10 Times Genie Bouchard Looked Hot AF On The Court (And 5 Times She Looked Hot Off It)

Genie is one of those tennis players that looks as if she could be a model, and she's very exciting to watch on (and off) the court.

If you know anything about tennis, you've heard of Eugenie Bouchard. She's been named the hottest tennis player in the world, and it's hard to argue with that statement. This Canadian blonde bombshell has a lot of people talking, and she's making more people tune in to women's tennis than ever before. She's one of those tennis players that looks as if she could be a model, and she's very exciting to watch. She's just 23 years old, and already she looks ready to usurp Maria Sharapova as the sexiest tennis player ever. In terms of her actual tennis ability, she has a long way to go. She was recently voted "Most Improved Player" in one of her tournaments, but she's still ranked as the 59th best female tennis player.

And off the tennis court, she's just as hot. For one, her Instagram page is extremely revealing, and some of her selfies on the social media platform are just plain delicious. And don't even get me started on the Sports Illustrated photoshoot she did a while back. That was enough to make anyone's jaw drop. I really hope that Eugenie Bouchard doesn't just have the reputation of being a hot tennis player with no actual talent. But she's still young, and she has a lot of potential. And even if she does write her name in history as "the hottest tennis player ever" and not much else, it's not such a bad thing. At least she made history. And we're definitely not complaining, especially when she's giving us all pictures like these...

15 New Girl On The Block

As soon as she started playing, everyone knew she was going to be a huge name in tennis. She started at just 5 years of age, and when it was clear that she had massive potential, she went to Florida for special training at the age of just 12. When she was 15, she won the Canadian under-18 indoor championship, quite an accomplishment for someone so young. And this picture really sums up the vast potential that Eugenie Bouchard has. That bright smile and glowing face just screams with youthful vigor, and these features are what make Eugenie Bouchard so intoxicating. You can't help but take her side and cheer her on when you see her compete. She might be an underdog most of the time, but she definitely has no shortage of fans. Right from the beginning, Eugenie probably had a small army of loyal supporters, even when she was still a young girl.

14 Sweating

This image perfectly captures the amount of concentration it takes to play tennis at the highest level. It's just such a technical game. One small mistake and the whole game goes out the window. It's a game where athletic ability is important, but mental fortitude is more so. Beauty counts for nothing as soon as the tennis match begins. And Eugenie Bouchard is fully capable of using her brain in this battle of wits and muscle. In fact, before she was going to be a tennis player, she considered becoming a physician. Apparently, she was very good at sciences and mathematics. One instance where she showed her full potential was her first ever title, which she won in 2011. She defeated another 16-year-old in the Burnie International. This would be the start of Eugenie's illustrious career.

13 Fun In The Sun

It's not all hard work in the world of professional tennis. Sometimes, you have to take a nice, long break and enjoy life. Sometimes, you just have to strip down into a tiny bikini and crawl around on the beach, playing with a giant inflatable black swan. Yep. You can really get a sense of just how ripped Eugenie Bouchard is with this photo. Just look at those abs... There is zero fat on her and it's all 100% muscle. This is of course part of the now famous Sports Illustrated photoshoot she did this year, in 2017. This was the long awaited Swimsuit Edition, and it featured a host of other stars and athletes. But Eugenie Bouchard once again stole the spotlight, as she has done so often in her career as a tennis player. This is just one of many pictures from this much loved photoshoot, and don't worry - there are plenty more where this came from.

12 Smash

There's something about watching Eugenie Bouchard giving everything during a tennis match that's incredibly hot. The fact that she's ranked 59th in the world may make you think that she's not that great of a tennis player, but there's actually some very stiff competition. Also, Eugenie Bouchard is definitely on the rise, and she will probably climb up those rankings considerably before her career is done. Her playing style is described as extremely aggressive. She loves to "hit on the rise," which means she doesn't let the ball drop after it bounces - she hits it almost immediately after it touches the ground. The advantage for this is that her opponents have less time to react and they're constantly on the back foot. She also like to "rush" her opponents once she hits on the rise. This combination of tactics is pretty risky, but the pay offs can be huge. It really sums up Eugenie Bouchard's competitive personality.

