10 Surprising WWE Teams That May Split Soon (And 5 That May Form)

To say that WWE hasn’t always taken the best care of its tag team division would be a massive understatement. When done right, tag team wrestling can be one of WWE’s strongest acts; back in the 1980's, the British Bulldogs revolutionized tag team wrestling with an exciting style of action rarely seen at that time. However, despite several legendary teams competing for the Tag Team Championship, such as the Road Warriors and the Steiner Brothers, the next decade didn’t really see a whole lot of innovation. It was the three teams of the Hardy Boyz, the Dudley Boyz, and Edge & Christian who would next take tag team wrestling to heights that, to this day, it has yet to reach again when they competed in a series of iconic ladder matches for the titles.

Again, what has followed has been nearly twenty years of several amazing teams, many of them worthy of the WWE Hall of Fame, competing for the WWE Tag Team Championship in great matches that, unfortunately, won’t be very memorable in the long run. In recent years, though, the modern WWE brand split has opened the door not only for new teams for this division but also for several teams of WWE’s female Superstars. There have even been rumblings of WWE considering adding a women’s tag team division. However, some of the teams of both men and women that have popped up over the years may have run their course and may need to be replaced to keep things fresh. Here are ten WWE teams that may split up soon and five others who could take their place.

15 Split: Breezango


Speaking of WWE Superstars who have been floating at the top of the bowl, Tyler Breeze and Fandango have barely seen more success as a tag team than they did as solo stars. It is unfortunate, considering both of these men are incredibly talented and entertaining. Tyler Breeze was one of NXT’s most valuable assets despite never winning the NXT Championship but predictably fell to the bottom of the barrel on Raw and SmackDown. The case of Fandango was a similar one, with him initially making a great impression on the main roster, even picking up a win over Chris Jericho at WrestleMania, but ultimately failing to ride the wave of momentum.

Together, the team affectionately known as Breezango found their groove as a tandem by bringing us the Fashion Files, a skit where Breezango was constantly trying to solve crimes against fashion. Those were some funny bits of television but didn’t do anything to get the team taken seriously in the Tag Team Championship pictures of either Raw or SmackDown Live. It would seem that Tyler Breeze and Fandango may have gone as far as they can go as a team; let’s just hope they can survive the inevitable split as solo stars.

14 Split: Ronda Rousey and Natalya

Cageside Seats

This is a team that was probably never even intended to go anywhere. Natalya was drafted from SmackDown Live to Raw in the Superstar Shake Up this year for the obvious reason of giving Ronda Rousey an on-screen ally, but was anyone truly buying that a Natalya who has been nothing but devious over the past couple of years was going to just cozy up to Rousey on Raw all of a sudden? The two haven’t teamed together on television because, despite Rousey being billed as a full-time WWE Superstar the company insists on keeping her wrestling a rarity, but it seems, for now, that this is an alliance WWE wants to keep around, at least, for the short term.

It probably won’t last long, though. As stated, Natalya is too cunning and will likely see Ronda Rousey as a threat to what Nattie sees as “her” women’s division and stab her in the back. That could actually work out for the best for both of these women as neither needs an ally, but Natalya desperately needs fresh material and Ronda needs opponents to tide her over to her next high profile rivalry, which will likely come around the time of SummerSlam.

13 Form: Big Cass and The Miz

Bleeding Cool

It was a tough blow for Raw to lose The Miz in the 2018 Superstar Shake Up, especially because it meant having The Miz separated from his beloved Intercontinental Championship, a title most of the WWE Universe has come to associate him with. Indeed, The Miz has helped bring the Intercontinental title back to prominence, and hopefully, he can manage to do the same thing for the pitiful state of the United States Championship. However, there is another possibility for the immediate future of this future WWE Hall of Famer, and it may involve forming a tag team.

