10 WWE Couples Whose Breakups Were Nasty (And 5 Who Continued To Work Together)

Wrestling could be compared to a TV show; when a couple breaks up, they are then forced to work together for the remainder of their career because the show will still go on regardless. It could be argued that, like John Cena, you can easily have your ex-girlfriend moved over to another brand, but WWE has four pay-per-views a year where the brands come together, so these stars will still be forced to brush shoulders regardless, even if it is considered to be much less than it was before.

Over the past few years, there have been a number of couples who have come together for a number of months or years and then drifted apart. Many of these couples were still able to work together as part of the same company afterwards, while others ensured that they burnt their bridges when they parted ways.

The problem with WWE couples is the fact that sometimes they are made based on circumstance and when these circumstances change or the duo is split up as part of the brand split, they then struggle to maintain the relationship they once had.

The following list looks at 10 couples who split up in the worst possible way and so were then unable to still work together on WWE TV, and five who have set an example for all other couples and shown that even though there is water under the bridge, they can still remain professional and continue to work with their ex.

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15 Drifted Apart: CM Punk And Beth Phoenix

via: bleacherreport.com

CM Punk's dating history is considered to be quite a lengthy one. Punk was in relationships with a number of women who worked for the company at the same time that he did, but it seems that one of the strangest pairings that the company threw together was between the former WWE Champion and Beth Phoenix.

While the couple did seem like an odd pair, it seems that their relationship was a less than happy one, as CM Punk spoke candidly about his former girlfriend when they had split up. Punk stated that Phoenix was the kind of woman who just wanted a boyfriend so that she could say that she had one. He said that Phoenix never cared who that man actually was before calling her a douche bag during a live radio show. It seems that the break up between these two was quite rough, but unsurprisingly, it wasn't Punk's worst.

14 Drifted Apart: Melina And John Morrison

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Melina and John Morrison met when they were both part of WWE Tough Enough before they were signed to WWE and debuted together alongside Joey Mercury as MNM back in 2005. The couple worked together on WWE TV for a number of years and even managed to work past the fact that Melina cheated on Morrison with Batista back in 2006, a scandal that became public knowledge.

The couple continued to date after they were both released from WWE and even worked a number of Lucha Underground events together until it seems that Melina's decision to post Morrison's prescription for a private, and some would say embarrassing, ailment, was too much for the former Intercontinental Champion to get past even though Melina deleted the tweet almost as soon as she posted it. The couple finally broke up after more than a decade together back in 2015 and Morrison has since moved on and begun dating fellow Lucha Underground star Taya Valkyrie.

13 Worked Together: Mickie James And John Cena

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This duo could have been part of either list since their affair cost Mickie James' fiancé Kenny Dykstra his job at WWE when he found out that Mickie was having an affair with the former WWE Champion.

Mickie didn't want a relationship with Mickie back in 2008 and so he asked for her to be sent to the SmackDown brand away from him. Shockingly, seven years after her WWE release, Mickie returned to WWE earlier this year and was able to work on the same brand as Cena for a number of months before she was moved over to Raw following WrestleMania. Cena also became part of Monday Night Raw a few months later and it seems that somehow now that both stars have moved on in their personal lives, they have actually been able to put their differences aside with Mickie commenting that she would love to feud with Nikki Bella one day.

12 Drifted Apart: CM Punk And Lita

via: wrestlingmedia.org

CM Punk seemed as though he had finally found a woman that suited him when it was revealed that he was dating Lita. Punk and the former Women's Champion were together for a number of years before they split up back in 2013 amidst rumours that Punk had been cheating on Lita with former Divas Champion AJ Lee.

It seems that AJ Lee and Punk had been more than friends for a long time with many members of the WWE roster aware that the couple were together behind Lita's back. AJ Lee looked up to Lita so it came as a shock to her that the duo would do such a thing. Their break-up was said to be so brutal that Lita actually refused to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame back in 2014 if CM Punk was still part of WWE, because there was no way she was returning to the company while he was still there. Lucky for her that he decided to walk out in January 2014 then.

