10 WrestleMania Matches That Are Already Building (And 5 That Could Still Happen)

There are some matches that have already been officially announced, and with FastLane coming up next weekend, there are many more matches that WWE are

WrestleMania is right around the corner, it is less than 40 days away now which means that many matches that were rumored to be happening at the showcase have already begun to build.

There are some matches that have already been officially announced, and with FastLane coming up next weekend, there are many more matches that WWE are still building and will continue to build after the event on March 5th. SmackDown has nothing standing in their way now and is in full view of WrestleMania so this week's episode has begun the build too many matches that WWE are hoping will happen at The Showcase of The Immortals.

With just a month and a week to go until the biggest event of the year, here are the 10 matches that WWE are obviously already building towards, and five that could still happen this late in the year.

15 Brock Lesnar Vs Goldberg

One of only two the officially announced matches for the April showcase sees Brock Lesnar take on Goldberg for the second time in five months after Brock was defeated in record time at last year's Survivor Series by the returning veteran.

One thing that is currently unknown about this match is whether or not Goldberg will be taking the Universal Championship into this match with him. Goldberg faces Kevin Owens next weekend at FastLane for the Universal title and it could see Goldberg win his first championship in more than a decade and walk into this year's WrestleMania as the man to beat as he looks to go 3-0 against Brock Lesnar.

14 Triple H Vs Seth Rollins

This match is one that has been heavily rumored by the WWE Universe but after Samoa Joe attacked Seth Rollins a few weeks ago it has left the match up in the air, since Rollins suffered a legitimate injury to his surgically repaired knee.

There has been no mention of the match on WWE TV since the injury occurred and it seems that Rollins' upcoming appearance on Monday Night Raw could be so that he can challenge Triple H to a match at WrestleMania. WWE have left it late to start the build for this one, but technically it has been building now since August.

13 AJ Styles Vs Shane McMahon

The build to this match began this week on SmackDown when Shane McMahon could decide that AJ's feet touched the ground first, this would then have cost AJ Styles a chance to main event WrestleMania.

It seems that AJ has had a problem with the Authority who run SmackDown for the past few months, not only did they allow John Cena to walk back in and take his WWE Championship, but AJ hasn't been given the respect he has deserved as Champion and that is because of the way he is perceived by Shane McMahon and it seems that WrestleMania could be the perfect place for that to happen.

12 Dean Ambrose Vs Baron Corbin

Back at Elimination Chamber, Dean Ambrose made an enemy out of Baron Corbin when he eliminated him and cost him the best chance he has ever had at the WWE Championship. Baron then put Dean through a pod and helped to get the Lunatic Fringe eliminated.

Baron Corbin and Dean Ambrose have since collided on SmackDown with the former NXT star gaining the upperhand and putting Dean through a table at ringside. The current speculation suggests that Baron Corbin and Ambrose could be set to collide again at WrestleMania with the Intercontinental Championship on the line. It would be both men's first one-on-one match at the showcase.

11 SmackDown Women Vs Former WWE Divas

This match is set to begin building soon and could see the return of many former WWE Divas. Mickie James has already made her WWE return and it is rumored that Kelly Kelly has signed a new contract with WWE as well, which means that there could be more women coming into the mix.

WWE put a poll on their site where they asked the WWE Universe which Diva they would love to see return. Melina, Victoria, and many other women were on that list, with Victoria also being spotted backstage at a WWE event recently. It will be interesting to see how WWE build to this if it is actually set to happen at WrestleMania. It will be a good way of including all of the SmackDown women in a WrestleMania match as well.

10 The Miz and Maryse Vs. John Cena and Nikki Bella

This match has been rumored for a long time now and it actually began to build at Elimination Chamber when Maryse was inadvertently involved in a backstage brawl between Natalya and Nikki Bella. This week, Maryse cost Nikki the win in her falls count anywhere match with Nattie by coming out and attacking her with a pipe.

Elsewhere, The Miz was eliminated from the Battle Royale and won't be main eventing WrestleMania, but he also then climbed back into the ring and eliminated John Cena. This will now lead to the intergender tag team match between all four stars in just over five weeks time.

9 Shaquille O'Neal Vs The Big Show

This could well be one of the matches this year that the WWE Universe doesn't actually want to see, although over the past few months The Big Show has proved how much he wants this match by getting himself into the best shape he has ever been in.

Shaquille O'Neal has been part of WrestleMania before, last year when he was in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royale, and it seems that this year he is about to take part in a one-on-one match with the World's Largest Athlete with rumors that this could be The Big Show's final WWE match.