11 Wet And Wild

This is the kind of picture you can find from scrolling through Eugenie Bouchard's Instagram account. It's tantalizing. Being a professional tennis player obviously comes with its perks, as she no doubt gets to travel the world for her various competitions and tournaments. She works hard, and she plays hard too. It seems like she always has time to strip down to a tiny bikini and frolic around in the water. Should she be spending more time training than taking sexy pictures of herself? Maybe. She's actually been criticized for her "provocative" image on social media, and she's by far the most adventurous female tennis player when it comes to taking sexy pictures of herself and posting them online. Not that we're complaining... She knows full well that it's her public image that stands the best chance of making her famous, and thereby winning sponsorship deals with various companies.

10 Ready Stance

Here's another hot photo of Eugenie Bouchard on the tennis court. She's in her ready stance, and you can see that she's completely focused on the task at hand. Her olive tan skin looks positively gorgeous in the sunlight, as well as her streaked blonde hair that's tied up in a cute braid at the back. It's often the photos where Eugenie isn't really doing anything remarkable that are the hottest. While she looks focused in this photo, that same level of focus didn't help much a few days ago on May 11, 2017. She was absolutely crushed by Svetlana Kuznetsova who only needed one hour and 17 minutes to destroy her hopes in the ongoing Madrid Masters. Svetlana Kuznetsova was just too powerful for Eugenie Bouchard, who made 13 errors and couldn't control her opponent's groundstrokes.

9 Eye Candy

Here's a slightly older picture of Eugenie Bouchard. It's back in 2014, when she was just 20 years old. It's hard to believe it really, because she looks much younger with her braces and innocent smile. She really looks like an angel lying there on that tennis court. And it seems that her innocence may have been taken advantage of. When she was very young, her father started an investment scheme with three other investors with the agreement that they would all get 10% of Eugenie's future wages each. In 2013, a judge ruled that this agreement was void, because Eugenie (who was 12-years-old at the time) could not have possibly agreed to such an agreement of her own accord. It's a good thing too, because that would mean that she would be giving up 60% of her wages. And for a professional tennis player, that's a lot of money! As innocent as she looks right now, inside that angelic frame is a fierce competitor that wants one thing: to win.

8 Cute On The Court

You can say a lot about Eugenie Bouchard, but one thing you can't deny is her cuteness. You saw it in the last photo a little bit with her angelic braces, but this photo here really sums up why so many people are so obsessed with her. It's almost as if she's taunting the tennis player she just beat. The face says, "Oops, I guess that's another point to me?" This cuteness is no doubt something that fools her opponents. Many of them probably see her and immediately underestimate her, which is a big mistake. She may be cute, but she packs a strong punch. Beneath that cute exterior is a fierce competitor that will catch you off guard if you're not careful. One person who was caught off guard by Eugenie Bouchard was Maria Sharapova, who she stunned in the second round of the Madrid Open. No one was expecting it, and it just goes to show how much potential this star has.

7 Cleavage

Here's another glorious picture from the recent Swimsuit Issue of Sports Illustrated. She looks both cute and sexy as she poses in a tantalizing top that shows off plenty of cleavage. It's totally unzipped, and this is probably one of the sexiest photos of the young talent star ever. You're welcome. The Swimsuit Issue that was released this 2017 was a great one. Not only did it contain a lot of smoking hot pictures from Eugenie Bouchard, but it also featured a wide range of other athletes. These were babes such as Maria Sharapova (Bouchard's bitter rival), and the undeniably sexy American gymnast Aly Raisman. When the magazine was released, Eugenie Bouchard didn't waste any time in tweeting her sexy shots and posting them on her Instagram as well. And why shouldn't she be proud? She deserves to be with that hot body of her's.

6 Exhausted

Eugenie Bouchard looks exhausted in this photo after a hard day's work on the tennis court. She looks cute once again as she catches her breath after what was probably a very hard match. She might be out of breath, but we are forever breathless when we lay eyes on this smoking hot tennis star. Cute as she may be, she's not afraid to get very aggressive, both on the tennis pitch and off of it. She recently got very mouthy with her longtime rival, Maria Sharapova. This was this month, during the Madrid Open. Bouchard called Sharapova a cheater after her 15-month suspension due to doping, and she also said that she should never be allowed to play tennis professionally again. When they met on the court, Bouchard gave Sharapova a death stare and managed to beat her in three sets. After the match, Bouchard talked about what Sharapova said to her: "She said 'well played', and I think she's been playing really well in her so-called comeback, if you want to call it that."