11 Drifted Apart: Emma And Zack Ryder

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Zack Ryder and Emma were one of the cutest couples in WWE for a long time; that was, until the Brand Split back in the summer of 2016. Emma was sent to Monday Night Raw while Zack was sent to SmackDown Live and even though Emma was out with a back injury at the time, it seems that this became too much for their relationship to bear.

Rather than announce the split like many other couples, Zack began uploading pictures of himself with his new girlfriend TNA star Chelsea Green earlier this year in a way that seemed as though he was rubbing his new relationship in Emma's face. Both stars are still part of WWE, but luckily they are still on opposite brands so they don't actually have to work together very often. Neither star has actually commented on the reasons for their break up yet.

10 Worked Together: Matt Hardy And Lita

via: garrisonslibrary.blogspot.co.uk

Matt Hardy and Lita began dating when they were working together alongside Jeff Hardy in Team Xtreme. The couple was one that many of the WWE Universe were able to get behind both on and off-screen, until it was revealed that Lita had been having an affair with fellow WWE star Edge, back in 2005.

Hardy's initial reaction got him fired and then rehired by WWE as the company decided to use the real-life love triangle as a storyline to help improve the ratings. Incredibly, despite what Lita had done to him and how much of a mess his personal life was at the time, the duo was able to put their issues aside and work together for a number of months on WWE TV to finish up their rivalry. The couple continued to work together on the same brand for another year before Lita finally announced her retirement back in 2006.

9 Drifted Apart: Jerry Lawler And Stacy Carter

via: youtube.com

As mismatched couples go, Jerry Lawler and Stacy Carter could well have been the worst. The duo met at a softball game outside of WWE before Lawler introduced Stacy to the world of wrestling and she became Miss Kitty, before later becoming known as The Kat.

Stacy wasn't liked very much backstage and finally, it seemed to become too much in 2001 and the company decided to release her. Lawler came to her aid and sensationally quit the company in protest, something that would later be seen as a bad decision since Stacy left him a few months later before officially divorcing him. Luckily, Lawler was able to get his job back with the company, but it seems that he hasn't learnt his lesson when it comes to dating women who are much younger than him since Lawler has had a number of well-publicized problems with current girlfriend Lauryn McBride.

8 Drifted Apart: Mickie James And Kenny Dykstra

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Kenny Dykstra arrived in WWE as part of the Spirit Squad and became engaged to former WWE Women's Champion Mickie James back in 2007. The couple had been together for a number of years after meeting in developmental before they both became part of the Raw brand.

When The Spirit Squad were sent back to OVW, Kenny was the only member that the company saw potential in and decided to keep. Incredibly, just a year later he was released from the company after becoming part of a scandal that included John Cena when he found out that Mickie had cheated on him. Dykstra doesn't hold that much of a grudge against his former fiancée anymore, but he is said to still blame Cena for ending his career in WWE and still hasn't been able to get over the fact that Cena cost him everything he had less than a decade ago.

7 Worked Together: Alicia Fox And Wade Barrett

via: youtube.com

Alicia Fox and Wade Barrett definitely weren't a couple that shared a lot of information about their personal life with the public. It is unknown when the duo began dating, but their relationship came to an end back in 2015 and it was then used as a storyline on Total Divas.

It seems that Wade was the one who decided to end their relationship since he stated that he just didn't see a future with the former Divas Champion. Alicia obviously didn't take this well but was able to get past it enough that she allowed the TV cameras to film her conversation with the former King of the Ring. Alicia and Wade were able to work together as part of WWE for another year before Wade finally asked for his WWE release so that he could pursue a career in acting. Alicia has since moved on to a new relationship and it seems that Wade has too.

6 Drifted Apart: Triple H And Chyna

via: whatculture.com

The scandal surrounding the break down of Triple H and Chyna's relationship is one that has now become legend in WWE. It seems that there are many versions of the story, but the most well-known one is the fact that Triple H began working with Stephanie McMahon on WWE TV and the couple then started an affair.

