15Drifted Apart: CM Punk And Beth Phoenix

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CM Punk's dating history is considered to be quite a lengthy one. Punk was in relationships with a number of women who worked for the company at the same time that he did, but it seems that one of the strangest pairings that the company threw together was between

the former WWE Champion and Beth Phoenix.

While the couple did seem like an odd pair, it seems that their relationship was a less than happy one, as CM Punk spoke candidly about his former girlfriend when they had split up. Punk stated that Phoenix was the kind of woman who just wanted a boyfriend so that she could say that she had one. He said that Phoenix never cared who that man actually was before calling her a douche bag during a live radio show. It seems that the break up between these two was quite rough, but unsurprisingly, it wasn't Punk's worst.

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