Big Cass has been brought back from injury on SmackDown Live, and the company is obviously trying to position him in a way that makes him seem like a dominant force to be reckoned with. The problem is that no one seems to care, and his segments are bombing despite his skills on the microphone. Cass and The Miz have already run into one another a couple of times in recent weeks, and it wouldn’t be out of the realm of believability for these two to form a team in the near future, something that could actually benefit both of these men.

12 Split: Titus Worldwide


The alliance between Titus O’Neil and Apollo Crews, along with their “statistician” Dana Brooke, has been one of convenience. None of any of these three WWE Superstars had anything meaningful going on for them when this group started coming together, and now that they’ve spent a decent amount of time together, it’s obvious that their group is getting them nowhere. No one bought into this team from the start, and they’ve not managed to gain any momentum whatsoever. Perhaps, it gave them all something to do when otherwise they might not have been used at all, but Titus Worldwide has run its course.

Unfortunately, what any of them have to gain from a splitting of this unit is a mystery as well. Titus O’Neil has been around for a long time now and long ago hit his ceiling with WWE, but he is great as an ambassador for the company, and his charity work is unmatched, so hopefully, he sticks around in some capacity. Apollo Crews is a young and endlessly talented Superstar and hopefully, has a bright future ahead of him, but Dana Brooke has a lot of work to do if she wants to stand out in a stacked women’s division.

11 Split: Deleters of Worlds


The story between Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt has been going on for what seems like forever now, with Bray Wyatt being something of a catalyst for Matt Hardy’s journey toward reclaiming the glory of his “broken” days in Impact Wrestling. That’s not to say he has managed to succeed in reclaiming that glory under the WWE banner, because it’s been anything but an instant hit with the crowds, but “Woken” Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt certainly have some sort of odd chemistry together. While Matt Hardy may not be experiencing as much success as he might have hoped with this gimmick, Bray Wyatt is on a different career path than before, and that’s something he has needed for quite some time.

After feuding for a few months, Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy came together as a team at WrestleMania 34 and started calling themselves the Deleters of Worlds. They would go on to become the Raw Tag Team Champions at the Greatest Royal Rumble event in Saudi Arabia and for now, have the red brand’s tag division locked down, but this can only go so far and it shouldn’t be too long before the Deleters of Worlds go their separate ways.

10 Form: Becky Lynch and Naomi


With the women’s division on fire to the point that it may be the attraction in WWE most in demand these days, the WWE Universe has been wondering for a while now when the company could potentially branch out and introduce a tag team championship for its female Superstars. The possibility is certainly there, as Raw and SmackDown have seen a dramatic increase in its female tag teams in the past year. Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville debuted on the main roster in 2017, as did the Riott Squad. Now, Peyton Royce and Billie Kay, known collectively as the IIconics, are running SmackDown Live and there is always the chance of the Bella Twins making their triumphant return to the ring.

Until the Bellas potentially show up, though, there needs to be a force for good to halt the momentum of all these heel tag teams. One team that has already teamed in the past is Becky Lynch and Naomi, who called themselves “Glow Fire.” Together, Glow Fire was a hit for the brief time they teamed and with both of them still friends on screen, it is believable for them to reform their group, which would be something great for both of these talented women to do while they wait for another shot at the gold.

9 Split: Rhyno and Heath Slater


When the modern day brand extension was introduced in 2016, both Raw and SmackDown were set to be completely separate with their own women’s and tag team divisions. This has given tag team wrestling a whole new lease on life in WWE and while that opportunity hasn’t always been made the most of, some new and interesting tag teams have emerged with surprising success. One of those teams was that of Rhyno and Heath Slater. As a veteran of the ring and an ECW legend, Rhyno is an obvious asset to WWE and always will be as long as he’s got a match left in him.

Heath Slater, on the other hand, was flailing around at the bottom of the card for years until the formation of this tag team revitalized his career. Suddenly Slater became a big star alongside his partner on SmackDown Live and the two became the first ever SmackDown Tag Team Champions. While successful, the team’s time on top was short lived, and the two fell out of the picture almost completely. Not even a draft to Raw was enough to save them and it’s long past time for these two to go their separate ways.

