Top 15 Sexiest Soccer WAGs in the World

Soccer is undoubtedly one of the highest-paying sports in the world, not to mention the most popular and most watched sport on the planet. The two highest paid soccer players in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are numbers three and four respectively in the Forbes' list of the world's highest-paid athletes and are likely to be numbers one and two next year.

The above said, it's easy to understand that soccer players are in a position to afford anything they want, including the hottest women in the world.

It is important to point out that the women on this list are not with their soccer husbands or boyfriends because of the crazy amounts of cash that they make. However, the money and the fame that these men have are sure to keep their women comfortable and willing to stay in the relationship for a very long time.

Choosing just fifteen women out of the thousands of hot soccer wives and girlfriends is a headache because these football players sure know how to pick their women. So many deserving women have been left out of this list, but the ones on this list also have every right to be here.

These women are all unique in their own special ways, and we can all understand why these have stolen the hearts of the most talented sportsmen we have in the world today.

Of the 15 women on this list, who would you say is the hottest? Also, who is not on this list that you are convinced should be?

15 Melissa Satta (Kevin-Prince Boateng)

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Melissa Satta starts off this list of the hottest soccer WAGs, and her beauty gives her a spot here without question. Melissa was born in Boston, Massachusetts but she also holds Italian citizenship, living in Italy today. Melissa is a TV presenter and communications expert, although she has been a karate champion bronze and gold medalist for Italy and has also played second division women's football. In addition to her amazing body, Melissa is on this list because she is Kevin-Prince Boateng's partner. Kevin-Prince Boateng holds dual citizenship for Germany and Ghana and plays as a midfielder for the Italian football club AC Milan.

14 Federica Ridolfi (Giuliano Giannichedda)

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Federica Ridolfi is an Italian TV host and a dancer. Born in Rome, Italy, Federica is known for her amazing acting in 1993's Quelli che... il calico, in 2001's Quelli che... aspettano, and in 2005's Quelli che... ultimo minute. Federica is an amazing dancer and gets to perform on live TV on numerous occasions. Federica is on this list because her beauty is unmatched and the fact that she is married to Giuliano Giannichedda. Giuliano is a retired Italian professional football player who is currently Italy's Under 20 assistant coach. He retired after a successful career playing for Italian teams such as Lazio, Juventus, and Livorno.

13 Alice Goodwin (Jermaine Pennant)

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Alice Goodwin is one of those women you look at and know that she is a special type of model, owing to her cosmetically enhanced breasts. Alice Goodwin is a glamour model who has featured in numerous men's publications, she was voted as the Hottest Topless Babe of the Year, the World's Sexiest Teacher, and has also topped the annual Hot 100 list. Some sources claim that every month, there are over 15,000 Google searches of her name. Alice Goodwin is married to Jermaine Pennant, who plays as a midfielder for Singaporean S.League football club Tampines Rovers Football Club.

12 Coleen Rooney (Wayne Rooney)

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11 Ann Kathrin Brömmel (Mario Götze)

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Ann Kathrin Brömmel is a German model and singer who started modelling at 15 years of age. This hot beauty is Mario Götze's girlfriend, who is looking forward to becoming his wife. Ann Kathrin has worked with at least six modelling agencies and been published in many magazines across the world. Ann Kathrin is currently modelling for Louisa Models Germany, one of the leading modelling agencies in Germany and has released two singles so far, despite terming music as her most-loved passion. Her boyfriend, Mario Götze plays as a midfielder for both his club FC Bayern Munich and the German national football team.

10 Yolanthe Sneijder-Cabau (Wesley Sneijder)

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Yolanthe Sneijder-Cabau is an actress and a TV host who most undoubtedly deserves a spot on this list because of how hot she is. When the Dutch FHM voted Sneijder-Cabau as the Sexiest Dutch Woman, the writers of that column knew exactly what they were saying. In addition to her remarkable beauty, Sneijder-Cabau is on this list because she is the wife of Wesley Sneijder, an Attacking midfielder with Galatasaray S.K., one of the most successful Turkish football clubs. Sneijder-Cabau is an ambassador and co-founder of an organisation called Stop Kindermisbruik, which deals with the prevention, freeing, and helping freed child prostitutes to manage with the distress of what happened to them.

