10 Divas Who Can't Stand Each Other In And Out Of The Ring And 10 Who Are BFFs

Forced to spend much of their lives together traveling from arena to arena, one might expect the various superstars of WWE to become particularly close with one another. On the other hand, these conditions can also lead to powerful negative feelings and emotions that grow stronger with every encounter. Especially considering the ongoing women’s wrestling revolution, now more than ever, the female portion of the roster should be striving for positive relationships with their coworkers, but unfortunately, many of them are still winding up in that second scenario.

For a myriad of different reasons, chances are there will always be select wrestlers, not to mention people in general, who just can’t get along. While all action inside the ring is supposed to be scripted, sometimes pretending to punch someone in the face over and over starts to feel a little real. More often than that, the caustic words WWE superstars spout at one another on the microphone occasionally go too far, blurring the line between reality and fiction and actually hurting the real humans involved.

In the best case scenarios, even if a wrestler has his or her feelings hurt by another in the ring, they should be able to talk it out behind the scenes and move on peacefully. We live in the real world, though, so we’re well aware this doesn’t always happen. The plus side is that closely working with people can also genuinely lead to eternal friendships as well, allowing the situation to slightly balance itself out. Keep reading to learn about 10 pairs of Divas who can’t stand each other in and out of the ring, and 10 who are BFFs.

20 Stephanie McMahon Will Never Get Over Chyna

Typically, a person dying means any negative feelings once felt towards them will gradually fade away. Only in the most vindictive cases is this not true, and that seems to be what’s happening between WWE and trailblazing female wrestler Chyna. While the company tries to blame this on Chyna’s post-wrestling adult film career, it actually dates back a lot further than that, to when Stephanie McMahon’s relationship with her future husband Triple H first began. At the time, HHH was still dating and living with Chyna, making Stephanie “the other woman” during the first several months of their affair. Not wanting to dredge up the questionable way her marriage began, Stephanie is likely complicit in her company’s continued decision to snub Chyna from the WWE Hall of Fame and any other honorary mentions.

19 Ronda Rousey And Shayna Baszler Go Way Back

Both relative newcomers to the WWE Universe, neither Ronda Rousey nor Shayna Baszler are in any way strangers to professional sports. As one of the highest profile celebrities ever to sign with WWE as a full-time wrestler, there’s no need to go over Rousey’s time in MMA, where she was a former UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion. As for Baszler’s time in the octagon, she was often right there with Rousey participating in major fights, albeit with less success. Regardless of their talent differences, Baszler and Rousey immediately became great friends, making up half of UFC’s Four Horsewomen of MMA alongside Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke. All four women already appeared together on WWE television during the Mae Young Classic tournament, so it’s entirely possible Rousey and Baszler will be teaming up again sometime soon now that they’re both bonafide pro wrestlers. Until that happens, they’ll have to settle for helping one another train, which they’ve been doing from the moment Rousey signed.

18 Missy Hyatt And Madusa Have A History

The women’s wrestling revolution may be a relatively new concept, but it’s not like there haven’t always been females in the business in one form or another. During the late '80s and early '90s, two of the most successful female wrestling superstars were Madusa and Missy Hyatt, and the fact they were the only high profile women in WCW at the time did nothing to endear them to one another. Quite the opposite, Hyatt has always been outspoken about her distaste for Madusa, and for reasons that have nothing to do with the ring. Prior to either woman becoming real stars, both had been married to wrestler “Hot Stuff” Eddie Gilbert. Though neither marriage lasted longer than a year, Hyatt remained bitter about the situation for decades. To her credit, Madusa has been much less active in this feud, simply stating Hyatt never said anything about it to her face, so she doesn’t take it seriously.

17 Nikki Bella Encouraged Lana To Be A Total Diva

If rumors were always to be believed, Lana would exclusively find herself on the opposite half of this list due to nonstop backstage heat over her attitude. In reality, the “Ravishing Russian” has plenty of friends in the WWE Universe, including Naomi and Natalya Neidhart, who both traveled all the way to Bulgaria to attend her and Rusev’s wedding. Believe it or not, though, Lana herself credits a third superstar as having the most impact on her career and personal life, essentially claiming she wouldn’t be where she is today without Nikki Bella’s positive feedback. Talking to E! Online, Lana was quoted to say,

At times, I would think maybe I shouldn’t continue to pursue my dream of competing in that ring, but she kept on telling me not to give up and to keep on training. I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for Nikki Bella.”

With that much praise, they’ll likely remain friends for a long time to come.