8 Charlotte Vs Sasha Banks Vs Nia Jax Vs Bayley

FastLane will determine who will walk into WrestleMania with the Raw Women's Championship, but it seems that there will be no Champions advantage for the women who does take the title into the biggest event of the year, since it is set to be a fatal-four-way match.

You have to think that Nia Jax would be the favorite in this match, and the build up began this past week on Raw when Nia stated that she is putting the Women's Champion on notice, whoever it is, because she is coming for that title. Nia Jax is one of the most dominant female superstars in WWE history and her addition to the match obviously swings the result in her favor.

7 Kevin Owens Vs Chris Jericho

Jeri-KO was the best thing in WWE for a very long time until Kevin Owens decided to turn on Chris Jericho. This past week the WWE Universe saw that Owens had become the prizefighter that he was when he first debuted in WWE and now he will step into the ring with Goldberg in just over a weeks time.

Jericho could cost his former friend the match to set up their rumored match at WrestleMania. It seems that if Owens loses the Universal Championship then Jericho could be forced to put his United States Championship on the line against his former friend in what would be a deeply personal match.

6 Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal

The past three WrestleMania's have seen some of the biggest men in WWE win the accolade of being a memorial battle royal winner. Cesaro, Big Show, and Baron Corbin are all former winners and this year it could be the year for Braun Strowman.

The Monster Among Men could make a huge statement by becoming only the fourth man to lift the annual trophy and then go on to be pushed to incredible heights over the next few months. Roman Reigns was rumored to be Braun's original opponent but it seems that the former World Champion will be busy with a monster of a different kind.

5 Roman Reigns Vs The Undertaker

Roman Reigns could well be walking into one of the biggest matches of his career on April 2nd when he steps in the ring with The Undertaker. Roman Reigns has main evented the last two WrestleMania's and this would be the first time since WrestleMania 30 that Roman wasn't in the main event.

Roman has to find a way past Braun Strowman at FastLane next week before he can switch his focus to The Undertaker in a few weeks time, it will be interesting to see how WWE builds this match, but it could well be Undertaker's final WrestleMania match as well, so the outcome could be quite important.

4 Gillberg Vs James Ellsworth

Gillberg and James Ellsworth are actually good friends. Gillberg was the janitor at James' school while he was also working for WWE, and given Gill's recent return, this could well set up an interesting match between WWE's two big comedy characters.

Ellsworth hasn't had a lot to do in WWE since his part in AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose's storyline finished, so this could be a way to ensure that he's part of the biggest show of the year, and also gives him the chance to wrestle one of his closest friends while giving him something more than Carmella to talk about.

3 The Club Vs American Alpha

American Alpha and The Club are the current Tag Team Champions on either brand, but it seems that even though American Alpha currently have The Usos snapping at their heels and The Club have Enzo and Big Cass as the number one contenders for the tag team Championships, there could be a huge match set to happen between them.

There aren't any other inter-promotional matches on the WrestleMania card, but it could well be that WWE decided that the Tag Team Champions on either brand should face each other in what would be a fantastic match with nothing but bragging rights on the line. These two teams have never faced each other before, so this could be interesting.

2 Neville Vs TJ Perkins Vs Jack Gallagher Vs Brian Kendrick Vs Noam Dar Vs Cedric Alexander

The Cruiserweight Division is finally heating up, and it is thanks to the undisputed King of The Cruiserweights, Neville. He has changed the dynamic of the division and it could well be that WWE decided that it is time to allow the title to be defended at WrestleMania.

Whether Jack Gallagher or Neville are holding the Cruiserweight Championship after FastLane, it could be that this title is the one that is defended in a ladder match at the showcase. It would be an incredible match between some deserving Cruiserweight competitors, and it could easily steal the show.

1 Bray Wyatt Vs Randy Orton Vs Luke Harper

When Randy Orton won the Royal Rumble it did look as though Orton would take on John Cena in the main event of WrestleMania. Instead, Bray Wyatt won the WWE Championship at Elimination Chamber and Orton then refused to face his mentor and master at the biggest event of the year.

Luke Harper and AJ Styles both won the Battle Royale this past week on SmackDown and it seems that Harper could be awarded the win in the future and AJ could then go on to feud with Shane McMahon. Knowing that Bray Wyatt is in danger, Orton could decide that he wants to go back into the match and turn it into what could be more of a two on one handicap match but it would officially be a triple threat match between two current and one former member of The Wyatt Family.

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10 WrestleMania Matches That Are Already Building (And 5 That Could Still Happen)