10 Things WWE Got Wrong And 5 Things They Got Right At WrestleMania 33

WrestleMania 33 took place last night live from Orlando, Florida and it was advertised as the biggest event of the year and "The Ultimate Thrill Ride," something that many members of the WWE Universe could argue it didn't fully deliver on. Was it really a thrill ride?

It was a fantastic night of entertainment, it just felt like, for a WrestleMania event, it was ultimately quite underwhelming. There were many different places that WWE could have made up for this and many different decisions that the company could have made instead to make things more interesting.

WrestleMania will still be deemed a success, regardless of where the WWE want to take the stars moving forward, but many of the WWE Universe have called the WWE out on the main mistakes that they made on Sunday night.

The following is a list of the 10 things that WWE got wrong at WrestleMania and five things that they definitely got right. Could WWE fix some of these mistakes in the coming weeks, or are these decisions going to come back to haunt them?

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15 Wrong: Dean Ambrose retained his Championship

Ever since Dean Ambrose cost Baron Corbin the WWE Championship as part of Elimination Chamber a few months ago, Corbin has put a target on Ambrose's back and decided that he would go after the Intercontinental Championship on Sunday night.

Many of the WWE Universe predicted that it would be a foregone conclusion for Baron to finally pick up his first Championship in WWE, especially since Ambrose hasn't been able to do much with the title in the few months that he has held it. Dean works much better when chasing a title rather than holding one, and WWE also ruined what could have been two wins at two WrestleMania's for Baron, who debuted in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royale last year. The duo could easily have a rematch in the coming weeks and allow the title to change that way instead.

14 Wrong: Randy Orton Became WWE Champion

Bray Wyatt had to wait until Elimination Chamber this year to finally lift his first WWE Championship and now just over a month later he has lost it. Randy Orton burned down Wyatt's compound and basically ripped apart The Wyatt Family. Wyatt needed this form of revenge in order for him to move forward.

Randy has proved over the past few months that he doesn't need to be champion to be one of WWE's top guys. He didn't need the win last night, Bray should have been allowed to go on a lengthy run because since AJ Styles dropped the title to John Cena, the championship has now played hot potato, which doesn't look good for SmackDown's main championship. The likes of Erick Rowan and Luke Harper could rejoin Wyatt now though, which could lead to something much more interesting.

13 Right: Brock Lesnar Finally Defeated Goldberg

It has been a rivalry that has taken over WWE, and while their first match may have only lasted a matter of seconds, Brock Lesnar has wanted revenge on Goldberg ever since Survivor Series back in November.  Finally on Sunday night, Brock walked in as an underdog and came out as Universal Champion.

Brock also became the first WWE wrestler to kick out of the Jackhammer before he hit the F5 on Goldberg and pinned him for the first time in his career. Lesnar has shown that he can be beaten now, which means that this World Championship reign will now be much more interesting that his previous one, which took a Money in the Bank cash in to defeat him. It is thought that Goldberg will walk away from WWE now since he has accomplished everything he set out to do back in November, so he could have a farewell party tonight on Raw.

12 Wrong: That Ramp Was Way Too Long

When the WWE Universe first saw the set for WrestleMania there were many comments about how long the entrance ramp actually was. This wasn't properly put into context until superstars were making their entrances and it took so long for many of them to get to the ring.

The likes of Triple H and Sasha Banks had lifts to the ring as part of their extravagant entrances, so it didn't take as long for them to get down the ramp. Undertaker obviously walked to the ring as well, but he had a trap door where he rose up and exited that was part way down. It is understandable that WWE wanted the ramp to be that long, but it was longer than The Royal Rumble's entrance path and that caused enough problems for the WWE stars a few months ago.

11 Wrong: The Show Was Seven Hours Long

WrestleMania has always been a four-hour show. It is only since WWE introduced the Network and the Kickoff shows that it then was changed to six hours, seven when including the fall out show. WrestleMania this year was seven hours long without a fall-out show. Much of the show dragged as well when there could have been better matches that WWE relegated to the kickoff show.

Much of the time was wasted especially since there were some short matches on the card. It made the show quite hard to sit through for many older fans, who obviously wouldn't have been able to stay still for seven hours straight, which is almost a third of an entire day. WWE needs to stop making shows longer and instead, add more quality to them. It's about quality, not quantity, someone needs to let Vince McMahon know that.

10 Right: Shane McMahon's Shooting Star Press

Shane McMahon is one of the bravest people in the world. He is not a traditionally trained WWE wrestler, he doesn't wrestle on a full-time basis, and hadn't stepped into the ring for almost a year when he took on AJ Styles at this year's WrestleMania.

Shane McMahon is known as a risk taker and enjoys jumping off anything that is considered high. This year was different though, since Shane proved that he has been spending some time training for this match when he pulled off a Shooting Star Press on AJ. He missed it and ultimately lost the match, but the audience popped and that was a good enough reason for Shane to pull it out. The SmackDown Commissioner will now return to his backstage duties with reports that AJ could be heading to Raw.

9 Wrong: Seth Rollins Vs Triple H

Seth Rollins and Triple H collided in a non-sanctioned match, and considering this was a match that had no rules and was presented that way throughout the entire build up, it actually seemed like it followed all the rules of a normal match.