Triple H then broke up with his long-time girlfriend Chyna so that he could continue his relationship with the boss' daughter, but it is thought that Chyna didn't take the news very well. It is then reported that Stephanie used what little power that she had in WWE at that time to have Chyna fired, apparently via fax. It seems that the former Women's Champion lost her boyfriend and her job in the same day, something that she was never able to forgive Stephanie or Triple H for, and Chyna never worked for WWE again.

5 Drifted Apart: Goldust And Marlena

via: reddit.com

Goldust and Marlena were two of the most memorable faces of the Attitude Era as the duo became well-known for pushing the boundaries when it came to what was deemed acceptable at that time. The duo was married in real life, but it seems that the fact that Goldust's father Dusty Rhodes didn't like Terri and labelled her as a gold-digger who wasn't worthy of his son, caused them a number of problems.

Goldust and Marlena ended up divorcing and she remained in WWE while he was released from the company and headed over to WCW. The break-up was said to have been quite a brutal one and it took the duo years before they were able to get back on the same page again. The couple has a daughter together so it is said that they have been able to sort out their differences for her sake over the past few years.

4 Worked Together: CM Punk And Maria

via: youtube.com

CM Punk makes the list for the third time, but it seems that at least one of his many relationships had a happy ending. Punk was known to be in a relationship with Maria when he first came to WWE through the ECW brand and the duo seemed like the perfect fit.

Like all relationships, this one came to an end with Maria revealing in an interview that CM Punk broke her heart. She didn't go into detail about what actually happened when the duo went their separate ways, but it seems that whatever it was Maria was able to be the bigger person and still work with Punk afterwards. Maria remained with WWE for another few years before she was released and it seems that she would have seen Punk every day since the company wasn't part of a brand split at the time. Both Maria and Punk have moved on to marry other people, so it seems that this story does have a happy ending.

3 Drifted Apart: Steve Austin And Debra

via: Pinterest.com

Stone Cold Steve Austin is still considered to be one of the biggest legends that WWE has ever created, but the company choose not to mention the things that Austin has done in his personal life.

Austin began dating Debra whilst the duo were both part of the company and for a while, Debra even worked as a valet for The Rattlesnake, before they married back in 2000. It seems that married life didn't work out the way it perhaps should have for Debra, since domestic abuse charges were raised when Austin allegedly attacked his wife and she then filed for divorce. Debra later revealed that this had happened on a number of occasions and she blamed "roid rage." Debra didn't return to WWE after this and has since begun working with other domestic abuse victims and even sold her wedding ring and gave the money to the charity.

2 Drifted Apart: Enzo Amore And Liv Morgan

via: wattpad.com

The most recent breakup that has been leaked to the WWE Universe saw NXT star Liv Morgan and current Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore decide to end their relationship after a number of years together since they began dating before they both came to WWE.

There are a number of different rumours when it comes to what ended their relationship, but it seems that the main one is said to have been the fact that Enzo had a problem with clubs and cheated on Liv with an exotic dancer. Morgan has since begun updating a number of tweets that seem to confirm the fact that the "Certified G" cheated on her and she ended the relationship. Liv has since seemingly moved on to a relationship with former WWE United Kingdom Champion Tyler Bate, while it seems that Enzo is now destined to be single for a long time since his recent exploits are now known worldwide.

1 Worked Together: Nikki Bella And Dolph Ziggler

via: heavy,com

Nikki Bella and Dolph Ziggler seemed as though they were perfect for each other, before their break up back in 2012. Since then Nikki has gone on to become engaged to former WWE Champion John Cena, while Dolph has been in failed relationships with comedian Amy Schumer and fellow WWE star Dana Brooke.

It seems that even though the couple has been apart for more than five years, Dolph still cares about Nikki to the extent where he still wants what is best for her. Dolph has even been able to be part of a six-person tag match with Cena and Nikki in the past year, proving that somehow all three of these stars are actually good friends. It seems that Nikki and Dolph are currently setting the example for all couples who have dated in wrestling, showing that sometimes it is possible to put your feelings aside and remain friends.

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