5 Full Stretch

Doesn't Eugenie Bouchard look hot at full stretch? You can really see every single muscle in her body fully activated, pulsing with energy and driving her body forward. This is a picture of a very toned athlete, and every ounce of energy is directed into her powerful serve. You can see the look of sheer satisfaction on her face as she drives the ball towards her opponent. It's obvious to see that she lives for this. With tennis such a huge part of her life, it's easy to see how the incident in 2015 was such a major blow. She slipped in the locker room when she was competing at the US Open, and suffered a huge injury. She says she got a concussion and a serious head injury. It was so serious, in fact, that she had to pull out of several of her upcoming competition. She claims that the injury caused her to drop at least 12 places in her world tennis rankings. Because of these reasons, she decided to sue the American Tennis Association.

4 Beach Babe

Here's another highlight from the Swimsuit Issue of Sports Illustrated. As you can see, Eugenie Bouchard's cleavage is on epic display here. In fact, it looks as if her boobs are just barely covered up by that skimpy one-piece swimsuit. A tiny, minute slide to one side and that top would leave her nipple completely exposed. I bet that happened many times accidentally during this shoot! What I wouldn't give to be the photographer... These guys really have the best job in the world... Although Eugenie's boobs are a little on the small side, they still have massive appeal. They're small and perky, but I suppose that girls with large boobs are at a little bit of a disadvantage when it comes to playing tennis. After all, that's a lot of extra weight they have to carry around with them, and Eugenie's small but perky boobs probably make it a lot easier to dart around the court.

3 Game Face

It's always sexy to see a girl get all riled up. And that's definitely what's going on here. I can't decide whether this is Eugenie's game face... Or maybe she's just saying "Yes!" through her teeth! On the other hand, the professional tennis player might actually be angry at making a mistake... I guess we'll never know what the actual context is behind this photo... But one thing's for sure, she looks totally hot and fierce with this expression on her face! Eugenie Bouchard definitely isn't the strongest tennis player today, but she makes up for it in sheer determination. She also uses great technique to make her strong without actually relying on much bulk or muscle. A lot of people have praised her serving technique for being able to get the most power possible out of her small frame of 5 foot 10, with a weight of just 127 pounds.

2 Tennis Dress

2016 was a great year for tennis, because this was the year that a lot of female tennis player decided to wear what was later dubbed the "Nike nightie." You can see Eugenie Bouchard wearing it in this picture, and you have to admit, the name is a great fit. It looks very sexy indeed, just barely covering the most intimate areas of Eugenie, and it's because of this skimpiness that the dress caused such a stir. And it wasn't just Eugenie Bouchard who wore this super-sexy tennis outfit. Basically every female tennis player who was sponsored by Nike at Wimbledon in 2016 wore it. That's over 20 players all wearing this heart-stopping dress. And the dress wasn't exactly designed to cover the athletes all that well. Whenever the athlete would move to fast in one direction, the dress would fly up in the air, revealing everything underneath. A lot of tennis players hated it and were not comfortable showing off that much skin, but Eugenie Bouchard loved it, saying "It's nice and short so you can move around and be free with your movements."

1 Selfie

With all her fame and fortune in her life as a professional athlete, it's easy to forget that Eugenie Bouchard is just a regular girl at heart. And just like any other girl her age, she loves to take sexy selfies. This is a prime example of one of her sexiest ever. She posted this to Instagram, and since then it has been something that guys all over the world have drooled over. She's wearing a stunning piece of lingerie with just a tiny pair of short shorts to cover her lower half up. But it's not her shorts that grab the attention. The lingerie piece seems to be somewhat transparent, and if you really strain your eyes you might be able to just barely make out a nipple through all that black fabric. Or maybe it's just my imagination... Hard to tell. One thing's for sure though, it's pictures like these that make Eugenie Bouchard a girl that is very hard to forget indeed.

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10 Times Genie Bouchard Looked Hot AF On The Court (And 5 Times She Looked Hot Off It)