Considering this was The Game up against The Architect, many fans were left feeling underwhelmed by the fact that Rollins and Triple H didn't tear the house down like we thought it would. Seth Rollins did get the much needed win, and it is understandable that it was toned down because of Rollins' knee, but it was one match that did not live up to the hype. Triple H brought Stephanie out as well, and credit to her for going through the table, but there wasn't really a need for it.

8 Wrong: Roman Reigns Was Allowed To Defeat Undertaker

So, The Undertaker could well be done with wrestling. He quite literally left it all in the ring following his loss to Roman Reigns on Sunday night and now the lasting memory that many fans will have of Undertaker is him losing to Reigns. The WWE Universe did not react well on social media following this match either.

Roman Reigns has main evented the past three WrestleManias and walked out as the winner twice. Many of the WWE Universe had a feeling that this could be the last outing for Undertaker and many thought that he should have gone out on a high note. There was no need for Roman to win that match. He didn't need that kind of a boost! It will make Monday night Raw interesting now, though.

7 Right: Andre The Giant Had A Shock Winner

Andre The Giant was thought to have been Braun Strowman's match this year. Many of the WWE Universe thought it was that straight forward, but obviously, WWE is nothing if not unpredictable, and after an NFL player decided to help Mojo Rawley out, he walked out the winner of the fourth annual match. It is well known that Mojo is one of Triple H's favourite stars so he could gain a push off the back of this now, in the absence of his tag team partner Zack Ryder.

Andre The Giant was one of the matches that was relegated to the kick-off show. This was disappointing, but at least someone like Mojo can now be given a push off the back of it. It is also the second time that a former NXT star has won the Battle Royale, which shows that WWE has some kind of faith in their new recruits.

6 Wrong: The Cruiserweight Match Was Relegated To The Kickoff Show

Neville defended and retained his Cruiserweight Championship on WWE's WrestleMania kickoff show, the first time that the title has been defended on the grandest stage of them all in a number of years. The match stole the kickoff show and proved that Neville and the men from 205 Live did not deserve to be put at the top of the show.

It was still daylight and practically dinnertime when Neville made his way to the ring. The match did set the tone for the rest of the show though, and it was probably the perfect match to begin with, but Neville and Austin Aries could easily have been put on the main card with Pitbull and Flo Rida relegated to the kickoff instead.

5 Wrong: Alexa Bliss Should Have Retained

Alexa Bliss defended her Women's Championship against all the women in the SmackDown locker room. She had only won the women's title back a few weeks ago when it was deemed that Naomi was injured and wouldn't be able to make WrestleMania in her hometown. Alexa has since controlled the build up to the match in expert style and was seemingly forced to submit for her efforts.

Naomi was able to appear and actually defeated Alexa to win the Women's Championship for a second time in a month despite having to wait seven years to win the title the first time around. Alexa has controlled the WWE women over the past few months and it seems harsh that Naomi was only given the title because she was in her hometown. The fallout will be interesting though.

4 Right: Undertaker Was Given The Respect He Deserved

The Undertaker walked out of WrestleMania last night for what could possibly be the very last time. The Deadman was defeated by Roman Reigns but he was allowed to main event the show and the lasting impression that the WWE Universe had was of Undertaker exiting the arena.

Before Undertaker left, he took his hat, gloves, and coat off and left them in the middle of the ring. These were then left in the ring after the show as the production team cleaned the venue and closed it down for the night. It seemed that no one wanted to move what Undertaker had left in the ring and legend has it, his attire is still in that ring right now.

3 Wrong: Finn Balor Didn't Interfere

There were many rumours leading into WrestleMania that saw Finn Balor interfering in either the Undertaker facing Roman Reigns or Triple H versus Seth Rollins. The Demon King was in Orlando because there were many pictures shared of him online, but he failed to feature at all.

While it's hard to feel disappointed by something that wasn't announced, Balor was cleared and able to wrestle this weekend, so why didn't WWE take full advantage if this? There is usually a hook from Mania to allow fans to get excited for Raw after WrestleMania, but it doesn't feel that way this year. It all feels rather final. It seems that Balor will be making his first WWE appearance since the Summer on Raw tonight.

2 Wrong: Samoa Joe Didn't Feature At All

Samoa Joe has been one of the biggest talking points over the past few months when it comes to WWE and for some unknown, WWE decided to leave him out of WrestleMania. Triple H made the decision to bring his wife to the ring instead of his destroyer, especially in an unsanctioned match.

Joe didn't even feature in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal, something that many fans actually thought would happen instead. It seems WWE made the decision to leave him off the card completely, which was a huge shock to many of the WWE Universe and the fans of the former TNA star.

1 Right: The Hardy Boys Returned

The Raw Tag Team Championship match was given an upgrade thanks to the WrestleMania hosts, as Matt and Jeff Hardy made their way to the ring to compete for the titles for the first time in almost a decade.

Matt and Jeff received the biggest crowd reaction of the night as Jeff once again picked up a ladder and jumped off it. Matt hist a Twist of Fate from the top of the ladder, and one of the most famous wrestling teams in the history of the business climbed the ladder and took the Championships from The Club. The Hardys will now join the Raw roster moving forward, but announcements still need to be made when it comes to their future.

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