9 Abigail Clancy (Peter Crouch)

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Abigail Clancy is a TV presenter, and a lingerie and catwalk model. The fact that Clancy is a model means that she has an amazing body and that her beauty is unmistakable. FHM magazine has placed Clancy in the list of the annual 100 sexiest women on several occasions, with the recent poll placing her as the 10th sexiest woman of 2010. Abigail Clancy is married to the English Premier League star footballer Peter Crouch, who currently plays for Stoke City. Peter Crouch appeared 42 times for the England National team, and scored 22 goals during this period and played in two World Cups.

8 Michela Quattrociocche (Alberto Aquilani)

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Michela Quattrociocche is a very beautiful Italian actress, who started her acting career in 2008 shortly after completing high school. Michela Quattrociocche has appeared in many movies directed by Moccia and has had considerable success to date. There is no doubt about just how beautiful Quattrociocche is, but she is on this list because she is Alberto Aquilani's wife. Alberto Aquilani is an Italian professional football player who has had a lot of success in his football career. Aquilani currently plays either as an attacking midfielder, a central midfielder, or a wing-back for Sporting CP, and the Italian national team.

7 Federica Nargi (Alessandro Matri)

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Federica Nargi is a very beautiful woman, famous for being a TV presenter in Italy, an actress, a model, and a showgirl. Nargi is on this list because she is certainly one of the most beautiful girls out there and happens to be engaged to footballer Alessandro Matri. Most of the acting that Nargi has done is in Italy, which also includes her theatre performances and the bulk of her advertisement campaigns. Nargi and Alessandro Matri have been engaged since 2009, and they are expecting a baby. Alessandro Matri plays for the Italian national team and is signed with AC Milan, but is on loan to Lazio.

6 Polly Parsons (Thomas Vermaelen)

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Polly Parsons is a gorgeous television presenter, actress, and model who resides in Barcelona, although she is originally from Bristol, in South West London. Polly studied Art, Drama, and dance, and even has a Diploma in Performing Arts from Elmhurst School for Dance. Polly has appeared in many shows and was also a BBC3 presenter in 2012. She is on this list because she is very hot and happens to be the wife of Thomas Vermaelen, a left-footed centre back player for the Spanish club side La Liga champions Barcelona. Vermaelen has great outstanding goal scoring abilities, leadership skills, and goal scoring abilities.

5 Sara Carbonero (Iker Casillas)

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Sara Carbonero Arévalo is a very beautiful journalist from Spain, who has made a name for herself in the world of sports. Even though she was definitely not a player in the FIFA 2010 world cup, it is likely that she was the most photographed person in the whole event. In 2009, the FHM American edition voted Carbonero as the Sexiest Reporter in the World, and she very well deserved it. Carbonero moved from reporting in Spain to Portugal, to follow her now husband Iker Casillas who made the move from Real Madrid to Porto. Iker Casillas is one of the best goalkeepers in present time, who held the record of not conceding a goal for Spain in 710 minutes.

4 Pilar Rubio (Sergio Ramos García)

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Pilar Rubino is a Spanish TV presenter, an actress, and a model. She is famous for covering numerous events on TV, especially for a TV network called La Sexta. She has taken part in a TV series called Piratas Telecinco Adventure series and taken part in a few films. Pilar Rubio is on this list because she is Sergio Ramos García's partner, the couple has been together since 2012, and they have two children. Sergio Ramos is the captain of Real Madrid football club and also plays for the Spanish national football team. Sergio Ramos plays in central defence, although he started off as a right back.

3 Antonella Roccuzzo (Lionel Messi)

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Antonella Roccuzzo is a very beautiful Argentine girl, who is popular for being Lionel Messi's childhood sweetheart and current partner. Antonella moved from Argentina and now lives in Barcelona together with Messi and their son Thiago Messi because Messi plays for Barcelona. The couple got engaged in 2010 after a friendship and relationship that began since Messi was just five years old. Messi is arguably the world's greatest footballer we have today, being the only player in history to win five FIFA World Player of the Year awards, and the first to win three European Golden Shoes. He has won numerous titles with his team Barcelona, as well as with the Argentine national team.

2 Ana Ivanovic (Bastian Schweinsteiger)

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1 Shakira (Gerard Piqué)

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Shakira Isabel Mebarak is the famous celebrity singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer, model, and choreographer we all know and love. Over the years, Shakira has won numerous awards for her singing and dancing talents, including Grammy Awards, and Billboard Music Awards. Shakira has sold close to 125 million records, making her one of the most successful Latin artists of all time. In addition to being a notable philanthropist and appearing on Forbes most powerful women in the world, she was the first person to get 100 million Facebook followers. Shakira has been Gerard Piqué's partner since 2010, a Spanish professional footballer who plays for FC Barcelona and Spain's national team.

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