8 Split: Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn


The careers of the “prize fighter” and the “underdog from the underground” will always be intertwined. The parallels between Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn are completely unavoidable, so even if WWE wanted to ignore their history together on the independent wrestling scene, it would be impossible. They rose to fame with the WWE crowd in NXT around the same time with back to back reigns with the NXT Championship, and even though Owens has certainly seen the most success between the two since they were drafted to the main roster, both men have remained constantly involved with one another to this day.

While both men were a part of SmackDown Live, the former friends and bitter enemies revived their alliance and once again became the best of pals, raising hell with the Commissioner of the blue brand, Shane McMahon. Now they’re back on Monday Night Raw, and, while they are still occasionally moving together as a unit, it would seem as though WWE is slowly pulling them apart and giving them individual storylines. It looks like it’s only a matter of time before the “Yep!” movement comes to an end, and Owens and Zayn are once again on their own.

7 Form: American Alpha


Together, Jason Jordan and Chad Gable were perhaps the most popular and exciting tandem to ever compete in the NXT tag team division. The former NXT Tag Team Champions were moved up to SmackDown Live after the 2016 brand extension and seemed to be on board for a major run as the face of SmackDown’s tag team division. Jordan and Gable, known collectively as American Alpha, did manage to win the SmackDown Tag Team Championship, but unfortunately, the higher powers in WWE soured on them, and Jason Jordan was sent over to Monday Night Raw to play the role of General Manager Kurt Angle’s ambitious, but illegitimate, son.

It looked like Jordan was in for a huge push as a singles star and was all over Raw for months before he was injured. That injury might have been a blessing in the long term, though, because if the crowd response to him was anything to judge by then, the Jason Jordan experiment was a total failure. It is unclear just where he goes from here, but with Chad Gable now also on Raw, there is a real possibility for WWE to get these two back together in the tag team division where they belong.

6 Split: Absolution


In late 2017 NXT standouts, Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville were fast-tracked to the main roster to compete in the women’s division on Raw with the returning former Divas Champion Paige at their side. Together, the trio called themselves, Absolution, and it looked like Paige was in for another huge push toward the Women’s Championship picture, but unfortunately, nagging injuries have now forced her into an early retirement. Paige hanging up her wrestling boots meant that Rose and Deville were now a duo for all intents and purposes, and once they were drafted to SmackDown Live and Paige became the General Manager of that show, Paige tried to dissolve Absolution right away.

Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville have been defiant, however, as the two best friends are attempting to stick together as a tag team. If WWE showed much interest in a women’s tag team division, it would be a shame to split these two up, but since a Women’s Tag Team Championship is a long shot, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to keep them together with the IIconics ruling the blue brand as a dominant heel duo. Billie Kay and Peyton Royce are certainly the stronger of the two teams, so if one of them has to go it should be Absolution.

5 Split: Rusev and Aiden English

The Chairshot

Rusev has shown over his several years with WWE that he can be a force to be reckoned with. He is an absolute beast in the ring and has all the potential in the world, but for some reason, whether it be luck of the draw or simply that he was mismanaged by WWE itself, Rusev was failing to truly click with audiences. That is until he was teamed with Aiden English and Rusev Day was born. The Rusev Day phenomenon has completely taken over SmackDown Live and might be the most popular act in all of WWE right now, so with lightning caught in a bottle you’d think WWE would run away with this cash cow and milk it for all it’s worth.

The only problem is that they haven’t. Rusev probably gets the biggest reaction of anyone on SmackDown right now – perhaps save for Daniel Bryan – but WWE has yet to give him a run with a championship or even any meaningful spotlight of any kind. This is a missed opportunity of epic proportions, and it probably means that Rusev’s alliance with Aiden English is on borrowed time, which is a shame considering this is easily the biggest thing either man has been involved with in WWE.