16 Lana And Sasha Banks Fought On Twitter

Thanks to the bizarre phenomenon that is social media, sometimes a so-called argument between two wrestlers doesn’t even make any sense on paper. Take for example the alleged feud between Lana and Sasha Banks, which began with a seemingly innocent Tweet by a third party. After Alicia Fox defeated Banks in an upset victory one night on Raw, former WWE Women’s Champion Melina offered Fox congratulations and praise on the social networking cite, stating she thought it was good to see Banks lose. Many fans noticed Lana was among the many people to “like” the post, which apparently didn’t sit well with Sasha. Although the comment was clearly about kayfabe issues, Banks soon responded

When you are confident in your own talent and abilites you have no reason too tear down others.

Shortly thereafter, Banks and her friend Summer Rae started Tweeting “#BL2017,” which many fans took to mean “Block Lana.” It’s a bit confusing how things got so heated, but clearly these two don’t get along.

15 Beth Phoenix And Natalya Neidhart Are In The Friendship Hall Of Fame

Right before the women’s wrestling revolution started taking off, Beth Phoenix and Natalya Neidhart were two superstars quietly setting the tone for revolt with their intense performances in the ring. Because subtlety doesn’t always work in wrestling, as the two began earning critical praise for their technical abilites, they teamed up on screen and openly took arms against the other so-called “Divas” in the company. Calling themselves the Divas of Doom, Phoenix and Neidhart’s goal as a tag team was to prove women could wrestle after all, and at long last, it seems like their work is paying off. Being fellow revolutionaries also made the two extremely close behind the scenes, which is why Phoenix chose Neidhart to induct her into the WWE Hall of Fame. Offering her feelings on the matter, Phoenix said,

I feel like we shared so many incredible memories on the road, traveling thousands of miles together.

Should WWE ever decide to induct Neidhart as well, there’s little question who would introduce her.

14 Summer Rae Pretends She Doesn’t Know Why She Slapped Natalya Neidhart

Looking at some of these stories about how wrestlers can start to hate one another, it’s sometimes hard to understand why things got so out of hand. Minor quibbles suddenly turn into massive problems, and fans are left wondering if there’s something going on the public doesn’t know about. Considering this entire feud unfolded on Total Divas, it’s hard to imagine this was the case, as cameras have been rolling every step of the way. Perhaps part of the issue is that Summer Rae constantly denies any knowledge about why she and Natalya can never get along, despite being primarily responsible for their biggest blow-up. In one incident, Rae even slapped Natalya for no particular reason, earning high ratings for the reality show and constant talk from the other cast members. Understandably, Natalya responds that the biggest problem between them is that Rae does things like this and pretends there’s no problem, making it hard to diffuse any tension when the situation calms down.

13 Maryse Went To Mexico For Kelly Kelly’s Wedding

Following surprisingly similar career paths, Kelly Kelly and Maryse both transitioned from modeling to the WWE Universe in late 2006. After Maryse spent a year training and Kelly defined her character in ECW, the two were drafted to opposing brands of the main roster, yet this didn’t stop a connection from quickly beginning to form. The friendship only grew when Maryse moved to Raw and they spent time together backstage, and they became even closer after both left WWE.

During their time away from the ring, Maryse and Kelly both got married, and the two women called upon one another to participate in their wedding parties.

Maryse even traveled all the way to Mexico to witness Kelly marry Sheldon Souray, as seen on the reality show WAGS. The connection between the two looked to continue with both making recent returns to WWE, yet it seems Kelly’s comeback will be rather short lived, so maybe that won’t be the case.

12 Sunny Didn’t Like Sable’s Attitude

With WWE more popular than ever during the Attitude Era, the few women who were around at the time are still fondly talked about and remembered today. To many fans, the two hottest Divas of the era were Sunny and Sable, who coincidentally were never able to get along behind the scenes. By and large, people assume this had to do with jealousy, but Sunny has always been quick to point out she was an interviewer and Sable a wrestler, meaning they barely effected on another from an onscreen perspective. However, a personal incident backstage changed things forever. Shortly after Sunny met Sable’s daughter, she asked what happened to the girl’s father, and Sable replied he had died. Rather than accept Sunny’s sympathy, Sable said she was over it, as she had happily moved on to another man in Marc Mero. Finding this shockingly callous, Sunny forever held a grudge. In contrast, Sable has never really commented on her feelings for Sunny in return.

