credits that as the main reason for the couple’s longevity together. A little known fact about Nash: he married his current partner back in 1988; heck, he wasn’t even wrestling for WCW at the time he married his wife. The two did have a minor separation in 2000 but were able to restore things shortly after.

The couple have one child together, a son named Tristen. He made the headlines for all the wrong reasons back in 2014, as he got into a physical altercation with his father. Making matters worse, the dispute took place on Christmas Eve. The charges were later dropped as it was deemed that Nash was protecting his wife.

4 Didn’t: The Undertaker – Jodi Lynn, Sara Frank & Michelle McCool

That awkward moment when you get a tattoo of your wife but then that wife is no more.... Yup, that’s a story worthy of a Hollywood script. Oh, the irony that poor Taker endured such a moment with his ex-wife Sara. It was Taker’s second relationship at the time, his first came in the late 80s to ex-wife Jodi Lynn. The two lasted more than a decade together before finalizing a divorce in the late 90s. The couple have a son by the name of Gunner Vincent.

Next was his relationship to Sara. The two have two children. It was said that Sara was very protective of her man behind the scenes. Perhaps she had reason to be suspicious as following the divorce, Undertaker and Michelle McCool instantly became an item. The two got married making it The Deadman’s third marriage – they also have a daughter together, Kaia Faith, making it his fourth kid overall.

3 Same Relationship: Trish Stratus – Ron Fisico

Wisely, Trish decided to keep her husband far away from the wrestling industry. One can only imagine the amount of boos he would receive for snatching up the most beautiful WWE Diva of all-time. A little known fact about this couple is that

the two are actually high school sweethearts and remain together till this day – they married in 2006 following the announcement of Trish’s retirement.

She’s enjoying her post-wrestling life starting up a family with her high school sweetheart. The two have a couple of children, both a boy and a girl. Trish posts lots of photos of the two via her IG account, however photos of Ron remain a rarity to this day. Without a doubt, she’s protecting her man’s best interest which is quite admirable. At the age of 41, Trish still looks flawless which really shouldn’t surprise anyone.

2 Same Relationship: Stephanie McMahon – Triple H

The same can’t be said for Triple H who dated Chyna prior to this relationship. However, Stephanie’s involvement on WWE programming caused the separation between The Game and his late ex. Before the late Chyna knew it, not only was she out a boyfriend but she also lost her job with the company. It was a messy situation and a forgettable one.

Stephanie has kept the same relationship to Hunter since her WWE run began back in the late 90s. Of course, she also dated the late Test but that was all due to a storyline and was not anything real-life related. The two tied the knot in 2003, despite the fact that the relationship was frowned upon by lots of wrestlers and even Vince at one point. They remain very much in love today and they’re also proud parents to three daughters.

1 Didn’t - Ric Flair: Leslie Goodman, Elizabeth Harrell, Tiffany VanDemark, Jackie Beems & Wendy Barlow

Flair lost a lot of money throughout his wrestling career. Yes, partying and purchasing expensive suits had a lot to do with that, however his divorces set him back more than anything else. Things got so bad that Flair even asked his boss for some money during his struggles. Of course, Vince obliged and in return, Flair rejected a pay following his final WrestleMania match against Shawn Michaels.

His struggles began back in 1971 with his first wife Leslie Goodman.

It was during his second marriage to Elizabeth Harrell that Flair had most of his children, including the former Women’s Champion Charlotte. She remains very close to her mother and that wasn’t the case with her dad during the relationship. He was gone most of the time. What followed were two more divorces to Tiffany VanDemark and Jackie Beems. It didn’t stop him from getting engaged a fifth time as he’s now with his current partner Wendy Barlow. WOOOOO!

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