4 Form: Goldust and No Way Jose


Upon first consideration, the idea of the ring legend, Goldust, teaming up with the happy go lucky, No Way Jose, makes absolutely no sense. The two have nothing in common, and the two of them forming a tag team together would be utterly and completely random, but that has honestly been the story of Goldust’s career as a tag team performer. In the 2000's, Goldust formed a team with Booker T, and the two became one of the most popular teams of the decade, and years later, he would team with R-Truth, albeit with much less success.

Goldust has always been the type of WWE Superstar that the company likes to pair up with another star who seemingly has nothing else going on at the time. That would certainly be the case for No Way Jose, whose career was predictably dead on arrival once he was called up from NXT to the main roster. Jose has already been relegated to the bottom of the card for comedy acts, and when you realize that this is where WWE likes to keep Goldust and when you think about Goldust’s history, a tag team made up of these two suddenly starts to make sense.

3 Split: Alexa Bliss and Mickie James


When wrestling fans started hearing a rumor through the grapevine that the legendary, Mickie James might be on the verge of a return to the company in an active role, we all naturally got excited. Mickie has done some amazing things and had some of the company’s most memorable women’s rivalries, so we certainly figured she’d be a great way to pump some experience and energy into the reworked women’s division. At first, all was well, too, as she surprised everyone by first appearing as a heel associate of Alexa Bliss, one of the most devious female Superstars in recent memory.

The two worked well together for a few weeks but WWE soon abandoned the alliance. It was strange, then, when both women, now, on Monday Night Raw, suddenly picked up their old friendship. It was especially odd because only a few months earlier, the two were at one another’s throats over the Raw Women’s Championship. We’re all aware that WWE is not known for its commitment to continuity, but they really screwed the pooch on this one and hopefully, they recognize where it all went wrong, split these two back up, and do what they do best in these types of situations: pretend it never happened.

2 Split: The New Day

Clutch Chairz

Nope. We won’t even consider this, will we? But we must, especially considering that the New Day has been resting on its laurels as a unit for well over a year now. When Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods first came together, it couldn’t have come at a better time for any of them. Big E had been on the underside of the mid-card for years, doing practically nothing. Kofi Kingston had already been with the company for the better part of a decade, and his immense talents had been going to waste for some time. Xavier Woods might have been the saddest case of them all as an NXT call-up that never managed to find his footing and was certainly doomed to an early and imminent release from the company.

At first, The New Day didn’t quite work, but once Vince McMahon let them run with their creativity, it was nonstop gold. And in many ways, that’s still the case. They’re the longest reigning Tag Team Champions of all time and have broken barriers and smashed all sorts of stereotypes. But for all the progress this future Hall of Fame group has made in WWE and for all the memories they’ve given us, it would seem as if WWE has decided they are to be used as a time filler at this point, and in order to avoid tarnishing their legacy, it might be time to finally end things while they’re ahead.

1 Form: Tye Dillinger and R-Truth


Starting things off with a team that might have a future as tag team filler for SmackDown Live, WWE has been teasing a potential pairing between Tye Dillinger and R-Truth for weeks now. Several backstage segments have shown Tye and Truth to be seemingly close friends with Dillinger assisting Truth in navigating life on the road as a WWE Superstar, while Truth gets himself mixed up in many of his usual sticky situations. It seems obvious that these two are future contenders for the SmackDown Live Tag Team Championship, even if they’re not likely to ever become champions.

There is certainly a lot of potential there. R-Truth has proven himself a valuable and reliable asset to WWE over the course of many years and just when you think the audience has gotten completely bored of his routine, he manages to find a way to keep things fresh. That isn’t even to mention the fact that Tye Dillinger has been floating at the top of the bowl since coming from NXT to the main roster and desperately needs something to establish a foothold on the blue brand before it’s too late. Tye Dillinger and R-Truth are almost certainly a tag team in the making, and it will be great for both of them.

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