11 Billie Kay And Peyton Royce Are Really An Iconic Duo

Having recently been called up to SmackDown two days after WrestleMania 34, Billie Kay and Peyton Royce, better known as the Iconic Duo or Iconics, are still relatively new faces to the WWE Universe. Even audiences who have been paying close attention to their work probably couldn’t say much about them, as neither woman has yet to achieve any championship success. Of course, this has in no way affected their friendship, which dates all the way back to high school. The two Sydney, Australia natives attended Westfields Sports High together, with Kay specializing in basketball and Royce an expert dancer.

While the two weren’t especially close back then due to a minor age difference, they were well aware of one another as fellow wrestling enthusiasts, holding what Kay called “a little silent competition as to who was the biggest WWE fan.”

Later on, when the ladies signed with WWE, they called one another first before even notifying their families.

10 Star Ruined Her Career Over Rosemary

No matter how heated the feuds on this list may be, the women involved can at least take solace in the fact their mostly just between two or three people, and the rest of the world hardly cares. That’s not the case with S*xy Star, who managed to upset the entire wrestling community by illogically igniting a feud with former TNA Knockout’s Champion Rosemary live on Pay-Per-View. During AAA Triplemanía XXV, Star was defending the Reina de Reinas Title against Rosemary, Ayako Hamada, and Lady Shina, when things quickly got out of hand. Apparently, Shani and Star had trouble with one another before the match and legitimately hit each other more than once, but Rosemary had nothing to do with it. Out of nowhere, Star suddenly targeted Rosemary’s arm and intentionally broke it. Initially, this also lead to Star winning the match, but AAA later overturned the decision and stripped her of the title after Rosemary publically posted her side of the story on Twitter.

9 Becky Lynch Is Charlotte Flair’s Rock

As the women’s wrestling revolution started to gain prominence, four trainees in NXT made a concerted effort to forever change the business for their gender. Since then, they’ve all remained pretty great friends, sharing the progress by collectively winning more WWE Women’s Championships that we have room to list. The ladies in question are Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, Bayley, and Sasha Banks, collectively known by fans as the Four Horsewomen. Obviously, individual friendships exist within this larger group as well, with the strongest of all perhaps being shared by Charlotte and Becky Lynch.

Best friends and travel partners, the two see every match they have against one another as a chance to expand the importance of women’s wrestling, ironically meaning they often need to look like they seriously hate one another.

Much to the contrary, in reality the two lean on one another for personal support behind the scenes, with Charlotte once going so far as to call Lynch her “rock.”

8 Charlotte Flair Doesn't Like Who Paige Dates

When audiences first hear there’s longstanding heat between Charlotte Flair and Paige, the first assumption is always that it must have to do with a certain terrible promo from a 2015 episode of Raw. Prior to a match for Charlotte’s Diva’s Championship at Survivor Series, Paige brought up the painful subject of her opponent’s brother, asking, “he didn’t have much fight in him, did he?” This was a reference to Reid Flair, a promising amateur wrestler who had died two years earlier. Surprisingly, though, Charlotte apparently had no problem with it, or in the very least signed off on the line backstage before the segment aired. However, rumor has it she was less okay with Paige’s highly-controversial public relationship with Alberto Del Rio. Unlike others in WWE, Charlotte wasn’t concerned with their behavior, but just the fact the two were dating at all, as rumors previously linked her with Del Rio, as well.

7 Sasha Banks And Bayley Are Hug Bosses

Before the women’s wrestling revolution hit WWE, four female superstars laid the groundwork in NXT. This has already mentioned the Four Horsewomen, Sasha Banks, Bayley, Charlotte Flair, and Becky Lynch, focusing on the close relationship between those last two in particular. Turns out the first two are also great friends, only growing closer as they square off in some of the most intense matches women in WWE have ever wrestled. In particular, their 30-minute Iron Man match at NXT TakeOver: Respect 2015 truly changed WWE history, marking the first time women headlined a major event produced by the company.

Despite the amount of time they spend fighting in the ring, these two couldn’t have more affection for one another backstage, as seen in the extravagant gifts.

The Hugger often gives The Boss. One especially poignant offering came right before Bayley defeated Sasha for the Raw Women’s Championship at WrestleMania 33, when she gave her opponent a personalized WrestleMania jacket featuring her favorite wrestler, Eddie Guerrero.

6 The Feud Between Nikki Bella And Maryse Was Real

Typically, when two wrestlers male or female get into a serious tiff behind the scenes, the company they work for does whatever it can to diffuse the situation before things get more intense. Not so in the WWE Universe, where real life animosity is sometimes used as the foundation for extremely high profile feuds. According to Maryse, this was the case in the biggest match of her career, when she teamed up with her real life husband The Miz to face John Cena and Nikki Bella at WrestleMania 33.

Long before their feud started, it was rumored the two-time Divas Champion had great reason to dislike Bella when the Total Diva blocked her initial attempt to make a comeback a few years before it actually happened.

Once Maryse officially returned at her husband’s side, she wanted revenge for the slight, a fact that both she and her opponents made note of on the build to their encounter.

5 Mandy Rose And Sonya Deville Are Absolute Besties

The jury is still out on the ultimate fate of Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville, two relative newcomers to the WWE Universe who have yet to etch their place in wrestling history. As Paige’s sidekicks in Absolution, they’ve been unfortunately ineffective, quickly falling to the sidelines when their leader was injured. The plus side is that Rose and Deville are nonetheless having a great time as two best friends living their dreams of wrestling stardom. The team met when making their WWE debuts as contestants on the 2015 season of Tough Enough. Though neither won, Rose came pretty close by earning second place, and both nonetheless soon earned contracts with NXT. They also became roommates around this same time, with their friendship documented on several episodes of Total Divas. It may be an uphill battle before they earn respect as wrestlers, but at least Rose and Deville have a close ally in their climb to the top.

4 Maria Kanellis And Nikki Bella Warred Over Dolph

Jealousy will make people do strange things, and almost all of them are needlessly destructive. Take for example the longstanding feud between Nikki Bella, which long outlasted the situation that caused it to begin. At an unclear point in the relatively distant past, Bella was dating Dolph Ziggler, who was also a close friend of Maria Kanellis. One night, Bella noticed her man dancing with his friend and got extremely mad, publically chewing out Maria for the perceived slight. From there, Bella allegedly blocked Maria’s attempt to make a WWE comeback, the same way she had done to Kelly Kelly and Maryse. In retaliation, Maria once live Tweeted a Total Divas debut, constantly mocking the Bellas and claiming they had no talent, only achieving their positions in WWE because of their boyfriends. The Bellas allegedly called Maria around this time, but she refused to answer. There’s no word on whether or not tensions have cooled down now that Maria is back in WWE.

3 Lita And Trish Stratus Had A Historic Friendship

Sharing the role as co-Godmother’s of the Women’s Revolution, no two superstars did more to set the tone for the current explosion in female-based sports entertainment than Lita and Trish Stratus. Coming to fame during the Attitude Era, both of these former Women’s Champions and Divas of the Year blurred the lines between the old-school mentality that women were mere eye candy and the newer concept that they can also kick some serious butt in the ring. By often playing both roles at once, Lita and Trish first caught Vince McMahon’s interest and then showed the WWE CEO just how much they could do when given a chance. Using this newfound attention, they engaged in one of the best feuds of their era and participated in the first Raw main event between women to last more than a few seconds. Throughout it all, the pair also became extremely close friends behind the scenes, such to the extent Lita is now the godmother to Stratus’s children.

2 AJ Lee Called Out Stephanie McMahon On Twitter

Technically, there’s no clear indication that AJ Lee or Stephanie McMahon “hate” one another, but the Geek Goddess definitely didn’t appreciate her boss’s business practices. In turn, McMahon probably wasn’t all that happy about how Lee choose to express her dissatisfaction, using Twitter as a public forum to address systemic problems within WWE. After Stephanie McMahon thanked Patricia Arquette for a speech relating to women’s rights at the 2015 Academy Awards, AJ pointed out that females in WWE have “record-selling merchandise & have starred in the highest rated segment of the show several times, and yet they receive a fraction of the wages & screen time of the majority of the male roster.” Lee wasn’t exaggerating, either, as main-event women on average make the same as midcard men. McMahon offered a empty boilerplate response and AJ retired only a few months later, letting the situation fizzle out before any real change took place.

1 Alexa Bliss Has No Shame About Her Friendship With Nia Jax

Going in to WrestleMania 34, if fans were asked which two female wrestlers they believed hated one another the most, Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss may have been a good answer. In stark contrast to appearances, the two have actually been best friends for a long time, which actually played a huge role into how well their feud has developed. Unlike past WWE attempts to use bullying and body shaming as an angle, Bliss is personally sensitive to the issue as one of Jax’s confidant outside of the ring, knowing the pain her words can cause and ensuring they never went too far. It also helped that from the very beginning, it was clear Jax would be beating the crap out of Little Miss Bliss for her words, which meant the “mean girl” would finally get her due in a major way.

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